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The Democratic Labour Party Christ Church West Central Report on Constituency Development Plan 2008

WHAT WAS DONE ON YOUR BEHALF Rebuilding our Communities

Cane Vale Road – Before

Cane Vale Road – After

Looking Forward Constituency Development Plan 2013 - 2018 WORKING TOGETHER TO SUSTAIN OUR COMMUNITIES

The Democratic Labour Party

Christ Church West Central

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Working together to sustain our communities

Dear Constituent,

It has been a great honour to have represented you in the House of Assembly for the past five years and to work with you within your communities to respond to the various issues and challenges that confronted you in 2008 after 14 years of BLP rule. I wish to thank you for the confidence you have placed in me and I look forward to continue to work with you over the next five years as your Parliamentary Representative. I am pleased to report that together we have made great progress across the constituency of Christ Church West Central. We have assisted persons with employment, housing, debushing of overgrown lots, drainage challenges, immigration and welfare matters among others. But there is still work to be done. Much focus was placed on energizing the community through various community initiatives including sports, family events and entrepreneurship. Your response to me has been encouraging and I am pleased to present to you a report of the work done in the constituency as well as plans for the next five years. Let us continue our journey together. On February 21, 2013 I ask for your support once again as we work together to sustain our communities. Best regards,

Stephen Lashley


Constituency Development Plan 2013 - 2018


REPRESENTATION Constituency Clinics •

Many constituency clinics were held consistently over the period which allowed for direct interface with constituents in an enhanced and private atmosphere within the Constituency Ofce. As a consequence many interventions were effected included Welfare assistance, assistance by the Constituency Council, drainage solutions, provision of employment, planning of community projects and provision of entrepreneurship opportunities

Constituency Office •

The Constituency Ofce at Briar Hall, staffed by the Constituency Assistant, remained open during week days to receive visits and telephone calls from constituents resulting in resolution of various issues and ensuring that matters were promptly referred to relevant Government agencies for action.

Residents fora via Community Meetings •

Several Community meetings were held to provide an opportunity for residents to discuss community issues with the MP and other stakeholders. Meetings were held at Silver Hill, Vauxhall, Briar Hall, Graeme Hall, Kendal Hill Tennantry Road B, Butlers Land and the Aberdene Jones Centre.


Community Meetings at Silver Hill and Aberdene

Working together to sustain our communities

Walk-abouts •

Walk-abouts, house visits and interaction at community events also proved to be a useful means of making contact with constituents

Social Media Social media interaction also proved to be extremely effective as particularly younger residents were able to make contact with the MP via Facebook, WhatsApp and the MP’s website located at



Constituency Development Plan 2013 - 2018

Tackling Unemployment,


The spirit of entrepreneurship has been tapped as a direct means of creating opportunities for earning income. The launch of the Christ Church West Central Sports and Cultural Committee engendered a series of well executed events that combined community market day with family fun day and health extravaganza. These events saw the display of community cultural talent, while providing opportunities for vendors from the community to sell their produce and services. Healthy living was also a key component of these activities with the provision of health checks and participation in sports.

Young entrepreneurs from Kendal Hill were assisted with a kiosk to improve their fruit business

Youth from the constituency received training within the Ministry of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth Mainstreaming Programme in many areas including CXC Maths and English, Child Care Management, Nail Care, Care of the Elderly, Electrical Installations, bobcat maintenance and operation, hospitality training and Small Engine Repairs.

Vendor at Health Extravaganza & Market Day

Kiosk at Kendall Hill

Health Extravaganza & Market Day


Working together to sustain our communities

Youth were also exposed to business management skills through the Youth Entrepreneurship Scheme (‘YES’) of the Ministry of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth.

Young entrepreneurs from various districts received assistance with landscaping equipment

To ensure that as far as possible, families had at least one bread winner, job opportunities were created in as many districts as possible

Jobs were found for constituents within various Government Departments and entities working as bus drivers, nursery attendants, general workers, driver/ messenger, clerical workers, consultant, wardens, caretakers, groundsmen, and guards

• Youth from the constituency

Presentation of Equipment

Some of the YDP participants

benefited from employment in the Endless Possibilities, National Summer Camp, Partnership for Peace and Parenting Programmes

• Small businesses from the constituency earned revenue through contractual arrangements as caterers with the National Summer Camp Programme and other opportunities provided to them

Unemployed youth were employed in the NIFCA programme 5

YDP 2012 Sports Rally

Constituency Development Plan 2013 - 2018

• Unemployed persons were re-engaged by being employed during the Crop Over Festival

• Opportunities were created for persons from within the constituency involved in culture (musician, calypsonians, mc) to work within Crop Over and other events

• Youth became involved in the National Cultural Foundation’s Volunteer Programme within Crop Over.

