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Full Metal Panic! Chapter Five Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Tuesday, 1815 hours, Samuel Eliot Morison TDD-2 The elevator carried the mini-sub, a model similar to a Sea-Alpha Pacific maintenance turtle to its resting cradle, but this turtle was the Captain’s gig of the Samuel Eliot Morrison. Petty Officer Kayla Carter tapped the communication button and spoke “Samuel Eliot Morison Arriving!” as the disembarkation hatch opened to the hanger. Charlotte and Raymond Ward, awestruck at the men and women standing at attention on the hanger deck had to be reminded to disembark by husband and father as the Boson’s Whistle sounded, Ward said “Ok you two, lets go.” Lieutenant Alice Wren spoke, “Attention on Deck! Sir! Samuel Eliot Morison ready for inspection, Sir!” as she saluted, Captain Andrew Simms descended the boarding ladder then stepping forward returned the salute “Very well Lieutenant, carry on!” Wide eyed, Raymond Ward walked slowly forward, the M9 Arms Slaves gleaming in the hanger lights, an F-35-B VTOL Striker Fighter Combat Jet, a modern day version of the famed AH-64 Apache Model M, a V-22 Osprey, and several other helicopters sitting on the hanger deck, all poised if ready to launch. Then there were the men and women, and there was one he recognized a small girl the same height as he, standing next to a tall and slender black man. Raymond turned to his father Drake, “Dad? You help Uncle with this?” Commander Ward replied, “Yes son I do.” Commander Ward turned towards the crew and spoke, “Gentlemen, ladies please allow me to introduce my wife, Charlotte and my son Raymond.” The small girl stepped forward and approached Raymond and holding out her hand greeted him, “Hello Raymond, I am Ensign Aryl welcome to my home.” Hesitant at first, he took her hand and shook it and then Lieutenant Wren approached Charlotte Ward, “Welcome onboard Mrs. Ward, I am Lieutenant Alice Wren. If you and your son will come this way, I will begin the tour.” Raymond replied as he peered around “Uh, Miss Wren? Where is the Blondie girl?” Drake blushed, Andrew sighed and Charlotte scolded her son, “Raymond! Now that is impolite?” Wren thought a moment then replied “Oh you must have seen Tessa. She is Captain Teletha Testarossa, she commands the Tuatha de Danaan the sister ship of the Morison. She designed this submarine.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Five Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Charlotte Ward not sure, that she had heard correctly turned to her husband who spoke, “We call her Tessa for short. She did design this class of submarine when she was just 13 years old and she commands the lead ship of the class.” Charlotte Ward replied, “Well she looked rather young, just how old is she?” Lieutenant Alice Wren replied, “Mrs. Ward, she is 17 years old just one month older than me.” Charlotte looked at Andrew who nodded in her direction. Taking her son’s hand into hers Charlotte spoke, “Raymond lets follow the Lieutenant shall we. I think we can talk about people later.” Watching his wife and son depart with Lieutenant Wren and Ensign Aryl, Commander Ward spoke to Captain Simms “Andrew, you know my wife just may pin my ears back for this.” Andrew shrugged in reply “If you had told me 5 years ago that I would be commanding a super sub designed by a 13 year old girl who just so happens to be in command of its sister ship, I would have given serious consideration to lodging you at the closest funny farm. Frankly, anything is now possible. I’ll see you in the wardroom in 10 minutes.” Lieutenant Wren stopped at the entrance to the bridge and spoke, “Raymond, everything that you have seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg if you will. You must promise never to talk about what you have seen to anyone not connected with Mithril. It could seriously put many lives into danger, including your father’s. What is next is the heart of this great ship, the command bridge.” It was not brightly lit; the lighting was soft and subdued lending a sense of somberness to Ships Bridge. Several of the watch crew turned briefly to see who had entered the bridge, but returned their attention to their respective stations as Lieutenant Alice Wren spoke, For the record Raymond, the Morison like its sister sub is 218 meters in length or in old English measurements 715 feet in length with a width of 44 meters or 144.3 feet and at our current submerged displacement taking into account the vagaries of salt water density and other factors Morison is at 44,640 metric tons total displacement. Unfortunately, our top speed is classified but Morison like Tuatha de Danaan is among the fastest and most maneuverable vessels of its size in this world today.” Lieutenant Taz Norton spoke “As requested Captain, I pulled the video communications logs of that day in question. Ready when you are sir.” Andrew gave the go ahead and playback began. Bypassing