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MERCYME BORN: 1994 Although praise & worship band MercyMe was founded in 1994, vocalist Bart Millard says that the group’s birth was a process God began in him during high school. Millard recalls, “My dad and my older brother were both football players. So naturally, that’s what I wanted to do as well. But I broke both my ankles in a high school football game and that ended my career.” Due to the injury, Millard was left with an elective class to fill and reluctantly joined the only available option: choir. With the prodding of his choir director, he was

RIAA Gold certification for UNDONE, which sold nearly 60,000 units its first

caused Millard and Bryson to consider

week out, taking its rightful place along

full-time music ministry. In August of

such pop acts as Justin Timberlake and

1994, guitarist Mike Scheuchzer made

Jennifer Lopez on the Billboard Top 200

the duo a trio. The three, who now lived

chart for months.

in Oklahoma City, formed MercyMe. From there the group begin to attract local promoters and found themselves opening for Audio Adrenaline. Following this, the band moved to Nashville and then to Texas. Their concerts grew to 200 dates per year. Bassist Nathan Cochran and percussionist Robby Shaffer joined the group, turning it from a trio into a five-member band. MercyMe, with six independent projects

with the death of his father to cancer.

to their credit, signed with INO Records

who had recently moved from Millard’s

2003 project Spoken For which is approaching platinum sales, and the

Europe as part of a praise team. The trip

first semester in college, he was faced

and a fresh start. Millard’s youth pastor,

nearly 4 million units, including the mulit-platinum CD Almost There, their

the summer of 1994, the two traveled to

soon actively involved. During Millard’s

The loss caused him to look for a change

Award winners MercyMe have sold

and released Almost There in August 2001. In 2003, the group was nominated for the Favorite Contemporary

In addition to countless No. 1 songs in Christian music, MercyMe has garnered three consecutive mainstream radio hits with I Can Only Imagine, (No. 4 AC/top 25 on Top 40/Hot AC), Here With Me

become nationally known as a great

(No. 4 AC) and their current hit single,

rock group that tackles such serious

Homesick (top 10 AC).

themes as God and love. Their music is

With their multi-platinum sales, consistent radio hits, and sold out tours including selling out NYC’s famed Radio

This Christmas MercyMe puts their

seen on the pages of Entertainment

stamp on the holidays with The

Weekly, USA Today, The LA Times and

Christmas Sessions, featuring classic

Billboard, and made appearances on

titles and contemporary yet

CNN, Fox New Channel’s Fox & Friends,

recognizable melodies with “Winter

ABC News, The TV Guide Channel, PBS,

Wonderland, “God Rest Ye Merry

NPR and more.

Gentleman,” “Silent Night,” “White

Inspirational Artist at the American

FL, invited him to work with the youth

Music Awards. MercyMe released

praise band. He accepted the offer and

UNDONE in 2004 and Coming Up to

moved at the end of his freshman year

Breathe in 2006. In September 2007, the

This laid-back band from Greenville,

of college. Millard says that the praise

band embarked on a tour to promote All

Texas, has quickly evolved from being

band involvement marked “the first time

That Is Within Me, which was released in

Christian music’s fastest-selling new act

I had ever done anything with a band —

November that same year.

in 2001 to one of the most successful bands in all musical genres.

Wednesday night service. But I fell in love with it immediately.” It wasn’t long after that Millard became friends with keyboardist Jim Bryson. In Insert 2

ABOUT MERCYME Since their debut in 2001, American Music Award and multiple GMA Music

who devour Rolling Stone.

City Music Hall, MercyMe has also been

hometown of Greenville, TX, to Lakeland,

just a local youth group who played for a

appealing to both devout Christians who study the Bible and young teens

Now the band, which has been together for about ten years, has grown beyond its label as “a Christian band” and

Christmas” and more. The band will also hit the road for a 20-plus city major market Christmas tour the day after Thanksgiving. Fully embracing the Christmas spirit, MercyMe members decided to share their favorite Christmas song from The Christmas Sessions and favorite Christmas memories with you. Insert 3


