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Full Metal Panic! Chapter Three Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Sunday, 1700 hours, Sea-Alfa Pacific, The Grand Sea Hotel Charlotte Ward looked at the warning displayed on the screen “Encryption Key Required!” flashing in bright red, then called out to her husband “Drake what is an encryption key?” Ward hurried to the terminal and inserted his Mithril encryption card and pressed the receive button. The split screen image that jumped into being showed two views. One of Captain Andrew Simms and Captain Teletha Testarossa, as Raymond Ward peeked around his father he spoke “Uncle Andy! Hey who are the cuties?” Tessa said “Uncle Andy? Cuties?” as she looked back in puzzlement at Raymond Ward. Commander Ward’s voice replied, “Son. Not now!” Captain Simms spoke, “Ray, we can talk later as I have business to discuss with your father.” Charlotte Ward spoke, “Long time Andrew.” Andrew paused, seeing Charlotte’s image. Then he replied, “I hope you are doing well,” as Drake moved into the camera and spoke, “Good afternoon Captain Simms, Captain Testarossa.” Simms replied, “So I can assume you have broken the news to Charlotte?” Charlotte replied “Yes Andrew he already has.” Captain Simms continued, “Ok, so that’s over with. Drake, sorry to blow your leave but we have a situation developing and it has been traced back to Sea-Alfa Pacific. Commander Kalinin on the Tuatha de Danaan will give you a full briefing on what needs to be done so listen closely. I’ll stand-by while he does.” Commander Kalinin spoke, “Commander Ward, here is the ongoing situation as we know it…” Commander Ward put the notepad down and replied, “I’ll contact Souska, but you should know that Sea-Alpha Pacific is a weapons-free zone, the security down here carries nonlethal weapons only. Captain Testarossa spoke “We are aware of that Commander, hence the delicate situation. Samuel Eliot Morison will close with Sea-Alfa Pacific and will conduct landings on the export platforms keeping in mind that they will have limited use of lethal weapons. We believe that there is a cycle to distribution of the narcotic itself and they are likely to be sending out the next shipment in the coming week.” Ward replied, “Even so there is still a lot of territory to check, then there is the matter of the laboratories. Officially there are two dozen labs, but that may not include facilities engaged in classified work, then of course I have no idea what I would be looking for.” Andrew replied, “Charlotte would know.” Charlotte Ward looked first at her husband then to the monitor, “What is it you want me to look for Andrew?”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Three Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Sunday, 1800 hours, Sea-Alfa Pacific, Administrative Offices Ted Finch returned the documents to Commander Drake Ward and spoke, “Commander, your identification is in order. I will cooperate fully in this matter as those who fund SeaAlfa Pacific have little desire be part of this and in fact want it put to an end. Where would you like to start?” Charlotte Ward spoke, “I would hope that you know who you can trust. We need access to all laboratories that have been established at Sea-Alpha Pacific, both public and private who may be conducting research on sea life in and around the volcanic vents. We need access to their research records.” Ted Finch replied, “Many of those laboratories are competitors in such fields as bio-medical and pharmaceutical. Some might refuse.” Commander Ward replied, “The credentials of my wife are impeccable and they should be more that enough to sway those who may hesitate, however I am sure you by bringing the senior representatives together for the meeting you have called can read them the riot act if they will not budge; of course there are other things that can be persuasive?” As administrator of Sea-Alfa Pacific, Ted Finch had to balance the needs and wants of the corporate sponsors from a multitude of world powers. With Mithril involved in the hunt for the deadly narcotics that had already killed hundreds world wide, so he had little choice but to help play the game no matter where or who it led to. Finch replied “Ok Commander, but one thing that might help. When is that submarine of yours supposed to be here?” Commander Ward replied, “It will be in air range to launch the landing teams in less than three hours, why do you ask?” Finch rubbing his chin spoke, “Because Commander, there is nothing like pointing out an observation window and being able to say if you don’t cooperate, you will have to deal with them when I order the lab modules blown clear of the city complex.” Monday, 0600 hours, Sea-Alfa Pacific, Administrative Complex Meeting Room Ted Finch studied the gathered executives who grumblings were growing louder. Rousing them from their residences had been not been easy, but the stern summons from Finch had been persuasive.