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How To Proofread Your Article

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Use A Spellcheck This might look obvious, but it needs to be in the list. In general, grammar checkers are annoying but your mileage may vary.

Check For Typos Your eyes will see what you thought of writing, not necessarily what you have written. This makes it very hard to spot typos and missing words. You need to focus and really concentrate.

Read It Backwards Scanning the copy from right to left thoroughly does help. This helps you spot typos and similar errors.

Print It Out You'll often spot mistakes on a printed page that you won't see on screen. It also gives you chance to move to another room for a read through.

Read Slowly Read what is really there, not just what your mind thinks is there. A proofreading service in Dallas favors these tips to be followed.

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How to proofread your article  

Proofreading is a skilful job to be done by the experts. Many amateurs find it difficult to cope with the technique. Here are a few tips tha...