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Induction Project

Graveyard – Composition Shots

The angle at which I took this photograph I felt gave it more of an interesting perspective, I focused on the top left corner of the grave stone this gave the closer writing a strong impacting effect; I increased the contrast slightly and gradient mapped the shot this also gave the writing and the carved flower a strong impacting imagine (all the black stands out more of the very bright white). The writing further away slower goes out of focus; this I thought made the shot more captivating and emphasizes that we are looking at it from an sharp angle. I noticed that the surrounding behind the grave stone in the shot is pitch black this creates a sense of isolation or maybe void which also makes the grave stone stand out more.

Similar to the last shot I took this from an above diagonal angle, here I intentionally focused on the writing on the grave stone so the structure of the grave is completely out of focus. The black in this shot isn’t as impacting reason being I reduced contrast. The angle at which it was taken I feel gives it a memory or flash back appearance. From this angle the only feasible words are ‘AND HIS DEAR WIFE JULIA’; these words are enough to give anyone an idea of the story behind the grave stone – ‘and’ being a connective tells us that on the other symmetrical looking side that it probably mentions the husband of this ‘wife’ and that they are possible both buried here.

David’s hand resting upon the grave stone I thought gave this shot more concept; the first impression you get is that he is remembering the person in the grave and lamenting over their death . The angle works well I think ; his full hand isn’t in shot neither is the full head stone however I personally thought like that worked well. Particularly in this shot I feel the black and white affect builds on the concept to making us feel sad gives off an saddened atmospheric vibe.

Here I noticed I managed to get the grave stone in perfect focus so the clarity is really attractive; there's a strong sense of depth of field also as the background is very blurred – this I feel also adds the strong impacting clarity we get from the grave stone. The cinematic frame I intentionally added in, looks almost as if it’s a print screen from a sequence in a film which I personally thought gave it a strong concept. The background gives us the idea that maybe its in a church yard of some sort due to the gothic looking gates slightly out of focus.

What I liked best about this particular grave stone was that it looked very materialist as in the stone looked very grainy and rough so gives a very unusual impacting look in black and white. The writing on the grave stone I also thought was really appealing; some parts of the sentence had decayed more than the others so there was a interesting composition in color where some Is quite dark grey some parts look white.

Initially before editing this photograph it was quite bright and low in contrast, so I increased the contrast which strengthened the depth of shadow in the photograph really increasing impact. The grave stone in focus really strongly stands out in comparison to the rest due to the depth of field and again the increase in contrast. The black and white darkens the surroundings of the grave stones fully this I feel is due to the blurriness and the initial slight darkness of the colors.

Shutter Speed

Moving Lights

Freeze Frame

Freeze Frame Analysis

In this photograph the shutter speed allow us to clearly see the split moment just before the man is forced to the ground by the Bull; which seems to be forcing him down quite aggressively, Though there isn’t blur demonstrating speed and force the wrinkles, muscles and expressions still allows us to figure out the impact and the speed in which he’s going down at. The grains of sand being flicked out from underneath the animals leg also allows us to see the impact in which the man is going down, apart from the lack of blur the clarity of the picture is also quite astonishing.

Blurry Movement

Shutter Speed Shutter speed allows us to capture the exact moment in a split second; on a fast shutter speed set up we can quickly catch moments in full clarity with no blur or sign of movement I find this quite fascinating and really fun to experiment with. Positions/movements which in reality are difficult to reach or maneuver into when on a rather fast shutter speed you can capture these positions creating a captivating photograph. Vice versa when setting you camera to a low shutter speed you this way take in more light and the sign of movement is visible (blurs and swooshes). Likewise this way you can get some pretty fascinating photographs of humans particularly; moving from one position to another or staying in one position and moving their head only, in this you can a 3 headed looking person which is quite fun to experiment with.

Depth of Field

Depth of Field Depth of field was a very intersecting topic to explore; depth of field increases the viewer's depth perception when viewing a two-dimensional projection of a three-dimensional scene. Depth of field allows you to focus on a particular aspect or plane and reduces importance of scenery/surroundings as the plane appears clearest. In other words the depth of field in a sense is having control over the centre of attention so as the photographer you can pick where the viewers attentions are which allows you to emphasis points or convey a strong more readable storyline in your photographs.

Induction Project  
Induction Project  

Induction photography coursework.