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Stories behind the establishment of Mugunghwa House

The Mugunghwa House, created by everyone

As unfamiliar as it is for many overseas adoptees, Korea is also their

“Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.”

motherland that they love and cherish. Dr. Kim Duk Whang, the founder of

The Mugunghwa House has finally opened for overseas adoptees. Although

Eastern Social Welfare Society hoped to create spaces where adoptees can

the beginning stage isn’ t complete with perfection, its future and dream are

be welcomed and able to rest. In reflection to his will, ESWS founded the

greater than ever.

Mugunghwa House in 2012. We hope many adoptees can think of the place

The Mugunghwa House will not just be a guest house. This will be the central

as their second home in Korea with the chance to solidify their identity and

hub where the society and adoptees can interact. It is also the place for

promote internal growth.

The Mugunghwa House

overseas adoptees to have chances to learn more about their motherland, to feel and experience the country and connecting with other adoptees. However, all the above won’ t be possible alone. We need your love and support more than ever. Please support the Mugunghwa House so that we can accomplish

A Message from an Overseas Adoptee

various activities and services for adoptees.

Michael A. Gohl (Park, Joon il)

How to support Mugunghwa House - Item donation or monetary donation for item purchase ※ Necessary Items: Electronic home appliances, furniture, bedding supplies, kitchen appliances, home interior items, etc

My name is Michael A. Gohl. I had the special privilege of participating in the 2011 Program that the Eastern Social Welfare Society had sponsored. Through

- Facility management fees / Other miscellaneous management fees

this program, I was able to create so many memorable and exciting

- For more information on supporting Mugunghwa House: / 82-2-324-0114

experiences. Through a portion of this program, I was able to stay in the ESWS guesthouse in Seoul, which was a great experience. The Post Adoption

Directions to Mugunghwa House

Services Center told me that they were planning to operate a guest house only for grown up adoptees and that they were starting to raise funds for it. In a way, I was excited that they are doing this because I think that a guest house provides so much that no adoptee can really explain in words. For me, personally, the experience of staying at a guest house at ESWS was very exquisite. Not only does a guest house provide a way for adult adoptees to intercommunicate, but to exchange backgrounds and establish common

grounds. Having a guest house not only provides adult adoptees a place to

stay when in Korea, but also provides a“safe haven”to be able to meet other adoptees. Mainly, I think the guest house is very beneficial in establishing a common ground with other adoptees around the world. So this is why I think it is important to have a guest house for grown up adoptees.

Bus : #7612, 7738, 7739- Get off at Yeonhui-dong Autonomy Hall Subway--> Bus 1) Take line 2(green line) or Airport Railroad Line and get off at Hongik University Station Exit 2 or 8 --> Take bus #7612 2) Take line 3(orange line) get off at Hongje Station Exit 3 --> Take bus #7738, 7739

※ Address : 27 Da-Gil Yeonhui-ro(Yeonhui-dong 95-15), Seodaemun-gu, Seoul

The Mugunghwa House is a cozy guest house and rest area for overseas adoptees, operated and managed by Eastern Social Welfare Society.

Mugunghwa House is

Introducing the Mugunghwa House

A comfortable shelter for overseas adoptees Mugungwha House is a cozy home in Korea for adoptees who return to their


The Mugunghwa House has 6 rooms that allow about 10 guests at once. Additionally, it is facilitated with common room, bathrooms, kitchen and dinning room, programming room, laundry room and garage. Breakfast is provided.

1. Post-Adoption Services We help adoptees to find their roots more effectively and efficiently. We connect adoptees with appropriate organizations or agencies for more

birthland for various reasons.

professional services.


A place of sharing common experiences

2. Experiencing Korean Culture and Touring Korea We provide various cultural sights and activities along with useful tourist

The guest house is only for adult adoptees over eighteen years old and can

information so that visitors can fully enjoy their time in Korea.

facilitate sharing of experiences and backgrounds while making new friends.

A ladder to grow up through


Regular Guestroom

3. Adoption Related Programs and Adapting to Motherland Coaching Program We provide opportunities to widen understandings and knowledge about the

Through the counseling programs provided by ESWS, they can enhance

motherland through exchange program with local residents and long-term

their understanding about their adoption and Korean society.

staying adoptees.

4. Supporting Voluntary Work

A place that helps them find their Korean heritage

We provide various opportunities for volunteer program through social welfare Through providing information about living in Korea and

opportunities of

experiencing Korean culture, we would like adoptees to discover their Korean

Living room


facility, local social organizations and domestic adoptive families.

heritage and, hopefully, feel proud of their connection with Korea.

■ Guest House Fees for the Mugunghwa House






15,000 won

4 ppl (bunk bed)

Regular Guestroom

20,000 won

2 ppl (single bed)

※ Costs are for 1 guest per 1 night

■ Information Mugunghwa House : 82-70-8172-3944 / mugunghwa Post Adoption Service Center : 82-2-3142-5821 /

Mugunghwa House  

About Mugunghwa House in South Korea

Mugunghwa House  

About Mugunghwa House in South Korea