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Team 24: Male Body System Initiative Sponsored by: Schick-Wilkinson Sword Sponsor Advisors: Jay Bunnell and Andrew Hitchcock

Tyler Malboeuf, Kyle Donelan, Lauren Ambler, Faculty Advisor Prof. Zbigniew Bzymek

The design team’s goal was to research and develop a product for Schick that would appeal to an untapped market: male body grooming. Traditionally, men’s wet shave razors are utilized only for facial shaving; however, there is a recent trend indicating that there is a growing percentage of men that include body shaving in their grooming habits. The team researched key features and attributes that males would like in a body grooming razor via questionnaire; the survey not only determined the percentage of males who participate in body grooming, but also determined the frequency and physical locations in which they do so. In order to conduct the research in an effective and appropriate manner, Institutional Review Board approval was requested and granted. After gathering over 350 responses, the team found that the majority of men between the ages of 18-25 do body groom. Responses show that men are looking for a new, body grooming-friendly razor that is able to adjust to the human’s natural contours, which differs from what is currently on the market. Finite Element Analysis was conducted on current Schick razors as well as the team’s design in order to establish a consistent strength basis. Each razor was fixed to simulate normal use and a load applied to the face of the razor, representing the approximate force of a razor on a person’s body. Close attention was paid to the key areas and curves on each model. The final design concept is a rapid prototype model that represents a single, simple, and intuitive solution that meets consumer needs indicated by the survey results.

Senior Design Project Program 2014-2015


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Final senior design brochure 2014 15 1  

Final senior design brochure 2014 15 1