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When was the last time you got together? Too long ago, probably. Facebook your friends now and save the hassle of cooking by ordering from Forman & Field. This menu is smart and fun without being pretentious. Just hope they don’t ask for the recipe for the macaroons.


iettes lmon paup sa d e k o sm lobster with crab & b e ef roast welsh r ad & butte bailey’s bre g puddin macaroons


a dinner party with friends

starter smoked salmon paupiettes with crab & lobster

pudding bailey’s bread & butter pudding

These parcels are a little bit fancy but there’s nothing wrong in impressing from the start, particularly when there’s zero preparation required. Keep the music going, no one will want to pass the parcel.  GF

A crowd pleaser if ever there was one. Bread, butter, Bailey’s. Beautiful.


N7630  BREAD & BUTTER PUDDING  Serves 6  £8.95

something extra macaroons Most people think of macaroons as dry, brittle, rather unpleasant things. Think again. These are soft, creamy, occasionally fruity and utterly irresistible. Two mouthfuls of pure joy.  GF


N7007 MACAROONS  16 pieces (4 flavours)  £15.95

N7704  CRÈME ANGLAISE  750ml    Serves 6 – 8  £8.95

N7008  MACAROONS  32 pieces (8 flavours)  £30.95


Our Welsh beef has won many plaudits from distinguished restaurateurs like John Torode – he of Masterchef fame. Tender is the word, tender is the night. J5160  ROLLED RIBS  1.5kg  Serves 6 – 8  £31.50 J5140  ROLLED SIRLOIN  1.5kg  Serves 6 – 8  £47.50 J5198  FILLET  1kg  Serves 5 – 6  £49.95

your passion for gourmet “ Indulge food and mail order some extra special treats. Our favourites are Forman & Field.


main welsh beef roasting joints

Good Housekeeping

J5155  RIBS ON THE BONE  4.5kg  Serves 10 – 12  £79.95

to order call 0203 601 5464 or visit

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Menu fig & tunworth, rtlets beetroot ta am alderton h ke istachio ca lemon & p na l eld traditio forman & fi ction cheese sele


starter tunworth, fig & beetroot tartlets

The cottage is hired. Designer wellies packed. Deepest Dorset awaits. The great thing about a buffet like this is its informality. All you need to do is stick everything on a kitchen table and let people pick. All weekend if they want. No need to figure out how the Aga works. It probably doesn’t.

a weekend away

main alderton ham

pudding lemon & pistachio cake

Tunworth is an award winning soft cheese from Hampshire and works beautifully with the fig and beetroot in these tasty cheese tarts. Eminently scoffable.

The perfect English ham. Moist and flavoursome and great value when a whole ham will serve plenty to last the weekend. Let guests carve their own slices then serve up again with eggs for brunch.  GF

Think North Africa, southern Spain, driving over lemons and all that. Fantastic quality and one to enjoy as you gather round the open fire and reminisce about the good old days.

F3280  TUNWORTH, FIG & BEETROOT TARTLETS  2 individual  Serves 2  £5.95

J5095  HALF HAM ON BONE  Min 2.25kg  Serves 15  £53.95 J5092  HALF HAM BONELESS  Min 2kg  Serves 15  £56.95 J5091  WHOLE HAM ON BONE  Min 5.5kg  Serves 20 – 25  £84.50


N7332  LEMON & PISTACHIO CAKE  Serves 6  £14.50

A good cheeseboard is as essential on a weekend away as windcheaters and a sat nav. Guests can nibble away at dinner, after Scrabble, before bed, in the dead of night… See page 52 for full contents. L6070  TRADITIONAL CHEESE SELECTION  1.1kg  Serves up to 25  £39.95


& Field assembles a cornucopia “ Forman of the best foods from artisan producers and farmers around the country, supplemented with goodies made in the company’s own kitchens.

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something extra traditional cheese selection

to order call 0203 601 5464 or visit

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