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Full Metal Panic! Chapter Seven Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Saturday, 1700 hours, Apartment of the Ward Family, Tokyo The door chime, its melody announcing they had a visitor sounded. Charlotte Ward setting the dinner plate on the table was about to head to the door when her son Raymond coming from the living room beat her to it. Raymond opened the door, to find Captain Andrew Simms, his uncle standing at the entryway “Uncle Andy!” Drake hearing who it was set the shelf into place and joined his son at the door, “Well Andrew, I am surprised to see you? What is that you are carrying?” as Drake ushered Captain Simms in, Charlotte set another plate on the table. Andrew spoke, “A little house warming gift. Is everything suitable so far?” Drake taking Andrews coat replied, “Never expected a place this big, even Charlotte is impressed. She remembers that off-base apartment we had in Osaka and told me it could make three of those.” Charlotte coming to greet Andrew, met him in the hallway and embraced him briefly and stepped back, “So, how long are you here for?” as they entered the living room and took seats. Andrew spoke, “About a week. I already have an apartment in this same complex so I will not be imposing. How was your trip back from Sea-Alfa?” Charlotte replied, “Well a rather nice young woman met us at the airport and brought us here. I was kind of surprised to find a lot of our household belongings already here. She helped with the unpacking till Drake got home yesterday.” Andrew replied, “You will find they are detail orientated. Is there anything you might still be in need of?” as Charlotte glanced around she replied, “Well, I am going to have to get some new drapes and shades. The ones we have don’t even fit and some furniture of course.” Drake replied, “Well I am sure we can get them when we can, Charlotte.” Raymond spoke, “Uncle is any of those girls coming over?” Drake about to admonish his son was interrupted, “A little later in the weekend maybe. They were all kind of tired after our little trip. Drake can we step out to the balcony?” As Andrew rising to his feet was followed by Drake Ward, who shut the door behind them as they stepped out onto the balcony.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Seven Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Taking seats across from each other, Charlotte knocked on the glass door holding coffee cups and opening the door the shutting it behind her, set them on the table and joined them. “Drake told me what happened. Sailor got what he deserved.” Andrew spoke, “I am rather surprised at hearing you say that Charlotte.” Charlotte Ward replied “Well don’t be Andrew. He was in on it from the start from what Drake told me and then there is the matter of the US Military. If the Secretary of Defense knew of what was going on, then others did as well. Just how many people had their lives cut short? Their family and friendships torn apart because of some idiot wanting to have his own little military force? It could have easily been you and Drake on that submarine instead of Killy.” Andrew spoke, “I doubt I would have accepted any offer directly from Killy and Drake would have done the same.” Drake deciding to change subject matters spoke, “How were the fire works at the base? Did you have to do what you expected?” Andrew spoke, “Yes, more than I cared to be involved with but a little Drill-Sergeant love took place and let’s say they have become rather close.” Charlotte replied, “Had I not been told by Drake about their gifts well I would have considered them well just spoiled teenagers. Do you think it will help in the long run?” Andrew spoke, “It will make them all stronger, both mentally and physically. They just have to be ushered along when certain things happen, ultimately it is their own choices; nothing is never forced on them except when it is deemed necessary.” The soft chimes of the door bell sounded from within the apartment again as Charlotte looked at both her husband and Andrew questionably “Have we become dinner club all of a sudden?” as Andrew and Drake came to their feet, Andrew replied, “No Charlotte, but I will have to take a rain check on the dinner,” as he opened the balcony door he could see Commander Richard Mardukas peering at Raymond Ward, spoke “Is Captain Andrew Simms present young man?”. Saturday, 1815 hours, Ueno Park, City of Tokyo Commander Mardukas spoke as he and Captain Simms walked thru the city park towards the lake, “Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka was asked to resign his commission with the American Navy this morning, apparently as a result of his revealing the classified information to the Navy JAG in Osaka, yesterday.