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Three Deep Gambit By Steve Edward As the door opened admitting the visitors, the grumblings stopped. Then Finch spoke, “Gentlemen and ladies. It seems Sea-Alfa has become the focus of an investigation, one that requires your full and complete cooperation, otherwise per your contracts separation of the lab modules will take place and you will then have to deal with them and of course that.” Pressing a button to open the observation window doors, Finch pointed outward. As if on cue, navigation lights and underwater lights carried by the Samuel Eliot Morison came to life. To the executives it appeared that the submarine was just meters away, but in truth due to refraction of light and water and the angle of the observation window the Morison was much further out at over 1,000 meters. The visitors, Commander Drake Ward, Commander Andrei Kalinin and Captain Teletha Testarossa walked to where the administrator was standing. Drake pulling a chair out for Tessa, stepped back then assisted her to get close to the table, as Tessa spoke “Gentleman and ladies, I am Captain Teletha Testarossa, the gentlemen with me are with Mithril, which I am sure some of you know what the organization does, and to assist us in our investigation is Dr. Charlotte Ward. Ted Finch continued, “You have been asked to provide information into what specific research that each of your laboratories is conducting. Failure to do so will result in immediate separation of your respective modules.” Sergeant Major Mao and Sergeant Major Wu standing together on Export Platform Alfa listened as their respective teams reported in. Wu spoke, “Mao, your people and my people have been through everything twice, what the hell are we missing?” Mao replied, “Well it’s not up here. So it must still be somewhere in the city complex. Let’s take a look at those blue prints again.” Holding a Doctorate in biology was a plus for Charlotte Ward, because when she began speaking the executive’s language when it came to their research in their respective labs they provided what Mithril sought. Of the 12 official labs, there were 8 additional labs closed to general public view and access. Of those 8, only three were involved in biomedial and pharmaceutical research. Vice president James Gainer of Gainer Medical spoke as Charlotte reviewed the lab’s research, “Dr. Ward, the research is into a new anti-biotic and pain suppressant. However as you can see the powerful enzymes produced by the fish and plant life can be overwhelming to the human central nervous system, of course that is only in theory.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Three Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Captain Testarossa replied, “Mr. Gainer would you look at these medical reports and offer you own insight?” James Gainer accepting the electronic tablet tabbed through and stopped. “These are virtually the same symptoms that were observed in lab mice. Where are these medical reports from?” Commander Kalinin replied, “From various hospitals around the globe Mr. Gainer. The last report is from the Los Angles Medical Center in California, where a college student is hospitalized in a coma.” Sergeant Souska Sagara having no choice to don a clean suit was being given a guided tour of the confectionary production line, by the foreman whose muffled voice spoke, “The raw product comes to us in a syrup form, where it is introduced from the storage tank and then it is carefully heated then run thru a series of filters before it is discharged to the molds. Then the goodies are added, nuts or whatever you want and then the molds are sent to the cooling section where they harden.” Souska replied, “What about material that is to be used for home use?” The foreman spoke “Oh you mean home kits, where mothers coat apples and the like? Well that is done on the same line that you see, but we use different molds and the wrapping is part of the packaging. The home preparation is rather simple really. They take it out of the box and the outer plastic wrapping, and then they put the whole caboodle in a deep pot and wait for it to dissolve. Because the sea salt is already part of the ingredients, the cook never has to add anything except caramel or other goodie.” Souska spoke, “You mentioned a storage tank. How is that filled?” The foreman motioned for Souska to follow, “See those barrels? The refinement center extracts the syrup from the salt water sugar cane and packages it in those and transfers the barrels by the monorail system right to our back door. We off load them and hook the transfer pump lines to them and the tank is refilled as needed.” Souska thanked the foreman and departed. Monday, 0730 hours, Samuel Eliot Morison TDD-2 The Tuatha de Danaan was still six hours away, but Captain Testarossa had flown to the Samuel Eliot Morison with Mao and Weber in tow along with Commander Kalinin. After surfacing and discharging the combined landing parties, Morison had submerged and entered the confines of Sea-Alfa where Administrator Finch had recommended the submarine to station itself. Captain Simms had paced the bridge listening to the reports of the inspection teams as they went about checking the outbound cargos.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Three Deep Gambit By Steve Edward

