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Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward 2230 hours, Melida Island, Mithril Operating Base Commander Lewis Strong listened intently to the message and sending a reply, turned to the communications supervisor “Hail TDD-1 immediately and have them break off the game.” 2245 hours, Tuatha de Danaan, Melida Island Canyon Range Tessa like Alice could monitor all incoming and outgoing message traffic as well as initiate communications, and with Commanders Mardukas and Kalinin discussed the report, “Would Captain Simms deceive us with a false report to gain an advantage?” Richard spoke, “Unlikely, not in this case. The judge, Commander Strong reported that Simms had unblanked his communication locater beacon. It may be wise to open communication now, captain.” Tessa spoke, “Commander Kalinin?” Andrei replied, “I surmised that Captain Simms had initiated a high speed run then altered course and came south along the eastern side of Melida Island, when he likely planned to enter the canyons. Alice likely detected the submarine just prior to entering the canyons to our east, if so at this point Captain Simms is no longer a threat, but is instead heading for the contact. I recommend we rejoin the link, Madam Captain.” 2300 hours, Samuel Eliot Morison, South of Melida Island With little to do but monitor the screens, the subdued voices of the bridge crew mixed in the background of the electronics as Alice still in control of the Morison guided the submarine towards their target. The alert chime sounded as the tactical data feed began flowing from the Tuatha de Danaan, and then the communications screen flickered as Commander Mardukas appeared. Captain Simms turned his chair and spoke, “Richard. Did Melida Island tell you everything or just the basics?” Commander Mardukas replied, “Only that we had a snooper. Have you identified it?” Andrew replied, “Yes we have. Sound signature is that of the Memphis, which I believe is an old friend of Tessa’s.” Commander Kalinin spoke, “Tessa used to use her for practice runs if you will.” Captain Simms replied, “Yeah I have heard about that. It might be wise if you hang back and let me tango with her this time.” Commander Drake Ward spoke, “Alice, go to 5 knots, depth 400, angle 5 now!” Captain Simms turned to the tactical screen, “Alice? How are you feeling?” Lieutenant Alice Wren responded in a relaxed tone, “I am fine Andrew.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward Captain Simms replied, “Good to hear that. Remember when we practiced that slid-slip maneuver?” Alice responded, “When we went side-ways, yes?” Andrew standing up from the command chair, “Yes that is one. Now be careful right now, the contact is clearing his baffles. When he completes that 90 degree port turn, he will do a 180 degree turn to swing his bow through a full arc then he will turn 90 degrees again and resume base course. When he starts that 90 degree turn back to port, slid-slip us to above his stern, but do it very quietly. Minimum use of prop thrusters, water jets only. Got that Alice?” Lieutenant Wren rather relaxed replied, “No problem, Captain.” Tessa still too far away to directly observe could only monitor by the tactical feed of Morison’s maneuvers then suddenly, Alice was speaking to her but only through “Whispered” communication, “Hello Tessa. I am sorry we did not get to play against each other, perhaps next time?” Captain Testarossa replied in kind, “It is regretful as well. But we can still do it in the simulation tanks at Melida Island.” Unaware of the private conversations taking place Sergeant Souska Sagara standing next to Kaname watched a change come over her then seeing that she was about to collapse, stepped behind her and guided her to a soft landing. “Captain Simms we have a problem sir,” as Sagara eased Kaname’s head to the deck. Andrew turned about and seeing the situation spoke, “Bridge to sickbay, medical emergency on the bridge. This is not a drill.” Alice heard the call interrupted her conversation and focused on the bridge. Captain Simms returned to the tactical screen then spoke, “Alice, stay focused. Help is on the way for Miss Chidori.” Commander Ward answered the incoming communications, “Unless it is urgent we are a bit busy at the moment!” Commander Mardukas could see the activity as the stretcher bearers rushed from the bridge carrying Kaname. “Drake, what happened to Miss Chidori?” Drake looked up briefly, “Don’t know. One minute she was standing up next minute she was on the deck. Now Alice! GO!” Captain Simms retaking his command chair spoke, “Communications officer! Broad spectrum laser communications beam from 290 to 090 rapid pulse, US Navy protocol locate their rear receiver and open a channel.” Captain Simms continued, “Sonar! One ping, full power, heading 000 relative,” as the powerful pulse sounded, it was even heard by the Tuatha de Danaan, some 10 kilometers astern.