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Inside, Outside and In between

Idea1: Path ways and alluring openings Idea2: Merging similar locations creating a vague in between

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Inside, Outside and In between

Artist Analysis Steven Wilkes This entrancing shot taken by Steven Wilkes has a very incredible sensitivity to light, has a very interesting collection of tones gently faded into one another – hazy sense of contrast within the shot as the light travels through the tunnel. A path into a strong light in the distance closed in and framed by these fairly narrow walls; the composition and perspective within the photograph portrays in the middle, in between within an path. This in a way is complemented by the imaginative atmosphere created by the hazy feel to the shot. Inside a alley way looking outside into the world which really isn’t distinct from this view however the strong light depicts an outside. A lighter location than within the walls of this dimmed light alley way however packed with many vibrant tones.

Davis Ayer

Davis Ayer This shot by Davis Ayer was initially the main type of theme I intended to portray in my photographs; in between darkness in a way, inside looking outside through a window which is in between . In between being some kind of leeway some form of path into the outside.

At first it appears like a window or a gap of some form looking through the window of a dark room, what makes this shot particularly interesting is the color of her skin coming out through the colors of the structure; makes it seem more sepia in tone and the atmosphere/ time of day outside appear very warm and sunset toned, a nice warm orangey manner which gives the photograph a film touch. The hair adds an interesting perspective – reminds viewers that its not some type of window or transparent screen we can look through but however this concept was created through projection unto an opaque material, skin. The collection of warm colors in the centre of the shot successfully grasp attention away from the darkness either side though there is plenty of black within the shot.

First Set Evaluation Within this first set I generalised the topic of inside, outside and in between however focusing particularly of lee way; paths through, into another scenery. In some cases I saw a interesting space with a appealing view of another side or greater space and then took the shot to illustrate the smaller gaps way of introducing us into a wider perspective. The forth shot I was relatively pleased with, the dark tones within the shot frame the composition really well and complements the silhouette figures which stand out strong against the fairly greyish building in the background. The positioned of the people were perfect; wasn’t staged at all I just saw the tunnel and felt it had a firm connection with the idea of outside, inside and in between. I guess you could say in itself its an interior within the public but still counts as public unlike a home. Which is a key reason I felt it rather significant it portraying the theme its relates to all 3: inside, outside and in between. My sixth shot through the gap in the wall of the old man waiting at the train station I would say is my most effective shot in conveying inside, outside and in between in my opinion. Waiting for the train I noticed this gap in the wall and felt it had some link and luckily this man happened to be waiting in that exact spot in between these 2 walls in perfect composition for me to shoot. The wall was quite thick and well as long so I felt it really did make me think within, inside this gap however he is outside. Its quite a contradictory theme when you connect it like that which is what makes the variety of potential outcomes so fascinating to explore, Being able to combine contradictory themes into one composition. I shot a couple pathways which had an interesting complexity to them for example my ninth shot of the pathway up to the train platform had a very attractive interesting structure as it isn't a straight path way it diverts out of straight view then back in again creating a very appealing trail of light bouncing off walls.

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Developmental Set

Indistinct segments of reality

Artist Analysis Christophe Jacrot

This piece by Christophe Jacrot has a very captivating and compelling collection of tones. Judging by the scenery; the cityscape, you would image the photographer s taking the shot from a similar height. A sky scrapper overlooking this broad cityscape view. What makes the translucency of the shot so ideal as an effective interesting perspective is the horizontal drips of rain drop which in line with the tall sky scrappers which strongly comes through due to the blurriness of the view. The baby blue color coming out from the scrapper way on the right. The strains of rain interestingly appear through the vibrant colors coming through from the background where the sky however due to its pale/dull color doesn’t strongly bring out any sign of water. The cityscapes in the far distance have a very gentle appearance distinct through the plain dry glass and very hazy and fuzzy through the water.

2nd Set Evaluation Within this set I focused on the aspect of ‘in between’ portioning each development into aspects and created a form of vague reality, So I didn't change the anything as in the components within the shots so the reality and composition remained the same however my intention was to create a strange sense of indistinctness within this reality. I didn’t alter the complete distinction within the shot but focus in different sections which inn my opinion has a more thought provoking effect on an audience because you recognise the realistic sense then query the unusual forms within it. And the sections I left alone would from a distance show a viewer a real scenario on which they would then look into the shot and notice this reality deformation. The fifth shot of an alley way; within this particular shot I however did edit a majority of it, really just a small inspiration from the piece I mentioned earlier on by Steven Wilkes that had a strong overriding theme of imaginary and mystical however here I just aimed to alter the appearance of reality which changes as you walk down the path. Almost like exiting an unusual universe with the same characteristics as this only very vague and bleak. The last shot of the bars, quite an interesting portrayal of what I was trying to say about into a different land or place i filtered different sections however not in a realistic manner as you would expect; 2 of the bars are clear when one if filtered then in between the clear bars there's filter, here I just tried to illustrate the deception of the entries or should I say the outside or poles of the gap. I also don’t think its that at all appealing to the eyes if I'm being honest and this is probably due to the unrealistic elements within it particularly the unusual differences. The black and white tone in this case I think doesn't help the shot as the subject matter within this shot is gloomy enough with out the dullness of greyish tones.

