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Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Monday, 1800 hours, Sea-Alfa Pacific, The Grand Sea Hotel Dinning Room Captain Sailor’s rapid departure from the dinning room was met with cheers as Jendi High School students began moving their tables and chairs to encircle and join with Andrew Simms’s table. Kyoko Tokiwa had added her own statement by photographing Captain Sailor at point blank range, her strobe effectively blinding him which caused him to stumble on the way out, and Kyoko did not miss taking pictures of the armed consorts either. Should Captain Sailor lodge any complaints, he would have to answer why he needed armed escorts in the first place. With Sergeant Souska Sagara onboard the Tuatha de Danaan, Kaname Chidori found herself with another “escort” in the shape and size of Sergeant Troy Gallium. Dressed in a Sea-Alfa Pacific Security uniform, the Sergeant was not alone. Sergeant Major Guanyin Wu and Sergeant Graham Jaunay were visible as well, though Wu was dressed as a hotel hostess and Jaunay acting as an administrative assistant had entered the dinning room to “defuse” any further conflicts, Kaname knew that Mithril still had a heavy presence and if things deteriorated, the good doctor would come out of his shell and the Captain would no longer be trifled with. Eri Kagurazaka stirred her tea as she spoke, “The Navy Captain has few manners and is unpolished unlike you Doctor Simms.” Charlotte Ward watched as Eri seemed to bat her eyelashes at Andrew and then her hand crept onto Andrew’s arm. She knew Andrew had never been married, and what dates he had been out on either those that were setups by other Navy wives or “blind” dates by his fellow Navy officers had never panned out, much to the consternation of those that had tried. Charlotte of course knew Andrew being a women’s magnet that had attracted all sorts to his side but a Japanese school teacher? Was this Kagurazaka really falling for Andrew? A student interrupted the conversation with a question, “Doctor Simms? I would like clarification on a subject please.” Andrew acknowledged the request, listened then replied, “Good point raised, however without the ability to practice freedom of navigation, commerce would come to a halt in short order With the world economy so diversified and nations dependant on another if the lack of certain raw materials takes place, it can generally affect others as well since the raw material would be turned into replacement parts, new cars etc., and if interrupted for any length of time with what is called the “Just in Time” supply system the interruptions spread quickly and can affect the financial stabilities of manufacturing concerns. Take Japan for example, though not as heavily dependant on oil as it once was, it still can be bothered if even a one day supply delivery is delayed.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward “As for Captain Sailor he is just practicing his right to freedom of navigation, so you should not really be concerned about what he is doing, since it is done every day, though you should note most Naval Officers rarely take that much firepower with them on a visit.” Captain Killy B. Sailor dismissed his escorts and then ordered his flagship to get underway and standoff from Sea-Alfa Pacific, while he stayed overnight in the Grand Sea Hotel, with his aide de camp Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka. Takenaka was thankful he did not have to stay in the same suite as Sailor, whose behavior had been appalling in his view. Lieutenant Takenaka was one of the few officers that had endured Sailor’s behavior over the years and he tended to take pride in keeping his commanding officer out of trouble though it had cost him a promotion or two. Takenaka though was concerned with Sailor’s rudeness towards his former colleague, Captain Andrew Simms who had started a new career in the educational sector. The Lieutenant, who had served with Captain Simms while on temporary duty assignment in the USS Atlanta and previously on another submarine as well, had found Andrew to be more outgoing and willing to part with his knowledge. Even he was surprised to see the former executive officer of the Atlanta sitting with the ex-Navy Captain. Commander Drake Ward, who had resigned after Simms had been court martialed, had reportedly taken employment with a Japanese software firm in Tokyo. So it was likely both men had continued their personal friendships since both lived in Tokyo. Takenaka though pondered Ward’s reactions. His deference to Simms, as though he was still junior in rank when Sailor was deriding the former Captain as Ward’s own wife, Charlotte apparently prepared herself to see her husband launch an attack but Simms had for the most part ignored Sailor except for when he called Sailor by full name and rank. Sailor hated his middle name and for anyone to say it, was an open invitation to starting a fight. Simms had appeared fit and trim, almost too trim. The Japanese school teacher’s intervention likely had prevented an incident from taking place, and of course her personal knowledge of Andrew’s exploits was surprising, because the Navy Cross had been awarded in secret and was not general public knowledge. Was she his fiancé? Perhaps she knew of his abilities and knew who would have come up short in the fight had it taken place.