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Seven Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Andrew replied, “Well they did not waste any time. A court martial even one held in secret would be damning. When did he call?” Richard spoke, “At about 1500 hour’s local time. Mithril feels that it is in our best interests that he be asked to consider the option that was offered, so Commander Strong communicated to him that we would meet at the lake in this park.” Seeing the agreed meeting point a bench looking onto the lake, both men sat and waited. Andrew gazing around the area did not see anything amiss. There were a number of college students about from the nearby University of Tokyo, enjoying the scenery and the company of their friends and lovers. Commander Mardukas had removed a folded newspaper from his overcoat, the London Times and was doing the crossword puzzle. Andrew glanced at his watch, 1830 hours local, then spoke “Richard, I am going to take the western path along the shore line to get a better view,” as the commander nodded in acknowledgement, Andrew came to his feet. Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka dressed in civilian clothes, tried to appear unnervous as he strolled the path that would take him to the agreed meeting point. His entry into the park near the University of Tokyo, joining the crowds of students had helped conceal him but the crowds had thinned out, till he walked alone. His arrival back in Osaka, had required considerable explaining; but the base commanding officer had accepted his explanation that is until he had contacted the Judge Advocate General Office and handed over the information. That had been Friday morning. By Saturday morning he was sitting alone with the base commanding officer and two unidentified men, who had grilled him repeatedly over the events that had transpired. It had come to him as no surprised when the base commanding officer pushed a neatly typed letter, stating he was resigning, the commanding officer statement had offered no other choice, “Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka, in less than 24 hours you have caused a considerable stir within our military and in politics. It is regretful, but there is no other choice. You can resign now or be considered a part of this conspiracy.” One of the nameless men silently pushed an ink pen towards him and with a tap of his finger signaled that he must sign. Marcy did not speak, there was little he could have said that might have altered the outcome and it was doubtful they would listen. Picking up the pen and signing, the former Navy Lieutenant pushed the paper back and waited as each man viewed the signature. The base commanding officer then spoke his final words, “Lieutenant, you have three hours to pack and get the hell off my base. You are never to set foot on a naval vessel or installation belonging to the United States for the remainder of your life. Dismissed.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Seven Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Marcy had few possessions, and had sent them to an off-base storage facility. Then escorted the base entrance by the commanding officer himself, Marcy was let out of the vehicle and sent on his way. He had memorized the telephone number that had been given to him by Captain Simms, and after catching a commuter train from Osaka to Tokyo he dialed the number. It was Commander Strong who took his call again and listening to what had transpired the Commander spoke, “Ok Lieutenant listen carefully. At the next stop where you switch trains, ditch that phone you are using. They are tracking you already and are trying to trace the call, but their tracing will do little good. You are to proceed to Tokyo and make your way to Ueno Park, which is near the University of Tokyo. Enter the park from the university side and proceed east following the path around the lake. No matter what take the lower path and not the upper one. Your contact will be on the east side of the lake by 1830 hours, so try to get there on time. Also this number will no longer be functional after this call, so this is you first and last chance to ask any questions. Do you have any Marcy?” Marcy replied, “No sir I do not, instructions understood.” Andrew paused briefly as a mother duck and her ducklings waddled across his path, to enter the nearby lake. Counting the mother, the group made ten in all. Andrew mused, “Lucky ten it is.” The public restroom in the distance was apparently vacant as Takenaka continued walking east. He badly needed a break, and seeing no one around he entered the men’s room and entered a stall. He barely heard the door open, but the foot steps that approached were not of one needing to use the facilities. Deliberate in approach, they stopped then started again. He could see the shoes of the wearer had come to a stop in front of his stall, but he could not make out the figure. Reaching for the flushing handle of the toilet, Marcy depressed it and the toilets noise covered up what happened next till the stall door and walls rattled with the impact of a body being slammed against the partitions. The feminine voice spoke, “Lieutenant Takenaka? It is safe to come out now.” He replied, “Who are you?” The voice spoke, “Questions later, please exit the stall.” Hesitantly he opened the stall door and an Asian woman standing before him reached in and took his arm and pulled him out, “There is no time to waste Lieutenant, we must get moving.” Sergeant Major Guan-yin Wu leading the way out paused at the door as Marcy turned to look at who might have been his attacker. He recognized him as one of the men from the meeting at the base. Wu spoke, “He was apparently tasked with terminating you, as was the other. Don’t worry he is not dead, merely unconscious. It will be a while before he wakes up and when he does he will have no memory of what transpired and neither will his partner.” Takenaka watched as the woman pressed a finger to her ear and then spoke, “This is Urzu 10 package in hand.