Houses built with the assistance of the ‘RDC’ and ‘UDC’


Some progress has been made with the assistance of the Rural Development Corporation (“RDC”) and the Urban Development Corporation in providing housing for persons in need. Both the RDC and the UDC provided housing in Silver Hill, Sealy Land, Kendal Hill, Church Hill and Fairy Valley. Persons in search of housing solutions were also referred to the National Housing Corporation.

A Community Meeting was convened at the Silver Hill hard court to allow residents to interface directly with the Minister of Housing and Lands and staff of the Ministry and the National Housing Corporation to be sensitized on the many issues facing residents of NHC units, including repairs to units and rewiring concerns. As a result and with the assistance of the Warden, repairs have been effected to several units.


Working together to sustain our communities

Several persons beneted under Government’s Units Transfer Programme and received their conveyances directly from the Member of Parliament.

Emergency housing was provided to re victims at Cane Vale.

The demand for housing solutions remains high. Land has been identied at Briar Hall and Silver Hill for housing developments within the constituency.

Land at Silver Hill identified for housing development

MP delivering conveyance in Gall Hill

Emergency House for fire victims at Cane Vale


Constituency Development Plan 2013 - 2018

Initiatives Aimed at


SENIORS DAY OUT Working with the Constituency Council, we embarked on an innovative programme of taking our senior out where they enjoyed a full day of activities at the Briar Hall Playing Field. In addition to enjoying sumptuous meals, they benefited from participating in mind games and listened attentively as various resource persons led discussions on various topics of interest.

NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH LAUNCH A neighbourhood watch was launched in Cane Vale to not only provide neighbourhood security but to bring constituents together.

HEALTH EXTRAVAGANZA AND MARKET DAY This fabulous community event proved to be perhaps the most successful in bringing about community interaction through culture, sports, health awareness and entrepreneurship. Health checks, Jumping tents for the kids, stalls with vendors’ produce, spaces for small businesses, entertainment featuring artists from the constituency and featured sports with matches among the various netball and football clubs were the key highlights of these events

Seniors day out

Entertainment and stall at the Health Extravaganza and Market Day


Working together to sustain our communities

FAMILY FUN DAY The Family Fun Day events at Briar Hall and Deighton Griffith Secondary School proved to be highly effective in bringing about community interaction while providing opportunity for vendors from the community to ply their trade. This event has combined vending, entertainment and sports to bring families together.

HOMEWORK PROGRAMME A homework programme was launched in collaboration with the Christ Church West Central Constituency Council. The programme, supported by teachers and schools from the constituency, provided assistance, particularly in 11 plus exam preparation.

SIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAMME A sign language programme was also launched in collaboration with the Council as the start of an initiative to ensure that persons un the constituency are taughtsign language.

One of the stalls at the Family Fund day at Briar Hall

Children attending the Homework programme

Community Beautication and


CLEAN UP CAMPAIGN A national youth-led initiative was launched by the Member of Parliament as Minister of Family, Culture, Youth and Sports. This saw the involvement of the communities of Silver Hill and Vauxhall where youth participated in cleaning up their environs.


Clean up campaign taking place

Constituency Development Plan 2013 - 2018

Play and


SILVER HILL Through the National Conservation Commission, the children’s play park at Silver Hill was refurbished – the fence was replaced and equipment reinstated.

GALL HILL A new children’s play park was developed at Gall Hill with the assistance of the National Conservation Commission and the Youth Development Programme of the Ministry of Family, Culture, Sports and Youth.

VAUXHALL Work has started on a play park for Vauxhall. The land has been cleared and resources have been allocated.

CHURCH HILL Discussions have also started on a community project to work with residents on a seniors’ recreational park at Church Hill. The land has already been cleared and funds are being sourced.

