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He woke up in the middle of the night, he heard footsteps downstairs. He moved to his drawer and pulled out a torch. When he was about to open his door, someone from behind punched him and he fell down. !

When he woke up, he was in a room. A room with white tiles,

the room had a projecter. When he tried to get up from his chair, he found out that the chair he is sitting is stuck to his pants. Suddenly, the projector came on. He turned to look at the projector. 'Hello, My Name is Number 2 I am here to kindly ask you to join the MHA which is Mutant Humans use their powers for help us take over the world. We would want to first do a surgery to clone you powers with others including your brother and michelle, we have chosen you to be part of our elite team of superheroes due toyour unique powers of levitation. During your process to become a superhero we cannot let anyone know you have mutant powers so any of your friends or relatives who know you have powers either have to be brainwashed.If you do not I’m afraid we will have to force you�. He was disappointed’ Why would I help you guys take over the world". He attempts to levitate the chair but nothing happened. "Your chair is designed to withstand your levitation"said Soon when he refused to join, a pump from no where released gas into the room causing him to fall into a coma.When he woke up he looked around the are and his surroundings,the surgery room was also like the interrogation room, he had a plan to break out of this complex. When the surgeons were about to start the process, he levitated a knife and a scissors. This helped him break out of the bed he was sleeping. He then secretly ran up to the door and then levitated his chair to block the people from getting to him. When he got out of the room, he then found the nearest exit and ran out of

the compound. John then ran to the garden and hid underneath the trees. When he was climbed over the wall, he ran to the nearest bicycle he could find and drove away.When he arrived to a motel for the night, he contacted a his good friend Jack who also has superpowers. He said a group of people including him ran out of the compound too, the created a gang.Jack told him where to find them so they can stop these people before they do anything bad.When he arrived to the area, he saw a kid running super fast into the house. He got in and Jack and a group of kids were show each other their powers, when he finished showing his powers. They entered the kitchen and prepared for dinner, a girl who looked like 16 walked in and introduced herself to John. ‘Hi, My name is Miranda, I think you should remember me from camp last year, anyways. What brought you here”. “I was in a surgical room when I got out of the area, I ran out of the compound before the sirens came on. When I ran out, a found a bicycle and drove to the nearest phone stand where I call Jack”. Soon after chatting around, another girl who Sarah Conman looked out the window and saw a group of people slowly moving into the area. John was really scared, he thought those people were just joking around, but turns out that they are really eager to take over the world. John followed the others to a underground route which led the away from the house. When they got out, they found out that the entire army was searching for them. Suddenly, a man in MHA uniform started to open fire, Miranda used her powers and destroyed the guns before he could target them. They then ran to the closest tree and took cover, the man who attacked the lead a group of soldiers into the forest, when they were slowly walking away. A soldier from no where spotted them and attacked, the other soldiers also saw them

and targeted them with there guns.Sarah and Jack ran to the nearest tree they could find and hid there, Miranda and John were still attempting to beat the MHA soldiers, a man from behind them shot 2 darts which got Miranda and John, Jack watched them fall to the ground. "I got to go help them" said Sarah, she went up and used her soundwave and pushed the soldiers put of the forest. Sarah and Jack carried the two others to the nearest shelter thru can find which was a abandoned house. !

When Sarah woke up she asked " Where are we" " We carried

the two of you to the nearest shelter, we only survived one of their attacks. John also woke up and asked the same question, When Sarah looked out the window, the area was all misty she thought it would be hard to find them but then, a soldier appeared from the mist and ran towards the house. Sarah told the others " Are you ready for another battle".


It is a awesome story