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Bible Storying Workshop LEARN HOW TO... • Memorize multiple chapters and even books of the Bible. • Do intentional evangelism utilizing stories from God's Word. • Lead engaging Bible studies without relying on study booklets. •

Equip teams for more effective short-term mission trips.

Enhance local church ministries with Bible storying.

• Share your faith naturally at work and in life. WORKSHOP OVERVIEW: God wrapped 75% of His message, the Bible, in stories. In the Garden of Eden and onward, God used questions to encourage and provoke thought. Jesus used stories and questions to communicate and teach everyone from the illiterate to the most erudite educated leaders of His day. Most of the church evangelism methods, discipleship materials, and ministry strategies used today target only the highly literate. Many churches have not considered using oral methods in evangelism and discipleship they have not felt the need. There always seem to be enough literate prospects in an area to grow a church. The result is, that a great number of people are selectively excluded from the gospel message. This workshop presents a Bible storying method that enables everyone, regardless of literacy level, to learn and teach scripture by staying in just one Bible narrative and using an interactive discovery process in group Bible study. WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION • The art of Bible storying. Learn and tell Scripture by heart, interestingly and accurately. • Treasure Hunting. Learn to discover theological treasures and move to application and obedience. • Train. Build the skill sets needed with face-to-face training by someone who has done it on the field. • Engage. Prepare to use Bible storying to connect with people, share the gospel, and make disciples. • Sunday Morning Worship. Participants tell and present Bible stories to the congregation. Stephen M. Young II, a Louisiana native, has served for 10 years as a baptist missionary to Brazil. He is an accomplished Bible teller and uses Bible storying in evangelism and discipleship with great success. Stephen is a member of the International Orality Network, and has led a number of Bible storying workshops in Brazil and in the United States.

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Flyer for a Bible Storying Workshop

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