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October 9, 2012 Keizer Chamber of Commerce Luncheon Forum KeizerVotes Keizer Renaissance Inn 5188 Wittenberg Lane NE, Keizer 11:30 am Election Forum– AJ Nash & Matt Markee, Moderators Measure #79: Amends Constitution: Prohibits real estate transfer taxes, fees, other assessments, except those operative on December 31, 2009 – 3-5min Argument in Favor- Protect Oregon Homes Arguments in Opposition-”Defend Oregon” Scott Moore Measure #82 Amends Constitution: Authorizes Establishment of Privately-Owned Casinos; Mandates Percentage Of Revenues Payable To Dedicated State Fund & Measure #83 Authorizes Privately-Owned Wood Village Casino; Mandates Percentage Of Revenues Payable To Dedicated State Fund Arguments in Favor- “Yes on 82 and 83” Rick Metzger Arguments in Opposition- “No Show” Measure #84: Phases out existing inheritance taxes on large estates, and all taxes on intra-family property transfers Arguments in Favor- “Yes on 84 Coalition” Rep Kevin Mannix Arguments in Opposition-“Defend Oregon” Scott Moore Measure #85: Amends Constitution: Allocates Corporate Income/Excise Tax “Kicker” Refund to Additionally Fund K Through 12 Public Educations. Arguments in Favor- “Defend Oregon” Scott Moore Arguments in Opposition- Steve Buckstein, Founder and Senior Policy Analyst “Cascade Policy Institute”

Election Forum Recording Courtesy of McNary High School Fine Arts-Video/Activities Class Coming Soon to Keizer Channel 23


Responses from candidates are presented in alphabetical order based last name and position they are running for.

Lore Christopher

David McKane

Dennis Koho

Ken LeDuc

Eamon Bishop

Matt Chappell

Marlene Quinn


CHRISTOPHER FOR MAYOR-I believe it is in our best interests to work with Salem to modify and redesign our currently shared urban growth boundary to meet Keizer’s needs for a business campus that would bring additional availability of local jobs. I have strong relationships with many of the Salem City Councilors and I believe they are prepared to work with us to accomplish our goals. That being said, if we are unable to negotiate a compromise and mutually beneficial agreement I am not fearful of advocating for a separation of our shared urban growth boundary. I am really very optimistic and confident that Salem and Keizer can work together to bring a solution that will work for Keizer and at the same time have no negative impact on Salem. Currently only one out of seven Keizer residents works in Keizer. Six people drive out of our city EVERY day to work. We need to improve that and we can make great strides in the next two years, but the problem is a long term problem that will realistically take 5-10 years to solve. MCKANE FOR MAYOR-I’m less concerned with having our own UGB than having identified and completed a process to identify a vision and the needs for Keizer’s economic future. One of the goals of Oregon’s land use planning is the encouragement of economic development through orderly growth. A shared UGB with Salem would be satisfactory if Keizer’s need’s can be identified and accommodated. The process to indentify Keizer’s vision and needs is currently underway in the form of periodic review. As you know, the Economic Opportunities Analysis Taskforce has begun this discussion for Keizer. The EOA is collecting factual information and estimating what resources will be required to accommodate Keizer’s economic future. As we continue this process it is important to encourage citizen involvement, identify community needs, and develop a common vision for our community’s future. A process that engages the public will allow Keizer to understand the level of public support for the various concepts that are being discussed.

KOHO FOR COUNCILOR #1-We will need to expand the Keizer-area UGB. If the only way to do that is to have our own UGB, then I will likely support it. If it is not needed, I'll have an open mind to arguments on both sides. What I don't want is another example of Keizer's growth being hindered by Salem. LEDUC FOR COUNCILOR #2-All cities’ in the state of Oregon are required by law to have a comprehensive 20 year plan outlining the city’s requirements and need for growth. For the city to sustain this task I believe we need to educate and socialize the plan with our citizens. This process will require many public meeting and discussion for us to understand the ramifications of this state requirement. • I along with many of the voters I have spoken while campaigning are requesting more information to decide this issue. • Educate and inform our citizens on the facts of both sides of this question. I recommend the city hold open forums, TownHall meetings, also utilizing our Neighborhood, Homeowner Associations and School Parent Clubs on all the facts pertaining to the issues of the city having its own UGB or not. • Hold workshops to educate our citizens on the WHO, WHAT, WHY and WHEN of the Keizer UGB question and provide simple and real time access via our City website, City’s FB, in researching for UGB information. BISHOP /COUNCILOR #3-I readily admit that I know less about municipal planning than the other candidates, as I have not volunteered on the Planning Commission. I am, however a quick study. Urban Growth Boundaries (UGB) require sensible planning. Keizer is currently 48% undeveloped. Keizer's population increased by 14,710 persons between 1990-2010. Population will increase by 11,000 persons by 2032. This means an increase of only 550 persons a year. Projections don't reflect need to examine significant UGB expansion. Industrial development has been slow in Keizer. If development increases UGB expansion could be necessary. Areas of Washington County demonstrate ugly results of urban infill. Small lots, increased traffic flows and close-up views through a neighbor's window isn't the quality of life atmosphere that Keizer wants. With single-family residences and multi-family units there comes need for roadways and sewer extensions. Infill results in population density areas that increase demand for police services. Our City has played the "catch-up" game for too long, overextending public service personnel shortages that quickly become urgent.. Should urban growth be necessary I am a proponent for provision of funds to maintain public services at levels concurrent to growth before planned expansion is allowed. CHAPPELL /COUNCILOR #3-Right now we have a choice whether to grow or not. If we were to have our own UGB we would be under a mandate for growth which as we are still a young city we do not need that kind of pressure right now. Let things settle and not be in such a rush to grow right now. It's not very suitable to our present economic forecast. Growth in Keizer comes at a premium, lets meet it when its on our own terms and not sell it off for overnight returns. QUINN /COUNCILOR #3-The city of Keizer shares an urban growth boundary with the city of Salem. I believe that the cities could work together to adjust this boundary to meet Keizer's future needs. If Salem is unwilling to work with us or if we cannot reach a compromise then I would entertain having our own urban growth boundary.


