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CONVERSATION PARTNER PROGRAM InternationalStudent Services First Name: __________________ Last Name: _________________




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Phone number: __________________________________ SID: _______________________ Email Address: ______________________________________________________________ (Print Clearly)

Home Address: ______________________________________________________________ City: ______________________________________ State: _____________ Zip: __________ Please fill out this section if participating for class credit

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Why are you interested in working with a conversation partner? ____________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Comment: __________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ How did you hear about the program ? __________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Office use only Partner’s name: __________________________________ Day: _______ Time: _______ Date assigned: __________________________________ Partner’s name: __________________________________ Day: _______ Time: _______ Date assigned: __________________________________ Comment: ________________________________________________________________ _ Total Participation Hours: ________ Instructor Informed by: _____________ Date: _______

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International Student Services Conversation Partner Program Volunteers Application

By signing this form, I agree to the following terms: Description: This is a volunteer position for individuals interested in helping students whose native language is not English, to improve their English language ability. Requirements: Volunteers must be open-minded towards different cultures, flexible with time, friendly and respectful. Volunteers must speak English well and clearly enough to be understood. Duties:  Meet with conversation partner for no less than one hour per week, you may meet more than once a week.  Develop weekly topics and/or follow suggestions in the program guide  Be dependable  Maintain monthly contact with coordinating staff  Commit to working with students through at least one quarter Note: I recognize that this program is not to be used as a dating service. Any indication that I am attempting to use the program to make dates will result immediate termination from the program Name (print clearly): Signature: Date:

Conversation Partner Volunteer form  

Conversation Partner Volunteer Form

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