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The Good and Bad Points of Sisters People that have brothers and sisters find that they always have a friend in the house when they are growing up. This is often needed when the parents don't seem to make any sense or are too busy to spend time with you. You discover all sorts of things you can do with your siblings to keep yourself amused and occupied. You can pull out games and toys that you have, you can play games that don't need any equipment or just talk to each other. A child with lots of siblings is rarely lonely and always has a companion when they need one. This bond often lasts their whole life because brothers and sisters want to be there for each other. They tend to stay close even after they have left the family home. In fact some even move into a new place together. Staying close to your family is easy when you get along with them really well! Of course not all brothers and sisters get along like this. Some are glad not to have to share the same house as them anymore after they grow up, though they still love them at the end of it all. Take a look here and you'll understand all the pros and cons of having siblings. Even though you can look at the pros and cons you can't decide whether you have any brothers and sisters. You simply do or don't depending on how many children your parents decided to have. If they decided to have less then you wouldn't have some of the siblings you have or perhaps it would have been you that wasn't born at all! Could you imagine life without one of your brothers or sisters? Maybe you only have one so could you imagine being an only child? Those that are the only child may also wonder what it's like to have brothers and sisters though they may not particularly want one since many single children are spoiled. If you have a brother or sister there have probably been times growing up when you wish you didn't have one. Perhaps you had to share sweets or other things that you didn't want to. Or maybe they always played with your toys or computer and you didn't get to as much as you wanted to as a result. There's no doubt there are some annoyances associated with having brothers or sisters. Despite this you learnt to live with them somehow (probably by having an argument every now and again) and learnt to love them. If they were anybody else you might never speak to them again after some of the things they did! It's often remarkable how such different people can live together under the same household for so long. Though they may be your family there are a thousand differences you can find with your sisters and probably other family members too. Perhaps there have been times when people have mistakenly thought you were friends and not sisters. It can be hard at times having siblings but most people would agree that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages (though not every single day). The quotes over here suggest that they are the most loyal of people though they tend to be a nuisance as well frequently.

You get the good and the bad when you have sisters or brothers. But you can't have any more sisters or brothers than the ones you were given. You can always make more friends, but the siblings you have are the only ones you will ever have (unless your parents decide to reproduce once more after you've grown up). For more on sisters go to


The Good and Bad Points of Sisters People that have brothers and sisters find that they always have a friend in the house when they are grow...