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“El alfabeto fue Sural, Quien curioso combino Grabandola en piedra Libon Que pulimento Gapon.”

Original text, Fray Bernardino de Melandreras, OFM

“Inukit ni Sural lagdang babasahon Sa gapong matagas na hale sa Libong Asin ta dinagos paglinig kanayon Kan sarong lalaking pangaran si Gapon.” Zacarias Ll. Lorino

“Sural had curiously combined A syllabary he carved on A stone from Libong, and which rock Was polished later by Gapon”. Dr. Merito B. Espinas

An tatarámon na Sural saróng karakter sa mitong Ibalong na naggíbo asín nagpabayùbô kan sistema nin pagsúrat sa Bikol. Siyá an inot na nagsáray kan mga Usipon ni Kadunong sa pasúrat na paági. Giráray, digdí man gikan an tatarámon na surat na ginagámit ta sa pan-aroaldáw na pag-ulay. Luwás sa literal kainíng kahulogán, sarô iníng pangapódan satô na arámon asín patalubóon an satúyang malipútok na kultura asín tradisyon sa paági nin pagbása sagkód pagsúrat. An publikasyon na iní saróng pagsagáng sa mga paabóton na paglingáw, saróng pangapódan nin giráray pagdutâ sa dagâ asín paglamùtáw sa bikòbikong salog. Bilang mga magígin paratukdô, sarô iníng pangapódan na hilingón ta an tatarámon sa mas harárom na paági. An tatarámon bakô sanáng simpleng grupo nin letra, sarô iníng tambóbong nin kultura asín agi-agi na dakúlang parte kan satóng pagtalubò asín pagkanuód. Sabi nganì kaiyán ni Dr. Cyril Conde (2009), an literatura (patarám man o pasúrat) saróng “repository of academically unexplored knowledge of our culture.” An kultura yaon sa tatarámon, yaon iní sa literatura. Asín sa literatura, yaon an buhay. Alágad makamundóng isípon na daíng gayo pigtutukar an siring na pangangaipóhan sa mga eskwelahan siring na man sa satóng unibersidad. Nakatútok saná an antipara kan mga eskwelahan asín mga paratukdô sa akademiko asín praktikal na aspeto nin buhay. Dikít sanáng paratukdô an may pagmakulóg sa kultura asín literaturang Bikolnon. Dikít na saná an nagsusúrat manunungód sa satóng mga agi-agi asín gawì. Sabi nganì kaiyán ni Fr. James O'brien (1993): "Because of pre-occupation with so many other demands on their time we teachers, parents, schools and community have neglected, it would seem, three of our most serious obligations to the young, namely, the collections, preservation and communication of the rich culture and historical heritage that is the birthright of the young people in the various regions of the Philippines." Nemo dat quod non habet. Pàno mo man nanggád maitataó an mayò ka? “How can we teachers and parents pass on to our students and children what we do not possess ourselves?" Igwáng dakúlang katungdán an mga paratukdô sa sosyodad na patalubóon an harárom na pagkamidbid sa kulturang Bikol. Muyá kong mag-abót an aldáw na an gabós na paratukdô igwá na man pagmakulóg sa kultura asín literatura. Muyá kong mag-abót an aldáw na an mga eskwelahan maanduróg na man sa pagbayùbô kainí asín isalák sa saindáng curriculum an mga subject manungód digdí nanguróg na sa mga nagkukuá nin kursong Edukasyon. Muyá kong mag-abót an aldáw na an mga estudyante igwá nang harárom nang pagkamidbid saíyang kultura, literatura asín sadíri. An pagsúrat saróng debosyon asín pagmakulóg sa tatarámon asín kultura. Sarô iníng pangapódan na maghapót asín makiarám. Giráray, sarô iníng pangapódan na akóon asín ihirás an sadíri. Sarông pagrumdóm. Magbása. Magsurat. Mabuhay! Jusan Villaflor Misolas Chairman, Ateneo Literary Association Bikol Poet


Why Write One of the toughest things to do is to write. It is difficult to decide what to write about and even more difficult to start the actual writing. One must first face a blank sheet of paper, which later on will turn into a canvas of the painting in words. He must have the courage to negotiate with the language of his choice and deal with the labyrinths of his imagination. As the German poet, Rainer Maria Rilke warned, “if one feels one could live without writing, then one shouldn’t write at all.” With all these complexities attached to being a writer, why do people write? The best way to preserve what life has to offer, is to write what one experiences in the real world. Germino H. Abad would say, “ Like other people, writers of course do many other, and more important, political; they fail and suffer like other humans, love again, teach, die little deaths, earn a living other than writing. Yet if they didn’t write from all those other things that they do or endure, all those would seem rather paltry or jejune---routine and rout, allproliferating rut, just as though they had never lived.” And why did Kadunong even thought of making this Sural, a literary folio, the first of its kind in the Ateneo de Naga University College of Education? I guess the editorial board recognized that literature is indispensible, because literature itself is life. When the Editor-in-Chief of the publication asked me to write this foreword, I immediately said yes to her invitation out of my gratitude to Kadunong which had published my Bikol poem Oda sa Imperdeble which later became my Oda sa Tadik. Ever since my undergraduate years in Ateneo, I had considered Kadunong as a good training ground for writers, but the current students are even luckier now because Kadunong is refining itself into becoming not only a training ground for journalist teachers, but also for poet teachers, short story writer teachers, essayist teachers and playwright teachers. While reading the literary texts included in this folio, I hope that the readers, students especially would realize that everyone has a place in writing, only that only few remain writers for a lifetime. I wish to challenge the Education students, teachers and administrators to continue this milestone, and if one day one realizes that he wishes to be read, then I recommend that he find time to write his prose or poetry and publish it Sural. Let us all be one in making Ateneo a haven for Bikol writers. Jerome Hipolito Bikol Poet Kadunong Alumnus