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward The USS Memphis’s crew did not need to have sonar to hear the pulse, because their submarine was now the pulse. Some thought their teeth were vibrating. The communications center alerted the startled captain that they were being hailed, and the captain had them patch the call to the bridge where the video monitor when it came to life, showed only a figure in darkness. “This is USS Memphis, please identify yourself.” Andrew observing the bridge of the LA class submarine replied “This is “Toy Box”. But as he watched the bridge crew’s reaction, he was looking for the captain which he did not see. But a man stepping forward towards the camera he did know and he spoke “Are you Commander Jenson?” Commander John Jenson swallowed then spoke, “I am Commander Jenson, and how can I help you?” Sitting back slightly in his command chair, Andrew pondered where the other captain had gone then replied, “I heard that a certain officer onboard had a fixation with my boat and I really would like to know why.” Commander Jensen gave a sigh of relief, “Uh, Mr. “Toy Box” he was relieved of command by me about a month ago. I think he is back in the States now.” Commander Jenson looking around at his crew continued, “I frankly do not know why the previous captain was so interested in you, but if you like to leave me someway to contact you I might be able to ask him.” Captain Simms replied, “That’s ok, I am sure we will meet again Commander. Sorry about the close-in ping. Have a good night. “Toy Box” out,” and as Captain Simms gave the cut signal, Alice watched as the attack submarine began to accelerate leaving the Morison behind. The Lieutenant spoke, “Should we follow Andrew?” Captain Simms watching the wild maneuvers on the tactical screen replied, “No. Let them go. Return control to the bridge and get out of that bed thing of yours. Your presence is requested in sickbay.” Helmsman Carter spoke, “I have control Captain. Awaiting orders,” as Captain Simms turned command over to Commander Ward, “Lay in a course for Melida, set depth at 150 meters speed 15 knots. Drake, I will be in sickbay, and notify the Danaan where we are going, I am done with this for now. I want to find out what happened to Miss Chidori.” Captain Simms entered the corridor leading to sickbay just as Lieutenant Wren coming from the opposite passageway joined him. She was still dressed in her form fitting suite. Alice spoke, “Do you know anything yet?” Andrew replied, “Just as much in the dark as you are. Did you sense anything before she collapsed?”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward Lieutenant Wren paused outside the door to sickbay, “Andrew, I and Tessa, well we were talking privately, you know in Whispered mode.” Pondering that a moment before opening the door, Captain Simms replied, “Do we know what happens when a “Whispered” is in the immediate vicinity of a TAROS system in operation? You know like not being tied directly in, could have TAROS caused this?” Alice thought a moment, “Sir, we never had this opportunity before. Mithril does not like such experiments taking place and it is only through general use that things like this are discovered. Perhaps she was just tired?” Captain Simms opened the door, “I really hope so. Let’s go see Kaname. Kaname Chidori lacking the fan took a wild swing at Sagara as Captain Simms entered, “Souska! How dare you! Stop that!” as Souska blocked the punch the ships doctor spoke “Miss Chidori! Will you please stop moving around, I am almost finished,” as Andrew spoke “Miss Chidori, though you are a civilian, I can and I will put you in irons if you do not stop resisting, now allow my corpsman to finish!” The doctor finally finished his examination and followed by Captain Simms left Kaname and entered his office then closed the door, “Captain. Sir, I can not find anything wrong, all her vitals are normal and she is down right healthy and from the look of things she is one feisty young lady. I will have to have the blood work done at the Melida Medical Facility, to see if there is anything abnormal but blood sugars and oxygen levels are fine, but I am not about to go any further if you know what I mean sir?” Captain Andrew Simms replied, “Well you have done enough. Just as soon as we get docked, hand carry those samples over to Medical immediately. Thanks George.” Leaving the office and rejoining Kaname, Captain Simms spoke to her, “Miss Chidori? I would like to ask you what happened.” Kaname replied, “Well I kind of started feeling out of focus, then my head started itching.” Alice spoke “Out of focus?” Kaname nodded, “Yes it was like I was merging with something or someone, and then the itching got worse, but I could not scratch it. When I woke up, I was here.” Captain Simms spoke, “We will be docking with the base at midnight. I would like you to go to the medical facility, at least for the night then if nothing is found wrong, we will have you and Sergeant Sagara flown back to Tokyo tomorrow afternoon. Please Miss Chidori that is all I ask.” Kaname replied “Very well Captain Simms, I will do as you ask.