Children at play

Park opening at Gall Hill

Work in progress

Site for recreational park for Seniors at Church Hill. 10

Working together to sustain our communities

Calvacades Come To Christ Church West Central


For the very first time Briar Hall Sports Complex became the venue for Calvacades during the 2011 and 2012 Crop Over Festivals. The calvacades not only brought Crop Over into the community, but they provided an invaluable oppontunity for vendors, particularly those from the constituency, to earn income.

Calvacade at Briar Hall

Solving the Tenantry Lands


In response to several challenges residents were facing in having tenantry lands transferred to them, representation was made to the Ministry of Housing and Lands with respect to lands at Browne’s Gap, Sealy Land, Maxwell Hill, Kendal Hill and Butlers’ Land. As a result of the representation made by the Member of Parliament, significant progress has been made with respect to residents at Butlers’ Land where most of those persons who are in entitled have now received letters of offer and are at an advanced stage of owning their lands. Progress has also been made at Maxwell and Kendal Hill Tennantry Road A.


Butlers Road

Constituency Development Plan 2013 - 2018

Debushing of


Through the annual Government debushing programme, vacant lots across the constituency were cleared. Debushing work was carried out in Barracks Hill, Warners Park, Graeme Hall, Cane Vale, Kendal Hill, Silver Hill, Church Hill, Vauxhall Hall Gardens.

Sports and


FOOTBALL AS A TOOL OF DEVELOPMENT Football has proven to be a loved and respected sport within the constituency and by developing and supporting various football events, the Member of Parliament has used this medium as a focused means of developing and supporting youth of the constituency. Even before the launch of tournaments such as the David Thompson Memorial Classic and the Pelican Football Tournament, football initiatives were launched within the constituency.

SUPPORT FOR PRIDE OF GALL HILL; SOUTHSIDE BALLERS, TS STRIKERS Support was provided by the MP to Pride of Gall Hill Club, TS strikers and Southside Ballers which enabled these clubs to provide an avenue for positive engagement for the youth of the constituency. While TS Strikers placed 4th in the Lime/Pelican Football Classic, Southside Ballers, a club formed in close collaboration

Football has been used as a tool for youth development

Southside Ballers


Working together to sustain our communities

with the MP, have now emerged as champion of the Silver Sands Football Tournament for three consecutive years. •

FIVE A-SIDE FOOTBALL TAKES SILVER HILL BY STORM In addition, in partnership with the Youth Development Programme a highly popular five a-side football tournament was held in Silver Hill and proved to be a melting point for youth of Silver Hill and adjoining communities to bond while the event stimulated much business for vendors and shops in the area. The event was also used as a medium for HIV/AIDS education and for identifying youth interested in entrepreneurship and training. Football has also been a key component of the Family Fun Day and Health Extravaganza and Market Day events. ROAD TENNIS The inaugural Silver Hill Road Tennis Tournament occupied centre stage and drew massive crowds to Silver Hill. The tournament, to be held on an annual basis, was held in conjunction with the Youth Division, the HIV/AIDS Commission and the Christ Church West Central Constituency Council. Not only did it prove to be a major plus for the development of road tennis in the constituency but created an opportunity for vendors from the area to ply their trade.


Presentation of shirts

Launch of the Five-A-Side Football Tournament

Victor ‘Earth’ Ward celebrating

Constituency Development Plan 2013 - 2018

NETBALL • Continued support was provided to netball in the constituency. The MP made presentations of varying kinds to the Silver Hill Raiders and the Vauxhall Junior and Senior Netball Teams. The Health Extravaganza and Market Day and Family Fun Day events was also an opportunity for the netballers to display their skills.


DOMINOES • A constituency domino tournament was held and generated much interest.



PLAY PARKS • The play park at Silver Hill was upgraded and new fence erected • A new play park was erected at Gall Hill • Construction of a new play park is underway at Vauxhall • Efforts are underway to assist the residents of Church Hill in the provision of an adult recreational park in their area.

Domino Competition

Children in the play park 14

Working together to sustain our communities



BRIAR HALL SPORTS FACILITY Significant strides have been made towards transforming the Briar Hall Playing Field into an ultra modern sporting facility. The grounds have been outfitted with state of the art lighting and a new hardcourt has been completed. Netball, Basketball, Volleyball and Road Tennis can now be accommodated at this much enhanced facility.


