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MAR 2014


CREATIVE ELEGANCE Exclusive Feature Property: Pineapple Place An artistic vision that transports residents through time

Nanny Cay Village The fastest selling real estate in the BVI Spring Regatta through the Ages The success of the biggest BVI sailing event

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Cane Garden Bay Beach House Tortola US$1,650,000

Island Escape Great Camanoe US$975,000

White Bay Beachfront Land Jost Van Dyke US$700,000

Casey Bay Virgin Gorda US$11,000,000



Living in the British Virgin Islands can be a dream come true; crystal clear turquoise waters, a year round tropical climate and some of the best sailing destinations in the world. So escape the winter blues and come to the Caribbean. With so many residence options, deciding where to live will be an exciting decision; a quiet private island or perhaps near a marina with restaurants and super yachts… Whatever you decide, take a deep breath, relax with a tropical refreshment and enjoy life! The British Virgin Islands comprise over 52 islands, rocky pinnacles and cays, appropriately named “Nature’s Little Secrets.”


Maritha Keil

For the connoisseur of life, an ideal home is in perfect harmony with its surroundings Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated

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March 2014



Virgin Islands

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The Virgin Islands’ definitive guide to Property, Yachting and Luxury Lifestyle. Available on mobile devices, online and in print for FREE at over 200 locations in the BVI: including ports of entry, retail stores, marinas, corporate offices and tourist destinations.





9 Skipper’s Tips: The Space Race

24 Creative Elegance - Exclusive

43 Spring Effect: The Sales Regatta

Proper mooring techniques to use in the BVI

Feature Property: Pineapple Place

An artistic vision that transports residents through time

10 Spring Regatta through the Ages The success of the biggest sailing event BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival

15 Serenity in Simplicity - Feature Property: Nanny Cay Village

The fastest selling real estate in the British Virgin Islands


20 Yacht Spotlight: Best Revenge 5 “Living well is the best revenge” is this charter yacht’s mantra

32 Architecture & Design: Profile Lavina Liburd, an architect with a fresh and innovative perspective explains the intricate nature of her approach

34 Captain’s Prerogative An opinion on boosting BVI tourism from a veteran of the sea

An inside look at how regattas affect yacht brokerage in the BVI and the world.

47 Artists’ Corner: Petra Lovrekovic An international mixed media artist who will feature in the Caribbean Arts & Crafts Festival relays her inspirations

52 From Sea Level A recipe for the sunset from a crewed yacht culinary expert

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54 Property and Yacht Listings 38 Architectural Acension Giveproperty us a calldesign 1 284past 494 and 7788 Caribbean present

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March 2014


Editor's Letter, February 2014

Spring has sprung, Accompanying its blissful, rejuvenating rays of sunshine returns one of the British Virgin Islands’ most exciting annual events –The BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival. This highly relished occasion celebrates the elements that have made the Territory the highly coveted location it is, in great sailing, diversity, 60 Islands and cays, and yachts in abundance. In light of this revelry, March’s VIPY issue reviewed the BVISR’s foundations, consistent success and blindingly bright future. We also looked at the BVI’s Nanny Cay Village property – BVI Real Estate that is selling faster than the speed of some of most powerful yachts on the water. Pineapple Place, our exclusive cover feature property located in Belmont Estate on the West End of Tortola, invited us into a beautiful art gallery

of a home with a profound aura; a deep, historic presence that can only be emitted from property with its level of intricate, perceptive and artistic design. Lavina Liburd, a young professional with a wealth of international experience as an architect, set to make a distinct mark in the BVI with her company TigerQi Architecture, explained to us the efforts and conviction required to pursue a career in this industry. Of course March’s issue would not be complete without an interview with one of the guest artists featuring in the annual Caribbean Arts and Crafts Festival hosted at Trellis Bay this month. Petra Lovrekovic, a well-travelled Mixed Media artist will be making her return to the popular event and talked to us about her fascinating journey as an artist as well as the inspiration the BVI has provided for her.

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Editor Stephen L France

Carlyne Benkhart An agent of Sotheby’s International Realty in the BVI, Carlyne has an intricate knowledge of property and the features that sell real estate.

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Brian Duff Brian has worked in the yacht industry for 18 years. He possesses a detailed comprehension of yachts and he applies this to help his clients fully understand the boats he sells for BVI Yacht Sales. Steven Leitch Steven is a US Coast Guard licensed captain with 25 years of sailing experience. He has owned sail boats over the years in California as well as the Caribbean and lends his knowledge to VIPY as current Captain of Good Vibrations for Charter Port BVI.

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Louise Reardon Louise Reardon has been sailing around the globe on private yachts since 1992 and taught sailing with Offshore Sailing School on Tortola since 2006. She holds an MCA 3000 ton Masters, is a RYA Yachtmaster Instructor, and US Sailing Instructor. Megan Scholbohm Chef Megan has a fierce passion for cooking. Perfecting her menu on various yachts, most of her phenomenal culinary abilities are selftaught, bringing innovative cuisine to Crewed Yacht Lolalita in the BVI.

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The unique entryway of Pineapple Place

Rare Beach & Waterfront Properties FOR SALE IN THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS



Beachfront 1.281 acres, plus 4.48 acre Hillside land

Beachfront land 5.7 acres, Freehold

US $5 Million

US $5 Million





Last developable Beachfront land on Tortola. 3.67 Acres

On the beach, 3 bed house with 3 bath.

Waterfront, close to beach, Luxury Great House 6 bed, 6 bath. Lucrative investment property

Price on application

US $1,650,000

US $5,500,000

We are committed to finding your BVI home. Leave it in our capable hands. Bonnie Dougall

Aja Royale

Rebecca Paull


March 2014




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Words and photography by Captain Steven Leitch, pictured with First Mate Debbie Torres – CharterPort BVI

The Space Race Do you ever find yourself looking over your shoulder for other boats as you approach a busy BVI day spot such as The Indians or The Baths?   We have all done it, worrying that there may be only one mooring buoy left. So, what do you do? You speed up just in case it gets snaked by someone else at the last minute. It all reminds me of trying to find a parking space at the mall two days before Christmas – a nightmare. Relax. Breathe. If all the buoys are taken, here are four simple indicators that will ensure you get the next one. 1. Look for a boat with the engines running. Often, this is something you can see from a distance and indicates that the vessel is about to leave.   2. If a boat has their swim ladder up, the guests may have already had their snorkel and are ready to depart. 3. People using towels are another key sign that they have finished and are ready to push off.   4. Finally, if none of these signs are present, look for the boat that has a professional skipper on board. If you let them see you, they are most likely to give up their spot sooner rather than later if their guests have completed their snorkel.  When you finally get that buoy, don’t forget to keep an eye out for other hired skippers so that you can pay it forward.   