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Seven Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Commander Richard Mardukas putting the paper back beneath his coat, as he strolled towards the path was joined by Captain Andrew Simms, who came out from the lake itself. Richard spoke, “I do hope the ducks were not too terribly put off by their unannounced guest?” Andrew replied, “I rather thought Urzu 2 set him down rather gently, but of course that is a matter to interpretation.” Richard grunted and spoke, “Urzu 2 and 10 make for the pickup point. Urzu 6 and 11 do cover their backs please.” Both snipers acknowledged and signed off. Wu led Takenaka from the public restroom into the woods across from the building where Marcy trying to keep from getting hit in the face by a tree branch looked up as another woman spoke, “Well, the captain was not kidding. He is rather cute!” The woman that Marcy only knew as Urzu 10 replied, “2? Stop undressing him. Let’s get to the clearing.” Stumbling between the two women, Marcy ducked as another branch barely missed him then he spoke, “Where are you taking me? I am supposed to meet someone at the lake and it is the other way!” Sergeant Major Melissa Mao replied, “Hey Lieutenant stuff it for now, be quiet; and just walk. You will have your answers shortly.” Saturday, 1900 hours, Ueno Park clearing, Mithril V-22 Osprey Captain Simms and Commander Mardukas turned towards the wooded path that led into the clearing as both Sergeant Majors and Lieutenant Takenaka entered the clearing. Andrew smiled and addressed Marcy, “Well hello Lieutenant.” Lieutenant Takenaka replied, “Captain? Captain Simms?” Andrew approached holding out his hand shaking Marcy’s, “Yes it is me.” Behind the captain two more figures entered the clearing and one addressed Commander Mardukas, “Sir, all is clear. Their ride is waiting in the parking lot. One inside the vehicle,” as Sergeant Weber strolled past with Sergeant Jaunay who replied, “Aye Commander, just the one. I guess they thought that two would be enough.” Captain Simms about to speak paused as Lieutenant Takenaka expression of shock registered on his face as the two men “disappeared” into nothing to his right “Yes it does take getting some used to Marcy. Commander Mardukas will be your escort to the base along with those two men. Your ride awaits and do please say hello to Commander Strong for me when you get there. Enjoy your flight.” Marcy stammered as he felt a tingling then the appearance of the aircraft, “Flight?”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Seven Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Stepping back through the ECS field, Sergeant Major Wu joined Captain Simms and Sergeant Major Mao as they turned away and walked back into the forest, Wu spoke “Your suspicion was correct Captain. It was an assassination team.” Andrew paused at the edge of the upper pathway while the two women changed into something more appropriate behind him, “I suspect that by Monday morning, the “talking heads” will be busy as the list of resignations and arrests grow and I would not be a bit surprised that the predecessor of the current sitting president will be involved in some rather serious negotiations to keep his sorry ass from living the rest of his life in a maximum security facility, which frankly it is where it belongs. Shall we have a late dinner? I had time to get roast in the oven before I left. It should be done by the time we get to my apartment.” Both women approached either side of Andrew and taking an arm into theirs they entered the pathway, and strolled together towards the parking lot. As expected they observed a man pacing near a parked car, checking his watch every so often. The ball cap he was wearing hide much of his features, but a sudden gust of wind seemed to come from no where and blew it off. The man intent on grabbing the wayward hat paid little attention to the trio as they approached a parked car. Opening the doors for the Sergeant Majors, Captain Andrew Simms turned briefly to watch the man as he chased the hat. Looking to where the concealed Osprey hovered, he lifted a hand in farewell and then got into the drivers seat and drove from the parking lot. Sunday, 0800 hours, Melida Island, Mithril Western Pacific Operating Base Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka sat in a well lit office with Commander Richard Mardukas and Lieutenant Commander Andre Kalinin as the young woman sitting at her desk looked up occasionally as she read from a folder. To her left, displayed on a large wall screen was his US Navy service jacket. On the flight from Tokyo, Commander Mardukas had briefed the former Navy Lieutenant on where they were going and what to expect. Sitting in this office now he pondered what his final fate might truly be. The atmosphere was friendly and outgoing, and though there had been restrictions placed on where he could go till the meeting with Captain Testarossa; where ever he had been taken he had been greeted warmly and the ship’s doctor of the Samuel Eliot Morison, Doctor George Albert had even stopped by at his quarters to see how his former patient was doing. What astonished him was that there was no evidence of guards to ensure he would stay in his quarters, but he realized that there were no need for guards. He was on an island, likely somewhere in the Pacific and he would not blend in very well at all. The woman sitting at the desk looked rather young to Takenaka, but there was no mistaking the rank insignia on her shoulder boards, that of Captain. A commanding officer of something, and the older men seemed to defer to her.