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Minutes AGM 1/9/07 Start time: 12:04pm 1. Welcome from president. 2. Revision of goals for past year: a. Approach sponsors – being worked on (crown and anchor) $500- $2000 possible for next few years. b. Reimbursement of sponsorship to shed? c. Membership has gone up by 10 people, but competitive numbers are down. d. Worked well for medium term building of club. Eg loan repayment. 3. Executive reports. a. Role of president-Stephen Pfennigwerth b. Vice president-Matt Bryant absent, given by Stephen Pfennigwerth c. Treasurer-James Elliott d. Boat Captain-Mark Fretwell i. Pair riggers – boat maintenance ii. Equipment purchases e. Secretary-Tracy Williams absent, given by Stephen Pfennigwerth f. Sponsorship – Sarah Faint g. Regatta planner – Victoria Rochow h. Uniform – Edwina Stevens i. Social coordinator – Tegan Hopwood 4. General business a. Pre IV next weekend, entries due today b. We are only club that runs two regattas c. Maintaining regatta entry system, run by secretary d. Edwina has ordered uniforms e. AUGS soon, crews should be training f. End of year dinner 24th November, venue to be decided 5. Objectives a. Repairs at top of toilet block – done b. Improvements up the back – done c. At uni games replace everything with metric sizes d. Use all classes of boat that we have e. Importance of maintaining a top 10 position, by maximum participation f. Thanks to Alex Smith for fixing the cox box 6. Ongoing a. Membership and sponsorship b. Tiling toilet area c. Finish deck d. At CDRA level all senior crews should be winning their races e. This is rowing club so enjoy rowing and training. 7. Changes in office bearers role a. Abolishment of chocolate and student contact b. Re-definition of vice president including attaching roles of chocolates and student contact.

c. New club email address to be used for all student contact d. Addition of Men’s and women’s captain to organize training and crews. i. President is first captain ii. Executive chooses second captain of opposite sex to the president. 8. Nominate and vote for positions. a. Social coordinator i. Edwina Stevens (Victoria Rochow, Thomas Fulcher) ii. Sam (Erin Gardiner, Victoria Rochow) iii. Tegan (Mark Fretwell, Ross Lorenz) iv. Matt Fuller (James Elliott, Erin Gardiner) b. Uniform i. Edwina Stevens (Mark Fretwell, Anthony Mujic) ii. Matt fuller (Mark Fretwell, Erin Gardiner) c. Regatta Planner i. Victoria Rochow (Thomas Fulcher, Tegan Hopwood) ii. Alex (Ross, Victoria) d. Sponsorship i. Sarah Faint (Tegan Hopwood, Victoria Rochow) ii. Victoria (Sarah Faint, Ross Lorenz) iii. Edwina (Mark Fretwell, Tegan Hopwood) e. Secretary i. Tegan Hopwood (Victoria Rochow, Matt Fuller) ii. Anthony Mujic(James Elliott, Matt Fuller) iii. Alex Smith (Mark Fretwell, James Elliott) f. Boat Captain i. Alex (Victoria Rochow, Ross Lorenz) ii. Mark Fretwell(Victoria Rochow, Thomas Fulcher) iii. Thomas (Tracy, Victoria) g. Treasurer i. James Elliott (Sarah Faint, Anthony Mujic) ii. Anthony (Stephen Pfennigwerth , Ross Lorenz) iii. Matt Fuller (Stephen Pfennigwerth, Ross Lorenz) iv. Alex (Stephen Pfennigwerth, Ross Lorenz) h. Vice President i. Muj (James Elliott, Tegan Hopwood) ii. Tegan Hopwood (Erin Gardiner, Victoria Rochow) iii. Thomas Fulcher (Victoria Rochow, James Elliott) iv. Alex (James Elliott, Stephen Pfennigwerth) v. Victoria(Stephen Pfennigwerth, Ross Lorenz) i. President i. Stephen Pfennigwerth (James Elliott, Mark Fretwell) ii. Victoria (Ross Lorenz, Sarah Faint) iii. Thomas Fulcher (Mark Fretwell, Erin Gardiner) iv. Tegan (Erin Gardiner, Ross Lorenz) 9. Close of meeting End time: 1:48pm.

Attendance List: 1. James Elliott 2. Stephen Pfennigwerth 3. Mark Frewell 4. Anthony Mujic 5. Sam Killerby-Smith 6. Ross Lorenz 7. Sarah Faint 8. Victoria Rochow 9. Erin Gardiner 10. Tegan Hopwood 11. Matthew Fuller 12. Charlie Cristi 13. Thomas Fulcher 14. Annette Weir 15. Sarah Pritchard 16. Tracy Williams 17. Edward Birdsall 18. Edwina Stevens 19. Nigel Finlay 20. Simon Cheuk 21. Alex Manners

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