The Follies and Fundamentals of Mooring Technique We had just dropped our guests off at the famous BVI locale The Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay, Jost Van Dyke and were enjoying some quiet time on the boat. The tranquility didn’t last long. The wind began to pick up and it was then that I saw it. A 52 foot catamaran broke loose from the mooring. It was a busy weekend with a dozen large power boats on bow and stern anchors with their sterns to the beach. Within seconds the catamaran had been blown towards the beach and was wrestling with the first power boat. I instinctively jumped into the dinghy to see if I could lend some assistance. By the time I got to the boat, the skipper had already fired up his engines and had snagged an anchor line in his port propeller with his bow towards the beach. With only one engine now, the situation had gone from bad to potentially disastrous in seconds. I swung my dinghy around to the port side and pushed the nose onto the port bow. With my throttle wide open, I yelled at the skipper to put his starboard engine in forward. With just a little boat speed, the catamaran wanted to turn to port. I was able to use this and the pressure of the dinghy on the port bow to steer the boat into clear waters. Once clear, the skipper dropped his anchor and was able to free his prop of the anchor line. Upon examination, the loop on the mooring line had failed. Embarrassed and shaken, the skipper blamed the incident on a poorly maintained mooring line; however,

he had only used a single line form, bow to bow through the loop. The wind had caused the boat to sail back and forth on the line, causing the bow line to saw through the mooring line. The incriminating line was still cleated to his two bows. The proper technique is to use two bow lines. Run a line from the port bow cleat through the eye splice or loop from the mooring buoy and back to the port bow cleat, then another line from the starboard bow cleat back to the same cleat. Many professional skippers running day boats only use one line for convenience. If you are not going to use two mooring lines on a day buoy, make sure that you cleat the line off on the same cleat: i.e. as advised before, run the line from the starboard bow cleat, through the loop and back to the starboard bow cleat. This will reduce the chafing effect that the mooring’s eye splice will have on your bow line. One point to note - never do this overnight… Herein lies a tale. One couple did this at BVI’s Marina Cay. The single line got chafed on the edge of the anchor and cut straight through the line overnight. They drifted down wind until they woke up, shocked and unaware. To their surprise, their boat was bashing up against the rocks around the end of the airport runway.

March 2014




through the Ages



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Words by Stephen L France Photography by Todd VanSickle

The BVI Spring Regatta & Sailing Festival (BVISR) tagged ‘warm water ~ hot racing’ is a universally admired and relished event. Set for March 31 – April 6, this is the 43rd annual celebration of this special occasion that caters to an international range of racing.

With three unique bodies of water—the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Sir Francis Drake Channel—and 60 islands and cays, BVI sailing is incomparable – a driving factor for the BVISR’s phenomenal success. Whether individuals opt to race, cruise, practice or enjoy the social atmosphere, the event that attracts a worldwide audience promises to please everyone who participates. Spanning a week, the regatta escorts racers throughout the stunning islands, starting at Nanny Cay, Tortola and commencing with The Round Tortola Race. Participants are given incredibly fun experiences and with a variety of shore side activities, there is entertainment for all and even more so for 2014. Interviewing BVISR Director Judy Petz, it was apparent that the awesome achievement of a renowned regatta within the exclusive and secluded British Virgin Islands must have had a point of conception. “In the beginning, they raced smaller day sailboats; Squibs and Sunfish. The first winner from UK brought his boat over from St. Thomas, thereby starting an International event,” she said, explaining the origins of the regatta. “It used to be a weekend where it would be a race over to Peter Island or Virgin Gorda and a party there and then sail to the next location – once they had a great number of boats racing, they started organising it from a set place.” Fashioning a name for the set of races that paralleled the season, the BVI Spring Regatta was founded in 1972 via a combination of efforts from pioneer Peter Haycraft and the Hotel & Tourist Association—now the BVI Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association. For over 10 years, Nanny Cay Resort and Marina has been the location for hosting the event and based on valuable reasons: “A beautiful beach, a great marina and lots of amenities,” said Judy. With each successive year, BVISR seeks to evolve and 2014 is following sequence. “We’re trying to attract a couple of different classes that we haven’t had before,” Judy advised. “One in particular is called the J/70. It’s one of the fastest growing type fleet boats and we’re working directly with the J

Satellite Television Call for satellite internet services via VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar & 4G.

We are collaborating with the Swan Owner Association to return a full class of Swans as well as the Melges 32 class. Association to try to offer them a very easy shipping method. With over 400 hulls in the States, we want to introduce them to a new place to come and race. We are also working with the St Thomas International Regatta as well.” With a return of the third course for 2014, which is a one-design course for boats like J/70s and IC24s, BVISR is maintaining the strong precedent of multiple options, solidifying universal involvement. “Also, we’re looking to increase our multi-hull class,” said the director. “I think regattas in general are trying to do this, so we’ve worked with CSA (Caribbean Sailing Association) to ensure the proper ratings for the vessels and are still working diligently with our charter industry.” Providing more charter options for 2014 with companies like Moorings, Sunsail, BVI Yacht Charters, individual boats like Northern Child—a Swan 51—and many others, Judy’s intention is to retain audience diversity through expanded marketing.

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS t +1 284 494 2400 f +1 284 494 5389

March 2014


It’s about embracing all of sailing – everyone is welcome . . . Adding further variety and racing options for the regatta, the BVISR committee has continued to liaise with other yacht class organisations: “We are collaborating with the Swan Owner Association to return a full class of Swans as well as the Melges 32 class.” This year, in collaboration with Geoff Brooks and Martin Van Houten, who are very involved with the traditional Caribbean sloop building trade skill in the BVI, education and Caribbean culture will be added to the Sailing Festival Layday. “We’ve worked with the organisers of the August Festival shootout to assist with the new Spring Sloop Shoot Out,” said Judy. “There are now five sloops, with the addition last year of Intrepid and the newly constructed Endeavour II. Having these boats race during the week will allow visitors and local residents to see all their beauty and feel a part of the territory’s culture. It’s about embracing all of sailing – everyone is welcome…the Village is a wonderful atmosphere with



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people from around the world. There’s great food, great music, a huge bar and we have local vendors here too.” With these developments and a progressive outlook, the future of Spring Regatta is as bright as a crystal ball. Judy commented that people are already contacting the BVISR office for the 2015 event from countries as far as China, Australia and Croatia, testifying to the wide spanning audience the event attracts. Additionally, plans are reaching as far as 2016 – BVISR have been working for the last five years to get the RC 44s (Russell Coutts) to take part in Spring Regatta to which they responded with great enthusiasm for that particular year. Concluding, Judy summarised the crux of BVISR: “Expanding through diversity of more boats and more people to introduce them to racing in the Caribbean. It’s a win for everybody—hotels, restaurants, local establishments, because the event brings such a huge crowd to the territory.”

2014 RACE SCHEDULE Dark n’ Stormy* Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Rolex - St. Thomas BVI Spring Regatta Virgin Queen Pursuit Race Fish n’ Lime Inn’s Beat n’ Run Lowell Wheatley Anegada Pursuit Foxy’s Wooden Boat Race* Race to BEYC Firecracker 500* Guy Eldridge Memorial Regatta

March March March March April May May May June July July

7-10 19 - 22 28 - 30 31 - 6 19 2 17 - 18 23 - 25 13 - 14 5 26

*Goslings Race Series

A Day of Discovery with the Service You Want

Take a day to discover the British Virgin Islands from the deck of a private yacht. Experience a Day Sail with The Moorings where you can island hop with a professional skipper or even indulge in a full crew. You’ll find the freedom to swim, snorkel or simply soak in the sun while surrounded by crystalline waters. Escape for the day and discover a new way to see the BVI.

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March 2014


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Serenity in Simplicity

N anny C ay V illage Photography by Soleil

After sailing the BVI or staying on one of its breath-taking islands, many visitors are captivated by the dream of owning a heavenly hideaway in this stunning region.