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Lieutenant Takenaka remembered the hotel hostess then the Sea-Alfa Pacific administrative assistant who had appeared out of no where putting themselves “inbetween” Sailor and Simms. The hostess had addressed Simms as Captain, but suddenly correcting herself called him Doctor Simms. The administrative assistant seemed to defer to the hostess, even though he appeared to have more authority, and their overall body language did not mark them as civilians. The way each had held themselves, it was a military bearing and both were acting as though there was a very senior officer present. Takenaka realized who that senior officer was and it was not Sailor, but Andrew Simms. Andrew may have been passing himself off as a teacher of high school students with the help of Miss Kagurazaka, but in truth he was no teacher at all. He was in command of something, but what? Well at least it was not the legendary “Toy Box” as Takenaka knew that Captain Simms had the abilities and knowledge that if coupled with the “Toy Box” would make such a vessel with its purported capabilities a deadly and dangerous opponent who would easily run circles around Sailor and his task group. Returning the present as Sailor bellowed his name, Takenaka opened the adjoining door and entered Captain Killy B. Sailor’s suite. Tuesday, 0600 hours, Tuatha De Danaan TDD-1 Captain Testarossa spoke, “Captain Simms, have you learned what Captain Sailor may be up to?” as “Doctor” Simms with Drake Ward sitting in Simms hotel suite replied, “He is hunting you Tessa without a doubt, and he is packing some serious firepower to back it up. There are two Sea Wolf’s and two ASW destroyers, all on special assignment and at his command.” Tessa replied, “I perhaps overdid the game of chicken with him?” Drake laughed, “Pretty much that would be a yes. But hey, its part of the overall scheme of things as even I and Andrew experienced the same thing on occasion. Andrew even did it against Sailor too, just for fun but the man certainly is short on getting a life.” Commander Kalinin spoke, “Commander any word on how long he may be staying at Sea-Alfa?” Ward replied, “He checks out on Wednesday, but his task group is circling the outer perimeter of Sea-Alfa and they were actively pinging, likely trying to get a good look at the underwater layout, but he won’t find Morison if that’s what your thinking. We did complain about the noise to Administrator Finch and he sent a stern warning to Sailor at a very early time this morning and they have since stopped. However Sailor has already been busy, talking to various employee’s of Sea-Alfa but not getting the answers he wants to hear.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Tessa spoke, “So Sailor is trying to link what he calls “Toy Box” for all the activity that took place on Monday. Commander Ward, Captain Simms please keep us informed if anything else is learned. Testarossa out.” Killy had a dark cloud hovering over him, and his approach to asking questions left a lot to be desired which had left Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka behind in his wake making numerous apologies. Captain Sailor deciding to take the self-guided tour of the sea-life was on the moving walkway when he spied Charlotte Ward and Miss Eri Kagurazaka sitting together in an alcove. Stepping off the walkway he approached both women. Eri spoke, “It was a rather hard time for Andrew at first, but as you saw last night he has gained the respect of my students. He has been involved in extensive debates both in classroom and out and his willingness to do so has not been lost on them.” The gruff voice of Captain Killy B. Sailor interrupted, “However Miss Teacher that still does not give you the right to flaunt classified information.” Charlotte Ward rose to her feet and turned to face Captain Sailor, “Oh really? What classified information?” Killy placed his foot on the bench and leaned towards Charlotte, “Why it is the Navy Cross of course. Her lover boy received that during a highly classified mission, one that is still classified. So Miss Play Thing does he talk