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Save Space With A Bendpak Car Lift People use car lifts for a lot of different purposes, and quite often it's a challenge to choose the best one for your situation. Bendpak lifts come in a number of sizes, models, and specifications. Whether you’re a professional car retailer or repair tech, or simply a car enthusiast in general, Bendpak likely makes something perfectly suitable for your unique needs. Here are a couple instances of the most common car lifts and the best ways to use them. The Two Post Lifts The two post car lifts are going to be beneficial either for professionals and recreational car repair dynamos. They will be equipped to handle weight between 9,000 to 18,000 pounds. Unlike other types of lifts, two post models leave space underneath almost all of the body of the lifted vehicle. Other lift models, for example, use runways to direct and secure a car by its tires. The runways make it hard to access the car's body from below, even though they work just as well for the purpose of lifting the car. Two post models don't use runways and thus make it simple for technicians and handymen alike to move around and access important parts of the automobile. These lifts are created from a single frame which has two side posts and one beam across the top. By using a hydraulic system, the cars are lifted with two forks on either side. Two post lifts can be either symmetric or asymmetric, meaning the car is either centered in the frame or rests more to the back or front of it. As the vehicle is lifted, the asymmetric models will still allow you to open the car doors. The Four Post Lifts You can also find Bendpak lifts in four post models. The four post lifts include two frames that sit on the back and front and will make use of runways to mount the vehicles. These types of lifts are great for anyone who needs extra garage space. With the four post lift, you are able to stack up to two RVs on top of the other, as long as your garage is tall enough. Weight thresholds start at 7,000 lbs and can take up to 40,000 lbs depending on the model. These lifts can be easier than other models to install, since they come with optional caster wheels and don't have to be bolted to the ground. The main benefit of using a four post lift rather than a two post lift is added space. If you are a car retailer and have a large garage for storage, you can double your inventory capacity by using four post lifts to stack cars on top of each other. Likewise, if you’re a homeowner searching for better ways to utilize garage space, a four post lift can change a two car garage into a four car garage with no structural changes at all. Standard garages are typically tall enough to support this, but you must always check first to be sure. Other Lifts Bendpak lifts come in a range of other models depending on your needs. They make lifts specifically made to check a car’s alignment, for example. If you need to work on your car in a little space, they are going to also have lifts that replace the car's jack. These machines can lift up your whole car a couple of feet off the ground, unlike the standard jack. This can make changing your Evergreen Auto Service Equipment

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Save Space With A Bendpak Car Lift oil or rotating your tires less difficult compared to using a jack. You'll find a lot of ways to achieve your car elevation needs with these powerful lifts. Make maintenance extremely easy by purchasing Bendpak lifts presented by Evergreen Auto Service Equipment. Check out Evergreen Auto Service Equipment by looking at their webpage which is

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Save Space With A Bendpak Car Lift  

Make maintenance extremely easy by purchasing Bendpak lifts presented by Evergreen Auto Service Equipment. Check out Evergreen Auto Service...