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Full Metal Panic! Chapter Ten Deep Gambit By Steve Edward The idle chatter in the gymnasium came to a halt as the seniors, excused from a day of classes entered. Nearly in the front was Kaname Chidori and Kyoko Tokiwa and Andrew could hear the urgent whispering taking place and some were even pointing, pointing at Kaname Chidori. Kaname walked slowly down the length of the gymnasium, passing the various tables displaying brochures of schools both near and far. Turning and walking up the other side, with Kyoko she paused as Kyoko approached a table of an engineering preparatory school, and said “Kyoko? I am going ahead. I want to look at others.” Kyoko turned briefly and smiled “Ok Kaname, see you later.” Kaname continued forward till she passed the last table, then she stopped and looked back. All the other seniors had made their choices. Many were her friends and they were making new paths for themselves. Looking away, her gaze passed over Souska who had stopped at the gymnasium entrance. Souska’s expression was unreadable, no smile, no frown he was but a statue. Kaname walked slowly towards Souska and stopping before him said “Souska? I really don’t know what to do.” It was rare for Souska to show emotion and even affection and for him Kaname Chidori had become a long term assignment. Taking her hands into his he said, “Miss Chidori, there comes a time when one must embark to a new path. You have that choice to make; I can not do it for you.” Planting a surprise kiss to her forehead, Souska Sagara let go her hands and walked out of the gymnasium alone. Looking up briefly from grading papers, Andrew Simms had seen Kaname and Souska talking together then the kiss to her forehead and his sudden departure. Kaname Chidori as far as Mithril was concerned, once she graduated from high school; she would be on her own unless she chose further schooling and her protection would be limited. Mithril had expended considerable resources protecting Chidori in the past year and they could not continue this forever. There would be other “Whispered” to look after and Kaname even though she knew of Mithril’s existence would no longer be fully protected. Then there was Kaname’s father, somewhere in California. He had not had any contact with Kaname in nearly five years, not since the death of her mother, and according to Mithril records it had been rather brief. No phone calls, letters or even an e-mail had been exchanged. Kaname would have few friends to turn to and Souska if kept on assignment, he would be for limited duration.

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The attacks against the students had been an effort to steer them away from other schools, Burien’s handlers had made mistakes early and in...