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Full Metal Panic! Chapter Ten Deep Gambit By Steve Edward Miss Kagurazaka spoke as the last senior in the gymnasium, Kyoko Tokiwa stopped at the table on the stage and handed her their decision form. Kyoko spoke, “I have decided to attend Tokyo Technical Preparatory, Miss Kagurazaka! Did Kaname make hers?” Andrew replied, “I am sorry Miss Tokiwa, but Miss Chidori has not informed us as of yet.” Kyoko Tokiwa groaned and said, “Well Kaname did say she was having difficulty, but maybe she will still decide by the end of the day.” Miss Kagurazaka waited till Kyoko left then picked up the microphone and spoke “To all the preparatory schools, thank you for coming. Congratulations to those who have accepted our graduating students from Jendi High School. I look forward to seeing all of you next year.” The noise picked up a bit as the school representatives began to dismantle their booths. Andrew seeing that he would not have to “police” this part of the event rose to his feet and said to Miss Kagurazaka “Eri, I am going to take an early lunch then head home as I have some lesson plans for tomorrow; I have to put together. I’ll see you Thursday.” Eri waved farewell to Andrew and turned to attention back to the representatives ensuring that none would leave any trash behind. Kaname Chidori had remained in the coach’s office alone, pondering the future. During that time she could hear the laughter of her fellow seniors as they made their past in the hallway each congratulating others on their choices. Captain Simms could not make it for her, neither could Miss Kagurazaka or even her close friend Kyoko or even Souska. Hearing footsteps in the hallway, Kaname came to her feet and turned towards the door as Captain Andrew Simms stopped before the entryway, “Captain Simms. I have made my choice,” said Kaname as she exited the office. Andrew keeping pace with Kaname as she walked down the passageway spoke, “Miss Chidori, I am sure it was a wise choice.” Andrew briefly separated from Kaname who went to her locker and returned to his classroom to drop off the graded papers which was where he found Captain Teletha Testarossa and Lieutenant Alice Wren sitting with Sergeant Souska Sagara. Souska coming to attention said, “Captain Simms has Miss Chidori decided yet Sir?” Andrew placing the graded papers in a file cabinet turned and said, “Perhaps Sergeant, you should ask Miss Chidori yourself.”

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The attacks against the students had been an effort to steer them away from other schools, Burien’s handlers had made mistakes early and in...