Andrew looked at the schematic display of Sea-Alfa itself. Nearly 3 kilometers in circumference, it was proving to be a search for a needle in a haystack. Lieutenant Wren spoke, “Captain, if the inspection teams found all the material as listed on the outgoing manifests then either we have already missed the shipment or because of our presence those responsible decided the risk was too great.” Captain Simms spoke, “You may be right Lieutenant, but something is out of place. What are we missing?” Petty Officer Cal Larkin spoke, “How about a submersible Captain?” Andrew turned to the sonar operator, “You have something?” Larkin replied, “Low speed screws coming from behind the main dome Captain, following a course that will take it towards the lower plains.” Ensign Aryl spoke, “There is a submarine tour for tourists visiting Sea-Alfa. It operates three times a day. It starts from the main dome, then heads towards one of the volcanic vents then it will eventually dock with the primary gateway and returns to the dome. It says in the brochure that during the tour, the passengers are treated to various offerings that are produced or grown in Sea-Alfa.” Lieutenant Wren said, “Snacks anyone?” as Captain Andrew Simms pressed a communications button on his command chair and spoke to Sergeant Major Wu “I want you and Mao to go meet the tourist submersible when it docks with the Sea-Alfa gateway and board it. Do not allow anything to be carried off, until it is inspected and check it closely. That is how the narcotics are getting past the export inspectors.” Sergeant Major Wu replied, “Affirmative. What should we be looking for exactly?” Lieutenant Wren replied, “Complementary snacks, Sergeant.” Monday, 0745 hours, Sea-Alfa Pacific Submersible Boarding Area The woman kicked the closet storage door in frustration; with wrists and ankles bound it was all she could do. Using the last of her strength she gave it another kick which finally broke the latch which allowed the door to open to a surprised Sea-Alpha Security Officer who was about to open the door himself to investigate.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Three Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Administrator Ted Finch replaced the receiver and turned to Commander Ward, “The submersible captain, Ken Jaffrey tied up the tour guide and left without her. Normally the sub tour starts at the dome, but a tour company chartered the submarine for bringing its clients from the gateway platform today. Adding more to the bad, is that there was a Jendi High School student who was to be the tour guides assistant, and she is now missing.” The Samuel Eliot Morison could not directly pursue the submersible. The disadvantage of Morison was its sheer size, and therefore Captain Simms could only follow by sound as they circled the outer perimeter of Sea-Alfa Pacific, “Drake, it has altered course and is staying inside the confines of the city complex, so he knows we are out here.” Captain Testarossa spoke, “Andrew, one of the Jendi students is missing. It is Kyoko Tokiwa. She was scheduled to be with the tour guide on that submersible.” Lieutenant Alice Wren spoke “I remember her; she was the girl with the camera.” Andrew did too, as he remembered that Kyoko’s rather heavy use of the camera as he would see spots at the end of the day. Captain Andrew spoke, “Is there anyway to get a look inside that sub? I know it has secondary missions besides shuttling tourists around all day.” Administrator Finch replied, “The control center should be linked with it, one moment as I’ll have them try to acquire the video feed.” Ken Jaffrey noted the video feed become active, and he even waved at the camera before smashing it. The brief image was enough for Captain Simms, “Well that confirms Miss Tokiwa is onboard. Sergeant Sagara what is your location on the station?” Sagara ignoring the trams was running at full speed through the complex, “Approaching Section B-3, Captain.” Ensign Aryl spoke, “Sergeant at the next intersection, turn left. Proceed 50 meters to the maintenance hanger entrance which is the left y-branch of the corridor. You should find at least two turtles ready for launch in the airlock.” Administrator Finch spoke, “Captain Testarossa with all due respect, those mini-subs will be no match against the submersible.” The voice of Captain Simms spoke, “Who said anything about using the maintenance turtles for that. Sagara needs a ride. Sergeant the max burst speed is 15 knots for the turtle. We will be threading the needle between the agro-domes and will be in a hard starboard turn when you exit the airlock. You got one shot to make launch bay number 4 while we are moving so make it work.” Sagara entering the small maintenance mini-sub replied, “It will be no problem, Captain.