Owning a waterfront home with a dock in the BVI may appear to be an indulgence that remains a fantasy for many vacationers; however, the Nanny Cay Village development within Tortola’s premier marina consisting of 32 two and three bedroom waterfront townhouses with docks, is designed to make the purchasing process and homeownership as simple as possible.

March 2014


Blending classic Caribbean architecture with the latest in European design concepts, luxury waterfront living is afforded through sleek, modern aesthetics and state-of-the-art appliances. Set among beautifully landscaped gardens with ample parking, the two and three-storey units have their own mini dock attached – perfect for parking your island run-around. With 29 of the 32 townhouses sold over the past 5 years, the formula is a proven accomplishment. So why have these units sold successfully, even at the height of the global recession? The key points are that the buying process is uncomplicated, the product is brand new and turnkey, boat parking is available right outside, and there is the option to rent your home through the Nanny Cay Hotel. The sale price is paid via a deposit and four construction stage payments whilst the units are under construction. Once the deposit



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

With 29 of the 32 townhouses sold over the past 5 years, the formula is a proven accomplishment. is paid, the sales and legal team at Nanny Cay escort you through the procedure of obtaining a ‘Non-Belonger’s Land Holding Licence’. Meanwhile, construction continues, avoiding delay. As at the time of print, there were only three townhouses remaining for sale—two 2-bedroom properties and one 3-bedroom property. They are currently under construction and will be completed by Christmas. Individuals buying over the next couple of months can

utilise the opportunity to choose from a range of floor tiles, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and appliances. The units are sold unfurnished and there is freedom to furnish as desired. If one prefers a turnkey solution, an interior designer is available to assist with everything from colour choices to shipping and installation of furniture. The concept is to keep everything as simple as possible for the homebuyer. Those requiring a dock for a larger boat will be offered a slip in the marina – Nanny Cay Marina is extremely popular and there is a waiting list for long term slips; it’s currently very difficult to secure a long term slip without purchasing a townhouse. Nanny Cay offers homeowners an entirely optional rental program. There is a large audience for both short and long term rentals and the returns are lucrative.

March 2014


Nanny Cay Village truly accentuates easy-living with a beach and swimming pool on your doorstep, two restaurants, an excellent coffee shop, a spa, a gym and shops. Vacationers, as well as lawyers and accountants who live and work on the island find it a great place for their families to relax and socialise. No steep hills or pot holes to navigate and close proximity to Road Town with its shops and restaurants to the east and the beaches to the west, serve to increase the attraction of the townhouses’ location. Nanny Cay assume responsibility of the marketing, reservations, guest services and all rental related matters. If you choose not to rent, they can still manage your home whilst you are absent – being easy to lock up and leave is key to their success.

Nanny Cay Village truly accentuates easy-living with a beach and swimming pool on your doorstep, two restaurants, an excellent coffee shop, a spa, a gym and shops. On the practical side, the townhouses are connected to the Marina’s backup generator in the event of power loss and utilise the marina’s central desalination plant for their water and sewerage system. The glass doors are hurricane rated and all the windows have hurricane shutters. The service fee for maintenance of the common areas is currently a reasonable $170 per month. For boat owners, the boatyard offers two large travel lifts, chandlery, every conceivable trade, and generally a choice of two service providers for any project you might have on your vessel. The relaxed lifestyle of Nanny Cay Village is further augmented by the accessibility to the rest of the BVI. Being centrally located amongst the islands, exploring the phenomenal boulders of Virgin Gorda, socialising at the party island of Jost Van Dyke, cruising peacefully to the unspoiled isle of Anegada or relaxing at the world renowned Peter Island Spa is all very easy. Nanny Cay Village homes are serenity in simplicity.

NANNY CAY VILLAGE Waterfront Townhouses with docks 2 Bedroom (approx. 1600 sqft)    $850k 2 remaining For more info contact:

3 Bedroom (approx. 2300 sqft)  $950k 1 remaining

Chris Smith

Mobile: (284) 340 3000



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March 2014


Yacht Spotlight

Best Revenge 5 Words by Stephen L France Photography by Nicholas Baxter, John Lane, and Rusty Henderson



A phrase that originated in 17th century poetry and has been used for record albums and book titles rings true as the grand inspiration for the name of this sailboat: ‘Living well is the best revenge,’ hence the name Best Revenge 5 (BR5) – the ‘5’ representing the owner’s amalgamation of the best features of BR 1 – 4, establishing BR5 as a blend of the top attributes from the previous yachts. The quote is reflected in the boat’s provision of comfort and luxury, embodying the Best of everything – especially living well. Custom-built for charter in the Caribbean 10 years ago, since her first Splash BR5 has been lovingly cared for by five crews. A Privilege Signature 60 catamaran with yacht builder Alliaura Marine, naval architect Marc Lombard, interior designer DIEDRE and exterior designer Jeantot Marine, the vessel is docked at Nanny Cay Marina with current crew, Captain Nick Baxter and Chef Lucy Fletcher, who testify to the vessel’s slick design and great manoeuvrability. Having covered 50,000NM, BR5 was born in France, sailed to the Caribbean and has explored the island chain south to the windward isles and up to the leeward isles. Accommodating up to eight guests, the yacht has welcomed visitors from as far as Sweden and as close to the BVI as Jamaica. She has developed a firm relationship with her home in the British Virgin Islands as well as the French West Indies, matching guests to their dream trip whether that means seclusion on deserted beaches, or hedonism at the famous Soggy Dollar Bar in White Bay.

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Opulent interior space that belies her 58’ length—especially when considering that she has even more volume than catamarans 10ft longer or single hulls up to 100’—grant a spacious experience. BR5 has four guest cabins. The forward cabins boast Queen-sized beds and the aft cabins King-sized beds all of which have been furnished with custom mattresses, layered with a combination of materials as well as adding a memory foam finish. Each cabin has a seating area, spacious storage, a multi-media music system and a DVD Player for the boat’s extensive movie library. En suite bathrooms are

Living well is the best revenge equipped with multi-jet spa showers and their own hairdryers, finishing the comprehensive luxury voyage. Even the plug points in the cabins sport USB connections for easy charging of smart devices to meet contemporary demands. At a cruising speed of 9-10knts, she cuts through the water comfortably, escaping the slapping of waves often felt on newer boats. On brochures describing the yacht, ‘Grace, Pace and Space’ have been appropriately used to advertise the benefits of the smooth sailing she exhibits. In the summer when the BVI settles in for the hurricane season, BR5 aims for Northern horizons. Bermuda, New England, Cape Cod, Maine and New York are all familiar spots where the yacht may be spotted at this time. The vessel’s mast received its 15 minutes of fame next to the yacht Leonardo DiCaprio was filming on in the recent film release Wolf of Wall Street 2013. Extending the attractive claim of the best coffee on the island, the yacht’s Jura is a Swiss coffee station that speaks fluent Italian, taking fresh beans and whipping

March 2014


Best Revenge 5 Yacht Specifications Displacement: 8,580 lbs Length: Overall 60’ Manufacturer: Alliaura Marine Depth: 6’ Width: 31’ Mast height: 88.3’ Above Water Build: 2003



Top Recorded speed: 16.8 kts Engine: 2 x 150hp turbo, Yanmar Generator: 2 x 16Kw, Northern Lights Air conditioning: 72,000 btu, Marinair Watermaker: 66 Gph, Sea Recovery Nav system: Raymarine

Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

up espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, or straight forward coffee. As part of their entourage of on-board gadgets, the yacht also possesses a Breville Juicer that creates fresh veggie blends or the more traditional favourites from OJ to a local sorrel, ginger and apple. A rare appendage on the yacht is their Spreader Speakers for dancing on deck. All Bose speakers and an impressive media system allow for multiple entertainment areas. The music on deck can play while the cockpit remains quiet and inside the salon, guests can watch their latest GoPro footage with sound on two huge screens. The yacht also boasts an Apple TV where Apple devices can link up to its systems easily for media sharing. In addition, no yacht would be complete without watersports amenities – BR5 offers four SUP boards, two for beginners and two for the more experienced paddler. There are also knee boards, tubes, wake boards, water skis and a floating cocktail lounge complete with floating bar. As a prestigious complement to its great reputation, BR5 was honoured to be presented the Save the Blue award in the recent BVI’s Charter Yacht Society Boat Show by the Charter Yacht Broker Association for ‘green’ efforts to minimise negative impact on the environment.

