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Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh ​welcome to the pay for this notebook so they were going to take a look at the EPS Evernote and sketch on your iPad and learn how to keep your students digitally organized so let's look at the objectives first off we're going to need to be able to use evernotes basic functions to get the notebooks set up and organized also we're going to use sketches basic functions in conjunction with Evernote they work together you can import documents in the sketch drop them at text color images that before you can create colorful maps or worksheets in sketch and then store that in Evernote so at the end of this training you should be able to do all those things and hopefully feel a lot more comfortable organizing your students digitally so let's take a look at our apps okay first you'll need a couple apps here the evernote and sketch they work together once you login and download from the App Store are using the log in with the email and password and be the exact same for each so I'm going to start by opening up Evernote first and just a little side note you should download both of them before trying these because they integrate together so we'll open up Evernote here and you can see I have my notebooks here I also have many notes as you can see down around the bottom here and we're going to take a look at just some of the basic features here I can see I'm logged in to add a note right away you can just click it here and you can add a note if you want to go right into your camera you could this third button here would also get you into the camera feature as well so if you click the X you can get out of that see this might be the camera roll when that's camera as well so you have two different cameras own you said X to get on that and this would be just to add a note right away so if I click that it'll just jump right into a note so you could start that way if you like I'll show you some basic features it has a general address if you have the locator on you might want to turn the location off if you don't want people to know where you live instead one hundred percent accurate because this is not my address they got the street right but that's about all they got right so if you want to change that title you can just tap on it and name it whatever you want i'm just going to use some question marks here or some periods rather um and then the body of the text if you tap anywhere in there it will allow you to edit the body of the text there are some different features here for bold if you went bold italics underline you want to strike through exclamation points test that I don't use that very often I guess it highlights it as we hit that off it will no longer highlighted excuse me this arrow ok allows you to cradle add a link in there if you choose to some other features if I hit return here I'll go down a couple times this little paragraph will allow you to change your font size so if I want really big writing I can do this section and now when I write I have gigantic text if I switch down to subsection it's a little small at a paragraph blockquote etc ok so those are some options there the formatting you can change that will hit enter again this next feature here is really nice if you're making a checklist if i tap that and those are little checklist boxes if I hit return there they just keep going you can tap them to check off things on your list as you make them some other items that I'd like to show you bullet point list so if you tap this button right here you can start a list of bullet points every time you hit return it will start a new bullet you can number thanks texas next button here is the number it and you can see it'll keep on going you could tab and tap out with these keys so we hit the right arrow it'll tap me in tap back with the left arrow and if you want to undo things these are the undo and redo buttons so you could undo all that if I want or redo okay if you'd like to add in a pitcher will see here i will take a picture of a document in a moment well well well we'll use the camera feature here keep it sideways take a picture of this little crab there you go so took a picture of it once you're good with that you get the blue check in the corner if you don't like the picture you hit the X and there it is it's sideways and that's a good thing to see here so let's redo that why is it sideways it's because my iPad didn't just so if I want to delete it i could just tap next to it and oops step next to it and hit delete no it's gone okay so let's try to retake that i have to make sure my camera is the right way so let's see there we go now it should be vertical okay hit the X now it's vertical ok so that's how you add in a picture if you'd like you could also go into your camera roll so that this would be to take a picture this other icon would be your camera roll so you hit that I can access anything on my camera roll final look at this picture of the board that I took earlier today I could do that and now i have my web address that i took a snapshot of ok so that's how to add pictures if i wanted to delete I would hit the trash can to delete the item if I want to record my voice I could do that by tapping the microphone and I would add a voice note as you can see now the voice bars going when i hit my unfinished i could hit done and that would go into my note as well so there's my recording my voice and then you could hit the info button and you could change notebook so i'll show you how to create notebooks next what if I tap on this you can see all my money notebooks and if I want to put it in the after school program notebook I could just tap our mat right first days

notebook and I'll put it there okay you could also tag okay so by tagging if I hit the info button again tags are way to find specific things within your folder so with this tag I will I don't like any of my tags there's not work it's not a website I'm just going to tag this as training okay and hit done I'll so just hit that + two edge rating to my tags and I will go back okay and I can see it's in my first days notebook and it's tagged under training I could get a URL for it if I would choose to but I'm not going to do that right now and you can see want to create a ten location here in rock hill so I'm going to close out of that those are the basic general functions of Evernote okay and I close out of that the next thing to look at is to create notebooks okay so you can see my notebooks here if I wanted to create a new notebook allergy hit that plus area and I would name my notebook and just hit done and then I will have in your notebook if I go down I name that notes and you can see notes is right here now I saved my previous note where I took pictures and stuff in the first days folder so we'll see if it's in there a tap on the first day's folder and should be right here here's my note there it is close out of that so it's a great way for students to be digitally organized even if they do something on a piece of paper they could take a snapshot of it and save it digitally in case you know they locked or eat it which it often usually happens so next let me get back on the notebooks if you click this both into icon in the corner it'll take you back if you want to edit your notebooks you can tap up here to edit them and if you tap on other notebooks you could delete them or change the name but I don't want to do that right now so I'm just going to hit done I mean you could also share them