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Three Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Captain Testarossa spoke, “Captain Simms? You are using Arbalest?” Andrew cringing at the somewhat unorthodox landing inside of bay 4 replied, “Arbalest, can operate at this depth and it is much more maneuverable for the close in work that will be needed.” Turning away from the camera on his bridge, Captain Simms spoke, “Urzu 7 you launch in 30 seconds. Helm all back emergency on my command. Now Carter full astern, Urzu 7 launch!” “This is Urzu 7. I am free and clear Captain” as Sagara feed power to the water jet propulsion system and Arbalest did a half twist and head for its prey. Captain Simms replied, “Very well. Helm, take us back out to the perimeter then resume course. Sonar keep tracking the sub and relay its position to Urzu 7.” Monday, 0755 hours, Sea-Alfa Pacific Gateway Platform Lower Dock Level. Sergeant Major Mao and Wu were running the length of the dock as the submersible crashed to the surface over 1,000 meters from them. Too far away for either to take a shot, they yelled warnings to Jaffrey to halt but a half crazed laugh came to them as he jumped off the sub and slammed the boarding hatch shut, then leaping to the dock he waved as the sub submerged. Sergeant Olina Pedersen running down the exterior catwalks of the Gateway platform encountered Ken Jaffrey on or about level 14, the man she would encounter his behavior inconsistent with those that knew him put Olina into a deadly hand to hand battle 14 stories above the Pacific. Mao spoke as she and Guan-yin raced upwards, they were still six levels below Olina, “Urzu 12 is engaged on level 14 with Jaffrey. Urzu 6 or 11 can you take a shot!” Both Sergeants replied, “Negative.” “Private channel direct to Urzu 7” as Captain Simms looked at the tracking plot “Souska, we had a chat a while back in which you discussed using a certain tactic against a Russian Hind Gunship with an M9. You related to me how you manhandled that aircraft while it was in flight. I want you to do the same thing with that submersible and position yourself in front with Arbalest.” Souska replied, however Captain Testarossa heard it as well, “Yes Captain understand however my underwater drive system will not have sufficient thrust to stop the vessel.” Captain Testarossa spoke, “Andrew what are you doing?”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Three Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Lieutenant Alice Wren closed her eyes and merged “Andrew, I am ready.” Captain Simms spoke, on open channel “Ok Alice do your thing, Souska brace yourself and don’t let go no matter what. We have raised the mooring bollards on both the port and starboard sides and the tow pad just in case. Go for the tow pad. It will hold your weight and that of the submersible, all hands brace for collision!” Jaffrey did not feel any pain, but felt invigorated but frustrated as the woman continued to dodge his hammer blows one of which tore a safety screen from its mountings sending it plummeting into the sea. Monday, 0800 hours, Samuel Eliot Morison TDD-2 40,000 tons of submarine met Arbalest and the runaway submersible at 150 meters beneath the surface of the Pacific. The metal on metal contact as Arbalest with Sergeant Souska literally embracing the small submarine came into contact with the upper hull of the Morison sounded like a cry of pain from a mortally wounded animal as Arbalest slid along the metal hull till Souska found the towing pad and braced against it. Lieutenant Alice Wren maneuvering the Morison from within TAROS, gentle ascended towards the surface. One could liken it to a mother whale gently pushing its newborn calf to the surface for its first breath. The bruising hit had cracked a rib or two but Sergeant Olina Pederson came back to her feet as Ken Jaffrey charged her again, with a broken hand rail in his hands. There was no reasoning with the man, there could be none, as Jaffrey violently drove the metal pipe towards Olina’s unprotected head, she intercepted the pipe and then going backwards she sent Jaffrey flying over and through the stanchions and the missing screen as both Sergeant Major’s charged onto the platform. Oddly to all three there was no cry of fear or terror from the falling man, just the wind, and the distant rustle of the ocean against the lower platform docking area below and then the sickening impact as Ken Jeffrey slammed in spread eagle fashion into the surface of the ocean at over 120 KMP killing him instantly. Sergeant Pederson trying to stand fell back into the arms of Sergeant Major Guan-yin Wu as Sergeant Major Melissa Mao stooped next to Jaffrey’s duffle bag and opened it, revealing a box with a smiling woman’s face displaying candy coated apples and four small orange boxes, marked “Property of Gainer Pharmaceuticals”.