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Portfolio Stephen Hale - Two of your freelance assignments

A- ---Prose Media B- Experience - O My goodness. This was an incredibly frustrating process. Once I finally figured out how to do things like write my big letter, I went on to and created an account. Trying to find freelance work is extremely difficult. Then, once you do find the work, I realized that everyone asking for freelance writers had topics that I knew little to nothing about. I felt extremely frustrated that I was applying for a job based purely on my writing skills and absolutely no knowledge of the subjects. I finally found one that seemed less intimidating than the others and applied for it. C- Overall Impression – Well, my impression was that does not have a whole lot to support a freelancer’s specific interest. I got the impression that I should feel lucky to apply use and apply for a job, rather than, let’s get your resume and bid letter out there and find you some freelance work. Maybe I didn’t know how to use the website. That could be a factor, but my impression then would be that they were less than interested in making the website user friendly. In addition, Prose Media had a very poor, uninformative website and it was extremely difficult to apply for the job. As you can see from my screen shot, their “quick quote section” wasn’t even clear as to what info I needed to put in which blank. This all made me feel stupid. I put a lot of time into my bid letter, studying several examples and using the structure from the PowerPoint. I felt like it would be appropriate that people looking for freelance work be a little more simplistic when finding freelancers. D- What I learned – I love to write. I love to blog. But I want no part of the freelance world. I don’t feel confident enough to sell myself in a business that has nothing but options. This experience showed me how frustrating this world can be. Nothing will change my love for journalism, but the world of freelancing seems entirely to cut throat, especially in the beginning stages. Countless ads looking for freelancers would only want someone with five years’ experience at least. Or maybe they wanted a full

list of all my past freelance work. I almost feel like is equivalent to breaking into the Entertainment Industry: it’s all about who you know. Never-the-less, I finished this assignment, much to my dismay and left extremely discouraged about being a freelance writer. I commend those people who can navigate through the weeds in the initial phases of becoming a freelancer. As for me, a solid six months of research would be in order before I even attempted to break into the world. It is a monumental realization that I do not want to let a fail attempt to discourage me from my love of writing. That, in and of itself, made this an extremely valuable assignment and I am grateful for the learning experience. E- Copy of Letter Sports blogging and writing is my passion. Basketball is my favorite sport to write about, but I enjoy football and soccer as well. I have a unique skill to take my passion and formulate it into the right words that fit my clients need. I am an experienced sports blogger that will formulate any client requirements into words that their readers need to experience. While my passion is sports blogging, I can take any topic and bring it to life through the use of journalism. I value the work I do and I take pride in making sure that my clients get what they need, when they need it and how they want it. My bid is as follows; $10 per article. This will include a maximum of 2 revisions and will only include real and accurate descriptions of my client’s needs. I will deliver the final project within 10 days, but can rush the project for an additional $10 per project. You will get what you need. Dates are negotiable. Email me @ to talk more about this exciting opportunity to work together!

A- -creative writing-writer/editor/story writer B-Experience- My experience is getting better. Freelance writing is still not for me, but I can see how each experience is unique in tis own way. This website was definitely the easiest to use and I will certainly stick with in the future. It just seems user friendly and a little less administrative. The various people who are looking for work are very short and too the point. It's obvious what they want and I felt much more encouraged. C- Overall Impression – This time, I switched from to Elance. The website was much easier and the publishers were more "human" to me. Honestly, I even saw a couple peoples ADs that had misspellings in them. While this would seem to be unprofessional, to a Rookie freelancer like me, it was