Christmas tree that morning, but when I went back to my room after opening all

Bart Millard (lead vocals): My favorite

of my loot...there it was ... I don't

song is “Joseph’s Lullabye.” Favorite

remember my reaction, but my parents

Christmas memory … Shannon and I

both told me I was awestruck ... that I

married on November 8, 1997. I was

wouldn't even touch it because I

making a whopping $11,000 a year.

couldn't believe my eyes .... over a

Needless to say our first Christmas was

rocking horse ... my how times have

a little small, but it was one of the best


times of my life. Waking up on Christmas morning, turning on Bing

Barry Graul (guitar): My favorite song

Crosby, sitting in our home pants

on the record is also “I Heard the Bells

(pajamas for those who don’t speak

on Christmas Day.” Favorite Christmas

Bart and Shannonese,) brewing up the

memory … As I think about Christmas

finest Swiss Miss hot chocolate around

as a child, several memories come to

and taking turns opening our few gifts.

mind. Christmas has always been about

And of course after every gift, you have

family spending as much time together

to take a picture of the goofiest face

as possible, wherever possible. Usually

possible to express your excitement.

that means some last-minute shopping

Now that we have Sam and Gracie,

and staying up late wrapping gifts with

Christmas has changed quite a bit, but I

my mom. And, now after watching

will never forget those first few years

home videos, I realize that while I was

with just Shannon and me. Thank God

dreaming of the next day’s events, my

Robby Shaffer (drums): My favorite

and my grandparents would make

parents never slept because they were

song on the album is “I Heard the Bells

the rounds and see what all the

for the little things that keep us smiling.

busy assembling gifts for their three

on Christmas Day.” Favorite Christmas

grandchildren had received for

Mike Scheuchzer (guitar): My favorite

children. I now share that experience

memory … are the things we seem to

Christmas. Then we would pile in

song from the record is “I Heard the

with them and look forward to it, but

do each year. I wouldn’t call them

the car and go to my grandparents

Bells on Christmas Day.” The story

feel the need to drink large amounts of

traditions, but things that we tried to do

for family Christmas and dinner.

behind the writing of that song is

coffee when the thoughts arise. If there

as a family at least once during the

amazing ... the war, and hardships that

had to be one special Christmas

holidays. One of those things were we

Nathan Cochran (bass): I would have

Longfellow had endured and to still be

morning memory, it would be brand-

loved to drive around town and look at

to say that my favorite song off the

able to find hope ... that’s what

new pajamas and slippers awaiting my

Christmas lights together. We got to

album is “I Heard The Bells on Christmas

Christmas is all about ... hope. Favorite

brother and I as we braced ourselves for

where we knew exactly where the best

Day.” I had honestly not heard of this

Christmas memory … there are too

the brilliant, beaming, blinding lights on

lights and displays were. We would pile

song until we found it looking for songs

many to pick out just one … I do

my Dad’s Super 8 movie camera that I

in our mini van, throw a Christmas tape

for the album. It’s not your typical

remember when I was probably 5 years

think I still see spots from to this day.

in the deck and cruise around for hours.

happy-go-lucky Christmas song, but it

old I wanted this rocking horse like a

Second only to that is the Christmas I

I remember my mom then staying up

does have great meaning. The story

friend of mine had … not just a little

received my first guitar, giving me

well past when we went to bed to finish

behind it not only gives great substance

wooden one ... this thing was spring-

musical bliss ever since. Continued on next page

wrapping presents. Then we would get

to the holiday season but points all of

loaded. Well it wasn’t under the Insert 4

up, take some pictures, open presents

Continued on next page Insert 5

the attention back where it should be,

went back to my parents’ house I could

memory … is really hard to decide upon.

fresh out of the oven. It was just a great

to our Lord of humble birth. Favorite

probably find that bible tucked away in

Both my parents have passed away in

time of fellowship and great food.

