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Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Idle Currents By Steve Edward Saturday, 0800 hours, Apartment of Teletha Testarossa and Alice Wren Alice shaking off sleep approached the door and looking through the peep hole saw Kaname Chidori who looked a bit worse for wear. She could see Kaname alternately knocking and ringing the door bell impatiently. Alice opened the door to welcome Kaname into the apartment found Kaname brushing past her, “Tessa! Tessa! Are you here?” As Alice spoke, “Well good morning Kaname, what is so urgent?” Kaname stopped and turned, “Where is Captain Simms? Please I have to know?” Teletha leaving her bedroom spoke, “Miss Chidori, Captain Simms may be in his apartment have you checked?” as Tessa took in Kaname’s overall appearance; Kaname replied “I been there it is empty. Where is he?” Tessa took Kaname’s hand and guided her to the living room, “Please sit down and tell me what is going on. Perhaps he is out somewhere for now. I will have Souska go look for him.” Tessa spoke, “What did you see again?” as Tessa discreetly pressed the recording button of the digital recorder. Directed by Tessa, Alice checked Captain Simms’s apartment and found it empty like Kaname said, though why Kaname had apparently gone so far as to break in to the apartment to search it herself was a mystery to Alice. Tessa spoke, “So this went all night long, seeing the brief images?” Kaname hugging her legs nodded, “All night long. It kept repeating, the same things over. A ship, then something black coming across the water towards the ship and then I saw him. Captain Simms he was on top of the black thing.” Tessa replied, “You mean something like this?” as Tessa made a rough drawing of a surfaced submarine, an outline of a US Navy Los Angles class attack submarine. Kaname replied, “Yes that. He was on top of that!” Tessa set the drawing down and turning to Alice who spoke, “Captain Simms obviously left either late last night or early this morning. His belongings are gone.” Tessa spoke, “Excuse me a moment Alice,” as Tessa rose and went to her bedroom she removed a small transmitter and keyed it, “Sergeant Major Mao or Sergeant Weber please respond!” The voice of Sergeant Sagara spoke, “Madam Captain? Is there difficulty?” Tessa turned to look towards Kaname, “Souska I do not know yet. Where are Captain Simms and the Sergeant Major?” Souska replied, “The captain departed early this morning for Melida Island and Sergeant Major Mao and Sergeant Weber are on rest cycle.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Idle Currents By Steve Edward Tessa spoke, “Contact Melida Island and arrange for immediate transportation for all of us including Mao and Weber with their equipment and then wake them up. We will have one additional passenger and it will be Miss Chidori. Snap to it Sergeant!” Saturday, 1000 hours, Dry Dock, Melida Island Commander Drake Ward gave Captain Andrew Simms a hand as the captain clambered into the lift bucket, “Impressive is it not Andrew? The modifications should increase the maneuverability of the Tuatha de Danaan and Morison by an additional 20 percent during high speed maneuvers.” Commander Richard Mardukas spoke, “And the modifications should help solve the metal fatigue problem that has been experienced on both vessels, by alleviating the buffeting and back flow from the rudders to the enclosed propellers.” Andrew gazed at what amounted to small elevator like flaps on the starboard fin that had its own individual rudder. “I saw how they react in the simulations Richard, but has a break point been determined when the computer will reduce the amount of input into the main control surfaces themselves before shifting to the secondary high speed surfaces? The last thing I want to do is rip a stabilizer off and I think Tessa would agree.” Commander Mardukas replied, “We used your data from the sensors embedded on the main rudders that monitored the water flow and pressures to determine that at speeds above 20 knots, the computer will begin the reduction and will activate the secondary rudders on the stabilizers. Coupled with the water flow intakes which will adjust to provide the correct volume of water flow over the propellers, the intakes will reduce the buffeting and hammering effects causing the flex of the propellers.” Commander Ward set the mobile lift into motion and it motored towards the stern, its electrical motors softly whining, “And the intakes originally functioned to provide reverse thrust with a limited directional ability. They will still function in that fashion, but we can now direct that reverse thrust in a full ninety degree sweep, in essence if we got room we can pivot the boats bow up or bow down in less than thirty seconds with a simple shift of the ballast to speed up the maneuver.” Andrew pictured the Morison doing such a maneuver and replied, “That could prove to be an interesting maneuver itself.” Commander Mardukas studied Captain Simms who was absorbing the modifications to the Morison. It was not lost on Richard that it had been Captain Simms who had doggedly stuck to the Tuatha de Danaan nine months earlier, though he openly admitted he heard a slight squeak from the starboard propulsion system.