encouraging because it showed me that they obviously needed help. I just felt like this experience was my best yet and the company I applied for really seemed to have a need. They wanted someone who could help their specific need and wanted "words to grab people’s attention." It just seemed like I found someone that related to me. D- What I learned – The most valuable thing I learned was persistence. I may not get selected yet, but I did see that switching websites or sources can bring new encouragement. As soon as I began navigating through the Elance site, I began to feel rejuvenated in my writing prowess. I felt like there might be an assignment here for me and I never felt that about When in the freelance world, you have to find the write job market for you and that’s not always easy. So kudos to Elance for being an awesome working website that made this a valuable experience. E- Copy of Letter Sports blogging and writing is my passion. Basketball is my favorite sport to write about, but I enjoy football and soccer as well. I have a unique skill to take my passion and formulate it into the right words that fit my clients need. I am an experienced sports blogger that will formulate any client requirements into words that their readers need to experience. While my passion is sports blogging, I can take any topic and bring it to life through the use of journalism. I value the work I do and I take pride in making sure that my clients get what they need, when they need it and how they want it. My bid is as follows; $10 per article. This will include a maximum of 2 revisions and will only include real and accurate descriptions of my client’s needs. I will deliver the final project within 10 days, but can rush the project for an additional $10 per project. You will get what you need. Dates are negotiable. Email me @ to talk more about this exciting opportunity to work together! backurl=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZWxhbmNlLmNvbS9yL2pvYnMvY2F0LXdyaXRpbmctdHJhbnNsYXRpb24 vc2N0LWNyZWF0aXZlLXdyaXRpbmctMTAyMDkv

- Resume o

Stephen Hale USN, E5 7964 Wendover Dr, Jurupa Valley, Ca 92509 Phone: (361)230-2043 ~ Email:

Professional Summary or Objective statement Seasoned Journalist in the United States Navy, working towards Bachelor's Degree at Cal Baptist University with Supervisor and Managerial Experience and a background in Volunteer experience with Religious Programs. Experience Oct 2008 – Present San Diego/Riverside, CA US Navy March 2013 - Present March AFRB- Defense Media Activity Broadcasting Center (DMA-BC) Riverside, Ca TV Operations Manage 9 different channels and responsible for 216 hours of TV Programing per day July 09 - Mar13

USS CARL VINSON (CVN 70), San Diego, CA Mass Communication Specialist Photo Supervisor Print Supervisor Journalist Audio Production (Podcast) Videographer Social Media Supervisor Writing of Press Releases, News Stories and Features with accompanied photo or video. Manage USS Carl Vinson's (CVN 70) Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages. June 2008 - Sept 2008 H-E-B Grocery Store, Stock Supervisor, Night Check Aransas Pass, Tx Night Time Supervisor in charge 4 people doing inventory and stocking shelves. April 2003 - July 2006 McDonald's Aransas Pass, Tx/ San Antonio, Tx Swing Manager supervising 15-20 employees during a shift. Key holder, scheduling, hiring interviews, nightly deposits, and customer service. Education

Personal Skills

May 2013 - Present California Baptist University Riverside, Ca B.A. Communication Studies (working) January 2009 - July 2009 Defense Information School Ft. Meade. Maryland Mass Communication Specialist A School Certificate of Completion September 2006 - May 2008 Texas Bible Institute Columbus, Tx Certificate of Completion August 2004 - March 2006 Mid America Christian University Moore, Ok General Education August 2000 - May 2004 Highland Avenue Christian School Aransas Pass, Tx College Prep Diploma I have good communication skills with superiors, peers, and subordinates. I have great work ethic and work well in teams. I enjoy a face paced environment but welcome the slow times as well. I don't have a problem with public speaking or being in front. But I am a team player and enjoy behind the scences work as well. I get great satisfaction in knowing I or my team is putting out our best work and providing a great product and service.

Technical Microsoft Office Suite 2010: Word, Publisher, Excel, ; Adobe Suite CS6: Adobe Skills Photoshop, Adobe Premier, Adobe InDesign; Media Avid; WPM; 64