the Morison’s originating communications, Andrew had the recording played at the point where the bridge of the USS Memphis appeared and as he viewed it, he pressed the pause button and spoke “That idiot! Why was he still onboard the Memphis?” Commander Ward, busy at the time with giving orders to Lieutenant Wren who was in TAROS had never seen the video recording till now. Seeing the same person as well Commander Ward said, “Well that certainly answers that silly riddle of Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Five Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Lieutenant Taz Norton noted the Navy Lieutenant frozen in mid-step heading for an area that would have concealed him, “So that lieutenant was on Memphis? What concern does this have with us sir?” Captain Simms slid the note across to Norton, glanced at the contents. Able to read Japanese, Taz Norton replied “Well that is not good. Sailor has orders to capture the “Toy Box” and if unsuccessful it is to be destroyed with all hands, there are to be no survivors.” Andrew spoke “And we just let him sail off to do just that with all that fire power he has got, he could pull it off.” Commander Ward spoke, “I don’t think so Andrew. Remember when Killy tossed the message he got from Finch into the corner and missed the trash can? Well I did my civic duty and picked up after him. Have a look.” Andrew read then put the message onto the table, “Ok so he lost his two destroyers and one of the Sea Wolfs, but he still has one. Want to bet, it is the latest one of the line?” Lieutenant Taz Norton spoke, “Likely it is the Sea Dragon, kind of unusual name, since attack subs general bear names of cities or in rare cases the occasional former politician for US submarines.” Andrew knew the Sea Wolf all too well, but Sea Dragon was different. The rumor mills were spinning all sorts of things for the next advancement of the Sea Wolf class. It could very well be considered its own class with all the rumored upgrades. Drake saw the look and spoke, “I’ll get Charlotte and Raymond off immediately, Andrew.” Nodding in response to Commander Ward, Captain Simms spoke, “Lieutenant Norton, how long will it take to put together a briefing on the Sea Dragon?” Norton replied, “A lot is sketchy, “Maybe two hours or three Sir.” Andrew replied, “While you are at it Lieutenant, contact Commander Lewis Strong at Melida Island and request all information on the Tuatha de Danaan’s current mission, how far along they are with it etc., and I mean everything. If Lewis makes noises about it, tell him we have good reason to believe that Captain Teletha Testarossa and the Tuatha de Danaan are the subjects of a hunt down and destroy order issued by unknown third parties. I will not allow that to happen.” Lieutenant Taz Norton saluted and double timed it from the wardroom. Commander Ward stood and said “Déjà vu Captain?” as Andrew replied “If that hint from Lieutenant Takenaka is sound, then yeah it is Drake. Only this time I will be hunting an advanced US Submarine with a nut for a captain and a man who is serving him may have signed his own death warrant. Hurry up and get your family clear and back to Sea-Alfa, Samuel Eliot Morison needs to get moving.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Five Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Tuesday, 1930 hours, Tuatha de Danaan TDD-1, Captain’s State Room For anyone in command, it is a lonely position. You are either right or wrong; and in battle being correct meant you lived to fight another day, however if in the wrong someone even yourself would pay the ultimate price. 17 years old, and she commanded one of the two world’s most powerful submarines ever built. From within her own mind, the Tuatha de Danaan had been born, then of course much later from those very same blue prints the Samuel Eliot Morison, commanded not by another “Whispered”, but a former US Navy Captain, the only man that had bested her and her talented advisors so many months before. Teletha had changed the attack plans against a platform in the Bering Sea and instead of using Arm Slaves to destroy the storm vacated platform, she had fired missiles instead. Not just one, but two. All options had been explored, reviewed and if not acceptable discarded quickly from her mind. The final plan had been chosen as had three others. Midway into the operation, she had sped up the time table and changed options. The attack was successful, in itself. The storage tank mounted beneath the platform already shattered by the blast of the Tomahawk cruise missile was leaking its contents slowly into the sea when the Harpoon struck next. Though neither heard nor felt, the explosion yield far greater than that could be carried on a Harpoon occurred and the white hot signature of the violent blast was seen via satellite observations. When the satellite video feed; returned to normal, on the Bridge of the Tuatha de Danaan there was nothing left of the platform, as violently