Christmas memory … are usually events

a closet. Probably still has the residue of

the last four years so any memory that I

Christmas is different now. My parents

and people and not the gifts. But the

the stickers that I so thoughtfully stuck

have of them during the holidays is

are gone but I have a two year old son

one that sticks in my mind the most is

all over it. And all the marks from the

really cherished. One of my favorites is

who is just learning what Christmas is.

about a gift. It was the first time I

stickers that didn’t make it through the

the year that my dad gave me his 22

My wife and I are expecting another

remember asking for a specific gift. I

summer heat as I tended to leave my

rifle that he had for many years. Another

child in February so this year we might

asked for a gray, leather-bound bible.

favorite bible in the back window of my

would be of the many church staff

not get to travel to be with family in

King James version; guess I thought I

parents red Grand Am. Maybe I should

Christmas dinners that we had at our

other states but I’m sure we'll be

would learn more if the words sounded

go find it? See what scriptures I marked

house. Since my Dad was the pastor our

enjoying the family time at our house.

cool. Oh yes, and it must have the

as a young man. I am sure they will still

family hosted the dinners. Every year it

Everytime I think of Christmas I think of

thumb tabs. Thumb tabs ROCK!

speak to me today.

was 30 or more people with the great

family, my faith, and just enjoying the

smells of spiced tea, fresh brewed

holidays. Just the way it should be.

Especially when you are racing your friends in Sunday school to see who can

Jim Bryson (keys): My favorite song

find the scripture first! Well, I got vinyl

on the album is probably “God Rest Ye

covered cardboard and not leather. But

Merry Gentlemen.” Favorite Christmas

oh well, the words were the same. If I

Everyone can have a legacy. Make yours memorable with a bequest to the arts.

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Imagine knowing that you can keep the arts vibrant for others to appreciate by leaving a gift to the Stephens Auditorium Performing Arts Endowment in your will. Even a small portion of your retirement assets can have a great impact by assuring affordable tickets for all.

coffee, hot fresh rolls, and a huge roast

Enjoy the timeless family favorite, The Nutcracker Ballet! Saturday, December 10 at 1:30 pm & 7:30 pm Sunday, December 11 at 1:30 pm With more than 200 local dancers, professional dancers performing the Sugar

You can leave a legacy of influence far into the future. Your gift will bring the wonder of music, dance and theatre to audiences for years. We will help you with a plan to make this happen.

Plum Fairy and her Cavalier, and Tchaikovsky’s famous and beautiful score,

It’s easy to create a simple directive in your will. Make a lasting difference and improve the cultural life of central Iowans.

choreography by Ames’ own Robert Thomas and Miyoko Kato Thomas.

The Nutcracker Ballet has been a tradition for families at Stephens each December for the past 30 years. We are delighted to host this enchanting holiday classic, with

This year’s performance will feature principal dancers Ames native Joy Voelker and Adrian Danchig-Waring of The New York City Ballet. Adrian Danchig-Waring Cavalier

Joy Voelker Sugar Plum Fairy

Tickets: $20 and $18 (Adults) $


18 and 16 (18 & under/55 & over/ISU students with student ID)

Visit for examples For information, contact Patti Cotter at 515-294-1238, email, or give online at Insert 6

For Tickets: Stephens Auditorium Ticket Office Ticketmaster: or 1-800-745-3000 | All Ticketmaster Outlets

Insert 7

Thank You for Supporting the Performing Arts Fund at Stephens Auditorium The Iowa State Center gratefully acknowledges those who contribute to the Performing Arts Fund at Stephens Auditorium. Every gift plays an important part in the success of the Performing Arts Series’ far-reaching programs. By bridging the gap between expenses and ticket revenues, the Performing Arts Fund at Stephens Auditorium provides critical support for all Performing Arts Series activities. Gifts listed are current as of November 17, 2011. We make every effort to be accurate and present your name in the way you wish. If we have made an error or your preference has changed, please contact Patti Cotter, Sponsorship & Development Manager, at 515-294-1238 or IMPRESARIO $ 5,000 and above The Lauridsen Family Endowment EXECUTIVE PRODUCER $ 2,500 and above Jim Beckwith George C. & Susan J. Christensen Harry & Cecilia Horner Kawaler Family Charitable Foundation Jayne Larson & Ira White Beverly & Warren Madden Sue & Al Ravenscroft DIRECTOR $ 1,000 and above Irene Beavers Elizabeth Cole Beck Kelli Bennett Jay & Karen Heldt-Chapman John & Judy Clem Wayne P. & Ferne Bonomi Davis Durbin, Zheng & Son, Inc. David Coe & Anne C. Durland 1st National Bank — Ames Willa & Dave Holger Mitchell & Sherilyn Hoyer Arthur Klein Jane W. Lohnes James & Jody Mueller John & Cynthia Paschen Mary Jean & Maurice Reimers Gary F. & Harriet M. Short PRINCIPAL ARTIST $ 500 and above Anonymous (2) Brian & Tanya Anderson Claire Andreasen Rick Bartosh Insert 8