- Four of your writing assignments

Writing 1 "5 Ways for a Man to support a Pregnant Woman" Pregnancy is a beautiful, yet physically demanding experience for a woman. Men should be aware of their changing bodies and extra hormones. Here are five ways a man can support a pregnant woman. Wash the Dishes- It doesn't have to just be dishes, but take on some chores that you normally wouldn't do. Remember, she is carrying an extra 20-40lbs, depending on what her cravings are. So do some of the less masculine chores, like laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cooking, dusting and anything else that she would normally do. It's the least you can do since she will carry the physical load of the pregnancy. Be Sensitive - Saying the right words in a sweet tone can go miles. She can hear a song, smell a meal, or see a commercial on TV and suddenly, her entire mood has changed. Don't worry, the woman you fell in love with is still there. But be aware of feelings like, joy, sadness, anger, love, happiness, hunger, sleepiness and worry and be there for her when she experiences them. Note: These emotions can come any time, any combination and in any order. Be Wrong when you are Right- Big Bird has a better shot at the Oval Office than a man winning an argument with a pregnant woman. As men, we must accept biting our tongues and sometimes letting her vent. Let her be mad. Let her be right. She may come up with some wild ideas and she may interpret things very differently than we do. The best thing to do is say "OK, let's consider that and come back to it later." A response like that will help you when your wife wants to name your unborn son "Quincy." She will probably come to change her mind on her own a lot better than you giving her "Three Points and a Poem" as to why we’re right. Turn off the TV- The worst thing you can do is ignore her. If she comes in to talk, mute the TV, pause it or turn it off. Whatever you do, don’t ignore her and look at her when conversing. Whenever she speaks, engage in the conversation with her. Ask questions and comment with complete sentences. Agree to watch one game of the games and spend two hours shopping for cribs instead of watching all four games. Don't Forget about Her- Everyone she knows will be talking about the baby. Don't forget to talk about her. Treat her to a pregnant woman's "Spa Day." Paint her toe-nails. Have a weekend getaway. Remind her that you are still attracted to her. Odds are she probably doesn't fit into most of the clothes in her closet, so hearing how beautiful her hair looks today will really go a long way. Writing 2 If you want the truth, you better be able to handle it. Sports writers drop the proverbial ball and wind up writing opinions sans truth. Now questions of integrity arise against not only the journalist writing the piece, but also for the sport or team they are covering. Simply put, it makes for a bad read. But I start with the truth. My opinions are additional to the story, not the foundation. I will give you 1000 words of San Antonio Spurs Basketball news in less than 24 hours after an NBA playoff game and it will be gospel. Of course, like a preacher who preaches the gospel, it will have my added flare to it. But you will finish reading gospel and be well informed from my combination of statistical analysis and quotable sources.

I am the writer you want on your staff because I love my job and I am good at it. I love the Spurs and want to give them their due diligence. I have followed them for the last 18 years, but have become more involved with them over the last 5. I have NBA League Pass and I don’t miss games. As a working Journalist in the United States Navy, my journalism skills are above average and multi-dimensional , writing press releases and feature stories. But I also write for a Spurs blog, Here is a clip from my Season Preview of the Spurs, written on Oct. 29, 2012, where I predicted there season record and was exactly correct: “My hope is that we develop our players this year and prep them for the post season. We have more talent and potential this year than we have had in a long time and I don’t even feel horrible about the future. But it is sink-or-swim time for our young bucks. I trust PATFO, but I hope that means he throws our guys in the deep end and they survive. Otherwise, let’s cut that rotation down and squeeze every last ounce of basketball out of those knees of Mr. Duncan. It is bold, but I wouldn’t have it any other way… 58-24Southwest Division ChampsWest Conference Champs 2012-2013 NBA Champs”