CANE VALE PASTURE DEVELOPMENT Progress has been made with the New sporting facility at development Cane Vale Pasture Briar Hall which was not acquired by the last Government. The Ministry of Housing and Lands is now in the process of completing acquisition of the land which would pave the way for the pasture to be improved and made available to the community for sports.

Cane Vale pasture

Tour of the Cane Vale area 15

Constituency Development Plan 2013 - 2018

Zarico Weekes Football Classic

THE ZARICO WEEKES FOOTBALL CLASSIC • When a young boy aged 13 casually strolled into the constituency office of the MP and laid out his plan to engage the young boys of his area in personal development through football, this was a fitting start of efforts to realize the dream of Zarico Weekes. His dream came to fuition through a whole day football tournament, inclusive of counseling, held at the Briar Hall Playing Field in collaboration with the Division of Youth. The tournament was officially opened by the MP and Minister and was fittingly named “The Zarico Weekes Football Tournament” in honour of this brave young man. • It is intended that this tournament will be continued as part of the development programme for young boys and girls in the constituency.



Children attending the Homework programme

HOMEWORK ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME • A homework assistance programme was launched in association with the Christ Church West Central Constituency Council. • The programme will continue annually and has help to provide


Working together to sustain our communities

much needed additional lessons particularly to those children taking the 11 plus examination. •

SIGN LANGUAGE PROGRAMME • A programme designed to teach sign language within the constituency was also launched in collaboration with the Christ Church West Central Constituency Council. • This critical programme will be expanded overthe next five years. It is intended that as many persons as possible will be exposed to sign language over a period of time.

BUS STOP SHELTERS • Through the Christ Church West Central Constituency Council a project to provide bus shelters across the constituency was launched. As a direct result of this ongoing project a shelter has been erected at Vauxhall and another at Maxwell Hill. • This programme will be continued to ensure that bus shelters are provided to other areas of the constituency.

BUS SERVICE One of the priority areas identified for attention was the provision of a Transport Board bus service for the Maxwell, Silver Hill, Gall Hill and Kendal Hill and adjoining districts. This was due to the fact that no such service was in available to residents for many years. A bus service was therefore immediately instituted following the election of the MP and remains in effect.


Bus shelter

Silver Hill Transport Board bus service

Constituency Development Plan 2013 - 2018


Working in collaboration with a charitable organization, a breakfast programme was launched to provide fresh breakfast to several children attending schools in the constituency. Through the valuable support of a number of generous sponsors, the programme assists with providing a nutritious breakfast to the children whose parents may not be able to provide this critical start for them on mornings.

It is planned to expand the programme and to secure additional funding through a number of fund-raisers and collaborations.



Briar Hall

Church Hill

ROAD WORKS WERE COMPLETED AT: • Briar Hall • Silver Hill • Cane Vale • Church Hill • Barracks Hill • Silver Hill/Kingsland, Montrose to Gall Hill

Road works at Silver Hill/Kingsland & Montrose to Gall Hill 18

Working together to sustain our communities



Road Humps in Vauxhall


Drainage solutions have been provided throughout the constituency including well clearance and new wells, in: Sealy Land; Cane Vale, Graeme Hall, Warners Gardens, Kendal Hill, Sheraton.

Old Supermarket Building

Road mirror at Briar Hall


An innovative approved project to transform this building into a multipurpose empowerment centre has not progressed to construction. All of the necessary architectural drawings have been prepared. The MP has made an appeal to a private sector company to assist with the project and there has been a positive response which should lead to project commencement in short order.


Constituency Development Plan 2013 - 2018


Floor plan of Empowerment Centre

North view of the Empowerment Centre planned for Silver Hill 20

Working together to sustain our communities

The Democratic Labour Party

Christ Church West Central Looking Forward



Constituency Development Plan 2013 - 2018

Constituency Development Plan

2013 - 2018 Working together to sustain our Communities Effective Represention - a Key Focus Community meetings will continue as a fora to interact with constituents and provide a means for information sharing.