Jane & John Baty Jen & Ed Buckingham Stewart L. Burger Bonny & Ray Callahan R.L. & Lenita Carstens Patricia Cotter & Peter Orazem Elizabeth Dahm Dieter & Renate Dellmann M. Burton Drexler Larry & Barb Ebbers Tom Flack Jan & Cornelia Flora Charles & Joanne Frederiksen Homer & Sandra Gartz Ethel George Matthew & Erin Gillaspie Susan & David Grant Bryan & Joy Graveline Justin & Heather Greenlee Wil & Marjorie Groves Esther & Herbert Harmison Sandy & Rick Hoenig Judie & David Hoffman Patricia Hulsey Jean & Bob Humphrey Charles Hurburgh & Connie Hardy Vicki Jahr Jim & Mary Kincart Janann King Todd & Jill Klindt Kenneth & Michelle Koehler Greg & Sue Lamont Allen & Joy Lang Phyllis J. & Larry L. Lepke Doug & Wanda McCay Louise M. McCormick Roger & Ruth McCullough Diane Muncrief Patricia A. Murphy Mark & Andy North

Jim & Frankee Oleson John & Helen Olson Kathy A. Parsons Mary Jane Pearson & Ramon A. Runkel Peter & Rae Reilly Dick & Sharon Richman Dan & Leslie Saftig Suzan & John Shierholz Chelon Stanzel & Ken Pap Clayton & Ruth Swenson Dorothy Timmons Connie J. & Roger C. Underwood Jeff & Ann Ver Heul Gary & Evonn Walling Jim & Mary West Duane & Megan Wolf Carol Wright Robert & Elizabeth Wych Brent & Maggie Wynja Roland & Barbara Zimany RISING STAR $ 250 and above Anonymous (2) Marc & Christianne Anderson Doris Bacot Sheila Rae Baker William Barry & Lisa Banitt Tom & Betty Barton Mary & Bob Baumann Kay & Roger Beckett Jeffrey Benson & Margaret Elbert LeRoy & Kathy Bergmann Diane & Ken Birt Mark & Deborah Blaedel Donald & Jamie Blomgren Roberta Boeke Anthony & Nancy Bowe Deanne Brill & Dean Janssen Nancy E. Brown

RISING STAR continued Lee & Lori Burras Ann H. Campbell Do-Biz Foods, LLC Mary & Alan Christy Dan & Anita Clayberg Frank & Kathy Comito Charles & Teresa Connell John D. Corbett Roger A. Deal Meg E. Dobson - State Farm Insurance Dennis & Susan Eichner Dorothy Ekberg Brian & Lisa Eslinger Frank & Vikki Feilmeyer Cynthia & Lehman Fletcher Jan Fryer Wayne & Evelyn Fuller Sarah Garst Jeanne G. Gehm David & Carole Gieseke Chuck Glatz Thomas & Allison Greenwald Milford & Barbara Grotnes Melba & Karl Gschneidner Barbara & Karl Gwiasda Darrin T. & Mary Hamilton Judy Hankins Larry & Linda Hansen Eugene & Ruth Harris Jennifer & Chad Hart Joseph & Mary Herriges William Hillyard Drs. M. Peter & Lorraine J. Hoffman Jon & Bonnie Hunziker Etha S. Hutchcroft Darren & Sue Jarboe Tom & Debra Johnson Susan Johnson Delma L. Kernan LeRoy & Susan Kester Elizabeth Keys Paul & Adele Knop Marina Kraeva Keith & Brenda Kutz John Landgraf & Phyllis Jones John Langeland Teresa & Jami Larson John & Mary Lawless William & Susan Lawyer Eudene & Susan Lund Elizabeth K. Lyons Duane Madoerin Greg & Carol Madsen Beverly & Bill Marion