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March 2014




Pineapple Place Exclusive Feature Property

Upon arrival, the colourful flora encompassing the property hints at the incredible interior within. Presented by Maritha Keil, Broker at BVI Sotheby’s International Realty, Pineapple Place appears as if conceived as a natural part of the surrounding environment.

The wide driveway leads past an enormous wall of flowers—an edifice defined by attentive craftsmanship—and up brick steps that complement the architectural design of another era. A teak entrance door followed by a wrought iron gate with a ‘tree of life’ design accentuates the aesthetic splendour. Acting for security and ventilation, the exquisitely designed gate contributes to the fantastical appearance of the property whose design influences whisper of a romantic past. On full observation of the property, the intricately carved teak furniture imported from India, Indonesia, China, France and Turkey, blend to create a charming and exotic retreat.



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Brick courtyards and patios lined with a wide variety of palms, bougainvillea and the most unique and fantastic display of orchids—both imported and endemic—offer a year round kaleidoscope of colours. Beside the pleasant, shimmering pool, the exterior provides several cool, sheltered living spaces and supplementing the placid ambience of the home is the sound of the surf at Smuggler’s Cove – a secluded beach minutes away that heightens the innate sounds and tropical views from the property. Strong architectural features, bountiful flora and the northern facing of the home, catch and keep the healthy breezes at a moderate temperature in seclusion and privacy while enjoying the fantastic view of Smuggler’s Cove below and the islands of Little Thatch across to Jost Van Dyke. The natural cool air of the property, provided by the gentle trade winds transform this Caribbean paradise, and the sunset’s glistening light bestows a magical luminosity to the tremendous view. The interior’s lavish attention to detail affords a feeling of relaxed, lived-in comfort, creating a romantic and cosy setting – a unique, physical vision as extravagant as a timeless, historic landmark.

March 2014




Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

The wood exterior doors have been custom made with French iron fittings. The antique teak interior doors have been meticulously carved by native woodworkers and transported thousands of miles to their new home. Examples of these carvings are everywhere on the property, alongside custom-designed, wrought-iron gates, antique Chinese furniture, old-brick paving, and granite countertops in the kitchen. Many crafted features throughout the property are creations of a local renowned artist. The sensorial delight travels through the living area to the bedrooms, bathrooms and gardens also benefiting from a travelling collector’s acquisitions. All pieces are one-of-a-kind, fashioned by exceptionally gifted artisans and have been carefully transported to the house, manifesting and harmonising with the property.

March 2014


The main house comprises four bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. The comfortable and spacious living area has a cathedral ceiling and is fronted by an extensive, sheltered deck and dining area. The vast kitchen is well equipped with all essential appliances and the granite countertops make for a luxurious, culinary preparation surface. The fully screened guest house adjacent to the pool has one bedroom, one bathroom, a breakfast bar and a covered outdoor lounging area. It is within sufficient proximity to the main house to allow privacy, but close enough for accessibility. Surrounding both buildings is a mature garden of fruit trees and indigenous plants. On the west side of the main house, under a covered patio, an intricately carved swing-chair provides a soothing spot to enjoy the view over the bay. From this tranquil seating area, a path leads to a garden retreat offering mangoes, key lime, papaya, orange and pineapple. Pineapple Place is a timeless, creative and idyllic retreat, full of art and history, nestled in the desirable West End of Tortola.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

Pineapple Place Location: Belmont Tortola • Close to West End ferry (fast access to .879 acres St Thomas airport) • Quiet and secluded • Northern exposure-catches breezes • 4 Bedrooms in main house, 1 bedroom • Laundry room and generator in Guest house US $1,950,000 • 4 en suit bathrooms • Swimming Pool • Orchid shade house • Antique teak furniture and doors • Granite countertops For more info contact: • Stunning views Maritha Keil • Beautiful gardens w/fruit trees t (284)494.5700 • Carved architectural features m (284)340.5555 • Nestled above Smugglers Cove e • Storage under guest house

British Virgin Islands


The Estate at Spring Bay S T. T H O M A S ,


61 private acres with an

enclave of residences from the magnificence of the Great House, to the subltle charms of Seven Pillars, the Gate House and the Stone Cottage, THE ESTATE AT SPRING BAY sprawls over the shoreline. A driveway, thoughtfully constructed for minimal impact, leads through the natural beauty of the hillside winding down to the astonishing white sand of SUNSI BEACH lapped by turquoise waters. The possibilities are endless, whether you desire to preserve your kingdom for future generations or wish to thoughtfully share it with others who value conscientious development in harmony with the astonishing beauty that is the Caribbean landscape.


Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

An unmatched lifestyle. Offered at $33.8 Million USD

If dreams of a private oasis fill your thoughts, this one-of-a-kind creation will excite even the most fanciful dreamer! For further details contact: Rosie Nichols | T (340)642-8981 | E

December 2013 - January 2014



& Design PROFILE

Lavina Liburd ARCHITECT

Words by Stephen L France Photography provided by Lavina

BVI architecture and design are praised for the abundance of stunning villa rentals, hotel resorts, residential properties and commercial buildings throughout these beautiful islands; but, what transports these incredible design concepts from the mind into reality? What inspires the creativity behind these intricate projects that residents and visitors of the BVI marvel at daily? Speaking to Lavina Liburd, Principal of TigerQi Architecture, who uses her wealth of international experience to make elegant, functional design accessible to a range of clients, I learned of the unique drive necessary to be an architect in the BVI. Licensed by the California Architect’s Board (CAB), it is immediately obvious that Lavina’s qualifications and wealth of experience provide her with a fresh perspective on the BVI. “My graduate degree from the University of California at Berkeley focused on environmental design in developing countries. Rather than focusing just on design in the narrow sense, the courses

addressed policy issues, infrastructural challenges, and issues of perception that impact the built environment,” the architect said. She further explained: “We would explore issues related to the choice of aesthetic for public buildings, looking at case studies where the government would choose a Modernist ideal to show progressive thinking. This would contrast with examples where a traditional or ethnic aesthetic would be chosen to express pride in tribal or ethnic group history and struggle.” With her academic influences blending with a Caribbean ethos, she describes her style as Tropical Modern, and reminisces about her previous projects that contributed to her education – one of which was the prestigious development San Francisco International Airport, where she was involved for a year. “Working on San Francisco Airport was a real thrill. That was actually during the construction phase, being on site, seeing everything come together. It was in design for approximately six years and under construction for around six years.” Following with great projects like the Santa Clara Clinics, California with Anshen + Allen Architects, Bayhouse Villa, Crook Bay, Virgin Gorda with OBMI and a host of other designs, Lavina has actively focused on creating a perceptive service, tailored to clients’ needs. “I try to bring a level of detail and focus, marrying aesthetics, function, climate, and budget. Sometimes the market doesn’t support it, because of the time and effort it takes to consider all the elements that go into a project. It takes a lot of study.” she said. With creativity and intuition, Lavina attempts to find a direction so that her clients are provided with a balance that meets all their requests.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