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward 0900 hours, Melida Island, Mithril Operating Base Captain Simms turned from the video monitor displaying Kaname Chidori and Sergeant Sagara as Kaname sent the hapless man tumbling after she hit him. Andrew not wanting to even guess what caused that outburst sighed and turned his attention back to Teletha Testarossa sitting across from him. Tapping her foot on the floor, Tessa spoke “What was with the wise crack that I should grow up? I am grown up.” Now seventeen, Tessa was “grown up”, but to Andrew she was behaving like a child at this moment, “Captain Testarossa, it was made in jest, at least to a point however if that comment is still bothering you I apologize.” Dressed in civilian clothes, Tessa rose to her feet and then slammed her foot down on the coffee table jarring the scattered coffee cups sitting on it, “I will remind you sir that I have been successful on the battlefield and I consider your behavior both rude and that the challenge will stand!” Lieutenant Commander Kalinin spoke, “Captain, both submarines have to have repairs, more so the Morison which we know Captain Simms stressed the propulsion system to some extent that it requires replacement of the propellers. We had thought the new designs would work, but they did not. If you are upset over that Madam Captain, do not be.” Tessa glaring at Kalinin missed the soda can on the floor and caught it with her foot and she went flying, arms wind milling as she fell across the table and nearly into Captain Simms lap. Andrew trying to catch her, managed to get hit by a wild uppercut on the chin by Tessa, who realizing where she landed, disentangled herself and left the briefing room in a huff; without further word. Commander Mardukas looking across at Captain Simms spoke, “That sir was unusual behavior!” Rubbing his chin, Andrew replied “What passes for normalcy around here?” as a knock on the door interrupted the conversation. Entering the briefing room was Sergeant Major Melissa Mao. Melissa Mao, a hard charging ex-US Marine dishonorably discharged years earlier from the Marines spoke “Commander Kalinin? Sorry to bother you, but you might want to see the general announcement system.” Andrei turned to the video screen and called up the base announcement channel and Captain Simms reading the various messages pressed the pause key as one specifically addressed to him scrolled up on the screen.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward Captain Andrew Simms: You are to report to the training area immediately. We will decide who is “grown up”! Signed Captain Teletha Testarossa Sergeant Mao spoke, “So Captain have you ever driven an Arms Slave?” Andrew rose to his feet, spoke “Yes, Sergeant Major I have, but I am not going to duel her. Richard, Andrei? Something is going on. The Whisper’s are not acting correctly.” His statement was punctuated by the display of Lieutenant Alice Wren, who while walking past the briefing room became the object of a pass by none other than Sergeant Kurz Weber, and her reaction, a rather violent attack sent Kurz crashing into the briefing room door as Sergeant Major Mao opened it. A dazed Weber looking up at Mao spoke, “She packs such a sweet punch.” Captain Simms stepped over Kurz and as he exited the room, Alice Wren charged. Andrew stood his ground and absorbed the impact, which added to the pile growing in the briefing room when the hapless captain slammed backwards, collided with Sergeant Major Mao, who in turn tripped over Weber and they crashed onto the coffee table. Restraining his Lieutenant, Captain Simms spoke, “Ok this has got to stop and stop now. Richard get her damn legs!” Commander Mardukas doing as directed, got Alice Wren in hand as Commander Kalinin, jumped in to relieve Captain Simms, “Kaname is if you will captain, normally slap happy with Sagara and he puts up with it. However I can not say the same for Tessa.” Sergeant Major Mao spoke, “The medical team is on the way,” as Mao rolled away from the struggling Lieutenant and addressing Sergeant Weber “Get off your ass now Weber!” 0930 hours, Arms Slave Hanger Captain Teletha Testarossa ignoring the pleas of the ground crewman, slammed the hatch shut and started the M-6’s gas turbine engine, then broke it free of its mountings and promptly rammed it through the hanger doors and headed for the armory. Inside the main building, the alarms were sounding the alert as the medical team having placed Lieutenant Alice Wren on the stretcher whisked her away. Commander Kalinin on the telephone spoke “I see. Do what you can to minimize any casualties and keep me informed by my radio. I am on my way.” Captain Andrew Simms, having just about the worse experience he could have so far wondered if he should have declined the invitation to join Mithril in the first place, when Commander Kalinin intruded on his thoughts.