in his sleep?” Eri came to her feet, then suddenly lashed out striking Captain Sailor squarely in the ankle sending him to the floor of the alcove, and as Killy tried to stand his cry of pain mixed with that of Eri Kagurazaka as she lashed out again landing a foot kick directly onto Captain Sailor’s jaw which drove him back to the deck, the frantic knocking from above Charlotte’s head signaled that they were no longer alone. The alcove observation area was inside the salt water agro-dome and several Jendi students were franticly waving at her. Eri had stepped onto the bench when Charlotte turned around and realizing what she was about to do grabbed her as the sound of pounding feet approached and Eri angrily replied, “American Captain! He is not my lover! But a very nice friend and co-worker! You will never understand him nor ever be able to match him! Go back to your ship or boat and leave now, because if you don’t I will kill you!”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Sergeant Troy Gallium towering over Charlotte Ward grabbed Eri Kagurazaka who was fighting to break free and slung her unceremoniously over his broad shoulder and then looked down at the battered Sailor, glowered and spoke, “I would seriously consider taking her advise and leave Captain Sailor. Your presence has become unbearable to say the least and frankly if Mister Ward finds out what you said in front of the wife, well this Japanese school teacher is going to be the least of your worries.” Tapping the intercom button, Sergeant Troy Gallium sounded the medical emergency alert as Jendi High School students hovered over his head inside the agro-dome. One student in particular caught his eye and he nodded in her direction then walked off. Charlotte Ward only saw a student kicking off the observation window, her hair streaming behind her as she kicked furiously for the exit. Kaname Chidori wondering what had set Miss Eri off, because even the big security officer was having problems holding onto the teacher whose hatred appeared to be focused entirely upon that idiot American Navy Captain now lying on the floor. Tuesday, 0900 hours, Sea-Alpha Pacific, Administrative Offices Ted Finch had read his horoscope for this week and it had warned of dark clouds that would gather. He hated to think what would happen if it said a storm was going to strike. On one side of the table sat Captain Killy B. Sailor whose demands for the arrest of a Japanese school teacher be made, while on the opposite side sat said school teacher, the wife of a Sea-Alfa Pacific consultant and of course the consultant, Drake Ward. At least that was the cover for Drake Ward and another consultant, a security specialist who at any moment could decide to add scenery to the underwater submarine tour if he so desired, Andrew Simms. Killy had defied regulations and he had heavily armed backup much to the dismay of Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka who was acting as a buffer. The accusations of the assault were backed up by the various security cameras, but the counter accusations of Killy making disparaging remarks could not be proven by audio recordings as that area had no recording devices. Killy spoke, “I am well within my rights to arrest her. She assaulted me for no reason, Administrator Finch.” Finch replied, “Captain Sailor, you should realize that you have no authority or jurisdiction over Sea-Alfa Pacific and its environs; further more you have now twice defied our strict regulations concerning projectile weapons. As a man with military submarine experience you are aware what could happen if a window became cracked or the dome punctured.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward As Finch swiveled in his chair he continued, “The pressure entering the dome would cut a human being in two. As for the assault itself, the sworn statement by Mrs. Charlotte Ward seems to confirm what Miss Eri Kagurazaka also described in a sworn statement so your petition for her arrest is denied. Oh one more thing Captain Sailor, this message is for you. Please read and then get the hell off my city because you have caused enough trouble. Good day.” Andrew watched as Killy read the message, then crumpling the paper he threw it into a corner and rose to his feet then limped out of the briefing room without further word followed by his armed goon squad. Lieutenant Takenaka waited till the door closed and then spoke, “Commander Ward, Mrs. Ward, Captain Simms and Miss Eri Kagurazaka, I am formally apologizing for his actions.” Andrew replied, “Marcy? Why the heck are you still serving with him? He is an accident waiting to happen.” The lieutenant replied, “I do not know why, but I feel it is my duty to do so Captain, as its Commander Ward’s duty to continue