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The Ugly Duckling April 30, 2018

Martha-Ellen Tye Performing Arts Institute

2017-2018 Youth Matinee Series

The Great Gatsby April 26, 2018

For Pre-Kindergarten–Grade 12

information Visit All performances are open to the public.

additional Support:


the School arts experience Grant provides up to $1,000 to Iowa schools to underwrite the cost of field trips to attend arts events. Application deadline is June 30. Follow the link to “grants” at

• Register in advance to ensure availability!

How I Became a Pirate March 22, 2018

By bringing your students/children to a live performing arts experience, you are giving them the gifts of broadened perspective and experiential learning. Live theater ignites imagination in unique ways, opening doors to a greater understanding of the world and a lifelong love of the arts.

Clementine March 2, 2018

Treasure the Performing Arts!

Our Youth Matinee Series programming is created by professional touring companies and artists to enrich students’ lives and illustrate the dynamic relationships between literature, social studies, history, science, math, social awareness and diversity, world cultures and the performing arts. Easy-to-use resource guides further support classroom lessons and help students prepare for and reflect on the performances to deepen the educational experience. Thank you for incorporating the arts into your classroom/home!

Online: Phone: 515-294-4608 Fax: 515-294-3349 Mail: Youth Matinee Series Scheman Building, Suite 102 1805 Center Drive Ames, IA 50011

Target Field Trip Grants: Target stores award Field Trip Grants to K-12 schools nationwide. Each grant is valued up to $700. Applications are accepted from Aug. 1 to Oct. 1 . Follow the link under Corporate Responsibility at

• All seats: $4 in advance, $5 day of show. (Students enrolled in the National School Lunch Program are admitted free of charge.) • Estimate group size as accurately as possible, including all students, teachers, chaperones, and parents in your totals.

Questions? contact: Sara Compton, 515-294-7389

ISU Symphony Orchestra February 20, 2018

• All performances are approximately 60 minutes, unless otherwise noted.

admission only $4 in advance or $5 Day of Show

The Great Gatsby The Wright Stuff

ISU Symphony Orchestra

The Ugly Duckling

High School

ISU Symphony Orchestra

How I Became a Pirate

The Wright Stuff

The Great Gatsby

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad

ISU Symphony Orchestra


Charlotte’s Web

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad The Cat in the Hat

SerieS at a Glance


Middle School

Charlotte’s Web February 6, 2018

ten leSSonS tHe artS teacH

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad January 29, 2018 The Cat in the Hat November 8, 2017 The Wright Stuff: First in Flight October 9, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Youth Matinee Series!

Helen Nelson, 515-294-4608

• All performances take place in Stephens Auditorium.


1. The arts teach children to make good judgments about qualitative relationships. In the arts, it is judgment rather than rules that prevail.

Performance age recommendations

2. The arts teach children that problems can have more than one solution and that questions can have more than one answer.

We consider a production’s performance style, length and subject matter in making age recommendations, but please remember: you are the best judge of your class’/children’s ability to understand and appreciate a specific show.

3. The arts celebrate multiple perspectives. One of their large lessons is that there are many ways to see and interpret the world. 4. The arts teach children that in complex forms of problem-solving purposes are seldom fixed, but change with circumstance and opportunity. Learning in the arts requires the ability and willingness to surrender to the unanticipated possibilities of the work as it unfolds. 5. The arts make vivid the fact that words do not, in their literal form or number, exhaust what we can know. The limits of our language do not define the limits of our cognition.

SHOW The Ugly Duckling The Cat in the Hat









How I Became a Pirate


Charlotte’s Web

K–5 K–5


The Wright Stuff


8. The arts help children learn to say what cannot be said. When children are invited to disclose what a work of art helps them feel, they must reach into their poetic capacities to find the word that will do the job.

Harriet Tubman/Railroad


ISU Symphony Orchestra





The Great Gatsby


9. The arts enable us to have experience we can have from no other source and through such experience to discover the range and variety of what we are capable of feeling.

Iowa State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, ethnicity, religion, national origin, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, sex, marital status, disability, or status as a U.S. veteran. Inquiries can be directed to the Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity, 3350 Beardshear Hall, 515 294-7612.