THE UNIVERSE AND A DOT My verses are nothing but a drip of ink on a sheet of paper. The thought of it though, does not depress me at all for I know that every drop from my pen creates a blot ---minute, negligible compared to the vast space which mocks such an accidental spurt. Silently, I watch as it spreads across the surface. It stains the page and ruins it even, but I think it’s better that way. A small but distinct presence attempts to disrupt and contrast itself from the suffocating emptiness. MA. CIENNA JAUCIAN AB BSE-4



FLICKER Silence doesn’t show itself it hides amidst the crowd, only the calmness of the soul sees Voices, tunes a melody calls when a symphony unfolds it flows on our odes Rain dropping frantically sometimes slow, often it runs You can always hear it calling “touch me with your hand” Why is that, do you think? that mortals hear and feel when we thought it ends and grows numb the sound of our beating hearts hum We think that we feel all once again Yet we didn’t really stop We think we found an abyss of our own But we exist with the mass for love We cannot shield ourselves from the truth However much a chrysalis cozoons However much it ponders on its own the world will let her see the ambrosia of her soul CHRYSALIS15 AB BSE-3


REALLY GIN I Different scriptures Similar features Which is true? What’s the clue?

II Sugar-coated promises Real or not, make no pleases! A part of which is written Uncertainty’s still certain

There is God. There is none. Would you nod? Would you frown? If sic, are deities personal or not? If non, shall all of us just simply rot?

To err is somehow a right Darkness emphasizes light Wide eyes aren’t always might For blind, ‘it’s often a night.’

Many creeds of nations Strong hold of convictions Amplified reactions Unnoticed contortions

Fake ill-fated faith can wait Wishing a fish in the bait It’s like doing a good trait Just to reach the heaven’s gate

Diverse forms of beliefs More possible what ifs One is perhaps for real Most do want a fair deal!

At inferno, in fear? No! A state where sulfur would grow No comfort, just rocky flow Is it where those cheaters go?

What’s that said deal that has just fled? Is it a salvation through wine and bread? Are all bound to reincarnation’s bed? Hell! Paradise or heaven with a head? whatever the underlying truth could be I don’t need any more reward for me I am not stuck in the laws of karma Don’t either desire a full nirvana

Stephen Hawking walks away. Life-after-death dies today. When science revealed a good play Ghosts are sole myth anyway Real lie gone, really a gin The spy won. It’s truly keen. Devils ran. Angels are in. For the man, poems are mere sin! AF BS BSE-3



HINDI NA SAPAT ANG ILUSYON (para kay Sigmund at John) Wala nang talab ang bawat indayog ng mga sagradong kamay. Wala nang alab ang mga kandila na hinihihipan ng malaunos na pagkadalita. Naghihimulmol na ang sotana, napupunit na ng sinag ang dati'y makakapal na kurtina, kinulayan na ng alabok. Wala nang bisa ang mga matatandang dasal bagkus hinahalina na ang mga maligno't aswang. Maikli na ang manto, lumaki na ang birhen dahil sa malimit na pag-iyak ng kisame. Namamaos na ang maladiyos na tinig na nabarahan ng nikotin at tar.

Inaamag na ang ostiya, luray-luray na ang corpus, mainam nang irasyon sa matatandang deboto. Inaanay na ang krus, kumakalas na ang mga pako mula sa mga banal na sugat, kumakalat na ang tetano. Pinapasok na ng kiti-kiti ang agwa bendita. Nililimak na ng mga heganteng lamok ang mga deboto. Sabay bulong ng sakristan sa namamanghang pari: “Father, hindi na sapat ang ilusyon. JUSAN MISOLAS AB BSE-3



CHALK DUST I, The child famished Of your finest dust, Ask you to spare me Your sloppy dust Hovering freely On the vast air. Your dust On my fingers While my limb Stroke you On the board Of infinite wisdom. Please! Do spare me your dust And you shall see more Of the knowledge You have spared me. DEA PACARDO AB BSE-3



ALAALA NG ISANG KAIBIGAN Ang landas na bakas ng kahapon, Parang halamang natuyong dahon. Isang bakas na may ngiti sa labi, At boses na nagtatawanang walang pighati. Mga hiyaw at kantiyaw ng kapatid, Pawang walang problemang nababatid. Kasiyahang nadarama dahil inialay nila, Walang kupas na kahapo’y nais masilayan muli. Sana ako rin ay nariyan sa iyong tabi, Upang marinig ang iyong ginintuang tinig. Na animo’y umaawit habang ika’y humahagikhik. Nang dahil sa ngiti sa iyong labi. Ang aking puso’y ngumingiti nang muli. SANTONI Y. EGAWA BSE-1



MAPAIT NA ANG KAPE Isang baso sa ibabaw ng mesa Isang araw na di kilala Isang kalahating kutsara ng asukal samhan ng isang kutsaritang kape ng kahapon. Iniikot dahan- dahan ang halo mula kanan pakaliwa ang tungo Ang aroma'y maglalakbay mula akin patungo sa kung sino. At ang sarap unti- unting paiibabawan ng pait Na kahit ilang dakot ng asukal kailanma'y di na tatamis. CHENG GRIEGO AB BSE ENG 2





Ako sarong salog na may sinususog na direksyon. Nagbabaklay sa kasakitan, alagad pano nin paglaom.