Writing 3 We get it. You are eating Ramen noodles and writing with pens you found in the backseat of your car, because you had to spend over $500 on books this semester. Not only is that a poor diet, but it is also a huge blow to the checking account. So we are giving you an alternative to dipping into your social security for book fees and we are offering you some help in getting you some cheap college textbooks for that Psychological Horseshoe class you didn’t think you would need a book for. Take the extra money you would save and eat a real meal. Gone are the days of paying more than $150 for a single book. At, we have tons of cheap college textbooks at your disposal. We offer audiobooks, eBooks, and you can even rent and return! Even if you aren’t in college, we still have the book for you. At, we have not only textbooks, but we have all types of reading from anything from American Literature to Nation Underwater basket weaving. Money shouldn’t be the cause for you not to be educated. Here at, we want to see you succeed and our cheap textbooks have the price tags to prove it. Here at, we recognize that college students are on a tight budget and are always looking for a place to get cheap textbooks. Well, you don’t have to look any further. We have thousands of books for all those classes, even those crazy electives that you didn’t know existed, like Dog Whispering. Our website is a user friendly source for you to get the cheap college textbooks that you need to get through the semester on a tight budget. was founded in 1997 by David Tiberio and he still manages the company today. You can even email him at his personal email account Writing 4 Are you sick and tired of being scared of the dentist? Do you fear sitting in the chair and having your dentist drill away at your mouth and seeing smoke? Well, fear not because the days of frightening trips to the dentist office are over. At happy dentist, we specialize in the type of gentle dentistry that will make you feel like you are in the comfort of your own hope. We want to give you a reason to smile, and that can’t happen if you are in pain! Our team focus on giving our patients the pain-free dental work that everyone wants from their dentist. At Happy Dentist, we think your teeth are important. But that doesn’t mean you have to experience the stress and pain that typically come with a dental visit. Pain-free dental work is something that we can offer you and ensure you get the results you need in a comforting way. We value gentle dentistry as much as we

value our customers. Your visit to Happy Dentist shouldn’t be fearful. It should be enjoyable. And it should be pain free. After all, you want a happy smile, right? Well, how can you be happy if it hurts? That’s why we can guarantee you our pain-free dental work. Check out our website at and catch up on some testimonials from some of our patients who left our office pain free. Here how our patients said “Yes!” to Happy Dentist and “NO!” to pain. So say goodbye to the smoke and loud drills and say hello to a smile that you will enjoy showing off. It’s your teeth, so treat them right! Pain free is the way to be. At Happy Dentist, we guarantee that this will be the most pleasant dentist visit of your life!

- Four blogs entries.

BLOG 1 I have chosen to blog about "Husbands during Pregnancy." This is very personal for me because my wife is pregnant with our first child. Of course, this is all new to her and her body is experiencing all kinds of changes, but it is a whole new world for me too. I have already learned that every change she experiences typically means that I get to experience something new too. So the best I can do is roll with it. My wife is currently 11 1/2 weeks and is due on November 22. The way we found out was kind of interesting. We have two dogs, a Yorkie Schnauzer mix named Huxley and a Yorkie Poodle mix named Cooper. About a month ago, they started to get really cuddly with her at night. This was normal for Cooper, the younger dog. But Huxley is not a cuddler. He is the alert dog. But they would both sleep on her stomach and they also didn't let anyone around unless they got a good "barking at." So I started to wonder. Then the morning sickness and sensitivity to smell started and we took a test. The first result was negative, but about a week later we went to the Doctor and got the news. But no one ever warned us about things like, when do we tell family? Which family members do we tell first? When do we put it on Facebook? What if the grandparents both want to be the one to buy the crib? So needless to say, the last three weeks have gone furiously slow. So hopefully, throughout the semester, I can report on new changes, new experiences and new techniques that men like me can learn. BLOG 2 We have officially reached a milestone and as the pregnancy, or as I like to call it, the Immaculate Conception, Part Duex, marches on, we prepared for the moment of truth. Our gender-reveal ultrasound has come and gone and the lovely pregnant wife and I now know what we are having. We now have the answer to the question that has been bugging us since we found out we were pregnant. Friday, we went to the Doctor. My wife was very jittery and business oriented and I was grinning like an idiot, happy as a clam. And the verdict is in: we are having a ---WHAM!!! Sorry, that was my wife hitting me in the head with a shoe! Of course, if you have kids, you probably know what I am talking about. I thought I would finally get to tell someone the great news. I’m bursting at the seams to tell people and my wife informs me that we have to do it the “right way.” The right way? I didn’t know there was a wrong way to tell people the gender of your child? Man, was I misinformed. And so began the planning of how we would tell her parents who live in the local area and my parents who live back in Texas and of course, how to tell Facebook. We even debated about doing the gender reveal at the baby shower, but she knows that isn’t realistic for me to wait that long. For her parents and sisters, we have decided to have them over to our house for dinner on Friday and play a little game.