roiling and steaming seas filled a vaporized spot in the ocean. Then why had she hurried? Was it because of a perceived threat? Teletha had been out of communications with Melida Island for nearly 8 hours, surfacing to launch depth then returning to the deep ocean which wrapped its cold hands of protectiveness around the Tuatha de Danaan shielding it from detection. She had only sent out a launch confirmation and nothing more. Then instead of following a planned egress route, she took another much to Commander Richard Mardukas’s concern “Madam Captain should we not stay the course as planned?” Tessa’s snappish reply had been enough to silence both Commander Mardukas and Commander Kalinin as she had left the bridge. Teletha called the bridge and spoke to Commander Kalinin, “Commander maintain our current course and speed, and then turn South at 0030 hours and set depth to 150 meters and 25 knots. I will be on the bridge at 0100 hours, until then I will be asleep. Good night Commander.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Five Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Commander Kalinin acknowledged the order and then turned to Commander Mardukas, “Madam Captain directs we maintain current heading and depth till 0030 hours then we will turn south, set depth to 150 meters at an ordered speed of 25 knots.” Commander Mardukas studied the combat plot, rubbing his chin in thought and replied, “Continuing East as we are now, then turning South at that time would put us directly into a known transit lane for US Submarines.” “Commander Kalinin replied, “Madam Captain is now focusing her attention towards one who has so recently antagonized Captain Simms. She will likely be hunting for Captain Killy B. Sailor to put him in his place.” Tuesday, 2100 hours, Samuel Eliot Morison TDD-2, Combat Briefing Room Commander Lewis Strong shrugging his shoulders replied, “You got me there Andrew. I sent everything you requested plus more since it took an hour to dump it to you. But Madam Captain has not uttered a peep since she launched that missile strike and frankly she did it way too early, and it was option number two.” Andrew spoke, “No disaster beacons?” Lewis shifted his position in his wheel chair, “Believe me you would have been the first to know if that happened, hell you know there are six separate units on both Danaan and Morison. Multi-frequency transmitters the works, full 6 hour recording loop on each, with both manual, and computer controlled launch and enough monofilament line coiled inside each to be still attached to the sub even if it is sitting in 75,000 meters of water , broken in pieces.” Andrew spoke, “Lewis I am well aware of my 3000 meter crush depth limit, so with no disaster beacons, a successful launch of the missiles, one whale of an explosion and our Madam Captain likely running deep to avoid detection and way out of normal com link or tactical link, what other mission or things did she have up her sleeve?” Commander Strong spoke “Dang it I really do not know!” Lieutenant Wren spoke, “Captain, perhaps I could try to link with Tessa on my own?” Doctor George Albert spoke, “Under current circumstances, I do not recommend it.” Wren replied “But Doctor!” Commander Ward spoke, “He’s right Alice. For all we know right now, Tessa may be in the middle of an underwater battle. Merge with her at the wrong time and well you get the picture. We will not go there ok?” Lieutenant Wren replied, “Yes sir I understand.” Captain Simms spoke, “Ok, lets continue. Lieutenant Norton what about Sailor and that Sea Wolf called the Sea Dragon, do we have any updates? Lewis listen in if you will please?”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Five Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Lieutenant Norton replied, “What information has been obtained is sketchy. Sea Dragon was laid down less than two years ago at New Port News Shipbuilding in Virginia, and first floated in less time than a normal build time for a Sea Wolf which is three years, she was floating precisely eleven months after keel laying. Towed clear of the build dock, she went to a covered outfitting area, outside of New Port News itself. Precisely 13 months later or just three months ago, she was declared active, issued a pennant number of 910, however oddly that was withdrawn and returned to the unused registry and then all further information on the vessel was blanked out and it was declared no longer active.” Andrew held up his hand to halt Norton, “Backup, Lieutenant, you said three years for a Sea Wolf?” Taz nodded and replied, “Yes. Three for initial construction, then there should have been a two year outfitting after launch.” Commander Ward spoke, “Somebody got hold of technology. The Danaan was built in two and half and outfitted in time for her maiden voyage on Madam Captain’s 16th birthday.” Lieutenant Wren spoke “And the Morison was built in a year and a half and outfitted in six months and the irony of it was that