Charles & Barbara Markus Maribeth Martin Jane & John Mathison Larry Brandt & Marie Mayer Tom & Judy McDonald Thomas & Dorothy McGee Arlo & Lori Meyer John & Pam Miller Rosemary & Lester Moore Charles & Mary Ann Mulford Donna Newbrough & Lee Burchinal Don & Evelyn Nystrom Ruth Anne Ohde Larry & Cheryl Olofson Bonnie & David Orth Pat & Randy Parker John F. Patience John Pesek John E. Pierce Pat & Linda Plummer Ellen M. Rasmussen Klaus Ruedenberg Kent & Lou Ann Sandburg Dirk & Lucinda Scholten Norm & Sue Scott Jerry & Joann Sell Barbara A. Shedd Steiner & Mary Anne Silence Raymond & Jane Stanley Sue & Thad Stanton Georgia & Carl Vondra Daniel & Sherrie Vos Fred & Darlene Walker Marisa Weisskopf Joan E. Welch Becca Wemhoff B. Joan White Scott & Jan Williams Maureen Wilt Della Jane Wright COMPANY MEMBER $ 100 and above Anonymous (1) Barb & Jack Adams Leigh & Ed Adcock La Donna Allen Chris Andersen Wayne Anderson Martha Anderson Jose & Jeanie Angel Bob & Elizabeth Angelici Rita Apel Sandi & Dave Austin Rod & Janice Avey

Terry & Debbie Barger JoAnn Barten Richard J. Baumhover Charles & Jan Beall Senator Daryl & Jo Ann Beall Amy & Steven Becker Judy & Don Beitz Kay & Roger Berger Robert & Mary Bergmann Nancy L. Besch Kiran & Kalyani Chuck & Carmel Biskner Gail & Janeen Boliver Charlene Boll Ira Delilovic Boomgarden Diane Borcherding Angela Bradley Jean Krusi & Ed Braun Jeff & Jan Breitman Rick & Janet Brimeyer John Britt & Diane Vigneau Donald & Ruth Ann Buck Robert O. & Anne K. Buck Bob & Rosemary Bulman Kathryn Burkholder Daniel & Sandra Buss Margy Chamberlin Gale Chatterton Stephanie Clark John & Donna Cleasby Gladys & Peter Colwell Randy & Sara Compton Jim & Carolyn Cornette Roger & Bette Coulson Harold & Rachel Crawford Paula J. Curran Nancy & Pete Cyr William & Kathryn David Herbert A. David Stan & Helen Davidson Mary M. de Baca Michelle Delury Deborah Dice Drake Holding Co. David & Diane Drake Dee Dreeszen Carl Duling Frank Dunn Carol Elbert George Englesson John & Marcia Even Dorothy Ewing Kay Faaberg Anne & Richard Farr Marvin Beck & Jane Farrell-Beck Insert 9


Maria Fedorova Walter & Elinor Fehr Taena Fowler & Jon Greising Mim & Jim Fritz Rebecca Fritzsche Herb & Katherine Fromm John E. Galejs Mary Jo Ganske Mary Garst Ann & Howard Garton Helen K. Geisler Tom & Mary Jo Glanville Kenneth Graham Lowell & Jennie Greimann John & Sally Greve Jean Griffen Timothy & Kellie Guderian Margaret Dempsey & William Gutowski Curt & Kathryn Robertson Hammer Melissa Hanna Mary Harms Duane Harris Marjorie Hartman Jerry & Pat Hatfield Marian Heady Thomas Andre & Susan Hegland Steve & Nancy Heideman Craig & Martha Heineman Martha Helland Isabel Hendrickson Pete & Janet Hermanson Richard & Janet Hersom Randy & Liz Hertz Joan Herwig Mary Ann & John Hicks Gary & Debra Hintze Bill & Judy Hoefle Robert & Janice Holland William & Barbara Holt Tim & Susan Hooper Frank Horn Dick & Sandy Horton Ted & Karen Huiatt Marcia Imsande Lincoln & Janet Jackson Mina Hertz Jacobs Mary James Marian & Roger Jansen Tim & Sue John Marilyn & Wendell Johnson Ken & Sue Johnson Marilyn R. Johnson Kent & Sara Johnson Bruce & Marie Johnson Margaret S. Johnson Insert 10