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Idle Currents By Steve Edward The squeak had been traced to a part of the adjustable shutters. One small piece had become warped resulting in the noise. It had been Mardukas who had approached the former US Navy captain in Savannah, Georgia. Seeing the light in eyes of Captain Simms, Mithril had indeed made the right choice. The man was a submariner at heart, and knew how to fight submarine battles and as he only later had discovered had been exposed to land based combat as a young Navy Lieutenant while attached to a Marine Expeditionary Force nearly 17 years earlier; also knew combat tactics of that realm. The chirp of the communicator interrupted his thoughts, “Mardukas.” The voice of Lieutenant Commander Kalinin spoke “Commander, if the tour is finished please have Captain Simms come to the main briefing room. There is something we need to discuss.” Acknowledging the order, Commander Mardukas turned to Captain Simms who was engrossed in a blue print, “Captain Simms, Commander Kalinin is requesting your presence in the main briefing room.” Andrew looked up and sighed, “Oh well so much for tour. Drake, thanks for watching over her. I can’t wait to see how the modifications do perform.” Drake touched the joy stick and lowered the basket to the ground and let Captain Simms and Commander Mardukas exit. Watching the two men head for the dock elevator, Drake craned his neck back looking upwards at the Morison, and then waving at the dock master he exited the lift as well. Accepting the clip board, Commander Ward initialed and signed off on the dock inspection then spoke, “Well let’s get the lift out and get Morison and Danaan wet then we can see what these ladies will do.” Saturday, 1100 hours, Melida Island Main Briefing Room Commander Kalinin spoke, “Apparently this came about when a routine test on a subject was being conducted. As to how Miss Chidori became aware of what happened, we can assume she was told about your incident perhaps by Lieutenant Wren or Captain Testarossa, but according to Tessa to her and Alice’s knowledge they did not inform Miss Chidori of the events and Alice of course was not privy to the full incident, which leaves us with the only other option.” Captain Simms spoke, “She was onboard the freighter.” Looking at her photograph, Andrew pondered the implication. “An eleven year old girl, going on twelve awakens as a “Whispered” however certain events transpire that result her being placed or getting onboard the freighter and eluding those pursuing her. Panic ensues and a very high level decision is rendered with bogus or deliberate misleading intelligence and the order is given and it would be an order that I would disobey which effectively ended my career.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Idle Currents By Steve Edward Commander Mardukas spoke, “A Mithril recovery team based in the Indian Ocean made the retrieval eight hours later when the freighter ran aground, and she has been in Mithril’s care since. She only arrived here Thursday, to begin her training.” Andrew replied, “So as part of the training and testing she was in the TAROS simulator last night and had been temporarily linked with both Tuatha de Danaan and Samuel Eliot Morison but it was a supposedly a direct wire closed loop?” Commander Kalinin spoke, “That is correct, Captain. In the brief conversation that I had with Tessa, she stated she did not experience Miss Chidori’s event nor did Alice. Hence they are on their way here now with Miss Chidori. So what ever Miss Chidori experienced, came directly from Ensign Aryl.” Andrew rose from his seat and walked to the window, “Well that is just terrific, and all of us thought we had licked this problem with the modifications to TAROS. Commander Kalinin, just how did this ensign come to know I was now with Mithril?” Andrei replied, “During her orientation briefing, she was shown photographs of key personnel, yours was amongst them. She blurted out your name before the orientation guide did, and she addressed you openly as Captain US Navy.” Andrew resting his hands on the sill of the window spoke, “Well, could you care to tell me where she might be right now? I would like to have a chat with her.” Commander Mardukas replied, “Are you sure Captain?” Andrew nodded, “If she is projecting or has that ability to project such information to another “Whispered” then by god someone needs to talk to her before she does something like inadvertently broadcast the island’s location. By the way Commander Mardukas, just exactly what is Ensign Aryl’s “Whispered” specialty.” Richard replied, “Fusion powered weaponry, Captain.” Andrew musing over that as he left to meet the ensign with Commander Mardukas pondered which evil was worse. Nuclear or Fusion Powered Bombs, either way each dependant on yield would be highly destructive, but the fusion weapon would leave little trace radiation if theories were correct. The young ensign held the key inside her head and frankly was there any government or organization that could be trusted to safeguard it? Mithril’s dedication to protecting the “Whispered” had clearly been demonstrated and its solemn mission statement repeatedly highlighted its efforts to do so, but would Mithril follow its own mission statement to the letter not to develop such technology when it could cause grave harm to mankind? Andrew deeply hoped so.