we too sailed on a birthday, Captain Simms’s 40th.” Andrew had turned to the Lieutenant and gave her a silent cut signal, but it was too late and Alice realizing what she had done, blushed in embarrassment. Lieutenant Norton continued, “Down side is that Sea Dragon has not one but two Palladium reactors, she is smaller than us in both width and length and the final information indicates she may have a similar drive system as found on the Danaan class. Attempts to get photographs of the vessel have so far failed by any world power and there was no commissioning ceremony. All major movements took place at night or bad weather.” Commander Ward spoke, “Andrew that sub is a black op, utter deniability.” Captain Andrew Simms spoke, “Who was the PCO?” Lieutenant Norton frowned, “Captain Killy B. Sailor, Sir.” Commander Ward spoke, “Well that might explain the sonar operations. They were not trying to get a better look at the lay out of Sea-Alfa. They were protecting Sea Dragon from divers and submersibles, because the navigation charts we have of Sea-Alfa are accurate to the centimeter. They would have had them too.” Commander Lewis Strong spoke, “Andrew? Did you happen to mention anything about your encounter with Sailor to Tessa?” Andrew thought a moment, “Yeah I did, just in passing.” Lewis replied, “Well there you go. I saw that crap spouted by Sailor after your court martial, the smear campaign the works. It shamed me to know that I had served in the same Navy as Sailor. Andrew, Tessa launched early because she wanted to be detected. Hell she should have just surfaced and hung out a neon sign saying “Hey Sailor, I am here come and get me!” type of thing. You are a submariner after all, now which way do you think she would go after shooting the advertisement flares off?”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Five Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Andrew spoke, “Norton, display chart from firing area.” Rising to his feet Andrew approached the monitor, and said “Norton expand it outward in 50 kilometer steps, till I say stop.” Andrew spoke, “Stop now. Ensign Aryl bring that protractor and compass and come to the monitor.” “Ensign, hold it right there. Good. Drake my slide ruler please.” As Captain Simms took measurements and made calculations on a 19th century mathematical device, Commander Ward relaxed back into his chair and waited. Andrew had carried that slide ruler every where he had ever been stationed. His standard reply when one asked why he carried such an antique was classic, “I never have to bother with batteries or worry about it shorting out in a wet, stormy night.” Stepping back, Captain Simms spoke “She’s running east along the Aleutian Trench, she will turn south likely around midnight maybe a little later. Norton, display the known US Submarine transit lane for that area and over lay on the chart.” Commander Ward rose to his feet and spoke “Captain? You and I both have been in that area, it starts at the Detroit Tablemount and goes south. Plenty of places to hide or seek cover and do a pop up.” Andrew replied, “Drake, remember when we war gamed this at the Rhode Island War College?” Commander Ward replied “Yes I do. You cleaned my clock between the Tenji Seamount and the Minnetonka Seamount. You came in from the North-West side of the Winnebago Seamount at an quarter angle in my baffles, and launched a long range “I don’t care if I miss shot” forcing me to come full right to “clear” my six and wham during that maneuver you had done a speed run and I walked right into a full spread. The instructor was impressed, because instead of a horizontal spread, you staggered a vertical spread set for proximity detonation.” Andrew replied, “Yeah, that was a nasty trick I pulled, because I knew which shots had detonated and which way you were moving and I sent four more which sent you to the bottom.” Commander Ward spoke, “Oh damn. Your tactics class with Tessa! Andrew she is going to set an ambush. If he comes north, which from Sea-Alfa, if he separated from his formally disbanded task group say three hours after he left Sea-Alfa and US Intel would be screaming bloody murder about that launch, Killy turns north-east and heads for what? Guess where he might be now?”