serving you.” Charlotte spoke, “Now wait just one damn minute, Lieutenant. My husband is not employed by Doctor Simms in any fashion, they just so happened to have accepted consulting contracts at the same time which Mister Finch has already confirmed for your highness.” Lieutenant Marcy Takenaka spoke “Off the record, Madam Ward. Captain Andrew Simms did a most honorable thing and suffered for it and your husband supported him till the end. I noted your reaction afterward, and how you too had voiced certain things about Captain Simms. Friendship through many means can be conveyed many ways, as Commander Jenson of USS Memphis once told me. A friend will play a friendly game of chicken, but how one is to play is decided upon his or her own terms and when the time comes to make contact they will do so in their own time and place, which has now been done, and you once again defend such friend as I have done.” Turning to leave, Lieutenant Takenaka withdrew an envelope from his breast pocket and slid it unopened towards Captain Andrew Simms, “Your kindness displayed that day Captain Simms is remembered. Farewell Captain.” Andrew replied, “Marcy, one moment please.” Taking a slip of paper and writing; Andrew then folded it and slip it across the table to the Lieutenant. “If you need to contact me, you can call that number, it’s a message service and they will forward urgent calls 24/7 understand?” Lieutenant Takenaka thanked Andrew and departed.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Waiting till the lieutenant entered the elevator, Andrew read the envelope face, and the writing in Japanese addressed him by his supposedly former rank. Slipping it into his pocket, he stood and took Miss Eri Kagurazaka hand into his, “Eri, you and I have some things to discuss while we take you and Charlotte back to the hotel where the Security Force can keep an eye on you two, because I and Drake have got to get busy with consulting work that we are being paid for.” About to speak, Eri felt Andrew’s finger on her lips, “Not right now ok?” Letting out a sigh of relief Ted Finch spoke, “Captain Simms for what it is worth, thanks for staying your hand.” Andrew turned as he exited the door and replied, “Administrator Finch, you are welcome but rules are rules and Sea-Alfa Pacific is a weapons-free zone. See you later.” Before he left, Drake Ward picked up the crumpled piece of paper and put it into his pocket. Tuesday, 1300 hours, Tuatha de Danaan TDD-1, The Bering Sea Debarkation Line Commander Richard Mardukas spoke, “He actually did that Captain?” Andrew’s image replied “Yes he did, which caused a certain school teacher to give him a lesson in manners.” Captain Teletha Testarossa spoke, “Captain Sailor making the accusations that you are a coward in public is one thing, but it is entirely a different matter when he accuses a woman in front of another woman of having a lover and naming you as her lover, even I would have reacted in similar fashion. Just where is he now Captain Simms?” Andrew paused a moment, as Teletha’s ire had now been raised but dismissed such silliness from his mind as he replied, “Officially persona non grata at Sea-Alfa and he and his task force were steaming north as of two hours ago and hopefully out of everyone’s hair.” Tessa replied, “Very well Captain, thank you for your report. That will be all. Testarossa out.” The sudden end of the communication caught Andrew by surprise but he had little else to add anyway and shut the terminal off and left his suite. Captain Teletha Testarossa addressed Commander Kalinin, “Commander we are six hours from the designated launch point, so please increase speed to make it less than two. The storm has forced the evacuation of the platform that is our target and we will strike under its cover. The speed of the storm will coincide with the revised launch schedule and please ensure that one Tomahawk and one Harpoon are readied.” Rising from the command chair, twisting her hair in her fingers, Captain Testarossa walked past Commander Kalinin who had yet to reply or acknowledge the order, “Commander Kalinin is there a problem with my orders?”