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Team 10: F4U-4 Flight Simulator Sponsored by: Connecticut Corsair, LLC Sponsor Advisor: Craig McBurney

Shayna McLevy, Nichole Aquino, Manal Tahhan, Faculty Advisor Prof. Kamal Kumar

Connecticut Corsair, LLC is a volunteer-based organization focused on the restoration of the F4U Corsair, Connecticut’s official state aircraft. Environmental Tectonics Corporation (ETC) donated a prototype flight simulator motion base to Connecticut Corsair which has three axes of motion and was originally controlled by three induction motors. The flight simulator is necessary to encourage interest in the F4U Corsair and Connecticut Corsair’s restoration efforts. Significant progress in the reconstruction of the motion base has been accomplished over the last two years. The three induction motors are being replaced by servo motors which required the design and analysis of new motor mounts. A static structural analysis of previously designed mounts in Ansys determined the mounts to be acceptable for the system. The new mounts have been fabricated by outside volunteers. A cockpit cage has been designed and mounted on top of the motion base. The cage consists of four bulkheads and two longerons, which are supporting structures, a rectangular base plate which is attached to the supporting structures with brackets, and a seat cage. The bulkheads designed are closely based on drawings of the original Corsair bulkheads so that the size and shape of the cockpit is accurate. The base plate will replace the current triangular plate on top of the motion base so that the cage is directly mounted to the motion base. Ansys was also used to conduct a structural and fatigue analysis of the designed cage. The cage has been 3D printed in plastic at UConn at one tenth of the original size. The seat cage is designed to be fully adaptable so that any future seat design can be attached to the cockpit using the seat cage. It was designed in Solidworks and physically modeled using PVC piping. The result of this restoration effort is a completed flight simulator which creates an experience comparable to flying an actual F4U Corsair. Senior Design Project Program 2014-2015


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Final senior design brochure 2014 15 1  

Final senior design brochure 2014 15 1