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Five Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Andrew spoke, “If Killy has the power that the Palladium reactors can produce and the drive system to use it he will be inserting himself in the lane at the Jimmu Seamount right about now. He is a classic by the book type of guy, which will be his undoing. There is also another reason he likely was already in or near that transit lane, I think he got recalled.” Commander Strong spoke, “That is entirely a possibility. If Sea Dragon is a black operations unit, then it can not enter a regular Navy port for servicing; and going north would take it towards Alaska, maybe the Aleutians is where it is based.” Andrew replied, “You are likely correct Lewis. The Pentagon has a huge budget for classified projects and where else could you put a base out of prying eyes? Ok we have a game plan sort of. Lewis if you get as so much as a peep out of Tuatha de Danaan, I would like to know. Simms out.” Tuesday, 2230 hours, Sea Dragon Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka waited patiently till Sailor’s gruff permission came to enter his cabin. Opening and then closing the door, Takenaka announced his presence “Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka reporting as ordered.” Killy did not turn but spoke, “So Lieutenant how do you like the boat so far?” Marcy replied, “It is not what I expected Captain, then there is the matter of the crew. They do not appear to be what one would find on a Navy submarine Sir.” Killy set his pen down then turned to face Lieutenant Takenaka, “Really? Is it perhaps they are not wearing standard Navy uniforms?” Killy continued, “What kind of boat do you think you are on? Did you ever wonder why, I kept sending you TAD to all the attack boats out of Osaka?” Lieutenant Takenaka spoke, “I was assuming it was to learn new methods from the commanding officers and their tactical staffs.” Captain Killy B. Sailor rose to his feet, “Really is that what you think? Well in honest truth it was in hopes that you would be onboard one of the attack boats if it came across the “Toy Box” which one of them did, and of course it was Commander Jenson’s. Did he pee in his pants when “Toy Box” came at him? Hmm?”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Five Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Lieutenant Takenaka spoke, “No Sir, Commander Jenson handled himself very well, including the evasive maneuvers afterward.” Captain Sailor replied, “Jenson could not find himself outside of a wet paper bag. You know Marcy I found it interesting that “Toy Box” was not playing chicken, but came up into the Memphis’s baffles only after Jenson had performed the clearance maneuver, and I have always wondered why and I perhaps think you have asked the same question yourself.” Lieutenant Takenaka replied, “It was perhaps that “Toy Box” wanted to open a line of communications?” Sailor’s laugh surprised him, “Really Marcy. After Pasadena was damaged, I had taken temporary command of the Memphis and tried to find that bastard after what he did to me. You of course were there, but were you surprised when I had you stay TAD after Commander Jenson took command? I bet your were. Well here is the little low down. “Toy Box” indirectly asked for me, of course Jenson told him that I was stateside. So how did “Toy Box” know that I had been in command?” Lieutenant Takenaka spoke, “I do not know Sir.” Killy walked around from his desk and stood in front of the Lieutenant and replied, “Oh I have a good idea. You heard “Toy Box’s” voice. You know who was in command of “Toy Box” and you left it out of your report. I hate liars Marcy, and you have become one. Get what crap you have and get ready to leave the boat.” Lieutenant Takenaka spoke, “Sir we are in the middle of no where,” as Killy pressed a call button on his desk the door opened and two men entered. Killy spoke, “Marcy you are a liability and I really do not want you anymore. Gentlemen escort him to get his things and then we will put him off as soon as I surface.” Marcy grabbed roughly was dragged from Captain Sailor’s cabin, “Captain, please you have to understand!” Wednesday, 0015 hours, Melida Island, Command Center Commander Lewis Strong stayed at his post; it would not be the first time he had pulled a long watch, but with things going to hell in a hand basket he wanted to be very close to things. The electronic chip of the intercom followed by the voice of the switchboard operator as she announced she had a problem, “Commander, I know it is normal for us to take messages for most of our personnel, but there is a fellow insisting he speak with Doctor Andrew Simms and he said it is regarding “Toy Box”. He identified himself as Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka of the United States Navy.” Commander Strong snatched the phone up, “Transfer that call to me now!”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Five Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka huddled as low as he could and shivered violently inside the small rubber raft. Captain Sailor had been true to his word and he had put him over the side. They had nearly tossed the duffle bag into the ocean after searching it, but it tumbled into the raft. The false bottom was hopefully going to save him, because inside was a fully charged satellite phone. It was not easy getting one on a lieutenant’s salary but scrimping as he did, he had managed. The voice coming from the phone’s speaker identified themselves and spoke, “This is Lewis Strong. Lieutenant Takenaka? How did you get this number?” Marcy replied his teeth chattering, “Doc, Doctor Simms gave it to me at Sea-Alpha…said