Carolyn Johnson Darron & Julie Jones Rich & Judy Jones Steven D. Jordening Cheryll & Tom Kierski Bette & Jim King Barbara Kiser Karen & Wayne Klaiber Jim & Joyce Kliebenstein Catherine Kling Marianne Klinsky Jerry & Margaret Knox Bianca Zaffarano & Nicholas Koszewski Richard & Nelle Kottman Dan & Sharon Krieger Asrun Yr Kristmundsdottir Richard Kruger Marilyn Kruse John & Diane Kubik Richard & Kim Langholz Randy & Beth Larabee Ruth G. Larson Michael Lazere & Lynn Anthony Rev. Selva Lehman Nels & Patricia Lersten Dorothy & Donald Lewis Alfredo & Amelia Lim-Yao Efstathia Lingren Mark & Angela Logsdon Marion & Robert Lorr John & Lorijo Lounsberry Lowell & Elma Lynch Carole Magilton Dick & Jackie Manatt Audrey & Steve Marley Gary D. Mason James Maxwell Edith A. McClure Richard & Donita McCoy John & Renee McPhee Laura McVay Clete & Joyce Mercier Todd & Barbara Meyer Terrence Meyer Kris & Al Jergens John B. Miller & Kathryn Madera Miller Patricia & Kemp Miller Larry & Sara Mitchell Marilyn Moehlmann Leland & Virginia Molgaard John & Laurel Mors Karen Neff Thomas & Lynn Nehls Jim & Sara Nelson Don & Becky Nibe Michael & Ginger O’Keefe

Olson & Kushkowski Family Ruth & LeRoy Ornberg Sue & Gary Osweiler David Otis Linda Papouchis Carol & Arlen Patrick Don & Jan Payer Alec & Charlton Pendry Barbara Peterson Richard & Carol Pletcher Arthur & Bernadene Pohm Emil & Mary Kay Polashek Jim & Marlys Potter Mabel Prescott Jane Punke Larry & Sharron Quisenberry Frank & Jolene Randall Jean Ranney Denise & Randy Rettleff Kathy Rhode Thomas & Doris Rice William Rich Robert & Harriet Ringgenberg Ryan & Jodi Risdal Charles B. Ritts & Kathleen L. Epstein-Ritts Joe & Jennifer Rivera William S. Robinson Jo & Bob Rod Teresa Rohret Dick & Karen Ross Malcolm Rougvie Barbara Royer Carolyn Cutrona & Daniel Russell Dorothy & Robert E. Rust Tom & Lorna Safley Charles & Priscilla Sage Dean & Judy Sampson Steve Sapp & Lisa Enloe Thomas J. & Patricia A. Sauer Candy & Steve Schainker Bradley Schetzsle Jane & Frank Schill Lester Schmerr, Jr. Suzette Schmidt Matt & Kim Schryver Richard & Jasmine Seagrave George Seifert Phyllis Seim Dennis & Joan Senne Dr. & Mrs. Sam Senti Hilary Seo & Paul Rounds Carole & Leverne Seversike Kenneth & Shirley Shaw Debra Shenk-Boudart Mark & Amy Slagell


John & Sandra Slaughter Paul & Ann Smiley-Oyen Jim & Diane Smith Clifford Smith Richard & Frances Smith Gary Sorensen Galina & Philip Spike Dr. & Mrs. W. Robert Stephenson Bernard & Victoria Stephenson Mr. & Mrs. David Stephenson Curtis Struck & Megan Fairall Robert & Deanne Summerfelt Doris Roettger-Svoboda Calvin & Susan Swan Margaret & John Tait M. Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Thompson Ron & Meg Thompson Betty Toman

