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BD - Off Page - Why Buy Dragon Medical Practice Edition? (BD) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------A very wise man once said, "necessity is the mother of invention." And in terms of the current state of play in healthcare across the United States, this has never been more true. As a physician you're no doubt fully aware that the HITECH Act and push for "meaningful use" is now in full effect, with a 2016 deadline set for all medical practices across the country to be using an electronic health record (EHR) system in all interactions with their patients. The funding provided by the Obama administration has softened the financial blow of having to implement an EHR, but a bigger concern for physicians is that the requirement for a digital record to be kept for every single patient means that their workload will increase by a considerable amount. In fact in many cases the use of EHR could actually create a resource bottleneck where doctors are busier trying to update their EHR than they are caring for their patients. Or at least that would be the case if your practice wasn't using Dragon速 Medical Practice Edition of course. Instead of winding up in a struggle between yourself and the keyboard you can simply dictate whatever information is required for the electronic record, and you'll be able to do so far more quickly than anyone can type. In fact using Dragon Medical Practice Edition means that you can update any EHR at a speed of up to 150 words per minute, and all without the need of a transcriptionist to do anything but proofread your notes and then create any final documents required from them. In summary there are literally dozens of reasons for your practice to buy Dragon Medical Practice Edition, with the mandatory use of EHR being a primary one. There are, however, few reasons for you not to make the advantageous leap to medical speech recognition excellence.

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