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Fire affects everyone in some way. Right here in Australia fires are an everyday occurrence especially at this time of year. If you own or rent a house, drive a car or truck, work in or own an office or commercial building fire safety is something YOU need to be thinking about. You could be affected by fire at any time.

Fire Safety in the Workplace Whether you work at or own a business, fire safety is an important consideration both for personal safety reasons and for financial reasons. Not only are there requirements for businesses specified in Australian standards and building codes, your insurance company will generally require that you have sufficient fire safety equipment and that it is regularly serviced. Ask yourself the following:FESA’s quick statistics for 2011-2012 for WA Fires in a structure - 1,442  Does your workplace have any fire safety equipment installed? Landscape fires, vegetation fires - 5,741  Does your workplace or commercial vehicle fire safety equipment Other property fires - 4,105 get serviced every 6 months?  Do you know what different types of fire extinguishers are used for different fire types?  Do you or your colleagues know how to use a fire extinguisher?  Do all of the exit lights in your workplace illuminate and are they checked twice yearly? If you have answered NO to any of the above 5 questions, then your workplace may need to evaluate their workplace safety, processes and training.

Some common reasons… We come across many reasons for businesses not having fire safety equipment. The main reason is usually cost. Businesses, especially small business, have enough expense throughout the year. There are quite a few fire companies operating that make fire safety an expensive overhead, however it does not need to be. Fire extinguishers have performance Some other great excuses we have heard:ratings showing their suitability and  Never had a fire so we don’t need fire extinguishers performance in fire fighting.  The RAC service ours… For example a 1A:20B:E Dry powder  The fire extinguisher has never been used so it’s fine thanks extinguisher can be used on A, (talking about a fire extinguisher last serviced in 1996) Ordinary combustibles, B, Liquid Fuel

So what is required?

fires and E, on Electrical fires. The numbers refer to performance and the higher the number the better the performance / the bigger the fire it can deal with. Most ‘budget’ fire extinguishers found in hardware / motoring shops are rated on the low performance side. It is the same with fire blankets - some ‘cheap’ fire blankets are very small.

Every business is a unique case. But as a minimum you should at least have fire extinguishers in and around the building. The Australian standards and building codes define what type and quantity should be used and where they should be used. We are all busy and for business owners / employees to try and work out what is required would take some time. Fullworks Fire Safety offers a free fire safety survey where we will come to your business and let you know what is required. All of our recommendations will be based on AS2444 and AS1851 and you will find that the pricing of our products and services is some of the best value in the industry. For a small business with up to 6 pieces of fire safety equipment, regular servicing can cost as little as $60+gst per year! ($30 per 6 months).

Don’t be caught out! Many businesses fail to recover following a major disaster such as a fire. Being prepared could see your recovery time being far shorter. To book a visit call Steve on 0449 849 763 or email For more information and to see our full range of products and services please check out

Fullworks Fire Safety

Email:- Tel:- 0449 847 866 - Fax:- (08) 93056392 ABN:- 65 096 971 648

Fire Safety in the Home Fire safety isn’t just for the workplace; what about fire safety in YOUR home too. Consider the following questions: Do you have smoke alarms installed AND WORKING?  Do you have any fire safety equipment in your home or in your car / ute / truck / caravan or boat?  Do you have a fire blanket in your kitchen?  Do you have a fire extinguisher in your home workshop? If you have answered NO to any of the above questions… what are your reasons?

FESA (or DFES as they are now known) have some frightening statistics. Don’t become one of them:Fire-fighters are urging households to be more aware of fire risks after new statistics showed there were 592 accidental residential fires across Western Australia over the past year. Chief Operations Officer Lloyd Bailey said he was concerned people were failing to take adequate steps to prevent accidental house fires. Mr Bailey said accidental house fires caused almost $22 million damage in the past financial year and most were preventable with the biggest cause being unattended flames and heaters. Historically fire-fighters attend more accidental house fires in August compared with any other month. - August 2012

The usual reason, similarly to businesses is cost. As we mentioned, fire safety doesn’t have to be expensive but if you are spending money on fire safety equipment then make sure of the following:  What you are buying is correct for the application elease.aspx?ItemId=616  What you are buying is Australian standards approved  What you are buying is good value and high performance Many households just don’t think about fire safety. With the busy lives that we lead, many seemingly more important issues get in the way. Don’t leave it too late though, fires can and do devastate homes and families almost on a daily basis

So.. What do I need? Firstly if you haven’t got any smoke alarms installed – GET SOME! Hard wired are the most reliable so speak to an electrician such as Rob at Rhen Electrical ( or call 0433 381 885) they really aren’t expensive. If you can’t afford to have them installed at least get battery powered ones fitted around the house. If you are living in a rental property then there should be hardwired smoke alarms fitted. There is no doubt that smoke alarms save lives. Each home will be different, but as a general rule a 1m x 1m or 1.2m x 1.2m fire blanket is ideal for use in the kitchen and having some 1kg dry powder fire extinguishers (rated 1A:20B:E) around the house will help with all kind of fires except cooking oil fires. Cooking oil fires are dealt with by the fire blanket. Workshops / garages / sheds depend purely on size and may utilise anything from a small 1kg right up to a 9kg dry powder for a very large workshop / shed. If you perform any welding then consider having a 1.2 x 1.8m fire blanket close by. Where delicate equipment or machinery is present its worth considering a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher (CO2) as they leave no residue behind. Call us if you are not sure what you need! Evacuation plans – Ok so this sounds overkill, but in the event of a fire would you or your family know how to exit your house safely? Some great tips are provided by DFES at: Fullworks Fire Safety has great value, high quality fire safety products that can be purchased online or directly. We also stock fire safety kits ( starting at just $39.60 (inc GST) providing even better value. Our pricing is some of the best in Australia and our products and service are second to none! To buy online head over to or call Steve on 0449 849 763 if you have any questions or require any advice. Don’t forget to like / follow / +1 us!

Fire Safety and You  
Fire Safety and You  

Fire affects everyone in some way. Right here in Australia fires are an everyday occurrence especially at this time of year. If you own or r...