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The Problem of Drunk Driving among Teenagers Drunk driving is a serious problem with teenagers today. While there have been laws on the books for years, they don’t seem to be taking care of the problem. We as adults need to take the time to make sure our teens understand what they risk when they drink and drive.

Teenagers and Drunk Driving: a Serious Problem Drunk driving is a serious problem among the entire population, but the problem of drunk driving among teenagers is even more problematic. There are two major issues that contribute to the problem: behaviors of the adults with whom they have contact and peer pressure. explains how these two major problems contribute to the overall problem of teenagers who drink and drive such as: Adults who drink and drive send the message to teens that it’s acceptable behavior Peers encourage the behavior without thinking of the consequences that may result

Teens often drink and drive to show their friends they are able to handle alcohol, but the results are usually disastrous Adults do not always discourage teens from drinking and driving by doing the obvious: taking away the keys to the car As adults it is our responsibility to make sure our teens know the consequences they may face if they choose to disobey the law: drinking and driving and underage drinking. If you would like more information about how to teach your teens about the perils of drinking and driving, fill out the form you see on the Legal Yogi website, and one of the experts will be in touch with you soon. Drinking among Teens: a Serious Problem The problem of drunk driving teens is on the increase, and while experts are working on a solution, there hasn’t been much headway in that direction yet. The solution lies in the education and without it there is no hope of eliminating the problem. The adults need to teach their teenagers proper behavior and the importance of obeying the law. Likewise teens need to understand the consequences that could occur if they choose to drink before getting behind the wheel of a car. Finding the Solution What is the solution to drunk driving and teenagers? As we already stated, education is important. This needs to include not just our teens but also their peers in order to discourage them from allowing their friends to drink and drive. When we can encourage all drivers and the friends of those drivers to discourage teenagers from drinking and driving we will be on the way to finding the solution. In addition, if we teach our teenagers how to follow the law, we may decrease the numbers of adults who will engage in the same destructive behavior. There is a serious problem of drunk driving among teenagers, and unfortunately the problem is not getting any better. We are seeing more drunk driving teens than at any time in the past, and this leads to more alcohol-related accidents on the road. Finding a solution to drunk driving and teenagers is important, but we can only accomplish that through education. Drunk driving among teenagers is becoming more serious than at any time in the past. For some great information on this topic you should visit There is also a huge free database that includes thousands of legal and financial professionals right at your fingertips to provide help. If you feel the need to schedule a free consultation, take moment to pick up your phone and call 800-397-1755 any time of the day or night.

The Problem of Drunk Driving Among Teenagers