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How to Identify High Quality Cashmere Cashmere is a fabric produced by harvesting the undercoat of a specific type of goat found in the mountains of Mongolia. Each goat can produce approximately 50 grams worth of cashmere wool while it takes around 150 to 450 grams of the material to create a sweater. There are farms which now raise and breed these goats specifically for their wool. This helps increase the supply and bring the prices down. You can now find more affordable articles of clothing made with cashmere. Being able to distinguish between authentic cashmere from synthetic or combination fabrics will help consumers determine whether they are getting a good deal or not. Identifying clothing that is made from pure cashmere is difficult, especially for novices. The market is flooded with clothing that is often labeled as 100% cashmere. Cheaper alternatives are made by mixing the fiber with other types of threads or wool. This includes synthetic wool, camel hair and silk. There are also fakes that are labeled as a mix of cashmere and silk but are in actuality are made of cotton and polyester. Pure cashmere fabric is soft to the touch. Try rubbing a portion of the clothing on your chin. The skin on this particular part of your body is several times more sensitive than the skin on your hands or fingers. If your chin feels itchy after doing the test then it is not made with pure cashmere. Also try rubbing your fingers along the surface. If the fibers begin to shed or roll up then it means the fabric contains a lot of short fibers. This is an indication that the fabric is made from other types of threads and not the authentic cashmere undercoat. Check the color of the fabric. Lightly-colored fabrics are more likely to be made from authentic cashmere as darker dyes can damage the fabric. You can also try doing a soft tug on the fabric. Fabrics made from authentic cashmere will revert to its original shape and form once the pressure is removed. Hold the fabric against the light. Although cashmere fibers are soft and thin, each fiber has a considerable amount of density. You should not see any light going through the fabric if it uses pure cashmere threads. Be careful when buying online as there is little way of making sure that the fabric is made from high quality cashmere. If you are unable to test and feel the fabric for yourself then look for what is known as the Cashmere Test Report. Major clothing brands will also try to conduct their own research and tests on the fabrics to determine the authenticity of the fiber. Additional Information:


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