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Idle Currents By Steve Edward Saturday, 1130 hours, Western Recreation Area, Melida Island At only 121 centimeters in height and just 12 years old (age estimated by Mithril) the young girl who did not know her last name had lived a tumultuous life in the past eleven years. Born in Africa, her parents had died when she was young in one of the countless civil wars and uprisings that had torn her native land. Aryl had passed from family to family living with those that could care for her, and when the time came that the families could no longer care for her, she would set out on her own till another family took her in. When she was 10 years old, an American missionary couple found her and began caring for her. It was while under their care while being taught how to read and write that she had awakened as a “Whispered”. The young woman had found that Aryl was gifted with mathematics. The missionary had found Aryl writing a complicated mathematical formula that had so intrigued her that she had sent it to a university, without realizing what the formula was for; but someone at the university did know and some men came. Aryl had been awakened by the young missionary woman late at night who had hurriedly dressed her. Nearby she could hear the husband of the woman pleading with someone not to hurt them. As the woman put her into the car, the gunshot rang out and the woman looked back with tears in her eyes and with Aryl they drove off into the African night. The pursuers came after them, but the missionary had reached a small coastal city where refuges of a civil war were gathering. The woman paid for her passage on the ship and it was there she would see many days later the black shape of what a refuge said was a submarine. Perched on top of the black sail, was a man peering at the ship. The powerful glasses he was using seemed to focus on her for a long time. She felt no fear or hatred coming from him, but compassion and deep sadness before the black submarine disappeared. Then as darkness fell, the ship approaching land hit a reef and came to rest. Those onboard panicked and jumped overboard, some did drown but many made it to the shore line in the distance. The man, who had befriended her, had carried her ashore on his back and as they sat on the beach a strange machine descended from the sky and several men and women exited the craft. Two of them come towards her, and the woman knelt before her and spoke her name “Aryl?” Replying that it was she, the woman held out her hand and Aryl took it. The man gave her new friend food for his kindness and then she with the man and woman walked to the machine and ascended into the sky.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Idle Currents By Steve Edward Ensign Aryl sat next to the fishing rod, the many months that had passed a blur. The woman who had become her new companion had continued where the missionary couple had left off with her education and her care. The woman started calling her “Ensign” which she accepted as her new first name, without realizing at first it was but a rank. Ensign Aryl knew that of course now, but she liked “Ensign”, since for her it had signaled a new and fresh start. Aryl and the woman had only recently parted ways, so Aryl could begin a new phase in her life. The motor of a jeep driving down the nearby road caused Aryl to look towards it. There were two men in the jeep, and looking closely Aryl smiled for the first time in many months. It was he that was coming, the man she had seen on the black submarine, and one that she had already named. Captain Andrew Simms. Commander Mardukas pulled off the road and shut the engine off, “She is down there Andrew. She enjoys fishing.” Captain Simms exited the jeep, and turned towards the path “I would prefer to meet her alone Richard if that is ok?” Commander Mardukas spoke, “I’ll be back in an hour, Captain.” Starting the engine, Commander Mardukas drove off. Saturday, 1200 hours, Airfield, Melida Island Commander Kalinin waited till the transport aircraft came to a halt then approached as the propellers spun to a stop. The door opened, and as the crewman lowered the boarding stairs, Kaname Chidori came into view and nearly shoved the crewman out of her way as she ignored Tessa’s call to wait for her. Andrei stopped in his tracks as Kaname setting foot on solid ground came charging towards him, “Commander! Where is Captain Simms?” Tessa stumbling down the boarding stairs distracted Andrei. Turning back to answer Kaname’s question he watched her hop into his jeep, start it and roar off. Captain Testarossa spoke, “Commander! Go after her!” Kaname Chidori’s maddening dash across the airfield was marked by Mithril personnel picking themselves up off the ground. Tessa clung to the side of Commander Mardukas’s jeep as he followed in her wake, “I saw Miss Chidori drive through the gate when I was coming to the airfield, and she did not even stop.” Sergeant Souska Sagara spoke, “Miss Chidori was rather agitated during the entire flight, sir.” Passing the destroyed gate, Tessa looked with Alice at the destruction and spoke “Miss Chidori is not going to let anything or anyone stand in her way. Lieutenant Wren please radio base security to stand down. We will deal with Miss Chidori ourselves.