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Better than Psychiatric Drugs by Stephen Cook

Better Than Psychiatric Drugs an article by Stephen Cook

There is a safer and more workable alternative to psychiatric drugs. A person who is "mentally disturbed" will be found to have hidden underlying physical problems that prevent their recovery. Broken bones, pinched nerves, and suppressed pain can all profoundly affect a person's mental outlook. Modern advances in medicine and nutrition have revealed just how big an adverse effect on the mind can be exerted by nutritional and vitamin deficiencies, poor diet, allergies, food additives and chemical toxins in the fatty tissues of the body. Physical discomforts, deficiencies and exhaustion have a detrimental effect on mood. The person is medically ill or injured, not "insane." He may have a disease but he does not, short of a tumour, have a diseased or malfunctioning brain, nor is he locked into a mental condition by the fickle pre-programming of his genes. Fix the medical problem, allergy or nutritional deficiency and the person will experience a resurgence of spirit and morale in concert with his physical recovery. The correct procedure for a mentally disturbed person, therefore, is to have a thorough medical examination by a competent medical doctor so as to locate and repair the underlying but hitherto undiscovered physical illness. The list of physical ailments that can bring about the complete range of mental problems such as depression, poor concentration, aggression, anxiety and even visual or auditory hallucinations and so forth is extensive. It includes commonplace things such as undiscovered broken bones, tooth abscesses, infections, glandular disorders, liver disorders, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, even caffeine poisoning. Even senility has been linked to poor diet and Alzheimers alleviated by giving the patient the natural superfood known as blue-green algae. 1

Better than Psychiatric Drugs by Stephen Cook

Let me cite one, often cited example just to give you an idea: Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the Northern Hemisphere. It is transmitted to humans by the bite of infected ticks. Early manifestations of infection may include fever, headache, fatigue, a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans and depression. If it is left untreated, manifestations involving the joints, heart, and nervous system can occur. In most cases, the infection and its symptoms are eliminated with antibiotics, especially if diagnosis and treatment occur early. You will notice that two of the symptoms noted here are depression and fatigue. Imagine someone with the early stages of Lyme disease but does not know he has the disease. He feels worn out and depressed. He goes to his doctor or psychiatrist, describes his depression, is not given a thorough physical examination so the presence of the Lyme infection is missed. The psychiatrist, without checking for any one of a long list of ailments that can cause a person to feel depressed, diagnoses "depression" and writes out a prescription for antidepressants. The physical cause is neglected so the illness gets worse. The psychotropic medication, supposed to treat a mental disorder that does not exist, causes physical and mental complications - and the person gets worse. Lyme Disease is, incidentally, often cited in arguments such as mine thanks to Dr. Paul Fink, a past president of the American Psychiatric Association. Dr Fink has admitted that every disorder in Psychiatry's Diagnostic Manual can be caused by Lyme Disease! Yet psychiatrists when diagnosing, normally do not check the spectrum of likely culprits and usually go straight for the "mental illness" diagnosis without proper examination and the stock solution of drugs to "readjust brain chemistry�. Here, briefly, are a few other likely culprits:


Better than Psychiatric Drugs by Stephen Cook

Adrenal problems Herpes Hypoglycemia Insecticide Poisoning Lead Poisoning Pellagra (Vitamin B3-Niacin Deficiency) Wheat-gluten Sensitivity Drugs, whether illicit street drugs such as cocaine or prescribed psychotropic medication, will at best provide a person with temporary relief by disrupting the routine activities of the nervous system, endocrine system, glands, cells and so forth. They are essentially poisons. But check the warning labels on psychiatric and other medications – many include depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, loss of impulse control, mood swings and so forth among their side-effects! The human body will try to process the poison, and nullify its effects. But it was not evolved to deal with many of the poisons we shove into it and the relentlessness with which said shoving often occurs. Like any abused machine it will, quickly or slowly, break down. Tissue and nerve damage can occur, the organs and glands stop functioning normally, hormonal systems go out of kilter. As the body begins to break down, bizarre things start to happen: exhaustion can set in, reduced sexual desire, shakes, nightmares, visual and auditory hallucinations, loss of concentration and memory, anxiety, fear, paranoia and psychosis. As a solution or cure to life's problems, psychotropic drugs do not work. But proper medical treatment, detoxification of the body, antibiotics, setting broken bones, vitamins, nutrition, temperance and sufficient sleep and so forth all do. The very last thing one should do when suffering some unwanted mental condition is take a psychiatric drug!


Better than Psychiatric Drugs by Stephen Cook

Important warning If you are already on some psychiatric medication do NOT just stop taking it without first seeking and following the guidance of a medical doctor.


Better than Psychiatric Drugs by Stephen Cook

Information If you want help because you feel stressed, down, moody or depressed and so on, see a competent doctor who understands nutrition and will give you a thorough medical examination. If you want help getting off psychiatric or other medications, try these websites: If you want help detoxifying the body of drugs and other toxins Detoxification Results

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Better than Psychiatric Drugs by Stephen Cook


Better than Drugs  

An article by writer and copywriter Stephen Cook about the safe and workable aternative to drugs

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