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Three Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Monday, 1300 hours, Sea-Alfa Pacific, Administrative Offices Administrator Ted Finch reviewed the report and then added his electronic signature to the pad then closed it and returned it to his secretary and spoke, “Well considering the pandemonium that went on this morning, we got off lucky.” Captain Teletha Testarossa replied, “I believe we all did. You have seen the recommendations, and I do believe you will carry them out. The Samuel Eliot Morison will remain behind here to oversee that they are indeed carried out.” Captain Andrew Simms tallied up the results silently. One man dead, likely under the influence of a narcotic even he did not understand. Two medical technicians under arrest and in custody awaiting transport to the Japanese mainland where they would eventually be returned to the United States to stand trial for crimes committed. The young Japanese girl, Kyoko Tokiwa had only been knocked unconscious by Ken Jaffrey and he had fortunately belted her into a jump seat equipped with aircraft style seatbelts which had held her in place during the wild gyrations of the submersible as it sabotaged computer control system attempted to break free from the grip of the Arbalest. The top deck of the Morison had been scrapped to bare metal by Arbalest as it and Souska slid across the hull. The Samuel Eliot Morison, surfaced inside the covered loading dock of Platform C, was undergoing repairs as a result of that. Then there was Sergeant Olina Pederson. One lucky Norwegian woman, she was in the Morison sickbay being treated for two broken ribs and three cracked ribs. The ferocity of the attacks by Ken Jaffrey paralleled the effects observed in the lab mice at the Gainer research lab. Heightened anger, aggressiveness, ignorance of pain or even injury and near psychotic behavior had reminded Doctor George Albert of the effects of another narcotic called PCP from the early 1960’s and 70’s. Administrator Finch excused himself and left Captain Testarossa and Captain Simms with Commander Kalinin in the meeting room. Tessa spoke, “There is little doubt that our activities have drawn attention, though you were fortunate to minimize the exposure of the Arbalest and Morison to prying eyes, I have received word that a US Navy HunterKiller task group is apparently enroute to Sea-Alfa Pacific to investigate.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Three Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Commander Kalinin spoke, “It goes without saying Captain that as soon as it is feasible, withdraw the Morison from Platform C and put it somewhere so it avoids detection. Tuatha de Danaan will be departing in an hour so we will at least avoid an unfortunate encounter.” Andrew replied, “Let me hazard a guess that Captain Killy B. Sailor is in charge of the task force?” Tessa replied, “Yes Andrew it is Killy.” Officially on record there were only three US Navy submarines to have encountered the legendary “Toy Box” and they were USS Pasadena, the USS Memphis and his own old boat the USS Atlanta. It had been Tessa’s practice of stalking other submarines to practice her skills, but in Pasadena incident, Killy had become so obsessed with hunting for “Toy Box” after one too many such stalking sessions that he had nearly fired on the Tuatha de Danaan after its crew had wrestled control back from the late terrorist Gauron who had fired a Harpoon missile into a US Navy Cruiser. The detonation of the Lambda Driver reactor from Gauron’s own Arm Slave had damaged the Pasadena, but Killy still irate had been given temporary command of the Memphis to hunt down the “Toy Box”. So it was news to Andrew when he had cornered the Memphis south of Melida Island and had been informed by its new commanding officer that Killy was somewhere stateside. Andrew had a pretty good idea that Captain Sailor would be well equipped this time. Andrew spoke, “Just do me a favor and get clear of the area. Knowing that lunkhead he will be short on firing trigger and he will not hesitate if he suspects it is you. I’ll use my civilian cover while I am here as will Commander Ward. Hopefully we can learn what he may be up to and diffuse it before it escalates.” Andrei replied, “Captain. The then Commander Sailor was reprimanded for his interference, however if his goal is to hunt down what he calls the “Toy Box”, and if there is any form of hostile action taken we will have little recourse as will you. Killy admittedly was an opportune practice subject at the time; but there are those who would dearly like to have the technology that Mithril possesses even if it means conducting hostile actions to obtain it, do keep that in mind.” Rising to his feet, Andrew replied, “I will. Tessa do take care and for once try to avoid any more practice sessions.” Captain Testarossa replied, “I will reserve those specifically for you Andrew. Good day.” Exiting the administrative complex together, they split apart. Tessa and Andrei for the Tuatha de Danaan and Andrew as Doctor Andrew Simms hopped a tram for The Grand Sea Hotel.

