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The Increasing Problem of Children and Identity Theft With so many cases of identity theft, there is an even more extensive need for consumers to protect themselves from social security ID theft. While not all identity theft begins with access to a victim’s social security card or number, at some point it will definitely enter the picture.

Protecting Yourself Fraud and identity Theft Credit card fraud and identity theft often go hand in hand although there may be times when they work alone. In most cases the thief will obtain one and then go after the other. For instance, you may find your credit card stolen, so the thief avails himself of your personal information in an effort to redirect your credit card statements and even obtain a new credit card; he may report yours stolen and get a new card with a new number. provides some tips on how to protect yourself from these thieves such as: Only take credit cards you are going to use on a particular shopping trip

Never reveal your social security number to anyone who does not have a valid reason to have it (employer, potential employer, insurance company, tax agency, etc.) Never provide your credit card number or any other personal information to anyone who calls you; instead, call the number you have for the company or even the number that comes up on the caller I.D. and verify they called you Only use secure websites for making payments or purchases Always verify information on your credit card and bank statements routinely in case of an authorized transaction For more information about protecting yourself from identity theft and fraud fill out the online form that appears on the website. Someone will be in touch with you immediately. Credit Cards and Identity Theft: an Unwelcome Family Unfortunately, identity theft and credit cards often work together to form an unhappy union. It doesn’t matter whether you are a victim of identity theft or credit card fraud first; in the end they both cause damage to your financial well-being. However, you can protect yourself from harm by following simple precautions. Identity Theft and Children: a New Problem The newest trend in society is children and identity theft. The average person probably doesn’t think children have anything that is of value to these thieves, but the reality is children are protection for them; they count on the fact that parents will probably not notice anything amiss for many years, so to protect your children you must become proactive and review the credit reports of your children with the same diligence you do your own. The biggest problems in the market today are credit card fraud and identity theft. The problem begins with identity theft and credit cards but doesn’t necessarily stop there; it may lead instead to social security ID theft. As if these issues are not problematic enough, we are also facing the problem of children and identity theft. Identity theft is still an enormous problem and doesn’t appear to be getting any better. It is not limited to adults any longer but has begun to reach children who aren’t even old enough for credit. has the resources necessary to help you assess your situation and determine exactly what you need to do. In addition to all the resources available on the website, there is a free database that contains over 250,000 legal consultants and financial advisors from all over the country. The only thing you need to do is pick up your phone and call 800-397-1755 to schedule a free consultation.

The Increasing Problem of Children and Identity Theft  

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