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So You Want to Be a Teacher Stephen Pietsch I am still not sure if becoming a teacher is the thing I will want to do for the rest of my life. Throughout high school I never had a clue what I wanted to do, but I always did pretty well in math and sciences. I did not go to school directly after high school in the pursuit of playing Jr. A hockey out of town and would not have had enough time for school. Things did not work out with hockey and I ended up playing Jr. B hockey in Red Deer, which gave me a lot more free time than the Jr. A would have. I had to wait until the winter term to start going to school and at that time I still had no idea what I wanted to do. I enrolled in Bachelor of Science and after the semester I did not know where that would be headed towards, so over the summer I had to think a great deal about what I wanted to do. Thinking back on what types of things would interest me I thought of growing up and always being label as the “dumb jock� and actually I did pretty well in high school when I put in a full effort. A lot of my friends who always were very into hockey did not take school as seriously as I did and really did not do well in math or science aspects of school. I would often be able to help with these areas among my friends and when I could help someone who had no interest for chemistry or math actually understand it. Some of them enjoyed these types of courses a lot more after they were able to understand. Being able to help students each year learn and enjoy the subjects that are often disliked, and to allow them to become whatever they wanted would be a pretty great thing to do for my career, especially when there are many people who do not enjoy what they do.

I think good teachers can make a connection of some sort with each and every student that they teach. There are all different types of people in the world and a good teacher finds some common ground with each of them. A great teacher also enjoys what they are doing and look at learning in a positive manner. When I was younger in school I did not put in a full effort in every class because I was able to float by still getting a decent mark, then one of my teachers really helped me improve from an average student to one who would compete for top marks. With a great deal of extra effort from her I was able to see how well I really could do if I put my mind to it. I noticed this teacher doing it with a lot of students and she did it just because she cared about them, not to get extra money, completely out of the goodness of her heart. She really enjoyed what she taught and taught me to enjoy it as well. The personal qualities I have that I believe will help me become a good teacher is I find myself to be very much of a people person, I usually get along with many types of people and don’t tend to have a lot of enemies. I find myself to have strong verbal intelligences because when assisting people with science problems I find I’m pretty good at explaining what I mean and also my aptitude for math and sciences I think will help me be a good teacher for these courses. Some things that may hinder my teaching effectiveness are from throughout a life of playing hockey and always messing around with a team I tend to joke around with people a lot and this may be a bit unprofessional at times and also from hockey and other sports I swear a lot without even realizing it. Another thing that may affect my teaching is throughout my life I have not been a good reader and this is also something I will have to continue to work on.

In class we discussed the metaphor teaching is like baseball and though there were many interesting ideas out there I thought of some very different ones for teaching being like a hockey team, yet some of them may be similar. The players in hockey would represent students in school. The teacher would be similar to a coach in that they are always trying to get players to improve and move to a high level. The two teams playing each other would be seen as competition between students to get better grades. Doing extra practice questions at home would be comparable to working on skills in one’s garage or at the out door rink. Excelling in new subjects would be the same as improving ones slap shot or deking. Winning games would represent completing units in class. On a hockey team just as in a classroom you meet lifelong friends, and maybe people you don’t get along with but need to work together with for what’s best for both of you. Winning the final championship would finally represent passing the class or graduating.

so you want to be a teacher  
so you want to be a teacher  

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