We will take pink and blue balloons and tape them to our fence. All balloons will have a piece of paper inside, but one balloon will have the gender revealed. Then, we will ask her family trivia questions about our relationship. If they get a question right, they get a dart to throw, kind of like at the carnival. The object is to hit the “Special” balloon and be the one to read the news! As for my parents, we took a picture of my boots and my wife’s heels. We matched the gender by getting a very similar pair of shoes that matches either me or my wife. Then we framed it and wrapped it in pink tissue paper, then blue tissue paper, then pink, then blue and so on and so on. We will send it to my folks and plan for it to arrive on the same Friday. All this seems absolutely ridiculous to me. I’d rather just text my parents and I would be happy to just tell all my fellow students what I am having, but my wife and the good Lord just have other plans. Hopefully, by next week’s blog, the cat will be out of the bag and I can post the results, the picture we used and even the video that we make this Saturday. Now, please excuse me. My wife has to proof read this under her own Privacy Act before I post it… BLOG 3 My wife and I were engaged in the first six months of 2010. Being in the Navy, I went on deployment prior to our wedding, which left my wife to do the registry prior to our wedding in June. This might not seem like a big deal, but men love one thing about registering for weddings: the scanner. I never got to live my dream of going to department stores scanning away at all the necessities that will hold my marriage together, like 70 inch TVs and programmable coffee pots. So this past weekend, when we began registering at Babies R Us for our newborn child, that scanner gun was all mine. I felt like Clint Eastwood. As the new Sheriff in town, I was spinning it around, holstering it in my back pocket. I had a quick draw with the baby monitors in aisle 2. I successfully sniped car seats from three aisles away. The bibs had no chance when they received the same fate from the fastest hands in the west. I spared the humidifiers and took one into custody and brought it home with me, placing it in jail, or my bedroom. I'm hoping to claim a reward. Needless to say, I was the Law inside Babies R Us and with my pistol-scanner gun, no baby item was going free. Until we got to the pacifier aisle. Sweet mother of God. It seemed like their were thousands of outlaw-pacifiers against that wall. I stared them down, trying to decide which shot to take first, so as to not blow my cover. I was intimidated. I needed support. So I called in Deputy Pregnant Wife. She stated that this was a losing battle. We decided to fight another day and did not open fire on the pacifiers. We regrouped at the sheriffs office (our home) and did our research on the bandit pacifiers via the internet. The deputy has been tasked with deciding which is the healthiest, safest and most durable pacifier. We will be heading back to "the Badlands" this weekend, where I will have my trusty six-shooter-scanner-gun and I will take on the pacifiers in a dual that Billy the Kid would be proud of. Needless to say, as a dad to be, I had no idea there were that many pacifiers. I just wanted to use the scanner gun. I'm glad my wife had the patience to do her research on the right one instead of just my just "pulling the trigger." Point- Deputy Pregnant Wife. BLOG 4 It has been a pleasure to write this blog throughout this course. As I have embarked on the new journey of fatherhood, I hope that I could show all the men and women who read this an inside look at the father's perspective. As we prepare for the November 13th arrival of our son, my wife and I are grateful for the lessons and examples of good parenting that we have seen in our lives. However, we also know that no level of training can fully prepare you for what that bundle of joy will bring. For me, I grew up without a mother. My father raised me as a single dad until he remarried when I was six. So believe me when I say that I have a solid perspective of what it means to have a good dad in your life. He made me the man I am today and I hope that I can be half the father to my son. My wife has done an awesome job reminding me that this isn't just her pregnancy, but it is ours. Potential fathers have a much greater responsibility than just grinning like an idiot every time someone says congratulations. I am eager for the big day to arrive, but I am also conscience of the task at hand. If there is one thing I know, it is that anyone can be a sperm donor. It takes work to be a dad.

Thank you all for following me on this brief 8 week journey of this new chapter of our lives. I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to add me on Facebook for tons of updates. My wife insists I have to reducing my posting quantities after the little guy arrives....

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