6. The arts teach students that small differences can have large effects. The arts traffic in subtleties.

—Dr. Elliot W. Eisner, Professor of Education and Art, Stanford University



7. The arts teach students to think through and within a material. All art forms employ some means through which images become real.

10. The arts’ position in the school curriculum symbolizes to the young what adults believe is important.


The Martha-Ellen Tye Performing Arts Institute epitomizes ISU’s land-grant mission of education and outreach and honors the late Mrs. Tye’s support of programs that develop the “whole person — body, mind and spirit.”

Find more performing arts opportunities on our 2017-2018 Performing Arts Series at u.

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Virginia Repertory Theater on Tour


the Wright Stuff: First in Flight

charlotte’s Web

Monday, october 9, 2017 • 10 am & 12:30 pm • Grades 3–8 curriculuM connectionS: Biography, Family, History, Science Barely out of their teens, two plucky bicycle mechanics team with their studious sister to out-invent the world’s top scientists and achieve the timeless dream of flight. From their tiny workshop in Ohio, Orville and Wilbur Wright travel to North Carolina and launch the first powered, sustained, and controlled flight of an airplane, changing the world forever. TheatreworksUSA

the cat in the Hat

curriculuM connectionS: Communication and Language Arts, Literature, Music From the moment his tall, red-and-white-striped hat appears around the door, Sally and her brother know that The Cat in the Hat is the funniest, most mischievous cat they have ever met. With the trickiest of tricks and the craziest of ideas, he is certainly fun to play with as he turns a rainy afternoon into an amazing adventure. Virginia Repertory Theater on Tour

Harriet tubman and the underground railroad Monday, January 29, 2018 10 am & 12:30 pm • Grades 3–8 curriculuM connectionS: Biography, History, Language Arts, Multi-Cultural, Music, Family, Self-Esteem, Women’s Studies This stirring drama with music is a classic tribute to the courageous American who freed herself and hundreds of others from the bonds of slavery. The escape route that Harriet followed soon became known as the Underground Railroad, and she quickly became one of its most celebrated ‘conductors.’ “I never run my train off the track,” she said of guiding more than 300 slaves to freedom, “and I never lost a passenger.”

Youth Matinee Series order Form

How i Became a Pirate

Contact Name

School Name

tuesday, February 6, 2018 • 10 am & 12:30 pm • Grades K–5

Based on the book by Melinda Long and David Shannon


City, Zip

curriculuM connectionS: Communication and Language Arts, Literature, Music, Relationships and Family

thursday, March 22, 2018 10 am & 12:30 pm • Grades K–5



Transportation: # of buses (if applicable)

Grade level(s) attending

Charlotte’s Web is based on E.B. White’s classic loving story of the friendship between a pig named Wilbur and a little gray spider named Charlotte. Wilbur has a problem: how to avoid winding up as pork chops! Charlotte, a fine writer and true friend, hits on a plan to fool Farmer Zuckerman — she will create a “miracle.” Spinning the words “Some Pig” in her web, Charlotte weaves a solution which not only makes Wilbur a prize pig, but ensures his place on the farm forever. This treasured tale explores bravery, selfless love, and the true meaning of friendship.

Based on Dr. Seuss’ classic book

Wednesday, november 8, 2017 10 am & 12:30 pm • Grades K–4

Dallas Children’s Theater

Ames International Orchestra Festival Association with support from Ames Commission on the Arts

iSu Symphony orchestra tuesday, February 20, 2018 • 10 am • Grades 4–10 curriculuM connectionS: Communication and Language Arts, Music, History Jacob Harrison leads the 80-member ISU Symphony Orchestra in a narrated program showcasing the various instrument families and exploring basic music concepts. This special performance allows young audiences to experience the excitement of a full symphony orchestra, enjoy the emotions inspired by the music, and discover how putting teamwork and practice together can yield amazing results. An instrument petting zoo following the performance is a chance to see and hear the unique sounds of individual instruments up close. TheatreworksUSA

clementine Friday, March 2, 2018 • 10 am & 12:30 pm • Grades K–5 curriculuM connectionS: Communication and Language Arts, Literature, Music, Relationships and Family Clementine is having a not-so-good-of-a-day. Cutting glue out of best friend Margaret's hair, helping Father fight the Great Pigeon War or riding the elevator with Mitchell who is N-O-T her boyfriend, this spunky eight-year old’s epic adventures are full of friendship, family, school and well-intentioned mischief.