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward “Captain Simms. This is not of your doing or ours. The “Whispered” can and do behave on a different level. We still know little as to how they received their gifts and even when we can understand and develop the technology that they present to us, such as the Danaan or the Morison there is still the unknown within.” Captain Simms replied, “How much of the TAROS system was tested and just for what length of time was it meant to be used?” Commander Mardukas spoke, “Captain Simms, there is still no time limit determined. It is mainly left up to the operator’s discretion and their stamina, and you were with Lieutenant Wren shortly after she exited her TAROS system. Did you not see anything?” Exiting the wrecked briefing room Andrew replied, “No not in the least bit. I spoke with Miss Chidori in the Morison’s sickbay after she was taken from the bridge. I did witness her trying to slap Sergeant Sagara around, but from my personal observations, well frankly I started considering Miss Chidori as being normal. Alice was not displaying any aggressiveness at all, not while I was talking to Kaname nor to the ship’s doctor.” Captain Simms rounded the corner and froze in his tracks as he took in the M6 sitting outside, “Oh please tell me, that Tessa did not get her hands on an M6!” Commander Kalinin bringing up the rear replied, “I have just confirmed that Tessa is in the M6, and she does not have a practice load out but is carrying live rounds.” Captain Simms eyed the building around them, “Commander, I seriously doubt this building would survive any number of rounds fired from that range for very long.” Kaname pounding on Souska’s back struggled to break free “Souska! Put me down! I am fine.” Souska replied, “Miss Chidori there is some danger at this time so please allow me to get you to safety,” as the pair entered the main lobby to the rear of Captain Simms and the Commanders, Souska stopped and spoke “Problem sirs?” Commander Kalinin replied, “Sergeant. Tessa is in the M-6 outside and armed with live ammunition.” Souska replied, “That is indeed a problem sir,” as he set down Kaname. Tessa’s voice called out, “Andrew come out of there. I can see you in the lobby; don’t make me come in after you!” Commander Mardukas began to walk towards the doors, but Captain Simms stopped him, “No Commander. She wants me.” Souska spoke, “Captain, there is a 1 second lag time to bring the cannon to bear.” Andrew replied, “Well thanks for that piece of information; I am somewhat aware of the M6 capabilities. Richard, go down to the docks and dump the electrical power to both Danaan and Morison and if you have to blow the damn security doors on both TAROS systems do so, as I want zero power going to them. Andrei, that Sergeant of yours, Sergeant Melissa Mao; can she get restraint rounds for the cannon on an M9?”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward Commander Kalinin replied, “Yes she can and she has already done so. It took a little bit time for them to be found, as Tessa rampaged through the armory. What do you have in mind Captain Simms?” Captain Simms removing his uniform coat then his tie replied, “Well, I can run rather fast and I think with Tessa focusing on me she will ignore anything else, so have Sergeant Major Mao focus on getting the restraining rounds onto target. Number one priority is to take out that gas turbine, which will force Tessa to go to batteries which will slow her down even more. Then when she is frozen in place, if it comes down to it, I’ll have Mao crack that M6 like an egg.” Captain Simms took a breath then spoke, “Sergeant Sagara, please escort Miss Chidori directly to medical since it is the most reinforced part of this complex,” then without waiting for a reply Andrew pushed open the door and began to run directly towards the M6. Tessa tried to raise the cannon as Captain Simms making like a broken field runner came at her, but the surprisingly fast 40 year old Mithril Captain ran between the legs of the M6 and stopped behind it and called out, “Tessa! Just what do you think you are doing young lady?” The gas turbine spooled up and Andrew walking backwards waited till Tessa had turned partially around and started running like mad. Off to the captain’s left, Sergeant Major Mao approaching the main building watched in shock as Tessa fired the cannon the round flying wildly narrowly missed and impacted on the parade ground in front of Captain Simms. Commander Kalinin’s voice coming over her radio issued the orders “Disable the gas turbine and then go after her battery power Sergeant Major. Use restraining rounds only. Your M-9 can withstand the cannon she is using, if you have to place yourself in the line of fire do so. She is targeting Captain Simms.” Acknowledging the orders and remembering the last time she had to “fight” Tessa, Sergeant Major Mao smiled and raced after the M6, and musing to herself “I am going to enjoy this even if Captain Simms does not.” 0940 hours, Medical Center Kaname followed by Sergeant Sagara entered the medical facility where she found Lieutenant Alice Wren restrained and a nurse preparing a sedative, “What is going on? Why are you doing that?” The harried nurse replied, “Because we got to! If we don’t she will injure herself!”