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STICKMEN FONT: Strichm채nnchen - ET Verlag Tracing is a good exercice to train attention, visual and spatial perception and hand-eye-coordination. Tracing is ideal not only for children who are learning to write but also for children who have difficulties learning how to write. Idea for adults: trace the stickmen NOT using your dominant hand. It may help you understand why these kind of exercices are so difficult for some children. Apart from that, you can also use the cards for talking or children can imitate the stickmen. After printing you can immediately use the worksheets. They are very simple in lay-out, so that there are not any extra impulses. Therefore, the worksheets are also good for working with ADD-children. You can use these worksheets at home or in school. You can copy them or hand them out - also as a file. However, you are not allowed to sell these worksheets or to use them in any commercial way. Edition: 2012 Author: Stephany Koujou -

Stickmen traciing  

Different stickmen to trace. This is good for fine motor skills, attention, visual and spatial perception.

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