Bottom: San Francisco International Airport, Photos courtesy of Del Campo and Maru Architects Inc. Above: Santa Clara Clinics: Photo Courtesy of Anshen+Allen/ Stantec. Opposite bottom left: Bayhouse, Crook Bay. Virgin Gorda, Photo by Stefan Radtke, Middle-left: Cutlass Tower, Road Town, Tortola, Photo by Dame Peters.

Facing the challenges of a dubious market during the birth of her company, the young professional sees success in endeavouring to keep her services unique via her Tropical Modern design medium: “I approach design from an analytical standpoint that takes into account climatic and environmental

The name of her company TigerQi pronounced ‘Tigar-che’ was invoked as a reflection of the service she offers. “That [name] originally comes from my Martial Arts practice. ‘Qi’ is the Chinese concept of inner-strength and energy flow,” she said. “This is an idea I wanted to bring to my Architectural Practice. I was born in the Chinese year of the tiger, and it’s a beautiful, majestic animal. I also wanted to bring that idea to my practice.”

Working on San Francisco Airport was a real thrill. That was actually during the construction phase, being on site, seeing everything come together. factors as well as cultural context, functionality, and the client’s aspirations. It’s a sort of Critical Regionalism that doesn’t take traditional iconography for granted and explores advances in construction techniques and materials.” Being in the Caribbean with its limited landfill space and dearth of recycling options, Lavina promotes longevity in her constructions: “I believe that in the context of the BVI, it is as important to consider the durability of materials and the overall longevity of the building for truly sustainable development. “I’m currently collaborating on a series of design packages. We’re aiming to provide design, financing and construction as a complete package to ensure that the clients’ needs can be met within their budget…These homes are designed to work with steep sites in such a way as to avoid tall expensive retaining walls and promote proper cross-ventilation at the same time. They’re also designed to avoid corridors and wasted space by using an open-plan approach for the living spaces.”

With Lavina’s profound and diverse level of experience, her ambition is to streamline her skills to commercial, institutional and resort properties. “The beauty of working on vacation villas and custom residences is the ability to use fine materials, well-detailed, and really focus in on maximising the connection of the building with the site to develop the experience of the space in unique and inspiring ways.” This methodology summarises what Lavina aims to do for every project she undertakes with flawless precision.

Lavina Liburd, Architect PO Box 4181, Road Town, Tortola, (284) 542 4521 PO Box 1232, Basseterre, St. Kitts-Nevis (869) 664 1690

March 2014


CaptAIn’s An opinion on boosting BVI Tourism Words by Louise Reardon, Captain and RYA Yachtmaster Instructor Photography provided by Captain Rajko Zupan

The newest ship in the Paul Gauguin Cruises fleet, the Tere Moana is a luxurious vessel with an exclusive capacity of 90 passengers and 60 crew members. The current Captain, Rajko Zupan relishes the BVI and through his wealth of experience, sees fantastic potential for the islands to increase its already powerful allure for tourism. Zupan, born in Split, Croatia, followed the hereditary career choice of his family by gaining a Captain’s license in his country of birth. With an Unlimited Master’s license—which means he can manage any boat of any size in any part of the world— his vast experience as a seaman is evident. He is a pioneer of the seas, blessed with the privilege of sailing the world’s oceans on some remarkable boats.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.


bundantly labelled as the sailing Mecca of the world, the BVI is the home and celebrated destination to a vast range of boats and ships. Whether it is racing or cruising, the prestigious reputation of the islands attracts vessels from all over as they make their circumnavigation of the beautiful Caribbean. For many, they make their return visit like the MV Tere Moana, which will be touching down again this month.

His first command of scale was a Sea-Land container vessel, which is now one of the largest container companies worldwide; this established his career as captain of large ships. He then initiated his cruising vocation with Costa Cruises and spent 15 years as Captain and Staff Captain with the Orient Lines. He has voyaged worldwide and a notable journey was his 10 seasons in the Antarctic region and circumnavigation of the continent. Managing both the MV Tere Moana and the MV Paul Gauguin, which comprise the fleet of Paul Gauguin Cruises, Zupan admits his favourite ship, which he ran for nine years was the Paul Gauguin. Ferrying his guests through the most coveted regions in the world, he has acquired

an intricate and international knowledge of tourists’ appetites and essential wisdom on the fundamental elements of strengthening tourism in the locations he has visited. “I’ve been at sea for 40 years…I started sailing cruise ships in 1980 with Costa…[and]…first came through the BVI waters in 1989,” he said of his experiences. Tere Moana is in actuality one of the smallest ships Zupan has been charged with, compared to his largest ship, the MV Norwegian Crown—now Balmoral—with a passenger capacity of 1230 and crew of 470. The current route of the Tere Moana— Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, St. Kitts & Nevis, Les Isles Des Saintes, St. Barts, St.

March 2014


Maarten—has allowed the Captain to see the limitless possibilities of each country’s implementation of the activities that attract visitors. To get a sense of visiting the BVI, the captain feels it would be a great initiative to employ local residents to share their culture, cuisine and lifestyle on board ships similar to his, that enter the Territory. “We want to be able to give more of the local culture to the ship and work together…it would make for a good product,” he said. “Music, artists, farmers, dancing, history…every month a different artist for example.” Acknowledging generic guest’s requests for diversity in their excursions, he said: “We need to deliver better programs for the guests so that the islands don’t all look the same. This is a long process though.”

Est. 1984.

Supplying brands that represent quality, beauty and sustainability.

Selected for quality, aesthetics, security, and hurricane protection

We guarantee the quality and reliability of our products and customer service | Visit our showroom located at Fish Bay, Tortola

(284) 494 3282 | |



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Unknown to many residents and visitors that come to the BVI, there are several incredible programs for tourists, that bestow fortunate guests with a taste of the BVI’s history and culture. A fitting example is the Biodynamic Farm and Food Tasting trip which takes guests by mini safari bus up to the secluded Goodmoon Farm. Here they are escorted through the terraced hillside to learn of the seasonal fruit and vegetables available. They enjoy the smell of freshly plucked leaves harvested in to locally woven

“We need to deliver better programs for the guests so that the islands don’t all look the same. This is a long process though.” baskets before following the circuitous ridge road east to Trellis Bay where they can sample a local stew already gathering flavour in the ‘Yabba Pot’. Immersed in the relaxed world of yachties, windsurfers and artists, they eat from a handmade Calabash bowl and sample a glass of local ginger, sour-sop, tamarind, passion fruit or sorrel juice. Zupan loves cruising in the BVI and remarked that the Territory is: “…a beautiful area, [an] enclosed lagoon, [it] reminds me very much of Tahiti. We could technically execute more courses here – many want to go to Spanish Harbour [additionally],” he said referring to the potential of more all-encompassing cruises in the BVI. “If we have a better airport here, we can actually do the turn around,” he added, citing the Government’s airport project. The abundant charisma and great sense of adventure of Zupan are very apparent when you meet him. With his motivation of building a unique relationship with the BVI and the MV Tere Moana, similar to the MV Paul Gauguin’s strong link with Tahiti, Zupan recognises that: “It would require a detailed plan, because this is not easy…but you will make a very unique product.”