Ted Tostlebe & Marilyn Hanson John & Marjorie Uitermarkt Ardy & Dean Ulrichson Beverly Van Fossen Stephen Van Houten Greg & Lana Voga Doug & Kim Walker Jim & Madeleine Walker Karen Walker Barb & Don Wandling Bobbie Warman Mary T. Watkins Fritz Wehrenberg & Jennie LeGates Marion & Harry Weiss Tom Wessels & Glenice Varley Mr. & Mrs. Richard C. White Bill & Toni Whitman Craig & Kyra Wilcox-Conley Bill & Amanda Fales-Williams Carla Wood

Richard & Patricia Wood Kent & Linda Woodworth Sharon L. Youngquist Suzanne Zaffarano Bill & Jean Zmolek MATCHING GIFT HONOR ROLL Alliant Energy Foundation AXA Foundation Bank of the West General Electric Merck Company Foundation Meredith Corporation Foundation Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. Piper Jaffray State Farm Companies Foundation Wells Fargo & Co.

PLANNED GIFTS These generous individuals have included the Performing Arts Series in their wills. Wayne P. Davis Frankee and Jim Oleson The late James Watson To learn how you can support the arts while honoring a loved one, or to create a legacy gift, contact Patti Cotter, Sponsorship & Development Manager, at 515-294-1238 or

Ames International Orchestra Festival Association Board of Directors Meg Dobson Karl Gwiasda Larry Hansen Esther Harmison Herb Harmison

Jacob Harrison Sandy Hoenig Willa Holger Arthur Klein - President Marilyn Johnson

Jane Mathison Mary Richards David Stephenson Joan White Maureen Wilt

Iowa State University Performing Arts Council A university committee comprised of Iowa State University faculty, staff, and students, as well as Ames community members, the Performing Arts Council advises the Iowa State Center on programming for the Performing Arts Series at Stephens Auditorium. Michael Golemo, President, Faculty–Music Tanya Anderson, Ames–Community Janice Baker, Faculty–Dance Sara Compton, Iowa State Center Patti Cotter, Iowa State Center Jane Cox, Faculty–Theater William David, Faculty–Music Homer Gartz, Ames–Community Debra Gibson, Faculty–Journalism & Mass Communication Karl Gwiasda, Ames International Orchestra Festival Association

Sam Johnson, Student–Music Nancy Marion, Ames–Community Nick Miller, Student–Music Patricia Miller, Faculty–Lectures Program Mark North, Advisor, Iowa State Center Lee Plummer, Student–Music Alissa Stoehr, Student–Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Victoria Stafford, Student–Performing Arts Nolan Vallier, Student–Music Insert 11

SPONSORS — The Iowa State Center recognizes and thanks its sponsors for their support of the 2011-2012 Performing Arts Series at Stephens Auditorium: University Park Inn & Suites

Proud Sponsor of


Proud Sponsor of

My Fair Lady

Proud Sponsor of

Beauty and the Beast

Proud Sponsor of Young Frankenstein and Danú

GRANTS — The Iowa State Center recognizes and thanks the following organizations for their support of the 2011-2012 Performing Arts Series at Stephens Auditorium:

Ames International Orchestra Festival Association (AIOFA) and Ames Commission on the Arts Proudly Supporting Iowa State Symphony (Youth Matinee Series Concert), Irish Chamber Orchestra

and “Tschaikowski” — St. Petersburg State Orchestra

Iowa Arts Council Proudly Supporting Macbeth and Doubt This project supported in part by a grant from the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Arts Midwest Performing Arts Fund, Iowa Arts Council, National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities

Proudly Supporting Macbeth This project supported in part by the Iowa Arts Council, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs and by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts. This presentation is supported by the Performing Arts Fund, a program of Arts Midwest, funded by the National Endowment of the Arts, with additional contributions from the Iowa Arts Council, General Mills Foundation and Land O’ Lakes Foundation.

Ancient Greeks/Modern Lives: Poetry-Drama-Dialogue is a program that has been made possible by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Great ideas brought to life. Any views, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this program do not necessarily represent those of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Get two tickets to any Performing Arts Series event when you book a specially-priced hotel package at participating Ames hotels. Visit for details. Sponsored by the Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau Insert 12

MercyMe Playbill  

MercyMe Playbill

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