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Andrei glanced briefly at the tactical plot and spoke, “No Madam Captain there is not, however we should wait for nightfall.” Captain Testarossa spun on her heel and replied “Since when is nightfall a requirement for launching Commander? The storm will be suitable cover, please carry out my orders at once!” Commander Kalinin nodded to Commander Richard Mardukas who spoke, “Helm, make dive angle 15, set depth for 800 meters and increase speed to 50 knots.” Captain Testarossa spoke, “Helm belay that speed order, make it 65 knots!” Then she turned and left the bridge, her agitated state evident to both Andrei and Richard as each wondered why Teletha was suddenly changing the attack plans. Tuesday, 1600 hours, Samuel Eliot Morison TDD-2, Sea-Alfa Pacific Sergeant Olina Pederson slowly tested the weight of the barbell as she began arm curls. The pain shooting through both arms and her chest signaled it was still too early, but she continued. No one knew just how close she came to being killed, until a Sea-Alfa Pacific maintenance engineer had reported that the life rails and windscreens of level 14 walkway would have to be completely replaced. All it would have taken would have been another hard hit and she might have joined Jaffrey on his final plunge. Sergeant Graham Jaunay had carried her down 13 flights of stairs, ignoring offers of help. Sergeant’s Graham Jaunay and Kurz Weber had both watched helplessly from a distance, unable to take a shot to save her. Olina remembered when Wu caught her as she collapsed then after passing out and coming to, Sergeant Jaunay had her on his back, the clanging of the steel grating marked their passage downward where she was sure she could see the bow section of the Morison pointing skyward and the little blue submarine being lifted from the arms of Arbalest. Doctor George Albert entered the gymnasium, checking on those who were working out, ensuring each had a partner, frowning when he saw Olina he took a bench seat and carried it to her and set it down. “Sergeant Olina Pederson? What were my orders to you young lady? Light duty only, no work outs period till those ribs has a chance to heal properly.” Olina Pederson set the barbell down then looked up at the doctor. The Samuel Eliot Morison’s ship doctor and surgeon, African-American, his once black hair flecked with grey, the reed thin man had little need for muscle. It was his hands that were the tools of his trade.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Doctor Albert spoke, “Ok Sergeant sit up for me and take that tee-shirt off. I want to have a look at that wrapping I put on.” Others present in the gym ignored the examination. Everyone knew the risks of being injured, but also knew the man sitting and examining Pederson was a prized and valued crewmember and that taking the chance of disobeying an order from him was even worse than that of an order from their Captain. As George ran his slender fingers around the edges of the chest wrap, he noted the moments when Olina tensed when he gentle pressed on certain areas of her rib cage. Making a slight adjustment to the wrap he spoke “Olina, for now that will be all and that is a direct order. Give it time to heal and you will be stronger for it. Now get out of here and don’t let me catch you here again till I clear you for physical workouts. Is that clear Sergeant?” Sergeant Pederson slipping the tee-shirt back on replied, “Yes sir. The order is very clear.” Waiting till the Sergeant left, Doctor Albert pondered another such warrior. At 55 years of age, Doc Albert had served in the military medical field since he was 20, 35 years of exposure to what a battle field could do to a man or that of a woman. As a wet behind the ears Navy Ensign, he had one day taken the place of a Navy Corpsman who had been wounded in action since there was no one else and joined a US Marine convoy escort tasked with getting supplies through on a bloody and well worn road in Iraq. There were no clear front lines in Iraq in those bloody war days, no debarkation point what so ever. If you were on Iraqi soil, you were on the front lines. Things had progressed well, and most thought that they would finally get through a day without having to fire a shot, when the roadside bomb destroyed the lead Hummer. Five men went home to the Lord in a blink of an eye, one of them the commanding officer of the escort. Then the insurgents opened up with everything that they had, RPG’s, mortars, heavy machine guns, and the works. The LAV he was riding in, became disabled and quickly caught fire and he joined the Marines on the outside. Shouts of terror, screams of alarm and then the cries for medics sounded. Doc Albert broke cover ignoring the rounds that flew past, but he was not alone. Keeping pace and shielding him was Marine with a M60 cradled for firing and doing so on the run. The commanding voice called out to rally and then to charge, but it was not the gruff voice of a man.