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Seven Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Captain Teletha Testarossa closed the folder and spoke her voice soft but commanding surprised Takenaka, “Mister Takenaka, taking the risks that you did put you peril but those responsible will be held accountable. Captain Simms has vouched for you and it was he and Commander Mardukas who arranged for your extraction from Japan. A choice you will now have to make will not be an easy one and once made there is no going back. There are only two options. Option number one, is that you decline the invitation to join and you will be taken to a place of relative safety where you can continue your travels or option number two is that you can join us.” Marcy Takenaka had little left in his life. Both parents and grand-parents were dead. What family he did have was distant and he had not had any contact with them for nearly five years, since the funeral for his mother in Japan. There had been very few to attend the funeral itself and he could count those on one hand. Two of them had been then Lieutenant Commander Drake Ward and Commander Andrew Simms. Commander Killy B. Sailor had even initially refused to allow him leave, but Marcy had remembered the two navy officers who had come to his billet. Simms and Ward in dress uniforms and Commander Simms with his leave authorization. The two men attended a funeral of a woman they had never met in life; with an officer who each had only briefly served with which Marcy never forgot their generosity and their kindness. Marcy Takenaka rose to his feet and spoke, “Madam Captain, it is my desire that I join your organization, because of the beliefs of two men make me feel that I should join. I am at your service.” Captain Testarossa pushed her chair back and came to her feet and extended her hand, “Welcome to Mithril Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka, it is my pleasure to have you onboard. Commander Richard Mardukas and Lieutenant Commander Andrei Kalinin will continue your briefing and will begin you indoctrination. You are dismissed.” As the new Mithril Lieutenant departed her office, Tessa tapped a control button on her desk then spoke, “Connect me with Captain Andrew Simms in Tokyo.” Sunday, 0830 hours, Apartment of Captain Andrew Simms, Mithril Apartment Complex The announcement chime of an incoming call sounded and Andrew standing at the stove reached for the remote and aimed it at the large screen monitor that doubled as a television and pressed the ‘OK’ button which brought the screen to life, Captain Testarossa voice spoke and it was somewhat an astonished tone “Captain Simms! I am sorry I did not know you had guests, I will call later.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Seven Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Andrew turned to see what Tessa had seen in the camera then replied, “Oh don’t worry Tessa. It is just Wu and Mao. I guess that was Mao coming from the shower just a moment ago.” Tessa replied, “Mao? Our Mao?” as Andrew replied, “Yes, Sergeant Major Mao and Wu stayed over at my apartment last night…” and as he said that Wu walked by wearing also nothing but a towel as Andrew heard the distinctive sound of a pencil breaking in half. Andrew turned back to look at the video of Testarossa, the broken pencil rolling across her desktop and said “Captain Testarossa with all due respect it is not what you think Madam.” The last he saw of Tessa was her clenched fist slamming down on the control panel and the video went blank. Sergeant Major Melissa Mao exited her borrowed bedroom fully dressed and came around the corner, “Was that Tessa, Captain Simms?” Andrew, carefully sliding the cheese and ham omelet onto the plate replied, “Yes it was Sergeant Major and I suspect I am going to be in a tad bit of hot water.” Sergeant Major Wu exiting her borrowed bedroom fully dressed spoke, “Captain Simms? What could she possibly be thinking?” as Wu joined Mao and Simms at the dinning table, the message chime sounded again. Andrew picked up the remote and pressed the ‘OK” button again and Testarossa image came onto the screen, “Captain Simms! What do you think you are doing?” as Tessa spied Melissa then Guan-yin sitting next to Captain Simms she sputtered, “Melissa! Guan-yin! You! You two! Captain Simms! I will be there in three hours! You had better be able to explain yourself!” as Andrew cringed when Tessa now holding part of the broken