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Talking Dog Leaks Secrets To Make Money Online Is this a Joke? Can a dog really make money online? The answer is yes if you listen to what switched on golden retriever Felicity has to say in her hilarious recently released YouTube video. In this video Felicity, sitting at her desk in her office, explains how she was fired from her job by her ’jerk’ ex box because he didn’t need her services any more after discovering the secrets to making money online. But she got the last laugh because she managed to steal those secrets before she left, then used them to better her life. So is this video just a spoof of all those other making money videos? “Not at all” says expert video marketer Doug Young who created it. “It might be amusing in its approach, but the information contained in it is serious”. “The other talking dogs in the video react like humans do. Most are sceptical and make excuses for not grabbing the same opportunity that Felicity did, even though she tries her best to offer it to them on a plate. And as a result they continue to struggle financially” says Doug When asked why he made the video this way, with dogs playing human roles, Doug replied “I just wanted to make a video demonstrating that it’s possible to make money online by creating a successful online video to deliver the message”. “Online videos are an extremely effective way of getting attention these days and are complimenting and even taking over from static websites at a rapid rate,” Doug continues. “It’s a fact that people expect to be entertained these days when they are online”. “What’s more, being an NLP Practitioner as well as a marketer I understand how people learn best. A higher percentage of us are visual and prefer to learn by watching, but some are auditory and prefer to learn by listening” Doug adds. “And of course videos cater for both types”. When asked why Felicity has not only her own video but also her own YouTube Channel Doug replied “It’s all to do with optimization for maximum exposure. You need to lay the correct foundations and that begins with building an optimized Channel. Then you load your optimized video onto your optimized channel”. Doug then adds: “In this case I was targeting the keyword ‘make money online’ which is an extremely competitive term. Hence the need for maximum optimization”.

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Talking Dog Leaks Secrets To Make Money Online