to call if I needed him… It’s about Sailor… He will be attacking “Toy Box”… Simms needs to stop, stop him.” Commander Strong replied, “Marcy? Where the hell are you?” The answer stunned Lewis as he said, “He put you over the side and abandoned you in the ocean?” Marcy replied, “Ye, Yes.” Commander Strong spoke, “Listen carefully, Lieutenant. I want you to find the locate button on that phone of yours and press it twice. Got that? Good. Press it now.” Wednesday, 0055 hours, Tuatha de Danaan TDD-1 Captain Testarossa dressed then exited her cabin, having called and confirmed that Tuatha de Danaan was on the course and depth she had ordered. Arriving early on the bridge, she sat in her command chair then studied the various readouts and tactical displays as both Commander Kalinin and Commander Mardukas entered the bridge. Commander Kalinin spoke, “Madam Captain, shall we inform Melida Island of our current position and status?” Tessa replied, “Only engage the tactical link however no incoming or outgoing communications are allowed. That will be all Commander. Dismissed. You as well Commander Mardukas.” Commander Mardukas spoke, “Madam Captain?” Captain Testarossa came to her feet, “I expect my orders to be carried out. Neither of you are currently needed, you are dismissed from the bridge, or do I have to have you removed by force!” Commander Kalinin replied and bowed, “No Madam Captain you will not, please do not hesitate to call if we are need.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Five Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Both men left the bridge then upon closing the door, stopped in the corridor. Commander Mardukas spoke, “She is going to force a confrontation Andrei!” Commander Kalinin replied, “It appears so. However she is in command and if that is her wish then we can do little.” Commander Mardukas replied, “Will she know enough to handle the upcoming situation? There are too many variables to contend with as it is, but the bridge crew will follow her orders.” Wednesday, 0130 hours, Samuel Eliot Morison TDD-2 “Approaching periscope depth, speed is 5 knots, Sir!” as Petty Officer Carter steadied the Morison; Captain Simms slammed the handles down and spun the scope. “Damn! What a mess! Switching to night mode, Lieutenant Wren engage infrared cameras!” Captain Simms continued to slowly spin the periscope then stopped, “Mark!” Commander Ward replied, “Bearing 079, range 900 meters!” Captain Simms spoke, “Surface! Surface! Launch the rescue at sea detail. Deploy from starboard hatch number one. Air Cushion Assault Craft Alfa standby to launch in thirty seconds. Alice! Give them wind speed and temperature on departure!” Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka wanted to sleep, but as he forced his eyes back open the salt spray stung them. An odd noise, maybe the wind growing stronger perhaps. He continued to press the locate button on his long dead satellite phone. Sergeant Major Guan-yin Wu and Sergeant Graham Jaunay dressed in cold weather survival suites braced themselves as the air cushion assault craft raced towards the tossing raft in the distance. Barely able to hear or even speak to each other, at the sound of the crafts air horn, both sprinted from the crouched position as the landing ramp began to lower. Sergeant Major Wu, with safety line attached leaped towards the raft and snagged it on the first try. Unsnapping a second line she attached it to the raft and gave yanks on her line and the raft safety line, then felt herself being pulled back onto the assault craft’s ramp. Captain Simms spoke, “Helm, 15 degrees right rudder, Starboard engine back 2/3’rds and Port engine ahead 2/3’rds. Engage Port Bow Thruster and Starboard Stern Thruster” Commander Ward replied, “She’s swinging but sluggish.” Andrew spoke, “Yeah this sucks. I need a good lee for that landing craft to make a safe approach, damn it! Carter! All thrusters to stop, rudders amidships, engines stop! Goose it now Carter! Use a Flank Bell!”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Five Deep Gambit By Steve Edward

With the kick of power, Morison steadied up and provided a lee for the air cushion craft pilot to make a remarkably good landing inside the launch bay. Lieutenant Wren spoke, “Craft is onboard safely, and medical team is standing-by.” Captain Simms snapped the handles up and spoke, “Very well. Down scope. Secure outer hatch. Commander Ward, please see to our rescued guest. I want to know what the hell happened to him.” Ward acknowledged and left the bridge. Wren spoke, “Board is green Sir!” Captain Simms replied, “Dive! Dive! Dive! Set course 050, depth 150 meters, and speed 15 knots!” Petty Officer Carter acknowledged the orders, sending the Samuel Eliot Morison beneath the storm tossed sea.

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Wide eyed, Raymond Ward walked slowly forward, the M9 Arms Slaves gleaming in the hanger lights, an F-35-B VTOL Striker Fighter Combat Jet,...