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward Kaname pushing Souska away approached the side of the bed then she kneeled and concentrated, “Alice? Can you hear me?” Kaname recoiled to the floor as mental pictures flashed into her head. She saw herself, and then Alice looking at her and then what looked like Captain Simms in a target scope. Pulling herself backup, Kaname tried again, this time getting on the bed with Alice and placing her hands around Alice’s face she tried to mentally connect again and both Alice, Kaname then the amplified voice of Tessa began screaming. 0941 hours, Main Dock Commander Mardukas yelled out, “I don’t care do it!” as the electricians dumped the power from both the Danaan and the Morison and other electricians began throwing the massive breakers providing the emergency power feed to the TAROS systems on both submarines. 0945 hours, West Roadway Captain Andrew Simms dazed but alive climbed over the left mechanical arm of Sergeant Kurz Weber’s M-9 and approached the downed M6, the screams within falling silent. The hatch of Mao’s unit opened and she hurriedly clambered down and joined the captain who turned to her “Sergeant Major? Well open the darn thing and get her out!” Weber opened his hatch and looked at the scorch marks from Tessa’s cannon fire on the left side of his M9, “Say Captain! That was kind of close!” Melissa turned around, “Weber just shut up and help me open the hatch!” Weber waved in reply and closing his hatch advanced his M9 and used his mechanical arm to break the hatch open. 1100 hours, Medical Facility The nearby video screen still displayed yellow alert. Outside the cleanup began with the specialized chemical agents being sprayed onto the disabled M6, to free it from the restraining compound. Though the rampage by Tessa did cause damage, it was minor and fortunately her wild firing did little damage, though the parade ground was going to need some extensive work from the craters in it. The cannon fire on the M9’s did nothing but scorch the paint job though Captain Simms mused that had Weber not suddenly came around the corner of the storage building he might have ended up rather dead, since Tessa’s aim was improving every time she fired. Commander Kalinin approached Captain Simms and spoke, “You did rather well, and I am impressed. Andrew replied, “When one is getting shot at, it is incentive enough to run. What did the neurologists have to say about this?” Andrei spoke, “Your theory that they were still connected by TAROS seems to have been born out.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward Turning around to look at Lieutenant Alice Wren who was in an animated conversation with Captain Testarossa and Kaname Chidori, Captain Simms replied “The data communication stream between Danaan and Morison, when we were linked, Alice admitted to me that she had a “Whispered” event with Tessa about the time Kaname collapsed on the bridge. I think that event triggered some type of feedback that Kaname felt just before she passed out. She described the effect as that of the back of her brain itching and feeling like she was going out of focus. Both Alice and Tessa in their respective chapels somehow stayed mentally connected after exiting and TAROS was still being TAROS, so it continued to transmit even though monitoring instruments said otherwise.” Commander Mardukas joining the men spoke, “Everything stopped about the time we dumped the power to the boats. Do we risk a restart of TAROS? It is after all part of the operating systems of both ships.” Captain Simms spoke, “I don’t think we have a choice in the matter Commander. Sequential startup of all systems including TAROS in 30 minutes and let’s have the ladies wired this time so we can make sure that we don’t have a repeat.” Andrei replied, “And if all goes well?” Captain Simms spoke “Then we know that operating two linked TAROS systems is a no-no. If we do not link the human interfaces with each other which I recommend heartily we do not do that again under any circumstances, then all will be well. It will be up to the higher ups in Mithril to review our findings and decide on further regulations, but like you said earlier Andrei, we are just still touching the surface of the “Whispered” and those three over there are proof positive to that.” Alice Wren could see the three officers in discussion. Looking at Tessa she spoke, “What really happened to us? I was like feeling good and all of a sudden I get this feeling of anger all over me?” Tessa replied, “I was in the briefing with Captain Simms, then I got angry at him and they said I challenged him to an Arms Slave Duel! Kaname spoke, “You two started fighting everything and everyone that got near you. Tessa, don’t you remember being in the Arms Slave?” Tessa spoke, “I was in an Arms Slave?” Kaname replied, “Well yes you were. You chased Captain Simms around the base in it! Souska dragged me up to medical where I found Alice screaming, and I tried to help her and I got mental images of things like Captain Simms in a target scope, myself from Alice’s perspective then the pain from both of you.