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Idle Currents By Steve Edward Captain Simms sat next to Ensign Aryl as he listened to her finish the story, “Ensign, if I may ask how or why did you project what you saw that day?” Aryl paused in thought then replied, “Because I sensed that she was near you?” Taken aback, Andrew Simms spoke “What do you mean near me? As in physical contact? I must say Ensign, that I have had not physical contact with her.” Ensign Aryl spoke, “I did not mean that sir. Only that she had been close to you.” The urgent chirping of the communicator interrupted the conversation and Captain Simms removed it from his coat pocket and keyed it, “Simms speaking” Testarossa’s voice spoke, “Andrew! We have been trying to reach you; Miss Chidori is apparently headed to you in a very agitated state.” Andrew acknowledged and the racing motor of the jeep signaled that Kaname was very close indeed. Getting to his feet, and aiding Ensign Aryl to hers, Andrew spoke “Somehow or another you have connected with that young woman. Ensign, I want you to completely blank your mind. You are to relax completely. Is that understood?” Ensign Aryl spoke “I will do so.” Kaname slid the jeep to a stop and ran towards the path, which she and Souska had walked so many times before. Captain Simms came into view standing at the bottom looking towards her with hands on hips, “Miss Chidori? May I ask why you are here?” Kaname came to a stop before him, “It is because of you. Somebody told me to find you! Now make them stop!” Aryl doing as Andrew had told her continued to try to relax and blank her thoughts spoke “Kaname, I am sorry.” Kaname looked past Andrew at Aryl “It was you?” Saturday, 1400 hours, Medical Wing, Melida Island Lieutenant Commander Kalinin and Commander Mardukas with Captain’s Simms and Testarossa were in the observation room overlooking Ensign Aryl’s and Kaname Chidori’s hospital rooms. Tessa spoke, “Ensign Aryl is apparently highly telepathic, and with her strong empathy towards you Captain Simms, she likely connected with Kaname in some fashion. She told me she had sensed Kaname through the TAROS system but only weakly, and because Mithril requires all “Whispered” to get prior permission to merge, Aryl finding that Kaname was not in the Mithril database of personnel decided that she could merge with her.” Commander Mardukas spoke, “An oversight on our part. Even with the closed loop wired testing of TAROS, Aryl’s “Whispered” abilities apparently override the hardware safeties that had been emplaced, and since she lacks formal training for her gifts she did not know she was committing a faux pas.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Idle Currents By Steve Edward Captain Simms focused on Kaname Chidori, “Well I think Miss Chidori has had enough of her brain being played with. Any more privacy intrusions and Mithril will never hear the end of it. So Tessa did you know about Aryl at the time?” Tessa replied, “No we did not, not until after she was retrieved. You did indeed make the correct decision Captain.” Commander Kalinin spoke, “Aryl will receive proper training Captain. She was sent here for that specific reason. You should know that you have made a deep impression on her which will help her as well as Mithril. Had she fallen into the wrong hands, what knowledge she carries could have been used to harm mankind. Now it will benefit instead.” Turning away from the window, Andrew replied “Commander, lets hope it does. How many more “Whispered” are out there waiting to be found? Frankly it is rather scary to know that people who are living normal everyday lives may be a “Whispered” and not even know it. Those that seek the knowledge to use it for harm are in competition with Mithril whose desire runs counter to theirs. Fate has a strange way of making things come out for the better and I am glad that I am in the right place to ensure that the sicko’s of our world can’t have their wishes come true. If you will excuse me, I need to attend to other matters. Good day.” Commander Mardukas spoke as Captain Simms left the room, “Some who will study these events in the future will ponder if he should have followed orders to sink that ship. Aryl survived because of Captain Simms actions and they will consider it a turning point.” Tessa replied, “A turning point Commander?” Richard spoke, “Yes Madam Captain. Was it a point where the proverbial Pandora’s Box should have stayed closed?” Saturday, 1500 hours, Submarine Simulator, Melida Island Petty Officer Kayla Carter studied the readouts as she followed the simulated confines of an underwater canyon. The door at the rear of the simulator opened and closed quickly but she ignored it for the moment. Depressing the right pedal, she eased the “Morison” into a tight right turn and leveled the vessel out, then the voice of her captain spoke, “Kayla? What is your take on the improvements?”