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How Trade Show Display Rentals Work If you or your company is participating in a trade show event as an exhibitor, you have two options in setting up your booth – you can either purchase your own trade show booth display or simply get a display rental that is much less expensive than the former. Choosing the latter has many advantages. Aside from the cheaper price, trade show display rentals are flexible, customizable, and often come with assistance for set up. If you are interested with simply renting a display booth, you have to know first how trade show display rentals work. 1.

Start by looking for companies that offer booth and display rentals. Narrow your options by comparing their product line up, service coverage, rates, location, and other terms and conditions.


After selecting one, contact the company and explain what you need. Discuss about materials you prefer, specific type of the display you need, size of your booth, and even service coverage.


If you are getting a custom-made display rental, carefully explain the particulars of the products. Send sample graphics, if available. If initial design layout is not according to your preference, do not be afraid to ask for revisions. Throw revisions and feedback back and forth until the graphic artist of the rental company has finally accomplished what you like.


If the materials are all set, discuss the particulars of the event – date and time of trade show, duration of the rental, schedule of set up and event completion, and others.


Remember that most display rentals are charged according to the duration of your usage, including custom layout, design, and creation. Hence, ensure that you return the rented display as soon as the trade show has ended.

These are the essential things you need to know about renting trade show displays. While you might experience a few minor inconveniences in renting compared to purchasing, you can really save a lot of money from it. For more information about trade show display rentals, visit us!

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How Trade Show Display Rentals Work