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Thinking Out Loud: My Creative Process Design isn’t a linear process. It doesn’t always happen in the right order. It’s messy and it’s stressful, and the majority of the time I want to rip my hair out by the end of the whole process, but at the end I’ve got a piece that I’m really proud of, and that makes all the crazy-ness worth while. This case study documents the process I went through while designing the packaging for a gift wrapping kit that was able to be repurposed into another product. It started out as something completely different than the final product, but I’m happy with where I ended up.

I start out every project with sketching and research. When I began with this project, I did a few google searches on repurpose-able packaging. I found the assignment daunting because there were so many options. The more I looked online, the less I knew what to do. I started looking up examples of what I could repurpose the packaging into, rather than choosing a product first, which proved to be as bad of an idea as it sounds. In the end I decided on repurposing it into a shelf.I wrote down some ideas and sketched out some thumbnails and after looking at some packaging inspiration galleries online, I decided I wanted to try out survival kit design, specifically, a holiday survival kit.  The concept didn’t work for a number of reasons. First, the idea of repurposing the packaging into a shelf just didn’t work. I wouldn’t be structurally sound; there was no easy way that it would be able to be mounted on a wall and actually be usable. To be able to hold a decent amount of weight that packaging material would’ve needed to be fairly sturdy. Also, the size of the box needed to create the shelf wasn’t working well with the product.

New Ideas I soon scrapped the first idea, but kept the idea of holiday in mind. The new plan was to create a gift wrapping kit, that could be repurposed into smaller, pillow style gift boxes. Once I had the concept down, everything else came easily. The first thing I did was sketch out the technical things; the size of the package, where the templates for the gift boxes would go, and how to handle the graphics (where they would go, etc.).

The Details

I decided to stay away from the holiday theme, and rather created a gift wrapping kit that was a bit more generic. So when choosing a color palette I kept that in mind, but also that I wanted the pillow boxes to have variety. I chose 2 color palettes; Each side of the package would be a different color so that there would be 2 styles of gift boxes.

Case study