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March 2014


Architectural A scensi o n Caribbean Property Design Past and Present Words by Carlyne Benkhart, Agent – Sotheby’s International Realty BVI Photography by Rainbow Visions BVI

Architectural influences in the Caribbean are lively, eclectic and intriguing due to the many cultures that have journeyed over and laid roots in the region. Present day home styles and design derive primarily from the Ameridian, African, Dutch, Spanish, French and other European Colonial cultures. This diversity creates an interesting mix of colour, design and construction, all of which are present in today’s island residences.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

The present day Caribbean-based architect and designer has the exquisite assignment of working with many different styles, combining the old with the new in an idyllic yet sometimes challenging landscape. Climate plays an important part in the construction, placement and design of the home due to imposing weather patterns. It is important to stay cool during the generally consistent 80 degree temperatures by creating the maximum amount of ventilation and shade. Placement and design of the structure also play an important part in avoiding hurricane damage. Residences are usually positioned to avoid direct damage from prevailing hurricane winds and have hurricane shutters and reinforced ventilated roofs. Many homes are designed with covered open spaces to allow comfortable outdoor living and shaded movement from one area to another. Vaulted ceilings to redirect the heat have become the

Go Play. Leave the work to us. From conception to completion, we have the depth and experience to advise on a broad range of legal issues – from title verification, planning and design approval, through to corporate structuring and financing. This is why hundreds of buyers and sellers, including every five star resort in the BVI, have turned to us for representation in real estate.


+1 (284) 494 5808 Contact: Willa Tavernier

March 2014


standard as well as decorative open-design walls and ironwork that allow breezes to pass through and provide privacy simultaneously. The design elements and materials used to construct Caribbean homes have evolved over time. The original one-story West Indian home first introduced the use of wood and thatch and later masonry. Present day homes often use stone, concrete and masonry. The African influence can be noted in the rich colours, bold design, murals and artwork that decorate the homes. The Spanish influenced the architectural design with large verandas and community plazas; the Dutch, French, Spanish and other Colonial European cultures introduced elegant design and iron work and second story structures, all leading to an eclectic and charming Caribbean ambience. While building a custom home in the Caribbean can be a dream come true, many of the materials, even when building a ‘green’ home, need to be imported which can add to the cost and length of time needed to complete the building process. Fortunately, the use of concrete and natural indigenous stone has helped to reduce the importation of materials. Presently, sustainable building—also known as green building or green construction—has become an important movement in the Caribbean in an attempt to preserve the natural beauty and resources of these exquisite islands.



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

The design elements and materials used to construct Caribbean homes have evolved over time. Sustainable building incorporates both old and new building styles in the efficient use of natural resources. Native stone is often used to build retaining and interior walls and solar powered electric systems are installed to reduce waste and pollution. The landscape is designed to allow for natural drainage and maintenance of indigenous plants without disrupting its inherent beauty. It is important for all parties, builders and designers, to collaborate during the construction and design process. Sustainable building can be applied to renovation as well as new construction to provide a low-maintenance, green construction luxury home with all the wonderful aesthetics of Caribbean design influences.

March 2014



OBM International T 284.494.2148


BVI PG APR 2012 - Brooks.indd 1

3/8/2012 12:58:41 PM

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T h e

S a les

Words by Brian Duff, Yacht Broker – BVI Yacht Sales

Annually, thousands of sailors flock to the BVI by boat or plane to enjoy the hundreds of yachts available for charter here, and this season appears to be as busy as ever.

Re g a tt a

Photography by Shakti Photogra Phy

The November rain lasted right up to Christmas, but since the New Year turned—the typical time when the season really kicks in— the days have been bright and the trade winds strong and true. Sailing doesn’t get any better than the season we’ve had so far. I’m not one to focus on the international markets, but something must be going right because yacht sales are on the upswing and multiple buyers are once again on the scene for the same boat – this economic attribute of competition over the same commodity was sorely lacking in the last few years, causing prices to fall. Yachties are once again finding the time and money to come sail the Caribbean – the BVI is the choice location to start with qualified marine surveyors and all the support services to make the process of yacht ownership easy and fun. The BVI also hosts the best sailing due to the weather, surrounding islands and harbours, and a series of great local events that have gained international fame such as the arrival of the ARC

March 2014


Rally from the USA at the beginning of the season, and the BVI Spring Regatta that happens on an annual cycle this month. The BVI Spring Regatta brings hundreds of sailors into the region and presents a great opportunity for yacht sales in showcasing the vessels. Whether they are racing yachts, or classic cruisers, every sailor likes his boat to sail well. Big Regattas like this hold racing in many classes of boats and this chance to be witnessed by yachties the world over should be capitalised on by yacht sellers. Moreover, while the number of buyers is high, it’s worthwhile to seize this opportunity to be seen with your ‘for-sale’ sign on the start line. Traditionally, the months of March and April see sales of yachts spike about 20% each year. Such a recurring trend indicates that docks full of sailors having a ball as is common of Spring Regatta, lead to boats selling. Therefore, the advisable action to take if you’re selling a boat is to race and get a buyer’s attention. So why would you race your boat, if you’re a cruiser? It’s true that out and out racer boats don’t make the best cruising yachts. There are some individuals that will argue that fast is safe, dodging storms and all that, but really fast boats are only truly speedy when they are light, empty and sailed real hard; none of which fit the cruising lifestyle very well. As such, the question remains – why race if you like to cruise?



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

Traditionally, the months of March and April see sales of yachts spike about 20% each year.

Most of the boats sailors choose to cruise are a bit on the heavier side of design, have more modest rigs with smaller sails, and have lots of lockers that end up crammed full of stuff you might need one day, somewhere…or perhaps just crammed with bottles of rum and cans of coke, that are used every day. In essence, a regatta like the BVI’s famed festival this month provides cruisers the incentive to get a yacht primed for selling in the act of readying it for racing. This means getting the bottom clean, tuning the rig and consulting a sail-maker about sail shape and condition. It’s an excuse to stop into the marina for a few days and empty all the lockers of contents and consider what you really need on-board; it’s the excitement of handling your boat on a start line among dozens of others to find out at the end who took the right gusts and shifts around the race track and is an aspect of sailing that shouldn’t be completely dismissed; it might be the highlight of your cruise or sailing season. The socialising and networking possibilities around Spring Regatta are an excellent place to meet other sailors, talk about boats, learn more about sailing or share your knowledge with others – sailors always seem to know more than the guy next to them, but the organised nature of a racing event really helps to break the ice and create a fantastic party atmosphere where you will recognise and socialise with competitors and make new friends as well. I hope to see you around the Spring Regatta Village at Nanny Cay or on the start line of one of the races this year whether your boat is for sale, you are looking to buy, or just out to have a great time.

