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Where To Buy A Kindle 3 If you want to know where to buy Kindle 3 you are definitely in the right place. The Kindle is manufactured by Lab126, a subsidiary of Amazon. For this reason, it is probably best to buy from Amazon. They have a very high % of 5Star Reviews. Amazon have a comprehensive Support Section for the Kindle and a 30day returns policy. Amazon Kindle's Popularity The Kindle is extremely popular worldwide. The Kindle 3 was released on July 28th, 2010. By August 25th, less than a month later, Amazon announced the Kindle 3 was the fastest selling Kindle ever. In late January 2011, Kindle's e-books outstripped Amazon's book sales by 115 to 100! All across the internet, there are gleaming reviews of the Kindle. Why is it so Popular? It's Portability and Storage Capacity: Probably the number one reason for Kindle's popularity. Being able to store up to 3,500 books and carry and read anywhere is truly amazing. It's e-Ink Technology: Many people are particularly impressed with its e-ink technology. It allows crisp, clear and sharp letters and images to show. The screen does not reflect sunlight like LCD screens do, allowing it to be read in direct sunlight. Can also zoom to the required font size. It has been said that the screen looks very much like real paper, so there is no eye-strain that you often get with reading on a laptop. Lightweight: It is only 241 grams and 8.5mm thick, making it thinner than a magazine and lighter than a book. Battery Life:

Lasts up to one whole month before recharging is needed, or 3 weeks with wireless on. Compared to other technology this is better, with a Smartphone requiring a charge every 5-10 hours, and a laptop every 4 - 5 hours. Book Selection: Fast and easy to download books. More than 550,000 e-books available, and you can read the first chapter free to see if you like it before you buy it. Also 1 million free books available. Newspapers, magazines, blogs and more can also be downloaded. Real page numbers are included, making it possible to refer to and cite passages. Many other Features: Quiet page turn buttons, so you do not wake up your partner if reading in bed. Easily saving of your current page and being able to synchronise your e-books to other devices, along with your save points. Read-to-Me feature that allows you to hear the book being read aloud to you. The ability to share any part of a story you like with social network sites like Facebook and Twitter, since they are integrated into the device. Can be used straight out of the box, no set-up required. No software installation or computer required. Includes a PDF Reader with features such as dictionary lookup, highlights. You can carry all documents around with you. Ideal for university students. If you want to buy the latest release of the Kindle, the Kindle 3, then click on the link at the bottom. This link will give you details on the prices and different versions of the latest Kindle, and links to the UK and American Stores. Click Here For Kindle Prices

Where to buy kindle 3  

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