Natutunaw na ang sorbetes sa hawak mong apa. Sa bawat patak na nahuhulog sa lupa; sa bawat pagdila ng tamis na iyong nilalasap, ay mas lalo kong ninanais na umiglip sa gitna ng aking pagtitig.

Ako sarong bituon nagliliwanag sa panagonoron. Magiya sa tawo gamit an sakong tataramon. Ako sarong kahoy na padagos nagtatalubo. Mataong buhay sa iba prinsipalmente sa mayong pag-asa. Salog, bituon, kahoy. Ako ini kung girumdumon. Simple lang dangan an kinaban, padangaton JOVANIE ESTRELLA BS BSE-2

Sa pagpikit ko'y tutulo rin ang aking laway at biglang magigising na ika'y nasa aking harapan. JOVANIE ESTRELLA BS BSE-2



TIRIGSIKAN Tigsik ko ining mga tawong garo si Juan Tamad Na mayong ibang ginigibo iyo na magparalitad-litad Minaaga, minahapon mayong nagiginibuhan Maghalat kan grasyang hona mo maabot na lang. Tigsik ko ining mga lalaking parainom Minamata pa lang gustong bote kan gin an hampangon Mayong pakiaram kun ang pamilya may kakanon Basta tulak niya kuntentado, maogmahon. Tigsik ko ining mga tawong sobrang tsismosa Mayong ibang ginibo mangnohon an saiyang kapwa, Taram digdi, taram duman na daing kasawaan Na hona mo baga siya mayong mga kaluyahan. Tigsik ko ining mga kandidatong pag nagkakampanya grabeng pangako Sa tribuna kun makataram hona mo gabos kayang itao Mga tawo minabilib lalo kung matibayon magtaram Aba, kung mailaag na sa puwesto mga pangako nagkarilingawan. LYRA B. MANGUBAT BSE-1





August Inspiration CHRYSALIS15 AB BSE-3

Being a sentimental child, the one who keeps a scrapbook, stamps, stones and shells, dry leaves and flowers and other junks, it is safe to guess that I would also treasure my parents’ engagement ring. Technically, it’s just a plain aluminum band with some curve and flower designs; I bet it wouldn’t even sell for Php. 300.00. The thing is, my parents went through a lot just to be with one another, like one of those Filipino telenovelas---cheesy, sweet, romantic and real. Since mama’s almost 40 yrs. old now, the ring no longer fits any of her fingers, so I wear it---and I lost it. August was a month of heavy financial burdens for our family, so whenever I got to school, I look at the ring like some sort of talisman whenever I have a low grade or feel miserable, thinking that I’ll make it up to them, my family. Aside from feeling stupid and worthless, I also cried like a loon. Yes it was

immature of me to do so but I thought about my situation. That day, I received my fair share of daily allowance. It came directly from my mother after our neighbor lent her money. Then going to school, this “seatmate” of mine smoked inside the public transportation, coward me didn’t tell him to stop and annoyingly, no other person was concerned about it (I have asthma, by the way). In school, the book I wanted to borrow at the library was missing. I got a super low score on a quiz, close to zero; the last one was really my fault. At this time, I really needed some encouragement so I looked for my mother’s ring which was supposedly tied to my lanyard but it was gone. My eyes were red during the next class. Of course I looked for it, tracing everywhere I went, a couple of times but I didn’t find it. When I got home, my parents were having a fight. I didn’t see any of my siblings aside from the youngsters,

knowing them, probably in some place where my family troubles would not reach them, escaping emotions. To me, the missing ring was like a premonition that no matter how much I hold on to my dream, my goals, I won’t reach them. That dream about a happy life, a family, a professional and mature outlook, a principled and determined ‘self’---a lot more, I was also lost. Sometime, days later, I forgot my schedule for the afternoon so I searched inside the ID holder which keeps my tiny notes, and there it was, my parents’ engagement ring, tucked inside crumpled papers of notes and receipts. You may laugh, you’re entitled to it; I actually did. Then I smiled, not the stupid laugh, or the coy look or smirk but the honest and “happy emotional” one. I thought-“It was with me all along; that something needed to soar.” s



Any volunteer? DEA PACARDO AB BSE-3

I have something to confess and honestly I am guilty of what I have to say. As a student, I prefer not to raise my hand whenever the teacher asks anyone to volunteer. Every time my teacher asks for a volunteer, I lower down my protruded neck and eventually set my eyes on my desk, especially if the subject is math or any subjects involving numbers. It is either because I am not sure with my answer or probably someone has a better answer than mine. I know, it sounds like I am not open towards criticism and it is becoming my nature to be timid. Often times, I would stare at my notebook then doodle. I bet that I have mastered doodling than any of my subjects. Swear. Never did I raise my hand to answer a board work. In fact, teachers had to ask me first with a dominating voice before I moved myself from my seat. I am even thankful to have classmates who are so fond of raising their hands. If only I could endow them trophies, probably I

would. Seems like I am saved by them and I feel so relax whenever they are around. You might be thinking about how apathetic I am. Indeed, I truly am. Apathy prevails in my veins and surely sags my enthusiasm. Now that I am exploring the world of teaching, I do not know if I can find the correct formula to motivate my future students. I am exposed to the reality that a teacher cannot find ideal students because if the students are ideal, what is the sense of being a teacher? However, a teacher surely can turn his/her students ideal through preparing ideal activities to engage them. Then will they find them raising their hands, clearly saying: “I volunteer!� s




the Quality of Education of the Brilliant People of the Philippines (to save them from being Incompetent Graduates of their Parents, Alma Mater, and Country) and for Making them Useful Members of the Labor Force MARLENE RAMOS AB BSE-4