a variety of ways you hit that little action button in the corner it is loading you can create a public link and post it an Edmodo or another website so you could share that folder with students put it on Twitter or you can go and share it with specific individuals that you have their information like the email address and things like that and give them special permission to view the notes and so on you can add them up here and invite them you write a little message okay so that's notebooks and last but not least look at tags and in place so you can see all my tags I could you just do a quick reference I I tagged that last note under training you see I don't use tagging a lot I just organize myself by notebooks there's the training if I tap right there in training I could find my note that way as well okay put the elephant to go back to the home screen you can view recent notes this way and last is places and you can see where I've tagged things from and again this is an option that you can turn off if you choose to i will show you what Skitch can do so within your notes you can see this colorful map here i created this in sketch and put it into evernote so i'll show you how that looks so any any item if you wanted to you sketch and make a map like that you could also i'll tap on this one edit worksheets if you want took a screenshot of a picture of a student's worksheet and you can add different things into it's like I couldn't read that as this predictable I made a little arrow there barley was missing so I edit bartley on there and so on if you want to edit this if you can hit like edit with sketch and it will edit and i'll show you how that kind of works there on the original note that I took ok if I tap on that image this little heart down at the bottom will allow me to change this image and I could edit the image in sketch or I could create a brand new sched now but i'll edit this image a little stuff down alright so a couple things you can do you can do an arrow you see I Tepes arrow and if I tap on the screen i can say point to the eyeball and you can once you tap on you could rearrange it you could stretch it out ok and then once it's on there you can move it and if you ever want to delete it you can just tap on it and hit delete button down here but I'm going to leave that for now so I tapped off the screen or on the screen again and you can see now that arrow is there when you're in sketch also if you use two fingers I can move the image around down with two fingers you could pinch and zoom and that will help if you need to do something more detail you can really zoom in on it now I will add some text I label that I so if I tap on the a and I want to put the texture it about up here so tap there and I'll right I and I could tap away from that so there's my I if I want to move it I could tap on it and move it anywhere around the screen if I want the gray circle in the corner will allow me to make that bigger if I choose to and then I could slide it up that way the little blue button here will allow me to change the text to you black and white some other things you can do with sketch besides the text you can add shapes so there's a shape there you can add a number of different shapes for the square circle and so on so I'll choose the circle will say and I will tap on the I if I tap back on looks like it hit undo see I made two circles that I want to undo that Soyuz hit undo and let me tap on the eye and I could run that Circle Line can make it bigger okay once i could change the color if i won its if I tap on the red on the bottom the color palette will come up and we will make this will say black okay and then I could tap off of that if I want tap away from the screen and I have the I circle there's a blur feature on here to down at the bottom so if i want to make the I blurry it's like that and kind of start tapping on it and you can see it will get pix elated if you tap once it's small if you drag it out it'll tix elite it also undo that a couple times okay right hit redo the time and next is to crop so if I hit the crop button down here it will allow me to cut the fat picture down see I kind of cut I off a little bit o undo that let me recap crop it a little higher if I can I'll just cover it oops get crap again there we go that should do it now its crop thing you see the picture of the ID the last thing are these tags over here if i tap that there's a variety of them so i'll just use this red X I need to do that this won't and

while you change the color on these but you have different ones as you can see that you could add in there when you're finished you can just save to Evernote ok if I tap on that it done and now it has been changed so again that's kind of an odd thing to show you a stuffed animal but now that's what I had around the examples I have right here's the map I kind of worked on I just got an outline map from the internet and put it onto my ipad and then you sketch to label it another one I can show you is just a general worksheet CEO go into my sketch folder and show you that one there's notebooks your sketch this is general worksheet so again going paperless ok i can hit edit with sketch which is up here and now let's change like if i want to make that red tea blend in with the rest can do that if i wanted to add say oh this is letter j hit the text button tap on the screen somewhere at a J and then we move that j somewhere where I think say is number eight I don't know if it is or not but tap away and bank absolutely paperless you could add things to work sheets you can create maps as you can see when I'm done I can save it up here I could also that the action button create a link to that so if you want to student to turn that into you thread modal or something like that they could send you the link to their papers next I just want to show you how to add files into Evernote a couple ways 1 i'll hit my my email here and cancel i'll say i'll tap on this email here from Kris that has an attachment to it okay and if you want to get this word document from your ipad email to your evernote account just tap on the document open it up you wanna hit the action button in the corner and you can do open and evernote so look at that okay now it's in there and you just want to you put in an appropriate file so i will tap the information button and i will put it in my school file it relates to school for me and it's my PE well template has to do with ib stuff or so i will create a new tag for ib i think i have one in there I'll just say I be tagged that hit plus now it's in there and close it out okay so that's how you can quickly add stuff to your notes and organize them if you get an important email create a folder for it and and you can access it anytime anywhere you can login to evernote com type in your username and password from your laptop or anybody's computer you can access all your notes anytime anywhere as long as there's internet access which is awesome awesome for both yourself and for students if they can't take their iPad home they can login to evernote from a home computer or cell phone okay so we looked at the basics of Evernote how to create notes and folders add pictures chord voices add files and organizing tech our notes and also we took a look at sketching how to create on different things like colored maps how to add edit worksheets and add different symbols like arrows and text to our images that is the paperless notebook and I hope you learned a lot and enjoy the presentation College of Arts Sciences and Engineering.