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Idle Currents By Steve Edward Without turning Carter replied, “She will handle a lot sweeter, even at low speed in confined maneuvering. I guess you saw what they have done with the reverse thrusters?” Captain Simms replied, “Yes I did. The added touch of being able to swivel the reverse thruster ports, ninety degrees either way from level will give us an edge. Have you come up with any theories on what we can do? I have pictured it being useable in a low speed environment, where we need to change the profile of the ship in someone’s sonar.” Carter, pressing a pedal and turning the simulator replied, “Like changing the aspect ratio to merge with the background? That could prove useful in terrain like a canyon. Let’s give it a shot.” Bringing the simulated “Morison” to a stop, Carter making the adjustments sent the simulated “Morison” towards the face of the canyon and tilted the sub till it was now “floating” vertically along the canyon walls and with the simulated current the “Morison” began to drift. Captain Simms knowing he was on solid ground still felt disoriented as he left his chair and approached the helm station, “This simulator is rather good. Based on the simulation, Kayla can you maintain this orientation without having to maintain thrusters in station keeping?” Kayla replied, “It will be a cinch. I changed our attitude with ballast and the reverse thrusters, however one would need to worry about our equipment in the hanger bay. I don’t think you would want to keep lightly chained aircraft hanging for long, because it could make for a really big mess.” Andrew studied the structural stresses. As far as the computer simulation was concerned there was no obvious stress being placed on the hull in this maneuver. The aircraft stationed on Morison were normally stored in specialized holding bays within the hanger and the Arms Slaves were hydraulically locked down, which had allowed Captain Simms to develop some of the radical maneuvers, that had before never been accomplished in a submarine of its size, and because the Morison was fitted with a state-of-the-art automated loading system for its torpedoes there would be no worry of crewman trying to load torpedoes since they would be seated in armored control stations, Andrew pictured the ability to fire from this orientation. Kayla Carter, who had been recruited by Mithril at his request had joined his crew after like he had been court-martialed, but hers was different. Refusing the advancements of a senior officer, she had openly assaulted the officer on the submarine she had been stationed on. It was her word against his, and she lost. She was an African-American woman born and raised in Mississippi and she had played a pipe organ in her small church. She had her pride to consider and she held onto her convictions. Little did she realize that playing that old pipe organ, would serve her well when it came to piloting the Morison.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Idle Currents By Steve Edward The multiple pedals controlled the various control surfaces of the rudders and stabilizers that lined the hull of the Tuatha de Danaan class vessel. Andrew recalled that Kayla had been humming the “Battle Hymen of the Republic” while barrel rolling the Morison through the “aggressor” formation, as Alice concentrated on the torpedo launches. The jaw dropping tactic had worked, leaving those even onboard the Morison and later the Tuatha de Danaan renewed appreciation at their vessels capabilities. Fly-by-Wire gave new meaning to piloting. Unlike old hydraulic systems, which could and would give feed back, Kayla had to contend with monitoring stresses on the various control surfaces. In normal underway operations that would not be difficult, but at high speed and having to follow a specified course or contend with an abrupt change Petty Officer Carter having to adjust for course change and if it was at high speed she would have to pay attention to the stress readings all of this at the same time while making adjustments to ship’s speed and heading on the fly. It was demanding, but Kayla had repeatedly proven her worth even to Captain Teletha Testarossa. Turning to leave the simulator, Captain Simms spoke “Kayla, we are scheduled to get underway tomorrow on the Morison so don’t over do it. Let’s hope the programmers got everything right the first time. If they did not then you can tell them what needs to be fixed or adjusted.” Kayla turned away from the console “Captain? If what the simulator is doing is any indication, we will not have to worry much about that.” Saturday, 1700 hours, Base Cafeteria, Melida Island Aryl sitting next to Captain Teletha Testarossa sipped the soda through her straw then spoke to Kaname, “I am sorry for intruding, Kaname.” Kaname Chidori replied, “You have no idea what it is like to get images of other people in your head, no less in the middle of the night and into the morning. I can tell you I am not a morning person.” Sagara spoke, “Miss Chidori is not a morning person Aryl, and she has low blood pressure.” Kaname whirled and hit Souska, “Souska! Will you mind!” as Tessa spoke “What is important Aryl, is that you must never do what you did again without permission. We must consider others privacy. I will help as will Alice to control your abilities, but never ever deliberately seek contact with another “Whispered” as it is possible they are not with Mithril.