pencil, slammed it and her closed fist down onto the control board, which sparked just as the video died. Melissa slowly cutting the omelet open spoke “I would say Miss Tessa is being too imaginative. Really thinking that we would be here in your apartment, alone at that and we are consenting adults that she would consider…” Wu replied, “Captain Testarossa after seeing you and I in nothing but towels would likely consider such a thing.” Captain Simms spoke, “Well she will be here in three hours or less and I expect her to be on the war path. No matter, I’ll deal with her on my level so enjoy your breakfast. I was going to invite her with Wren and Aryl to dinner, but that might have to wait. But when you finish, put the dishes into the sink and let your selves out of the apartment when you are done. I have some things to take care of at Jendi High School before my classes tomorrow.” Setting his own dishes into the sink Captain Simms departed for the high school.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Seven Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Sunday, 1230 hours, Jendi High School Kaname Chidori had helped Eri Kagurazaka get over her depression at having to part ways with “Doctor” Andrew Simms. Her teacher had even ignored the absence of Souska Sagara for the time being. When she saw Andrew Simms enter the school grounds, she could hear Miss Kagurazaka exclaim in delight to another teacher, “He is back!” as Eri in an unteacher like manner sprinted down the hall then down the stairs. That had been nearly two hours earlier. And as Kaname soon found out, he was to be a substitute teacher for a week. Kaname with Souska were putting the finishing touches on the class project which had been started at Sea-Alfa Pacific with the help of a horticulturist. A miniature model of an undersea agro-dome had been built and its colony of plants nurtured to a point where the dome was creating its own weather systems just as the much larger undersea domes would do. Kaname spoke, “Souska? Is it me or has Miss Kagurazaka been actually following Doctor Simms around all day?” Souska replied, “Miss Chidori, Miss Kagurazaka has indeed been stalking him.” Then the class room door slid open with a bang that startled Souska who pushed Kaname to the floor while he drew his weapon. Captain Teletha Testarossa stepped into the classroom her fists clenched tightly as Kaname punched Souska, “Souska! Get off of me, you idiot!” Tessa’s voice angry replied, “Sergeant! Where is he? And why are you on top of Kaname!” Souska looked first to Testarossa then Chidori, “Madam Captain! I am sorry I thought you were an enemy! As Kaname unsuccessful with merely punching Souska found her favored weapon of choice and let him have it; the impact loud enough to be heard out in the hallway as Souska spoke, “That smarts, Miss Chidori.” Kaname regaining her feet spoke, “Tessa? Who are you looking for?” Testarossa coldly and angrily replied, “Captain Andrew Simms! Where is he Kaname?” Kaname Chidori at a loss to tell the angry captain where the target of her wraith was, glanced out the window and spoke, “Tessa? Andrew is out on the athletic field,” and Testarossa spun on her heal and left the classroom, joining Lieutenant Alice Wren and Ensign Aryl out in the hallway. Then the trio parted at dead run down the hallway. Souska coming to his feet spoke, “Miss Chidori? Madam Captain appeared rather angry, are you not concerned?” Kaname turning away from the window replied, “What ever he has gotten himself into with Tessa, he can get himself out of. Now Souska help me adjust the timers for the water and lights.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Seven Deep Gambit By Steve Edward The incessant beeping of his cell phone distracted Andrew from his discussions with several students in the sport of soccer. Opening the phone and answering the voice of Commander Drake Ward spoke, “Andrew! Red Alert! You got trouble coming.” Andrew replied, “Drake? It is Sunday, this is no time for a joke, remember Pearl Harbor?” Drake’s highly unsettled voice replied, “Well what is headed your way, will make Pearl seem like a minor disturbance in a pond. Madam Testarossa steamed into the apartments looking for you and she has Wren and Aryl as company with her. My son said the Blondie kicked your door down! How the heck do you kick a door down that opens outward?” Andrew glanced towards the school and spied Testarossa, “Well, kicking down that kind of door is not easy, but thanks for the heads up because Madam Blondie and company are here at Jendi now. I’ll talk later, I hope.” Drake’s voice replied as Andrew closed the phone “Captain? Do you need…?” “Simms! Stay where you are!” The yell from Teletha as she sprinted towards him caused everyone to turn around. Andrew looking over how they had spread out mused, “Well, so much for making a run for it, no matter which way I go, one of them will try to tackle me and I frankly do not want to hurt any of them.” Eri Kagurazaka coming from behind Andrew peered at the trio as they ran towards Andrew and spoke, “Doctor Simms? Is there a problem?” Having forgotten about Eri, Andrew turned towards her and accepting the cold drink replied, “Well depends on your point of view Miss