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Team 11: Redesign of Electrical Panel Board Mounting Sponsored by: General Electric Sponsor Advisor: Mariusz Duda

Faculty Advisor Prof. David Giblin, Alejandro Pirez, Tao Jiang, Ryan Russell

The General Electric Company is one of the best known companies in the world. General Electric creates a wide variety of products including energy management, transportation, healthcare and many areas that are related to engineering. For this project GE has a major issue with their industrial-sized electrical panel boards which are used to control power input and output in hospitals and other large buildings. The issue with these panel boards is that during seismic activity certain models they fail to remain fixed to the wall. These panels must pass the building code created by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (O.S.H.P.D.) known as Special Seismic Preapproval (O.S.P.) program. These certification tests can be performed on uniaxial, bi-axial or multi-axial seismic shaking table in order to replicate the effects of an earthquake. General Electric has sponsored Team 11 to generate a report listing possible causes of failure for their panel bracket fixture, proposals redesigns/optimization suggestions and analytical models to justify the proposed redesigns. Using Solidworks to create a simplified model of General Electric’s panel fixture design then exporting the model to ANSYS for finite element analysis, team 11 was able to pinpoint areas of failure, validate redesign ideas and then compare against a physical seismic test to validate assumptions made.

Senior Design Project Program 2014-2015


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Final senior design brochure 2014 15 1  

Final senior design brochure 2014 15 1