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WEEK 6 TUTORIAL The task: To create a scale model of the case study building illustrating the primary and secondary structures of the walls and roof. GROUP MEMBERS: Kosta Archimandritis, Scott Braithwaite and Miki Cai CASE STUDY BUILDING NAME: Queens College Extension Veranda Existing building

Pre-cast concrete panels

Column supports


- Balsa wood was used as the steel framing to hold up the concrete panels

- Cardboard was used as the pre-cast concrete panels - The panels were cut into the sizes as shown on the side elevation

- A 1:50 scale was used - The site space was marked out on a separate piece of cardboard

- The extension floor plan was marked out on a 1:50 scale so that the location of the framing and panels can be easily located

- The preliminary columns were laid out on the floor plan

- One of the main concrete panels were cut out and placed on the east side of the extension model

- An elevation photo of the extension model

- Smaller concrete panels (cardboard) were laid out for the internal walls

- All outer walls placed onto the model - Internal columns placed onto the model including the supports for the veranda - Some internal walls are also included

- Veranda roof added onto the model in the form of black cardboard

- All walls placed onto the model and the supports for the model - Supports for the veranda are also included

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Week 6 Journal Submission Constructing Environments University of Melbourne