How awful it is to find out that the people working in the factories, teaching children, building towers, constructing houses, tending the sick, working at the hospitals, banks and hotels are all illiterate. Imagine living in a society where all people who should be serving the masses, paid by the people’s taxes or private companies who render service are all but a bunch of balderdash. Imagine all strong and capable people who are simply a baloney strolling the streets everyday just waiting for their tummies to be fed until the food is gone again. These people who hope to have brighter future are being deprived by the rights vested to them by the constitution as members of a democratic society. They are being robbed without them knowing it. It is a very dire problem we must eliminate. It is about time for them to be efficient and effective members of the society and of the labor force for greater economic development. It

is about time to maximize our resources and stop the monopoly of other races as they glorify their names from the intellectual explorations and creativity of Filipinos. I humbly propose to make use of “mind cards” that can be built into the human mind. It will be programmed to alter human intelligence to an artificial one that will make man operate on the basis of the programmed information stored in those “mind cards”. It will make man think uprightly, intelligently and morally. This card will help man to do things faster, more accurately and more intelligently. It will give man the opportunity to be the best that they can. It can also help humans to maximize time and become very productive. It will improve their competence and uproot them from the evil of incompetence brought by the very sickening quality of Education here in the Philippines: imagine a teaching-learning process which is mind-wrecking, a

painstaking overload of ideas. Imagine children and learners treated alike, as if they can change at the flick of a finger like the way they brush innovation in classroom interaction. Try reading a book with ten of your classmates reading it too, while seating on the dusty floor sheltered by an oventempered classroom ceiling which is almost to erupt. Visualize learning curriculum content unsuitable to your own grade or year due to the mistake of the powerful few. Picture the way you try to feed your mind with no food for you to feed your stomach. It is like sharpening a pencil with an imaginary pencil at hand. Considering my proposal, why teach, by the way? We do not need teachers anymore. We can already be a teacher of ourselves. We do not need to pay them for us to learn. We can save money and avoid the chance of giving our money away. We can make ourselves even brighter than any of the computers if we


would allow ourselves to be programmed that way. We can even outdo the teachers that we have presently. We can be more competent than them. We can make more great works than heroes of the past. We can develop new things out of nothing. We can create roads without cement. We can draw without any pencil. We can always create our own paths of success. We can make our schools very proud of us because of the possibilities waiting for us through the programmed information we bestow our


minds with. We can even have a perfect society. We can make our parents proud because we can even create our own money so we can get rich in no time. Through all of these, we can make our country richer and progressive because all the people are walking supercomputers. Many advantages are left unsaid. I cannot think of anyone who does not want to be rich, intelligent and so powerful to create his own destiny. I cannot think of anyone who wants

to be incompetent, stupid, useless and a good-fornothing creature. I expect many things will be said against these but I only want to clarify my stand: first, as things now stand, how will we be able to lift ourselves from the pit we are in when we cannot provide our fellow Filipinos with an education due to him? Second, there are millions of persons who cannot read, write and speak, those who do not even know what to do with their life. Education is what they all got. Taking away the quality of education from Juan is like taking away his own mind and depriving him of thinking for his own betterment. Better to program each Filipino mind with the “mind card” to succeed like a perfect computer than watch him be part of the lump of unproductive Filipinos. s Editor’s Note: This satirical essay attempts to recapture the style of English satirist, Jonathan Swift in his classical work, “A Modest Proposal.” The ideas expressed in this essay must not be taken literally




Tauhan: Derek: taong may hinahanap Totoy: unang napagtanungan ni Derek Mr. Monteberde: pangalawang napagtanungan ni Derek Delya: pangatlong napagtanungan ni Derek Tatang: pang-apat na napagtanungan ni Derek (A yellow dim light in the center stage will open the play followed by a voice over “tagutaguan maliwanag ang buwan pagkabilang kong tatlo nakatago na kayo…” then Derek will enter the stage looking for a place to hide and the voice over will continue, isa, dalawa, tatlo and Derek will run and exit the stage then the light will go off.) (Blue lights on…) (Boxes are on the stage and Totoy is arranging them…) (Derek from the audience) Derek: Excuse me… Nakita n’yo po ba ang taong ito… Excuse me po… Excuse me… Totoy: Ah, buti naman nandito ka na… Pahawak nga nito at pakibuhat naman nun… Derek: Ah, hindi… sandali lang… Totoy: Bilis na. Hinihintay na tayo ni Mr. Monteberde. Derek: Ah… huh? Totoy: Ayaw kong madakdakan ng walang tigil n’yang “there is no such thing as free lunch…” Eh sino ba naman nagsabing meron? Kaya nga ako nagtatrabaho para kumita ng pambili ng pagkain. Sus… Kahit nga ang ibang mga pulubi nagpapakapagod umarte para magmukang nakakaawa para sa kunting barya… Daig pa nga ng iba sa kanila si Kris Aquino at Richard Gutierrez sa facial expression, napaka-realistic. Kaya ikaw, kung ayaw mo magshower sa bulok na laway ni Mr. Monteberde, buhatin mo na yan at tumakbo na tayo. Derek: Ha? Hindi… Hindi… Totoy: Anong hindi? Gusto mo mawalan ng trabaho gaya ni Ato. Nagpahinga lang yun sandali dala ng wala pang tulog kuha ng pagtatrabaho umaga at gabi… Kasi naman kabata-bata pa nag-asawa na. Sssh… Hindi nga pala nag-asawa at di pa kasal, kinati, ayon maagang naging ama. Ikaw? May anak ka na? Derek: Ha? Wala. Ano? Sandali lang po… Totoy: Totoy. Derek: Totoy… Hindi po ako nandito para magtrabaho… May hinahanap po akong