curriculuM connectionS: Language Arts, Reading, Comprehension, Writing, Vocabulary, Theater, Music, Production Design

Yes, we would like space to eat our lunches

AARRRGH! This swashbuckling musical excursion tells the tale of young Jeremy Jacobs who joins Captain Braid Beard’s band of comical pirates as they search for the perfect spot to bury their treasure. Jeremy finds fun and adventure on the high seas as he navigates the finer points of pirate life, but he soon learns that home and family are treasures you can’t find on any map!


PREFERRED TIME 10 am 12:30 pm

EXAMPLE the Wright Stuff: First in Flight

National Players

Monday, October 9, 2017

thursday, april 26, 2018 • 10 am (90 minutes) • Grades 7–12

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

the Great Gatsby

the cat in the Hat

Monday, January 29, 2018

charlotte’s Web

In a time where success is expected and excess celebrated, Jay Gatsby is a god among men, yet without the love of Mrs. Daisy Buchanan, he is unfulfilled. This fast-paced adaptation of Fitzgerald’s novel brings the Jazz Age of New York to life as Daisy’s cousin Nick guides us through a world where love, opportunity, deception, and tragedy are always just around the corner.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby explores themes of decadence and excess, idealism, resistance to change and social upheaval, creating a portrait of the Jazz Age and the Roaring Twenties that has been described as a cautionary tale regarding the American Dream.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

the ugly Duckling

Monday, april 30, 2018 • 10 am & 12:30 pm • Grades PreK–3 curriculuM connectionS: Folk Tales, Language Arts, History, Science, Music, Literature, Self Esteem, Character Development We all know the fable of the swan who grows up “ugly” in a family of ducks, and who later finds his appearance changing as he discovers his true identity. Around the world, we find that many different animals learn the lesson of the “ugly duckling.” This delightful musical combines the folk traditions of other cultures and unites the classic ugly duckling with the Burmese mole that hates dirt and the Inuit bald eagle with a full head of hair. These three “misfit” heroes work together to earn their home on the King’s estate ultimately finding self-confidence, friendship and a sense of accomplishment.







10 am 12:30 pm 10 am 12:30 pm

iSu Symphony orchestra clementine

10 am 10 am 12:30 pm

Friday, March 2, 2018

How i Became a Pirate

10 am 12:30 pm

the Great Gatsby

10 am

Thursday, April 26, 2018

the ugly Duckling

10 am 12:30 pm

Monday, April 30, 2018

* Students enrolled in the National School Lunch Program are admitted free of charge. Please estimate the number of scholarship recipients and confirm at time of payment.

admission day of show is $ 5 each.

register now!


# ADULTS $ 4 ea.†

10 am 12:30 pm

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


# STUDENTS 4 ea.† Free*


10 am 12:30 pm

Harriet tubman/railroad

curriculuM connectionS: History, Literature, Language Arts, Character Development, Writing, Adaptation and Production Design

Virginia Repertory Theater on Tour

Special needs: Indicate students with hearing, vision, or mobility impairments. (Please note: American Sign Language interpretation requires 30-day advance notice.)

HanDlinG cHarGe (Due on all orders)


total aMount Due All performances, dates, and times are subject to change.

Online: Phone: 515-294-4608 Fax: 515-294-3349

Mail: Youth Matinee Series Scheman Building, Suite 102 1805 Center Drive Ames, IA 50011

Payment options Send invoice: Payment is due prior to performance. Payment is enclosed:


Cash Purchase Order (attach copy) Check (payable to Iowa State Center) Credit Card: Discover, MasterCard, Visa, American Express

Cardholder’s Name


Card #

Exp. Date

CVV Code

2017-2018 Youth Matinee Series Brochure  

Stephens Auditorium

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