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward The door to the observation ward opened and Commander Mardukas with Commander Kalinin with Captain Simms entered. Captain Simms spoke, “How are all three of you feeling?” Captain Testarossa spoke, “Captain Simms? I would like to apologize.” Captain Simms replied, “For what precisely?” Tessa spoke, “For trying to kill you!” The laughter from her captain surprised Alice Wren. She had not seen the man show that in the many months that she had come to know him. Captain Simms spoke, “If you were trying to kill me, I’ve seen better attempts at it Tessa. You should see the parade ground now. We could use it for a golf course now with all the craters you put into it.” Tessa spoke, “I guess I never could shoot straight.” Commander Kalinin spoke, “Captain Simms believed that when you and Alice were linked via TAROS, and with the tactical data stream in use it caused a feed back loop that somehow remained active after you exited your respective chapels. We can surmise that this feed back is what caused Miss Chidori to collapse on the bridge of the Morison.” Alice spoke, “Commander you said that it was a feed back loop? We were not being overloaded.” Captain Simms spoke, “In a fashion you were Alice. You initiated a “Whispered” event with Tessa while still in link did you not?” Alice replied, “Yes sir I did.” Captains Simms continued, “It was a minor thing really. I am not going to ask what you and Tessa were discussing, but in the midst of the event; you Alice were conducting a maneuver underwater, all the while you were still in the “Whispered” event. And you were also monitoring the tactical situation, listening for orders and receiving the tactical data feed from Danaan.” Commander Kalinin spoke “The same effect for Tessa, except she was receiving what you were doing by the tactical data links, which for ordinary humans we need to see. However TAROS takes the tactical data as well and funnels it to the operators in each respective TAROS system.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward Tessa spoke, “In essence commander, we were in information overload?” Captain Simms took a blank sheet of paper and drew several lines then pointing to it he spoke, “Top line is the tactical data system. The middle is the TAROS system and the bottom line is the “Whispered” event. You two were exchanging information on all three and that developed the feed back, when Miss Chidori began feeling out of focus it was because her brain was trying to become part of the “Whispered” event, which brings us to another problem.” Commander Mardukas spoke, “Somehow TAROS continued to maintain the link even after you left your respective chapels. It was only after we dumped the electrical power to TAROS, that all of you returned to normal behavior. Because we need to restart the systems of both vessels, we want to wire you to examine brain wave activity during restart. If things go well we will have the scientists to begin working on a solution.” Kaname Chidori spoke, “How long will this take?” Commander Mardukas replied “Less than an hour, Miss Chidori. After the restart is completed, you will be able to return to Japan. It is for your sake as well as the others that we do this.” Kaname spoke “Ok. Make this quick, I got school tomorrow.” 1400 hours, Briefing Room, Melida Island, Mithril Operating Base Commander Mardukas set the printouts down on the table and spoke, “All normal, consistent with standards of the “Whispered”. Captain Simms replied, “Well that is a relief. I am curious commander, why send all three to Japan?” Commander Kalinin spoke, “Miss Chidori of course is a civilian and we can not hold her for observation, as for your Lieutenant, Alice Wren it would be best if she too goes along since it will allow some opportunity to rest. Of course Captain Teletha Testarossa will be seeking a break from what happened. She has found Japan to be accepting of her gifts and those of other “Whispered”. Joining the captain at the window, Commander Kalinin continued “If you are worried about their safety, Sergeant Sagara is with all three.” Andrew watched the group get into a transport for a ride to the airfield replied, “To be frank, commander the only “Whispered” I had been around till now was Lieutenant Wren. I am due for some leave, so I am thinking I might tag along later. I would like to see how all three interact with each other.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward Commander Kalinin replied, “It just so happens captain that there is a temporary opening for a history instructor at Jendi High School which Miss Chidori attends. Perhaps that would be suitable, since you do hold a Doctorate. I am sure that the administrators would appreciate having someone like you fill in?” Captain Simms replied, “I’ll start packing, commander. Thank you.”

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Full Metal Panic! Chapter Two Idle Currents By Steve Edward Commander Drake Ward spoke, “Alice, go to 5 knots, depth 400, angle 5 now!” Capt...

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