tao. Nandito po ako para magtanong kung kilala nyo po itong taong ito, baka sakaling napadaan s’ya rito. Totoy: Anak ng… Ba’t di mo agad sinabi… Malilintikan nanaman ako nito ni Mr. Monteberde. Anong oras na ba? Derek: Sandali lang po. Nakita mo po ba itong taong ito? Totoy: Hindi… Hindi… Tanong mo kay Mr. Monteberde, lagi nung sinasabi “I got my eyes on everything,” baka nakita nya yang taong hinahanap mo. (Lights off…) (Lights On…) Mr. Monteberde: O my goodness Totoy, you are late again. How many times I have told you, every minute counts! Kelan ka ba matututo? Kung di lang… Totoy: Sir, I’m sorry. Ito kasi, akala ko yung pinadala mong kapalit ni Ato, hindi pala. May hinahanap daw s’ya sir. Sino nga yun? Derek: Ah… It… Mr. Monteberde: Sige na Totoy, back to work. Baka bukas nandito na yung nirequest kong bagong makakatulong mo. (Exit Totoy…) Mr. Monteberde: You are? Derek: Derek Sir, Derek Panco. Mr. Monteberde: Mr. Derek Panco may hinahanap ka? Baka nandito lang ang hinahanap mo. Alam mo, our company is one of the successful running shipping companies because of our good human management and efficient people. Baka ito na ang hinahanap mo? Derek: Ano po? Mr. Monteberde: We believe that if we want our company to run longer and be on the lead we have to hire people who can work efficiently, hmmmmmmm… Yung mga taong naniniwala na there is no such thing as free lunch. We have people that regard job as if it is a matter of their lives which is true ‘di ba? In this day, job is very important. Ang iba nga d’yan lahat ay gagawin magkapera lang. What do you say? Work with me. I mean with us. Derek: Hindi po Sir… Mr. Monteberde: I can give you a better pay, I mean we can give you a better pay. Derek: Thank you Sir pero ano po kasi… (Enter ToToy) Mr. Monteberde: O goodness… Mr. Panco not everyone is given this chance to be offered a job, alam mo we have an employee here sino nga yun… Totoy: Si Ato… Mr. Monteberde: Yes si Ato… Totoy? Back to work… I got my eyes on you. (Exit Totoy…) Mr. Monteberde: He blew his chance of working here. Ayon, caught in the act na hindi



nagtatrabaho. Automatic, sisante. I need efficient workers; hindi yung magdadahilan pa na walang tulog dahil may anak daw s’ya. Intolerable. Magiging amag lang s’ya sa company, ang policy ko kunting anomaly lang tanggal agad, no need for further investigation and reconsideration… But of course, except for those may solid excuses. Derek: Sir, kasi… hindi naman po ako naghahanap ng trabaho. May hinahanap po akong tao. Mr. Monteberde: A, ganun ba? hmmmm… Sayang ka. I mean sayang ang opportunity. Anyway. Hindi ko kilala. You can leave now. Derek: Sige po. Salamat po sa oras n’yo. (Exit Derek…) (Blue lights off…) (Red lights on…) Derek: Hai, sayang ng oras. Sino pa kaya ang pwede kong pagtanungan? (Enter Delya…) Derek: Miss excuse me… Delya: Magkano? Derek: Huh? Delya: Presyo… Magkano kaya mo… Kung barat ka, sorry, maghanap ka na lang ng iba d’yan. Maraming mura d’yan, yung mga beterana. Kahit kunting barya or bilhan mo lang ng groceries papatulan ka nila. Paggaya ko kasing bago, medyo mahal pa. Derek: Hindi… Delya: A, gusto mo in action? Gusto mo ng show? Mamaya pa ang opening e. Iba ka ha? Kay aga-aga naghahanap ka na ng init. Mas marami kasi ang parokyano namin paggabi… After office hours… Fully booked lahat. Maswerte pag may imported, mas mataas ang kita, kaya paunahan. Baka mahirapan ka makakuha. Alam mo medyo demanding na rin kasi ang trabaho namin. Maraming kailangang i-maintain. Derek: Huh? Delya: Kaya kung gusto mo akong i-book mamayang gabi, sorry. Naunahan ka na ni Mr. Chon. Derek: Ay Hindi Miss?.. Delya: Delya Derek: Delya, hindi yan ang hinahanap ko. Tao… S’ya… Delya: Hmmmmp. Kung napadaan yan dito sigurado di mo na makikita yan. Derek: Bakit naman? Delya: Sigurado deadbol na yan… Derek: Hindi naman siguro… Delya: Pustahan… hindi mo na yan makikitang hinahanap mo. Pustahan… (Faint voice) Pustahan… (Delya walking towards the exit…)