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Idle Currents By Steve Edward Ensign Aryl spoke, “Then what if someone tries to contact me?” Sagara spoke, “Then one must ignore the attempt and block any efforts to open oneself to such communication, unless of course it is from one you know.” Tessa glanced at Alice, “Shall we?” Alice nodded, and then concentrated “Aryl?” Aryl appeared to be startled to Kaname as she looked about but then relaxed. Lieutenant Wren was looking at Aryl, but was not speaking or was she? Alice Wren projecting friendship in her mind “connected” with Aryl “Please don’t be alarmed. Only you and I are merged. Can you understand why one should not randomly try to communicate?” Aryl nodded in silent reply “Yes. I understand now.” Saturday, 1730 hours, Base Gymnasium, Melida Island Drake Ward held the punching bag as Andrew threw his weight behind the punches and then the leg kicks, “Andrew what the heck is bothering you? You only get like this when you are ticked off about something.” Simms replied, sending a hammer blow to the center of the bag, “Have you met the newest “Whispered” yet?” Adjusting his stance, Drake spoke “Only in passing, never directly. What about her?” Andrew replied with a teeth rattling leg hit, “She was on that stupid ship.” Drake trying to regain his grip and balance lost it and fell to the mat with the bag swinging wildly, “No frigging way!” Commander Andrei Kalinin’s voice spoke, “Yes, Commander Ward, she was indeed on that ship.” Andrei approached the two officers, “That was the mission that you and Captain Simms were to conduct. Captain Simms only found out today.” Commander Ward getting off the mat replied, “So because he disobeyed the order to sink it, the order was indeed a real order?” Andrew spoke, “Not in the real sense. Whether the decision was rendered correctly at the higher level, may have been an effort to prevent Aryl from falling into someone else’s hands. She told me first hand what happened, and of course Andrei told me of her abilities. In short Drake, we are both lucky men. I did not commit an ordered atrocity, and you got to leave with a much cleaner record than I. Call it fate with a cruel irony.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Idle Currents By Steve Edward Commander Kalinin stopped the swinging bag, the side torn open “Yes that may be true, Captain Simms but you left with a clean conscious as did Commander Ward, and the gratitude of a very young girl.” Andrew taking the boxing gloves off and walking to a nearby shelf spoke, “Andrei, I sometimes wish I had a much cleaner conscious,” as Andrew removed his sweat shirt exposing his chest and back, the horrific scars of past brutal wounds came to the men’s sight. Drake had seen those all too familiar scars many times and what did Andrew get for those? A Silver Star with Oak Leaf Cluster and a couple of Purple Hearts amongst others, as Andrei followed Andrew and Drake to the free weights the door to the gymnasium opened. Commander Kalinin turned to see who it was, “Captain this may not be a good time.” Andrew thinking Andrei was addressing him turned and then he saw Captain Testarossa with Lieutenant Wren and Ensign Aryl standing in shock with Kaname Chidori. Sergeant Souska Sagara spoke, “Madam Captain we should leave,” as Tessa alone; approached Captain Simms she spoke, “Where did it take place Captain?” Commander Kalinin spoke, “Afghanistan, Madam Captain,” as Tessa slowly circled Andrew she spoke “The blanked section of your record, Captain? Is that mission still classified?” Sweating, as he was he sat on the bench of the free weights, “To you no to others yes. Andrei can tell you what happened, because he was an eyewitness. Personally, I don’t like to talk about it. It is past history, and I do not want to relive it.” Aryl stepped forward and stopped in front of Andrew, “You did not wantonly commit such acts, and you did it because of your friends, Andrew.” Looking at the doe eyed girl who held out her hand he took it into his and spoke “One thing to remember Ensign is consider the options and never jump to an initial conclusion. There is always another way. Now please will all of you leave me in peace?” Tessa turned and walked out of the gymnasium and as the door closed, she could see Commander Ward positioning the barbell into place for Captain Simms. Commander Kalinin waiting till the door closed, set a do not disturb sign on a small stand in front of the doors then he joined Captain Testarossa. Walking together down the hallway, Commander Kalinin spoke “If you like, I can tell you about it.” Tessa replied, “Only if there is a need to know Commander. That will be all. Good evening sir.” Andrei stopped as Captain Testarossa continued walking, “Yes Madam Captain, I understand.”

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Teletha leaving her bedroom spoke, “Miss Chidori, Captain Simms may be in his apartment have you checked?” as Tessa took in Kaname’s overall...

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