Engaging the Community Projects aimed at working with constituents to encourage positive commumity engagement will be pursued. Some of these will be : • We will work closely with the National Housing Corporation to launch Residents’ Associations in Gall Hill and Silver Hill Housing Areas • Formation of Neighbourhood Watch Groups will be encouraged The following events will also be continued: • Health Extravaganza and Market Day • Family Fun Day • Mothers’ Day and Valentine’s Day Luncheons • Seniors’ Day Out • Children’s Christmas Party

Children’s Breakfast Feeding Programme Efforts will be made to attract sponsors to the programme to ensure that it can be sustained for the benefit of school children who need this critical support.

Community Sports • • • • •

The inaugural Silver Hill Road Tennis Tounament will continue as an annual tournament A Basketball Tournament will be launched The constituency dominoes tournament will be continued and expanded. A Netball Tournment will be launched The inaugural 5k Walk and Run will be continued


Working together to sustain our communities

Utilizing Sports as a tool for development Support will continue to be provided to football and netball teams and other sports in the constituency and various development models will be utitilised to strenthen performance and skills, while focussing on personal development. Linkages will be strengthened with the football teams of Pride of Gall Hill, TS Strikers, Southside Ballers, Sargeants and Kendal Hill and the Silver Hill Raiders and Vauxhall netball teams.

Sporting Facilities • •

The Silver Hill Hard Courts will be paved and fence re-erected The acquisition of the Cane Vale Pasture will be completed and the eld improved for sporting activities. The ultimate aim is to develop a mini stadium at this facility. The development of the Briar Hall Sports Complex will continue. The grounds will be further improved and facilities enhanced to provide for the establishment of a cricket academy at this location.

Community Empowerment Centre Efforts will be intensied to transform the Old Supermarket Building in Silver Hill into a multi-purpose community centre to house the following: • • • • • •

A multi-use general area A computer centre Offices that can be used by the Welfare Officer and other social service providers A recording studio At least three store spaces for entrepreneurs Bathrooms and changing facilities for sports persons

Housing Land has been identified at Briar Hall and Silver Hill for housing developments. These sites have been toured by Ministry of Housing and Lands personnel.


Constituency Development Plan 2013 - 2018

Beautification Projects Community beautication projects will be encouraged. Roads The roads at Rose Hill, Smith’s Corner, Browne’s Gap and other locations will be completed. Several areas have been identied for road improvement. Parks An adult recreational park will be developed in Church Hill Other districts will be surveyed with a view to developing green spaces and recreational facilities. Road Safety We will work closely with the Ministry of Transport and Works to ensure greater safety on the roads within the constituency through the erection of road humps and other safety measures.

Bus Stop Shelter Project This programme will continue as we seek to provide more comfortable facilities for commuters.

Homework Support Programme The programme will continue and will be expanded to reach more children, especially those preparing for the 11 plus examination.

Sign Language Programme The sign Language programme will continue in collaboration with the Christ Church West Central Constituency Council. It is intended to expand the programme to reach more residents.

Let’s move ahead with confidence together!


Ministerial Achievements •

Returned Sports to the Community and has spearheaded the sursurgence of Road Tennis in his Constituency and across Barbados.

Led the phenominal growth of the Crop Over Festival in just three years to become the biggest and most exciting Crop Over Festival ever in the History of Barbados.

Led the first and highly successful International Women’s Boxing Championship to be staged in Barbados in which a record 95 countries participated.

Led the historic and prestigious achievement of Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison becoming a World Heritage Property, the first in this island’s history.

Secured the restoration of the Empire Theatre after 30 years of prior attempts to do so.

Championed the creation of a maintenance fund to assist single mothers.

Spearheaded the laying of a new athletic track at the National Stadium.

Led the development of this country’s first written National Youth Policy.

Spearheaded the development of this country’s first Cultural Industries Development Bill.

Ensured the completion of Barbados Status of the Rights of Children Report to the United Nations, a report which was overdue for some 14 years.

Intrduced a Mentorship and Job Placement Programme for our youth that has created jobs for them in the public and private sectors.

And yet there are more achievements to be secured by the Dems when you vote for Stephen Lashley and the DLP.

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Christ Church West Central Report on Constituency Development Plan 2008 & The 2013 - 2018 Plan.  

What was done on your behalf - Rebuilding our Communities. WORKING TOGETHER TO SUSTAIN OUR COMMUNITIES.