(Red lights off…) (Orange lights on…) Derek: Hai… (Tatang entering the stage) Derek: Mawalang galang na po, pero maari po bang magtanong? May hinahanap po kasi ako… Tatang: Haha… sigurado ka gusto mo sakin magtanong? Abay, sa pagkakaalam ko, hindi na raw ako matinong kausap, paulit-ulit, parang sirang CD? Ano ba ang CD? Derek: Yun po yang bilog, manipis, may butas sa gitna na nilalagyan ng mga tugtog o pilikula. Para pong… Para pong plaka nun… Tatang: A plaka ba kamo, wala ng plaka ngayon. Nung kapanahunan ko siguro. Ngayon wala ka ng makikita nyan, wala ka ng mahahanap na plaka ngayon. Derek: Ay hindi po plaka ang hinahanap ko tatang, tao po… it… Tatang: Tao ba kamo? Ba’t di ka pumunta ng pulis, dun ka magtanong, sa pagkakaalam ko hindi na raw ako matinong kausap, paulit-ulit. Derek: Pumunta na po ako sa kanila… wala naman pong nangyari, pinagtawanan lang po ako nung mga pulis… Tatang: Pulis ba kamo? May nakita palang akong pagala-galang pulis dun sa kanto. Sigurado ako pulis yun, may baril e. sigurado ako. Haha… ngayon sigurado ako, sabi kasi nila ulyanin na raw ako. Hindi na raw matinong kausap, paulit-ulit. Ngayon tsak ko, pulis yun, may baril e. Derek: Tang, Hindi po pulis ang hinahanap ko. Tao po. It... Tatang: Tao ba kamo, bakit hindi na ba ako tao sa tingin mo? Porke matanda na ako, hindi na ako tao. Oo, sabi nila hindi na raw ako matinong kausap, paulit-ulit. Pero grabe naman kung hindi na ako tao sa paningin mo. Malakas pa naman ako. Hindi pa malabo ang mata. Pero sabi nila hindi na raw ako matinong kausap, paulit-ulit. Derek: Tang hindi po, s’ya po ang hinahanap ko. Tingnan nyo po kaya baka sakaling nakita n’yo. (Derek giving the picture to Tatang) (Tatang looking at it intently…) Tatang: Hahaha… Sus… Oo… Derek: Saan po? Tatang: Pong, ito s’ya o… (Pointing at Derek) (Orange lights off… End)




Kan subagong banggi, mga ala-una, luhay akong nagluwas garo ikos pasiring sa libod. Mayong ribok sinda na dapat madangog. Alagad an bisagra dai nakikiiba, ta nagbura baga garo na tabili.

Duman sa dating puwesto. Kinua ang stick ning Mighty na green asin sinuluan gamit kan lighter na pandiurag an kalayo na kun dai ko ngani aram tibaad nasulo na si ngaragngag ko. Naromdoman ko lugod si mga parabakal sa tindahan na nabiktima na kan lighter na ito. Maraya pa sinda. Sabay pugol kang pusngak. Hay, siram sana. Alagad nawawara si tukawan na pirmi kong kaibanan, demalas. Kaipuhan talagang magtindog. Kaipuhan magdangog. Harambiling may makahiling sako, tibaad madakop masakit na. Naisip ko lugod kun anong palusot

an sasabihon ko kun magabot an bangging madakop na ninda ako. Ay inda. Dakop kun dakop! Minsan, nasasawa naman ako sa siring kaining eksena. Enot sa gabos, bako man talagang masiram. Iyo na lugod, masiram na. Alagad an enot asin huri man sana. Tibaad arog man ka’yan an pagkamoot suboot ko. Alagad ngani kun minsan, dai ko na pig-uubos, dai na pigtatapos. Nalulula na ako. Dikit na sanang tulod, tika na ako. Minsan pigtutulod ko na sana an laad sa daga. Kun minsan pigguguragod. Asin kun minsan pigtutumakan na sana an ungos kaini hanggan sa dai na akong mahiling na kalayo. Duman gayod nagpuon an anggot ko sa liwanag. Tibaad duman nanggad. Danggan pigpatubrag sa balyong harong, sabay sabing tabi apo sa naigong kahoy nin Santol. Dangan duman naglakaw akong garo burat.

Dai ko aram kun nagbabayli o mayo sana. Nahiling ko man giraray si tukawan. Nasa atubangan man sana palan kan labahan. Inda ko talaga, malibog na talaga ako. Malibog. Bagol an likod ko, nagwarak na garo si menthol. Sa pauro-otro, dai man giraray ako natutuod. Sabi daa ni Kevin, newbie daa ako. Inda ko man saiya. Siya na. Nagpahiling na naman su bitoon. Su bitoon na pirit kong pigbilang an sirang kan nakaaging banggi. Alagad padakol nin padakol. Minahiro pasirangan hanggan sa matahuban ini kan mga dahon nin Santol na binayaan na nin burak asin bunga. Pighiling ko na sana siya nin halipot. Dangan naghiling sa daga. Duman ko sana narisa kahalohan. Abang isog palan kan banggi. Garo baga nagturog man an duros, nagbaya. An mga dahon nin masetas garo