Monday, 1600 hours, Sea-Alfa Pacific, The Grand Sea Hotel The message chime of his communications terminal woke him from his nap, and Dr. Andrew Simms rose to his feet and pressed the answer button, “Andrew, this is Drake. The big girl is safely moored and is undetectable. Heads up, you were right, Captain Dunce err Sailor is at Sea-Alfa Pacific and besides the two destroyers he has two Sea Wolf’s. Yeah… I know. I don’t like it either. He has been asking pointed questions, but Administrator Finch said that his people know how to remain quiet. See you at 1700 for dinner in the restaurant. Drake out.” Andrew pressed the erase button then headed for the lavatory for a shower. Musing as he showered, Andrew wondered how Killy would react when he saw him. Captain Killy B. Sailor was the opposite of Captain Andrew Simms when it came to garnering respect both as a man and as a commanding officer. His verbal tirades were renowned within the US Navy. Unlike Andrew, Killy was strictly by the book. If it was not in a rule book somewhere, Killy would refuse to even consider suggestions or even reason with certain things. Killy was close minded as they came, and as many officers and enlisted had learned over the years, not an easy man to work for or please. Captain Testarossa’s practice of using the USS Pasadena for maneuvering “games” or if you will a game of chicken on the high seas had rattled Killy to such an extent that even Andrew had grown concerned after being given a classified briefing on the event. He had heard Killy boasting on several occasions that he would hunt down the “Toy Box” and sink it to get even. Then there was Andrew’s own encounter with the legendary “Toy Box” nearly six months to the day after Sailor’s near firing attempt. Sailor had been livid with Andrew, criticizing him for failing to even engage it after it had interrupted his surveillance of the freighter which he had been ordered to destroy. His court martial had not helped things and Killy had wrangled himself on the board and his vote had been the only one to declare him guilty. Sailor’s comments in open court still stung. Being called a coward by Sailor had been one thing that Andrew would never forget. He frankly hoped to avoid meeting the man again. Unfortunately Andrew Simms would not get his wish. Monday, 1715 hours, Sea-Alfa Pacific, The Grand Sea Hotel Dinning Room If Captain Sailor had wanted to keep a low profile, he was not doing a very good job or he was deliberately flaunting his rank and authority. When the Mithril security forces had been inside of Sea-Alfa Pacific, they had not carried standard weaponry, but specialized rubber projectile firing side arms and assault weapons. Inside of the dome, a high velocity projectile could likely cause significant damage or even cause a catastrophic failure of an observation port or window.

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Three Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Killy’s meeting with Administrator Finch had not gone well and Finch had only grudging allowed him permission to enter the city proper. It was inside the Grand Sea Hotel dinning room, that things nearly got too heated. Sitting across from Charlotte Ward, Andrew sampled the tomato soup as Captain Sailor entering the dinning room stopped dead in his tracks when he saw Andrew Simms, “So if it is not the coward himself. What are you doing here Andrew?” Drake Ward looked up and replied, “Well if it is not the buffoon himself, Captain Dunce!” Andrew groaned, “Drake, there you go. Now he is going to get mad again.” Charlotte Ward had seen the ugly aftermath of Andrew’s court martial. Captain Sailor playing to the camera’s adding his own sound bites, several which would play onward for days had nearly caused her husband to deck the then Commander Sailor when he crashed the private send off party for Andrew. Sailor had an entourage, and all were armed in defiance of the Sea-Alfa Pacific regulations. Andrew Simms turned then having to look up at Killy replied, “Well hello Captain Killy Beatrice Sailor. Long time it has been.” Charlotte blinked and pondered that a moment as she slid her chair back from the table, “The last time Andrew called that idiot Beatrice, he came unhinged.” Drake watched Andrew closely for some signal, but he had turned back to his soup and continued eating, much to the dismay of Captain Sailor who replied, “What? To afraid to raise a hand against me or are you truly a coward, just like you were painted as in your court martial?” Andrew set his spoon down and as he began to move his chair a woman’s voice from behind him spoke. It was Eri Kagurazaka reply “So an American Naval Officer has to stoop so low to call a former colleague names in public, when one knows that the man is certainly no coward” as Eri entered his side vision, Andrew returned to his soup. Eri Kagurazaka continued, “The former Captain Andrew Simms, United States Navy decorated for bravery in combat, Silver Star with Oak Leaf Clusters, four purple hearts, three Bronze Stars with additional Oak Leaf Clusters, and of course the final award that was the most overlooked at his court martial at the American Naval Base in Japan, the Navy Cross, which is one step below the United States Congressional Medal of Honor.” Eri stopped toe to toe with Killy forcing him to take a step back, “I seriously doubt Captain that you will ever become his equal as a leader but also as a human and until that unlikely event happens you shall refrain from calling him a coward but shall address him as Doctor Andrew Simms. Oh yes, if you continue such behavior I shall lodge a formal protest with the Japanese government and they take a dim view of such matters.”

Full Metal Panic! Chapter Three Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Killy swallowed, the dinning room had become deathly silent as he replied “Doctor Andrew Simms?” Drake Ward replied, “Yes Killy he can be addressed as Doctor, but I guess you forgot his doctorate in history. Oh yeah for the record too, he teaches history on occasion. See all those kids around us? A lot of those are his students. Nice work Captain Dunce!”

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The split screen image that jumped into being showed two views. One of Captain Andrew Simms and Captain Teletha Testarossa, as Raymond Ward...

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