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward It was a woman. His shield. As he dragged a downed Marine to cover, she turned to him and spoke above the roar of gunfire “Doc! Don’t let him die! Take care of my buddy!” Then she was gone, running through the thick black smoke of the burning LAV. The volume of gunfire escalated, the screams of men and women charging into battle both unnerved him and gave him faith as he treated the wounded Marine. It felt like the battle lasted hours, but in just 12 minutes it was over just as US Army Apache Gunships roared overhead. The gun ships never fired a shot. Hearing the crunch of sand to his side he looked up at the woman who had been his shield. The M60 was gone, the M16 she held, the barrel dipped lazily towards the ground then she spoke, “How’s my buddy Doc?” Doc Albert nearly in a stupor replied “He’ll be fine.” The female Marine turned to look behind her then spoke, “Well the ground pounders have come out of their bivouacs. Doc you have more customers on the other side, lets go.” Turning the wounded Marine over to an Army medic, Doc Albert followed the female Marine back to her field of battle. There were no other marines needing treatment. The insurgents hoping to turn this stretch of road into another bloody spot on a already bloody road for the American military had instead become part of the surreal, bloody landscape themselves. Doc Albert walked from body to body, shadowed at every step by his shield, as he was about to check the last body, he was shoved into the ground as a three round burst flew over his head. Spitting the sand from his mouth, he saw the woman’s hand held out which he accepted. Aided to his feet he saw why he had been shoved to the ground, the slumped figure of a man from inside a man hole cover. The Marine spoke, “Popped up like a Jack in a Box, Doc and he was aiming for you. It was you or him, and I preferred you.” An Army Major found the female Marine and relieved her. It would be later in the week when the same Major would interview him and it would be extensive. With so many women in the armed forces, it was becoming harder for them to avoid combat altogether. And on the Samuel Eliot Morison, 35 years later the male to female ratio of combat soldiers was rather apparent and startling for Doctor George Albert when he had first reported aboard. There were 125 women serving in various specialties on the Morison which had an official crew of 225. In the combat troops numbering 75 in all, 40 of them were women, and lead by a female at that. There were 35 men. How had times changed, that even the aircrew though led by a male commander had 15 female pilots to their male counter parts which number just 5 and of those 15 female pilots, 5 were aces.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Doc Albert wondered what Samuel Eliot Morison would have written in comment about having 180 women in various combat roles both as front line and as support. But Doc Albert most of all wondered what the author would have made of the female Marine from that distant battlefield in Iraq. After a battlefield appointment and acceptance to Officers Candidate School that battle hardened female marine warrior would of course graduate with high honors and would again find herself on other bloody battlefields. As Doc Albert closed the door to the gymnasium he wondered how the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps was doing these days as he headed to change for a dinner date with another young and upcoming female warrior who was but still a child. Tuesday, 1700 hours, Sea-Alpha Pacific, The Grand Sea Hotel Dinning Room Kaname Chidori and Kyoko Tokiwa wrestled with the complicated formula that they had learned from one of the care takers of the forest agro-dome. As written 6CO2 + 6H2O > C6H12O6 + 6O2.

Simply put it meant those 6 carbon dioxide molecules + 6 water molecules form 1 sugar molecule and 6 oxygen molecules. (Like all living beings trees breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. This process must not be confused of course with the process of photo-synthesis, which apart from providing the tree with energy and nourishment also the additional benefit of turning carbon dioxide into oxygen as has illustrated by the above formula. A mature tree can give off the equivalent oxygen supply as would be used up by 10 people). The care taker of forest agro-dome number 3, (there were 6 in all with 4 more in the planning stages) had presented the two students with that formula as she worked along side them in caring for the towering trees. The forest domes helped provide the needed oxygen that was consumed by humans living in Sea-Alfa. All told there were 600 trees, mostly pines that were in place. The added benefit was few power requirements to generate oxygen from the sea and natural, clean pure oxygen that was filtered before it left the forest domes and pumped through out the complex, while carbon dioxide was pumped into the domes for conversion back into oxygen. Kaname Chidori looked up as a tall African-American strolled casually into the dinning room with a young girl at his side, Ensign Aryl. Excusing herself from Kyoko, Kaname went to their table and Doctor Albert recognizing a former patient rose to his feet and greeted her, “Miss Chidori, what a wonderful surprise. I hope things are going well with you?�

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Kaname Chidori spoke, “All is well, and there have been no more fade outs,” as Aryl replied “Thankfully for all of us, Doctor Albert helped to find a solution.” Kaname spoke, “Yes no more summoning.” Aryl, who had been sent to Melida Island to undergo training, had inadvertently contacted Kaname in “Whispered” mode, after sensing her prior presence within the TAROS system of the Tuatha de Danaan. It had been for Chidori to find Captain Andrew Simms, which caused considerable and undesirable reactions among the other “Whispered”, Captain Teletha Testarossa and Lieutenant Alice Wren. The maddening sequence of events afterward, caused both Testarossa and Wren to become fanatically over aggressive, with Captain Testarossa so bent on getting even with Captain Simms over a perceived slight, that she had pursued him in an Arms Slave with live ammunition. Tessa’s little rampage was finally stopped by Sergeant Major Melissa Mao and Sergeant Kurz Weber firing immobilizing rounds at Tessa’s Arm Slave to disable it. It had been Doctor George Albert who brought forth a theory that was later proven to be accurate and resulted in numerous modifications to TAROS itself and some new regulations when it came to the operation of a “Whispered” with the TAROS computer systems of both the Tuatha de Danaan and the Samuel Eliot Morison. After her short chat with the Doctor and Ensign Aryl, Kaname Chidori returned to her own table and with Kyoko Tokiwa continued their studies, though Kyoko about to snap a photograph of the two arrivals was stopped by Kaname who spoke, “Not right now ok. Let them eat in peace.” Surprising the students and even Doctor Albert himself was when Captain Andrew Simms walked into the dinning room with Eri Kagurazaka on his arm with Commander Drake Ward with his wife and son behind them. Kyoko, unable to resist such a moment in time, fired off a rapid series of photographs. Kaname knew Eri was single and so was Captain Andrew Simms. Could it be possible that Eri and Andrew was becoming an item? After seating Eri, Andrew sat next to her and placed their dinner orders. Preoccupied with overseeing new security measures; Andrew had spent little time with the Japanese school teacher. On the way back to the hotel, he had assured her that the mention of his military award would not land her into trouble. One of her students Kyoko Tokiwa had assisted him with that matter. Certain photographs of Captain Sailor violating the weapons free zone order of Sea-Alfa Pacific had been sent to him.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Eri spoke, “Doctor Simms, Administrator Finch told me in passing that you have completed your tasks here at Sea-Alfa, so does that mean you will be leaving soon?” Glancing up at Drake who had a sly smile, Andrew replied “It is regrettable that I must. I have other obligations Miss Kagurazaka.” Eri seemed saddened by the news and replied “Perhaps we can meet again when you return to Tokyo?” Another look at Drake, yet another sly smile, as Andrew setting his fork down spoke “I am sure we will meet again.” After completing their dinner, both Andrew Simms and Eri Kagurazaka rose from the table with Drake Ward and his wife Charlotte and son Raymond. As Andrew settled the bill with the cashier, Eri Kagurazaka spoke “Doctor Simms?” Andrew turned to answer and found himself in a furious embrace, and unable to breath. The whoops and cheers of Jendi High School Students, punctuated with Kyoko Tokiwa’s heavy use of her camera caught the pose of teacher in an embrace with the American. Finally, Andrew gave up and returned the embrace and a rather long and deep kiss before they separated. Wiping tears from her eyes, Eri ran off towards the hotel lobby and soon was lost to the sight of Captain Andrew Simms. Raymond Ward broke the silence, “So Uncle? Does that mean you finally got a girl friend?” Charlotte blushed, Drake tried to clear his throat and Andrew replied, “Maybe Ray, I do. We will have to wait to see about that won’t we? Now how about that tour that I promised you and your mother? Meet me at the specified airlock in an hour ok?” Raymond Ward replied, “Oh wow that’ll be so cool!”

Full Metal Panic Deep Gambit Ch4  

Monday, 1800 hours, Sea-Alfa Pacific, The Grand Sea Hotel Dinning Room Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Lieutenant...

Full Metal Panic Deep Gambit Ch4  

Monday, 1800 hours, Sea-Alfa Pacific, The Grand Sea Hotel Dinning Room Full Metal Panic! Chapter Four Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Lieutenant...