Kagurazaka.” Teletha slid to a stop in front of Andrew and spoke, “You and I have to have a talk now Doctor!” However Miss Kagurazaka interrupted and replied, “Miss Testarossa? Why is it so important to disturb the doctor? He was busily involved with student instruction. Can it not wait?” Tessa her anger barely held in check spoke, “Miss Kagurazaka, I am sorry but it is important and can not wait.” Eri Kagurazaka looking at each sternly spoke “Doctor Simms is currently preoccupied with other matters and as such is unavailable. Miss Testarossa, you can perhaps address the issue with the class president Miss Chidori if it pertains to an academic issue since you are after all an exchange student, or if it pertains to other matters you can submit it in writing for the doctor to review and reply in a more private venue. Until then Miss Testarossa, I and Doctor Simms have other matters to discuss. Good day, young lady.” Kaname Chidori sorely wished she had been there to hear what had been said, but from seeing Miss Kagurazaka take Captain Simms by the arm and lead him from the athletic field, Kaname could only wonder what had gone on between the two captains.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Seven Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Led off the athletic field by Eri Kagurazaka, Andrew glanced back briefly at Captain Testarossa who had decided to take out her anger on the closest thing and that was a soccer ball which she sent flying to the opposite end of the field spoke “I should have perhaps given her some of my time. She may have had an urgent matter to discuss Miss Kagurazaka?” Eri replied, “She is just a young, strong willed exchange student Andrew. What ever she may have on her mind can wait in any case; since this was officially a half work day for teachers, and voluntary for students.” Coming to a halt near an entrance to the school, Eri continued “Andrew, I know you can be rather busy with other things, but do you have any plans for tonight?” Andrew pondered her statement a moment in silence, “Boy this is awkward with a capital A, and then he replied “No Miss Kagurazaka, I had been invited to a block dinner at my apartment complex but I can go to that another time. How about dinner? Where would you like to go?” Eri Kagurazaka smiled then replied, “Well I thought about a restaurant that is cozy and quiet?” Andrew replied, “Well there is a place called “Yum Yum”, funny name but excellent French cuisine it is in the Shibaura district, how about seven tonight?” Eri replied, “I’ll see you there Andrew.” Glancing around quickly, Eri gave a soft kiss to Andrew’s cheek and hurried away rather giddy. She thought the camera noise had given her away, but Doctor Simms had apparently ignored it. Kyoko Tokiwa quietly withdrew from the open widow as Andrew turned to enter the school and scurried from the vacant classroom musing as she went “Miss Kagurazaka and the American teacher! Wow wait till Kaname sees the picture!” Kaname Chidori sighed and then frowned as she replied to Tessa, “Look Tessa, he is an adult. So what if he had Mao and that other woman in his apartment, it’s no big deal!” Sagara interrupted, “Miss Chidori, commingling with enlisted is not exactly allowed.” Kaname replied, “Souska! What about that time Tessa was in your apartment? That could be construed as a commingling relationship!” Souska turned red briefly, “Miss Chidori that was an entirely different situation. Madam err, Tessa was in danger.” Alice Wren spoke, “Kaname, he had two Sergeant Majors in his apartment! And they were wearing nothing but towels! That is a serious breach of protocol and he owes an explanation to Tessa.” Kaname about to reply stopped as Kyoko slid the classroom door open and spoke, “Kaname! The American teacher, Doctor Simms! He is going out on a date with Miss Kagurazaka!” Testarossa spun around in shock, “Andrew going out on a date with this classroom’s teacher? Miss Kagurazaka?” Kyoko replied holding her camera up, “Yes he is. She even kissed him again! See!” The small screen displayed the kiss on Andrew’s cheek by Eri.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Seven Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Tessa spoke, “Did you happen to overhear where they were going?” Kyoko replied, “Yes I did. It is a restaurant called “Yum Yum” in Shibaura, oh yes and it is French to boot!” Tessa replied, “What time?” as Kaname trying to keep Kyoko from saying it sighed as she spoke, “They will be there at seven tonight!” Tessa smiled at Kyoko then turned to Kaname, “Miss Chidori, perhaps we can talk later?” as she with Wren and Aryl quickly departed, leaving Kaname and Souska alone with Kyoko who was wondering what was going on, “Kaname? Is there something wrong?” Kaname taking a seat in an empty desk replied, “Kyoko, I think the doctor will have his hands full tonight.”

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The door chime, its melody announcing they had a visitor sounded. Charlotte Ward setting the dinner plate on the table was about to head to...

Full Metal Panic Deep Gambit Ch7  

The door chime, its melody announcing they had a visitor sounded. Charlotte Ward setting the dinner plate on the table was about to head to...