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The value of a salon client newsletter In the last Salon Management Strategies email, I talked about how an inactive client mailing can give your salon a quick boost in business. But what can you do every month that will make sure that your client list is valuable and viable? The answer: Put together a monthly client newsletter. A client newsletter does one thing right off the bat. It touches your clients 12 times a year. Remember in the last email, I mentioned that most direct marketers feel that every month that goes by that you do not touch your clients with something, about 10% of the list becomes worthless. A client newsletter solves this problem. But a client newsletter can also do so much more for you. Clients like to be informed. Newsletters will do this. Clients like to buy from people not companies. A monthly newsletter will inject personality into your salon. Suddenly, your clients will feel like they are buying from a real live person…not just another company. A client newsletter should also be used to promote new services or just remind people of services they likely have no idea your salon performs. How many times have clients said to you or your staff “I didn’t even know you guys did xxx service”. This is a great way of reminding the clients. Newsletters can also promote a new technology that the salon is offering such as your new salon appointment booking software that can be used for online appointment booking. Newsletters should also be used as an information tool. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you want to educate clients on how a few foils added to a color treatment can really make a huge difference in the overall appearance. Remember, clients are not stylists. They have very little knowledge of how adding a simple service will make a huge difference. Newsletters can also be a great way to introduce new stylists to your client base. Remember, pictures are worth a thousand words. So, you should put pictures of the new employee in the newsletter. You want your clients to think of your salon as their oasis away from the hectic world that they live in. Treat them as part of a big family and they will love to return to your salon. Now, I know what many of you may be thinking. I can’t write a newsletter…I can barely write a simple email or letter. Well, the good news is that there are companies that will do it for you. They give you the guts of the newsletter for the month and you simply add your specials, pictures, etc. There are also companies out their that will do the whole thing from soup to nuts.

So figure out what is best for you, but whatever you do, don’t forget that this newsletter will pay for itself many, many times over if you do it right. If fact, you will soon find out that it is the best and most cost-effective form of advertising that you will ever do. On a side note, check out our top-rated salon appointment booking software used by thousands of salons nationwide used to move their businesses into the 21st century. To access a salon management software free download simply access our website at For more information on ,salon appointment booking software,salon management software free download,Please visit:-Hairmax salon software

The value of a salon client newsletter  

A client newsletter does one thing right off the bat. It touches your clients 12 times a year. Remember in the last email, I mentioned tha...

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