March 2014


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Brewers Bay, Tortola. Ink on paper, 21 x 30 cm Feb 2012, Private Collection

ArtistS’ Corner

Petra Lovrekovic Words by Stephen L France

Photography provided by the artist

Cumbria 1, Mixed media completed with string in Feb 2003

International Inspiration

2014 Caribbean Arts & Crafts Festival

The results of creativity whether writing, painting or music are often a reflection of the artist’s personality, ethos and social environments. Having explored many countries, seen an array of incredible sites, and met many people from around the globe, Mixed Media artist Petra Lovrekovic who will take part in the BVI’s 2014 Caribbean Arts and Crafts Festival, is a model illustration of this theory.

March 2014


Trellis Bay, Tortola Feb 2007

When asked about her artistic ingenuity, Petra would say that her inspiration is drawn from nature’s intrinsic beauty, incredible architectural design and the humility found while making connections with people through art. Born in Mainz, Germany, Petra’s art skills and influences have been stimulated by her well-travelled upbringing and lifestyle. Living in Germany, Croatia, France, America, Italy and the United Kingdom throughout her adolescent years, Petra became a linguist, which helped her communication with people of different nationalities. Her artistic career decorated her with a BTEC Diploma in General Art &

Camino de Santiago de Compostela, Oct 2009



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

Design at Cambridge Arts and Sciences in the UK, and a BA (Hons) in Fine Art specialising in Landscape Painting from University College Falmouth also in the UK. Working as an artist for over 20 years, she was first inspired by Toulouse-Lautrec, Claude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh with many of her early works emulating their style. Currently, her interest in Expressionism and Contemporary Art are more pertinent to her style. Standing by her love of nature, Petra advocates that contrary to popular belief, perfection can be found in this world through simplicity. “Some say there is no such thing as perfection or as Salvador Dali said ‘Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it’, but you can see perfection everywhere in nature,” she said in reference to the Earth’s natural splendour which continues to stimulate her creativity. Discussing the structure of great architectural designs that attracted her to fine art during her childhood, Petra fell in love with Split [in Croatia]: “They have white stone all around the city. It’s a famous sandstone and comes from the Island of Brac – it’s actually the same stone used to partly build the White House. “Split is a city that’s very old,” she continued. “Over 1700 years old… the Roman Emperor Diocletian built his winter residence in Split. We have the beautiful Palace of Emperor Diocletian built at the turn of the fourth century in this wonderful white sandstone.” A strong advocate of travel, living in various countries, and meeting people, she ardently believes these experiences broaden horizons and inspire her creativity. “To have interaction with so many different people

Is that Prague? Feb 2012, Tortola

from various backgrounds… when you find a connection, such a humble and beautiful feeling comes from this.” Being raised in many countries, semiotics—the study of signs and symbols and how they are used—feature prominently in her work, since it’s been an important form of communication in her journey between different cultures: “Nothing makes me happier than to see somebody relate to my work,” she said. “Their heart recognises my heart…I put my honesty into the work and they relate to it…what more could I wish for?” In 2009, she accomplished what she described as a great physical and emotional challenge in self-discovery walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela; a unique pilgrimage that has been conducted since the Middle-Ages. Subsequently, she has completed four of the routes offered and kept a visual diary on her way, walking up to 1000km a time. This astonishing achievement inspired walking as an intricate part of her artistic life. It not only allows her to see the locations that she wishes to paint from a raw, personal perspective, but also makes her art even more alive by being ‘in the moment.’

March 2014


Petra’s skill in Mixed Media truly parallels her multitude of inspirations. “I’ve never really focused on one medium unless it’s a pencil drawing or an ink drawing,” she said. “I don’t work only in watercolours or acrylics or oil. I really like to layer and there are certain rules that one has to respect as an artist – you can’t paint with a watercolour on top of an oil colour, but you can certainly do it vice versa.” Travelling has been a strong support for the mastery of her art form – “I can’t bring my entire studio along with all my oil colours for example. Sometimes I will use the materials I find to hand like taking a piece of string and a little bit of mud and creating with that.” Using coloured adhesive tape was a revolutionary and unique device for Petra, adding colour to her art when she was travelling and didn’t possess the necessary tools to do so. It also allowed her to create threedimensional effects in her work. “I’ve attempted to perfect techniques” she said, commenting on novel devices she employs in her work. “When I see that I can create the image of an etching with some masking tape and paint, I find that’s so exciting… it’s experimental.” Arriving at one of the central themes in her work, absorbed from all her life experiences, she said, “One of the things that inspires me is that there’s always contrast in life. There is always the positive and the negative. There is always the high and the low – there can’t be a high without a low, there can’t be light without shadow.” Based on this theory, Petra envisages her art with a hypothesis of binary opposites and this is reflected in the light and dark often utilised. Fascinated by the hilly landscape of the BVI during her visits in 2007, 2012 and 2013, she has been encouraged by the territory’s stunning display of flora and fauna. Petra took many long walks; one in 2012 encompassing Horsepath in Road Town to Trellis Bay where she sketched along the way, producing 30 unique ink drawings on paper. She felt the varied climate along the walk and arduous task of the trek, enhanced her artistic ability and she discovered that the BVI represents what she continually explores in “different cultures, different people, different nationalities and different background stories.”

Caribbean Arts and Crafts Festival 2012

NYC painting in Petra’s former studio in Mainz, Germany. New York, New York , mixed media on canvas, 250 x 150 cm, October 2007



Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

Taking part in the Caribbean Arts and Crafts Festival in 2012 she was pleased that as a newcomer she was welcomed into the art community and her work was well-received. “My aim is to show an honest way in the world,” she commented when speaking about her raison d’être. With commissions to paint in the USA, exhibitions in Germany showing impressions of the ‘Camino de Santiago de Compostela’, solo shows in Croatia over the past two years, and works exhibited in the permanent collections at the ‘Galleria d’Arte Cafiso’ in Milan, Italy where she lived for 5 years, she’s also showcased in the United Kingdom. She was recently the resident artist on board a Paul Gauguin cruise, the Tere Moana at the end of 2013 and found great pleasure in leading workshops with guests and painting different islands while spreading her passion around the Caribbean. She is planning two similar cruises as resident artist on board in spring 2014 in Italy and Croatia. “Life is about giving and receiving,” Petra concluded, alluding to her belief about the importance of binary opposites. The artist is adamant that in painting, she’s giving something back to the world and receiving joy from the happiness aroused by her pieces. Petra will be exhibiting and painting at the Caribbean Arts and Crafts Festival at Trellis Bay March 8-12. The festival invites artists to share their culture and art with the BVI community. She is currently living and working in the BVI and New York.

Petra holding up a painting which is called Gemelli, there are two of those (Translation Twins) Mixed media on canvas, 45 x 90 cm October 1995

March 2014


The recent frozen state of North America reminds one of why escaping to the British Virgin Islands is so desirable in the first place – that glorious sunshine and warmth that soothes the soul.

Words and photography by Megan Schlobohm, Chef - SV Lolalita

After a hot day of basking in the incomparable sights and swimming in the delicious colour for which the British Virgin Islands are well known, a cool, refreshing hors d’oeuvres is thoroughly welcomed. This recipe for ceviche is best enjoyed amongst friends and family while watching the sun drop over the blue horizon. 52


Published by aLookingGlass Ltd.