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Developmental Idea

Contradictory colors bringing out separate tones

First developmental Evaluation I Mentioned earlier how the black and tone creates a bleakness so to contradict this within this next set I tried to incorporate a bit of excitement and colour to this set of photos, the different tones of the shots are marked with different contradictory coloured lines specific to a tone. I focused on using this edits within the shots with an interesting composition that would really be complemented by this idea. For example within this set the first development even though it has a lot of blacks within the shot there’s a spectrum of different greys which I could highlight to bring out a interesting perspective of the composition. The second edit of the gates which is the third developmental piece you can really see the differentiations in the tones within the shots as the light sections that initially were completely unnoticeable are suddenly highlighted or should I say exhaled so they stand out within the vibrant colour. A very successful effective edit on that shot, looks almost like a pigmentation of the bars. I suppose this development brought out small hidden inequalities in a way, aspects of the shot that are initial oblivious the an audience are suddenly more visible either because of the contrast colour of the signifying as in surrounding my lines. A very bizarre take to the editing of the shots, initially I really didn't want to go for this edit but I came to eventually appreciative the edit as it does bring out a variety of initially unseen things. My first edit was a jump from reality; this goes even further, coloured lines zipping across districting different tonal sections is rather a bizarre imagery but I appreciate the development.

Final Set

Final Set Evaluation Still maintaining that idea of different tones sections within this set I dropped the saturation which restores a small amount of realism however which was lost again I conjured the 2 developments and created rather peculiar bleak scenarios with the shots. The shots become almost like a piece of art they no longer look like photographs, the different unusual aspects within it completely diminishes the reality and enhance almost like this oil painting or pastel piece. Normally I would really dislike this form of development as it can remove the beautiful aesthetics of photography but in this case it doesn't do that, I still retain the realistic perspective of all the scenarios however enhancing this vague perception. My second final shot of the elderly man waiting at the train station I found very appealing and striking, strangely reminds me of a picture from a children's book the idea of an old man far in the distance we have no identification of but he still conveys strong symbolism. I also really appreciated the combination of filters still having a good relationship I would of thought it would clash incredibly but then again I think the general grey tone helps to nicely blend the filters into one composition which I proud of. Furthermore looking over all my final pieces I would say they do convey a strong theme of inside outside and in between, the first development within the train; my intention was to illustrate the travel of light as it becomes lighter towards the other end of the train, there a path in which this light impacts components in the shots and creates a spectrum of tones.

2nd Idea Merging similar locations creating a vague in between


This shot taken by Will Pearson I found very compelling and fascinating to look at has almost an strange manifestation within it particularly due to the movement and appearance of the birds seems almost hallucinatory. However the trees within the centre of the shot initially did put me off because they appeared like birds at first. The idea of a panorama shot also just makes me think of two photographs combine which is how are thought they were originally done. The composition of this shot is really appealing and unusual when you then realise the portion of the landscape and how it appears warped in certain sections of it, which is why I see now that the peculiarity of some of the birds is actually due to the fields of the shot that has been warped due to the panorama.

First Set Evaluation Combining a single location from different perspectives, this idea i felt would be really interesting to explore as essentially what I'm doing is changing the perspective of an environment, were initial a certain location may be a strong path I create an angle within it however still retaining the idea of people a potential place.

I honestly did struggle at some stages bringing together different however relative perspective of a environment as some time i need to find similar components to continue on from one another, for example the shot of the arsenal fans i played around with the idea of in and out of focus; realistically depth of field cant be used in this manner so there isn’t a form of deceit but the white banner along the top of both shots i think is the only component retaining the slight continuation and combination of these shots. The Forth shot of the football pitch i probably the most believable as a panorama shot as there isn’t much diversity between both shots there's a lot of distinct components on a football pitch simply the goal, ref and players. However interestingly the realism is defeated when you realism the amount of referee and players on the pitch during the game; which isn’t possibly or should i say aloud. Isn’t much of an complexity but is interesting to figure out when analysing a shot that may appear simply at first, especially because the same referee appears twice.

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Developmental Set

Inverting and cracking perspective divorcing different sections

First Developmental Evaluation This development I thought at first was quite bizarre; it really was a literal take of the subject I thought – Inside, outside and in between also reminds me a lot of cracks so I could incorporate this into the shot however the cracks incorporated in a manner that fits into the components but with however would give the photograph as an object its self the elements of segmentation.

The first shot for example suddenly has this completely diverse perspective that looses the initial feel of the composition. You get the sense that the photograph bends at the central section this may be because of the journey of the cracks creates concentration of certain bits then looses it in other sections. The cracks convey inside and in between predominately, i think i would of loved to incorporate this idea in a better manner that suits the shots more maybe like i mentioned before incorporated into actually components of the shot. This overlaid effect did remove attention from within the section it was covering due to the pale white of the piece which then create more emphasis on the uncovered section in between which was an interesting portrayal of inside, outside and in between also. I think the ideas i brought to this set was quite fun to explore and fascinating to create but maybe i would say i could of done better to incorporate it better however i am pleased with the portrayal of the theme.

Final Set Rearranging perspective

First Set Evaluation This idea of rearranging the perspective even further was quite interesting to mess around with i explored the different potential perspectives within each shot which was really fun. I found there's a lot more that could be done and its funny because this does cause a lot of complication particularly within my head as I look at these pieces.

The most interesting thing i thought was that while rearranging these composition on going back to the actually location my head already has this expectation of the location as vie change it a numerous times and created a new one which I've looked at for a but so coming back to the reality funnily does confuse me. I really do like the rearrangement of the last shot as it creates again a realistic looking scenery were the blemishes are hidden by these crack covered sections. Looking at the shot for the first time one would think there is a wall going straight through the centre separating these two men within these shelters that are presumably different. Overall I would of preferred to further illustrate the theme of inside outside and in between by maybe getting a more diverse variety of shots the stadium was one idea i was please of maybe i think i could tried to incorporate the combining of interior and exterior spaces, i think i didn’t go this path because it would be quite complicated to do this without a central form of diversion, but this would defeat the idea of blending compositions.

Inside, Outside and In between  

Inside, Outside and In between