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Stephen Crivillaro - Renewable Energy Expert Stephen Crivillaro is an expert on renewable energy and waste to energy technologies. He says that waste to energy, sometimes called Energy from Waste, is a way of converting the waste left after recycling into energy and heat. He says that energy from waste allows the recovery of value in the form of heat energy, from resources that would otherwise go to waste.

Stephen Crivillaro - Former Baseball Player Stephen Crivillaro is a Queens College graduate and has been a green energy consultant. He grew up playing a lot of baseball at Salesian High School, an allboys Catholic school in New Rochelle, New York, where he led his team to the CHSAA Championship. At present he has been consulting abroad on a waste to energy unit that he hopes to see gain widespread use in New York, and the rest of the United States.

Stephen Crivillaro - Labor Studies Stephen Crivillaro has used his degree in Labor Studies to become a consultant in the renewable energy industry. At present he is working to develop units that convert waste into energy. The work has taken him all over the world, although he has focused his efforts on Mumbai, India and Dusseldorf, Germany. He says the units have great promise and he hopes to introduce them to the United States.

Stephen Crivillaro - Green Energy Projects Stephen Crivillaro has developed green energy projects since he graduated from Queens College with a degree in Labor Studies, though he is transitioning to the pizza industry. He was particularly interested in sustainable energy projects like Solar, Wind, and geothermal energies. He says that while renewable energy costs more than traditional energy, the costs are coming down, and he is confident that these are the energy sources of the future.

Stephen crivillar renewable energy expert  

Stephen Crivillaro has been a New York City-based green energy consultant who specializes in waste to energy technologies. He is a graduate...