baga nakaturuhok sako. Dai ako makahiling nin tanos. Mayong bulan alagad igwang liwanag. Siwo na sana garo an buhay pa. Asin an ayam na nagkakaykay sa balyong harong na dai pa nababahog. May dikit pang bagol an hawak ko. Narumduman ko lugod itong tawo na nagsabing bagay akong magyoga trainor. OM MANI PADME HUM. Haiys. Pigsarado ko si mata ko sa dai maraman na dahilan. Dangan pigtaram nin luhay si chant. Alagad dai ako nakatagal sa diklom. Yaon man giraray an

takot. Nagpurbar giraray ako. Alagad dai ko talaga natagalan. Duman nagkusog an kaanggotan ko sa liwanag. Ta kun hihilngon liwanag man sana an rason kan katakotan ko sa aswang, maligno, tawong-lipod asin demonyo. Liwanag man sana an nagtukdo kayan sako. Sa pag-ultanan kan kada pagbukas nin mata dawa papano nahiling ko an diklom. Bako man talagang malain duman. Tama an rarom. Mayong mga demonyo asin tawong-lipod. Ako sana kaibahan siya. Nasasabotan ako kan diklom.

Kan bangging idto nasuya ako sa liwanag. Daing tataramon. (minsan nasusuya ako sa ilaw. ta pigpapagirumdom kaining igwang diklom. na maraot an diklom. alagad bako man maraot an diklom. bakong maraot an diklom. katood an diklom. sa liwanag yaon duman an kahambogan. yaon duman an mga huring-huding manonongod sa aswang, tawong-lipod, maligno, demonyo. alagad sa diklom mayo kadto. sa diklom napapanatag ako. alagad sa puntong ibukas ko na an mata. asin mga magsarumsom an liwanag. duman ko namamati an takot. na baad kuanon ako kan aswang asin iba pa. yaon duman an takot na linalabanan kan makatang arog ko. sa diklom yaon an katoninongan. yaon ka duman, paglaom.) 8-30-11




“Where I grew up, learning was a collective activity. But when I got to school and tried to share learning with other students that was called cheating. The curriculum sent the clear message to me that learning was a highly individualistic, almost secretive endeavor. My working class experience… was disparaged.” -Henry A. Giroux Intellectual dishonesty has been an issue in the Philippine Education, so with illiteracy, juvenile delinquency, corruption among schools, teenage

pregnancy, incompetent educators, teachers’ diaspora, unemployment of graduates and many other problems that we expect will be solved through education. Unfortunately, these expectations all boil down to the teacher who is deemed (and damned) to be in control in the classroom—a place where the society thought of as the utopia, an ideal perfect world of learning. But the thing is there is no utopia at all especially if the teachers who are expected to be the “There are three good reasons to be a teacher— March, April, and May.” --Author Unknown

masters of their fields are paralyzed with the system, dewormed of the clichéd curriculum, purged of the same student types, and the worst, forced to teach like squeezing out water from a dry loofah. It is unfair to say that there are only unmotivated students. There are unmotivated teachers as well; teachers who were coerced to take BSE by their parents who have pawned all their properties even their carabaos for their children’s college education or those who were abducted to teach because the government could not offer them jobs so rather than to be an inutile parasite. It is as if teaching


Don’t try to fix students, fix ourselves first. The good teacher makes the poor student good and the good student superior. When our students fail, we, as teachers, too, have failed.� --Marva Collins has always been a second option, worst, not even a choice. What we need in this century are teachers who are committed to education; teachers who are completely aware of their legal obligations as professionals and moral responsibilities as molders of youth. Our society is fed up with second rate teachers who always look forward to 15 and 30 on the calendar or holidays and vacations (if there are hardly any) and yet spent their entire day in the classroom sitting. In the Issues on the Teacher Profession and Teaching Journal in 2003, Dr. Colinares stated that


teachers who performed poorly in the classrooms were those forced to take BSE courses. If Filipino students are ranking appallingly low in the international test and plummeting in national exams, we need something else than blaming, more than reflection—but introspection on why Education in the Philippines is falling. Call it whatever you want---domino effect, ripple effect, butterfly effect, or simply cause and effect but one thing here is common, for every action there is a corresponding reaction. Indolence contaminates; passivity poisons; apathy kills. Teachers, on the essence of their purpose, have to preserve and transform society at the same time. It is their responsibility to maintain social order and moral values and their response-ability to answer the call of social transformation and nation building. Thus, teachers must be empowered or else they will end up as candles burned out after

shedding light. But it would be hypocrisy for teachers to change the world overnight. Teachers can do that one day at a time---where else but in the classroom. How much is lost in translation from the recommended curriculum to teach curriculum? How much authority and power does a teacher really have in implementing the curriculum in the classroom? Despite the harsh realities of illiteracy and deterioration in education, the teacher with the students can create the almost impossible utopia in the classroom. The classroom, as John Dewey said, is like a democratic state much smaller than the Vatican, where the teacher is the head of state and the students the leaders. And that is what we are having in our Seminar in LC (Learner-centered) teaching class. When we initiate a collective activity in the class, each group acts like branches of government, interdependent with each