`` 1 lb of shrimp, peeled and deveined, diced into

½ inch pieces `` 2 limes, juiced `` 1 medium onion, finely chopped `` 4 green spring onions, finely chopped `` Half a red bell pepper, deseeded and finely chopped `` 1 fresh jalapeño, the top cut off and deseeded, finely chopped `` 1 egg-sized chunk of ginger, peeled and grated `` A healthy handful of cilantro, finely chopped `` Salt and pepper to taste (not much is needed!) `` Hot sauce to taste


Tel: +1 284 494 2268


March 2014


“We understand the true value of a home in the Islands”

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Spectacular hilltop home overlooking Brewers Bay. Highest quality finishes throughout.


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Adjacent to The Baths National Park. 4 bedrooms, pool. great luxury vacation rental villa.

Delightful 4 bed home, short stroll from Tortola’s most romantic beach.


PA R K V I E W $600,000 Affordable 3 bed with pool at Romney Park. Easy living with generator, shutters etc

THE HANDSOME BEACH HOUSE $480,000 A delightful 2 bed cottage right on the beach at Handsome Bay. Calling out to be expanded!

Low Energy Home H a w k ’s N e s t , To r t o l a $ 1 . 6 m Delightful 3 bed hillside home with pool providing simply breathtaking views of 14 islands including Virgin Gorda, Great Camanoe, Anegada and Guana. Power supplemented by wind and solar. Green living in some style!

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Villa from $415 per night

Villa from $270 per night

This beautiful property is perched on the Haver’s Hillside - mimicking the bow of a ship with panoramic breathtaking views of Sir Francis Drakes Channel. Each of the three bedrooms has the same unobstructed views. The trade winds flowing throughout the house make this a cooly comfortable island retreat.

Superbly decorated and furnished villa located in the Long Bay Resort. Privately owned the villa has three selfcontained guest suites making it ideal for families, groups or couples. The Penthouse Suite has a King bed, vaulted ceilings with ceiling fan, AC,. kitchenette, lovely balcony with seating area.



Villa from $290 per night

Villa from $450 per night

Solaria is perched on the hillside above the Long Bay Beach Resort and offers wonderful 180-degree views of Jost Van Dyke and Sandy Cay. The interiors are furnished in relaxed tropical fashion with cool tiled floors and Caribbean colors.


Villa from $3750 per night

Located in Long Bay Resort,Villa Valentina has three levels. Each level is a self-contained guest suite. Can be rented whole or as separate accommodations. Adaptable and ideal for families, groups or couples.

Located high above the white sand beaches of Cane Garden Bay and the aquamarine waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Mango Manor is the ideal getaway providing the ultimate in luxury vacations.



Villa from $415 per night

Villa from $336 per night




Villa from $308 per night

Villa from $3928 per night

Villa from $700 per night

The home invites cool breezes and ample air flow into every room. Large doors open wide to fresh, flora-infused breezes, circulating through the main bedroom and tunneling through the living room.

Captain's House is deservedly popular. Well laid out with two king-size bedrooms in separate pavilions, it is beautifully designed to offer space, privacy and wondrous views over the ocean.

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The charm and beauty of this villa, with pleasing decoration, antiques and original Caribbean artwork ease the senses, making St. Bernard's Hill a relaxing and perfect vacation destination.

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A private retreat enabling guests to enjoy a peaceful sanctuary and memorable sunsets. Designed around a central swimming pool terrace the villa is formed of three separate pavillions with each room having ocean views and cooling breeze.

Just 42 feet above the beach, with stunning 180-degree views over the Caribbean Sea and neighboring islands, Bayhouse was designed mixing classical Caribbean elements and modern, contemporary style.

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Beachfront splendour. Exquisitely appointed villa at the start of Long Bay. Three floors, over 9000 sq.ft., 6 ensuite bedrooms, gourmet kitchen, two swimming pools and studio in a castle tower.



O ve r l o o k i n g S p r i n g B ay o n approximately 1 acre. Next to The Baths and just moments away from the beach, marina and restaurants. Exceedingly rare opportunity to own property in this exclusive area.






Recently finished 4-bed, 5-bath house in Cooten Bay. Set on 0.866 acres with magnificent ocean view, high-end finishes, fixtures and appliances abound. Travertine tiles, both polished and honed with Purple!Heart hardwood flooring. All bedrooms are large and air-conditioned. The heated swimming pool has jacuzzi and swim jets.


6-bed, 6-bath luxury villa situated on 4 acres of hill-top land with jawdropping views. The property has four principal buildings: main house, with infinity pool, master bedroom suite, guesthouse and TV and media room.



2-bed, 2-bath apartment, overlooking Long Bay. Only 2 minutes easy walk to beach and resort. Shared pool w 3 other apartments. Set in beautifully tended gardens on attractive hillside with wonderful views.


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Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated


Located at the southern tip of Virgin Gorda above the Baths, famous for its dramatic boulders also incorporated into Toad Hall. 3-bed, 4-bath on 5.5 acres of mature landscaping with a footpath to the beach



Beautiful architect’s house with 3 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms on a large lot in prestigious Belmont Estate. Old World charm and fully furnished. Mature gardens and wonderful views over Smugglers Bay.


Carol Olympitis & Kim Huish (Vacation Villa Specialists) t: 284.494.5700 e:

Traditional pastel Caribbean colours enhance this very charming house. 3-bed, 4-bath with impeccable attention to detail, it has a light and airy feel, while maintaining its structural integrity. This unique home offers amazing views, sunrises and sunsets. Serene and calming, beautiful landscaping, cooling breezes that relax and refresh.


2-bed villa overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with views of Great Camanoe and Tortola. Approx. 3,100 sq. ft. with two multi-level pods connected by a entry foyer. Two master suites, each with separate sitting area.



Overlooking Little Bay and the Atlantic Ocean in exclusive estate. Beautifully appointed throughout with 3 en-suite air-conditioned bedrooms including guesthouse, swimming pool and deck.


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For all of your real estate needs, Smiths Gore is one of the pre-eminent real estate advisors Smiths Gore provides in depth residential services covering all the islands.



Frenchman’s Look Out US$7,495,000




Frenchman’s Paradise US$2,875,000





Sterling House US$5,500,000




Samsara US$2,975,000



Pelican House US$1,645,000

Palm Grove Villa US$450,000

Aquamare US$4,500,000

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Bay House US$4,200,000







Villa @ Little Dix Bay US$4,200,000



Golden Pavilion US$6,500,000

Zuni Villa US$1,099,999









100 Pond Bay US$6,700,000

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2010 Winner, “Best Vacation Experience.” –Fodor’s Gold Choice Award

SOL Y SOMBRA Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

US$8 Million This spectacular beachfront villa boasts four beautifully decorated air-conditioned suites, each furnished with custom-made teak furniture. Outside amenities include an ocean-front infinity pool and lit tennis court, bound within lush tropical gardens. Inside, take advantage of a European-style kitchen, private movie theater, daily maid service and state-of-the-art gym. An in-villa cook is available upon request.

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Distinctly Refined. Exceptionally Rare. Consciously Preserved. On the secluded eastern tip of Virgin Gorda lies a place where life is spent in perfect harmony with the ocean tides. Here, spread across 300 pristine acres, Oil Nut Bay offers freehold legacy ownership opportunities and unparalleled resort experiences in a setting where attention to detail and casual elegance abound. Contact us to schedule a personalized visit or to arrange resort reservations. Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands


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