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SR Template As soon as you open the SR Template, this form shows. SR Type is a dropdown of either Quote or Order Confirmation. The email address is captured from looking up Outlook (AD) from the Requestor’s Name. Department is a dropdown. SR No is validated to contain SR and be 10 characters.


SR Template Much the same as the existing process, the order details are entered into the SR Template. Date Issued 21/10/2013 SR Seq Requestor Email Department SR Number

ACCESS Only Shop C No Stephen Harper ACCESS - Property SR98765432

Approver Cust CC

Quote Quantity Part No. Description

Unit Cost

Total Cost



Lenovo R61



Cost Price Apply 11% 350




USB 2GB Memory Sticks





Additional Fields at Quote stage include a Cost Price and a Y/N option for applying the 11% levy. All costs are calculated from the entered Cost Price. Once the quote is complete the user clicks the Quote/Order Complete Button.

£473.26 Approver (confirmed in writing either directly or via email chain & a copy attached)


SR Template – Automated Process Approval Email The SR Template now creates an email, populated with the requestor’s email address and shows a copy of the Quote as well as attaching a list of Approvers for that person’s service. The user can then confirm they’re happy with it before hitting Send.

SR Log It also writes all of the entries to the SR Log as multi-line data. This means that each individual entered item is a new line of data on the log, much easier for reporting and reconciliation.

Save to SR Form Folder Finally it saves a copy of the completed form into the SR Form folder, naming it as the actual SR number, for future use/reference.


SR Log Viewer

The SR Log Viewer is the tool used to view a list of all the submitted SR forms, Open them to edit as well as submit a PO for an Order Confirmation. You can filter the list like any spreadsheet or use the SR/PO number quick search options.

You can view the Outstanding POs as a list by pressing this button: (These are the Order Confirmations that haven’t had a PO assigned to them) 6

SR Log Viewer

The user can use the Add PO function, which assigns a PO to any SR number, this form only shows the Order Confirmations that haven’t had a PO assigned.

The user can also open any SR that has been created. The ability to filter is particularly useful for this.


SR Forms The completed forms are saved into the SR Forms folder, which is split into Quotes or Order Confirmation. The naming convention for the Quote forms:

SR Forms

SR12345673-Q1 The “Q” means Quote and the “1” means that it’s the first quote created against that SR number. You are able to go back into an issued quote, edit it and it will generate a new Quote sequence number:

SR12345673-Q2 When a requestor goes ahead with a purchase, the Quote is them progressed and is automatically saved into the Order Confirmation folder with an O in the sequence:


Order Confirmation


N.B. All quotes are saved as .xlsm files 8

SR Template – Quote to Order Confirmation When the user revisits any previously created Quote and then uses the they are given this prompt:


If they answer No, it follows the Automated Process as in the previous slide: creates a new Quote, attaches it to an email, submits it to the log as before and names it as the next order in the sequence. If they answer Yes, then they are prompted with this form: The Shopping Cart No (optional) and Customer Cost Centre (required) are free-text fields. The Approver Name is a drop-down only showing the specified approvers for the Requestor’s Service. It then follows the Automated Process as before and saves it to the Order Confirmation folder.




SR Process Automation  
SR Process Automation