“Most teachers have little control over school policy or curriculum or choice of texts or special placement of students, but most have a great deal of autonomy inside the classroom. To a degree shared by only a few other occupations, such as police work, public education rests precariously on the skill and virtue of the people at the bottom of the institutional pyramid.” --Tracy Kidder

other. Finally learning is shared and not seen as cheating. This somehow affirms that local government is the foundation of a stable nation. In other words,


the classroom is where the quality national education is brewed. In the Journal of Curriculum Framework for Quality Teacher Education in India, 2007, it is stated that “enlightened, emancipated and empowered teachers lead communities and nations in their march towards better and higher quality of life. They reveal and elaborate the secrets of attaining higher values in life and nurture empathy for fellow beings.”Teachers are the torch bearers in creating social cohesion, national integration and a learning society. They not only disseminate knowledge but also create and generate new knowledge. They are responsible for acculturating role of education. “No nation can even marginally slacken its efforts in giving necessary professional inputs to its teachers along with that due status to their stature and profession.” This is the vision that

“I believe that every teacher should realize the dignity of her calling, that she is a social servant set apart for the maintenance of social order and securing the right of social growth.” --John Dewey

we adhere to in our class. We believe that if the opportunity to directly contribute to DepEd is vague then we have that chance in room 1708. If translating our vision through praxis (authentic and relevant activities) is one way of contributing positive change in the Philippine Education, then I can say our class is making small efforts of social transformation. Minute as a prick of a needle but this can sure hurt the eye. Inspired by the works of Tony Meloto of Gawad Kalinga, Fernando Zobel de Ayala of Center of Excellence (CENTEX), and many unsung itinerant teachers in the


barrios, our group envisions a school where the poorest yet the brightest of teacherhopefuls are trained not only as competent teachers and upright educators but pedagogues who are dedicated to become servant leaders in their communities. We are targeting college students whose childhood ambitions include teaching. Students who are in love with education thus whatever struggle they face, they will endure because their heart and mind is in teaching. For us, these are the types of

“Change is only another word of learning. If you want to change, try learning. If you want to be more in control of your change, try teaching. ---Charles Handy


teachers that we must invest in whom the country will benefit from. The same journal on the chapter, Teacher Education and Problems of the Nation, states, “It is universally acknowledged that education is an effective means for social reconstruction and to a great extent it offers solutions to the problems a society is faced with. These problems may be economic, social, cultural, political, moral, ecological and educational. Since teachers play a major role in education of children, their own education becomes a matter of vital concern.” Teacher education must, therefore, create necessary awareness among teachers about their new roles and responsibilities. Upon reading a journal on Indian Curriculum Framework, I found myself quite envious on how well written their curriculum on LC Teacher Education is particularly in Practice Teaching.

“As teachers we must believe in change, must know it is possible, or we wouldn’t be teaching. It is impossible to change the world without teachers.” ---Leo Buscaglia

Like what I mentioned earlier, it is unfair to say that there are only unmotivated students for there are unmotivated teachers as well. The question therefore is: what can motivate teachers at least? Though teachers are profoundly fulfilled in inspiring their students’ lives if they are not fairly compensated, then for sure they will be less motivated to carry out their task. If students cannot learn with an empty stomach how much more for the teacher. The government, having many


“Modern cynics and skeptics…see no harm in paying those to whom they entrust the minds of their children a smaller wage than is paid to those to whom they entrust the care of their plumbing. ---John F. Kennedy

expectations from teachers must dwell on this pandemic. According to DepEd statistics in 2005, only 10% of the national budget for Education is used for school facilities such as books, classrooms, toilets and teachers’ salaries! Where is the rest of the national budget? A bulk has to be paid for national debt and majority has been in some many pockets. And then we say---who needs change? Think again. “…as attempted to

modify the educational framework in keeping with the emerging challenges and demands for better schooling and quality education. Teacher education in India, with a view to making it relevant to the school system as well as training needs for preparing teachers at different levels will have to be further restructured, reorganized, and revamped.” “The integration of LC curriculum of pre-service and in-service teacher education has to be redesigned to maintain continuity between the two. Teachers who are being educated today will have to devote major part of their life to education during the twenty first century.” These are the teachers we have been waiting for---those who are armed to make a change. But these will be all practice in futility if education resists change. The foundations of pedagogy, evaluation and remediation need to be laid down firmly during the course of professional

preparation of teachers.” Only when we teach teachers how to teach that we attain optimum results in Education in line with our main thrust. s

“Change will not happen when we wait for something or someone. Change happens when we look into ourselves. We are the change we have been waiting for.” ---US President Elect Barack Obama

Acknowledgements Though a seed has all the potential for growth, the life in it cannot effect itself without the factors in its environment permitting it. Parallel to this, any brilliant initiative would not be possible without the commitment and dedication of the people who believe in its worth. With this having said, KADUNONG extends its gratefulness to the following people without whom this pioneering work would have only been a far-fetched dream: To Sir Jay Salvosa, the moderator of the Ateneo Literary Association (ALA), for sharing his expertise as a critic of most of the contributions to this folio so that they can appear in their better form; To Stephen Prestado, for willingly accepting the crucial role of the folio’s layout artist; To Jusan Misolas, for responding to KADUNONG’s invitation to be its honorary editor and for being devoted to the cause of literary expression; To Jerome Hipolito, for writing the foreword to inspire more education students to write. To the contributors, for entrusting their masterpieces to the publication; To the students and faculty comprising the editorial board of this folio and to those who have extended their help, for their benevolence and perseverance; and To the moderators and consultant, for their support and belief in the capacity of the publication to publish noteworthy issues. In the past semesters, KADUNONG has been reinventing itself to reach out and become more relevant to the experiences of education students. It is hoped that this folio can serve as an avenue for them to reach out likewise and continue to give and be its life.


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