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How to Properly Maintain Trade Show Booths Once you have decided to purchase a trade show booth for your company, you have to know how to use and maintain it property, so it can last for a long time and be used for many trade show events and exhibits. Maintaining trade show booths is more than just setting it up correctly. It takes a lot of effort to sustain the booth and use it over and over again. Here are some tips that you may find interesting and useful. 1.

Always use a carrying case to store your collapsible trade show booth. Travel is extremely dangerous, and a carrying case will help you protect the booth as it easily can get dropped or slammed into a wall, making it completely useless.


After every event, clean the booth and inspect for any minor or major damage. You can clean it by wiping down all elements of your booth with a damp cloth, and completely dry it before taking it down and packing it away. Cleaning the booth can help prevent dirt, dust, and grime from building up on your displays.


When taking down your booth, do it with care. Take time and do not hasten. Roll up banners, detach add-ons, and fold every piece properly. You don’t want to end up with unsightly creases or breaks the next time you use your trade show booth.


Be careful when storing your booth. Always store your booth in a climatecontrolled environment. Heat can warp your displays, make colors fade and have other damaging effects on your booth. Ensure that it is well kept and no one or nothing can mess it up.


Seek assistance from professionals. When in doubt or not sure what to do, contact a professional trade show booth manufacturer to help store and maintain your pieces. Often, they can even provide repair services if pieces of your booth need fixing.

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How to Properly Maintain Trade Show Booths