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David Hockney This joiner piece by David Hockley of an Olympic ice skater champion, his motion in the shot give the variety of different sections more abstraction particularly his legs; the angle at which his bending them as the sections are being duplicated gives the skater an octopus appearance.

You can see that David considered the shape of the skaters body when arranging these sections as the whole shot seems to be almost human figure shaped. The most interesting I find with joiner pieces is that they change a sense of proportion and reality at times, taking originally distinctive objects and distorting and fragmented it to produce this manipulated however still identifiable formation, loosing a sense of surrounding however focusing on the deformed subject in the center a very interesting topic I’d love to peruse. David Hockley is one of my favorite artist as I find he’s really good at manipulating distinctive images making them more captivating in a new sense.

Individual joiner 1

Individual joiner 1 Outcome

The outcome of this joiner I found quite odd as it’s looses a realistic sense of proportion and perception however fascinating as the detail within each shot blends producing a captivating collage. I angled a few shots to make the plant form more continuous and realistic which from some perspective works well but the differnet directions of the plant detail clashing still producing however a fascinating abstract. looking at the outcome from a far I would mistake it for 2 oddly flouting leaves but on looking closely you do then notice the collection of different edits and tones of color impacting the edge of each shot.

David Hockney This piece also by David Hockley I chose to feature because of it’s sense of manipulation both subjects are completely out of proportion to one another however unlike the previous piece of David Hockley the subjects are more realistically formed with slight deformities. The man on the left his head still in some strange sense of proportion to his body has sections that are larger than others however to conjoin to make a distinctive formation of an human head, also duplicated – a different perspective shot giving a sense of forward motion but as the rest of his body isn’t you get a nodding effect maybe. The man sitting down a lot smaller towards the upper body has an descending appearance as if towards his upper body is moving further back away from us as his legs slightly out of proportion is much closer to us. The poster in the background already being an abstracted piece as it seems also gets distorted even further, has more vibrant colors than the men themselves but I feel help to make the men stand out more particularly the one standing up with an unusually sized head,.

Individual joiner 2

Individual joiner 2 Outcome

I chose to work on this piece because I thought the amount of darkness would be a great vantage point as the subjects would combine with one another quite easily, however I noticed that the edges were quite sharp with each shot. The vibrant fade in tones within different shot combine to produce a very interestingly collective piece of a light but from different perspectives. Though each shot is of the shot bulb my joiner makes them look like a collection of different bulbs joined together.

Group Joiner

My Contributions

Segment of Joiner

Joiner Outcome

Our final outcome I was very pleased with; was interesting working in a group with other people to produce a piece particularly being photography I noticed different people tackled various different angles which gave sections of the shot a very vibrant abstract appearance, like I mentioned in the introductory slides you loose a sense of proportion and reality within the perspective. I really like the contribution of the bottom left shot completely different proportion to the generally sense in the whole piece however in itself shows a wide section of the building from a sharp angle interestingly still complementing the piece greatly.

Robert Birze Unlike most joiner photos in this particularly piece the subject is presented from different perspective doing different things combined together making this very interesting piece that plays with the audience perception. As well as the arrangement of each section I love the concept of the shot itself; the subject in focus and an out of focus surrounding made up of blurred vibrant colors complementing the edges of each particular section as very overlap and interlock. Where some park of her body appear missing others appear to be conjoiner with others again portraying a sense of deformity. It’s vey strange how the subject does seem to be one figure where however she's actually made up of 3 different heads of hers doing completely different things with different expressions, all really combines to make her even more the fascinating.

Joiner Project  

Joiner coursework

Joiner Project  

Joiner coursework