CHRISTOPHER /MAYOR-I have been an active member of the Keizer Chamber, attending most monthly luncheons, most special events and most Iris Festival events. I believe it is critical Keizer’s Mayor to “show up” and be counted as a strong support of local employers. A mayor must put in the time and effort and know local employers personally to be able to work together and make decisions that will be the most effective to help them. At my suggestion we have begun discussions with EDGA members to initiate a Business Advisory Committee as a team with the Keizer Chamber and EDGA. Really, these folks are the experts. We need to listen to their ideas and concerns and then remove the barriers to improving business and local employment. I want to work with chamber members James Hauge and AJ Nash to determine what this city committee should look like, plan the charter and put it in place by January 2013. Additionally, I am a volunteer member of the Keizer Chamber Foundation, it is a joy. I’ll be back helping Audrey Butler with the Keizer giving baskets again this year because it make a difference in the lives of our local children and families. MCKANE /MAYOR-Businesses in Keizer can thrive no matter where they choose to locate. It is not Keizer Station or River Road. It is Keizer Station and River Road. Keizer needs to create an environment that supports current businesses and attracts new businesses. We have not done that the last few years. We have created conflict with talk of new taxes, fees, and created a battle between our two fire services. Recently a local business came to the council and shared with us how the city’s sign ordinance was not business friendly. The chamber was asked to facilitate a discussion of the issue. Recommendations were made to the council and changes occurred. The city shouldn’t wait for businesses to come to us. We need to be more proactive. I recognize the chamber as the voice of businesses in Keizer. Unfortunately not all Keizer businesses belong to the chamber. If elected mayor I will recommend a local business summit where Keizer businesses can meet with the council and city staff and share what works, what doesn’t work and want might be done to improve the business climate in Keizer. This summit will allow discussion on all areas of Keizer. We can continue to develop a retail/business center on I-5 and have a healthy business environment on River Road. KOHO /COUNCILOR #1-I will continue to do my business locally and work to make sure the City does what it can to help locally-owned or managed businesses succeed. LEDUC /COUNCILOR #2– I will support our local businesses to maintain existing and attracting new business to our city with the following points below. • Immediately hold a summit with local business owner/operators and landlords to understand their issues, markets and goals with in Keizer. • Creation a Keizer Business Development coalition to define the goal and action plan in attracting increased and new business in Keizer. The Coalition could include the participation of City business owner/operators, landowners, C of C, Neighborhood and Homeowners Associations, City staff, elected government official both city and county. • Recommend a city task force to develop a action plan in soliciting start up company’s, such as High Tech, Private Higher Education and University extension campuses to reside in Keizer. Knowing our business owners issues and teaming with our Neighborhood, Homeowners Associations and lead with the assistance of the Chamber will identify the goals for increasing commerce in Keizer. Attracting Start up company's and remote High Education campuses will bring new residences to Keizer raising demand for commerce in Keizer. BISHOP /COUNCILOR #3-I will support local business primarily by soliciting and listening to business owner and Community ideas, wants and needs that will increase trade. I will then work to fulfill these requests. I will work to retain designated business development funds in their proper place, rather than transferring promised funding to other projects. I will offer some of my own ideas for consideration that will support local business and attract more businesses to open in Keizer, to wit: -Offering grants and low-interest government loans to individual businesses for development, facility improvements and other needs to increase trade rather than restricting monies to primarily public improvements. -Developing Community-approved means of facilitating increased, convenient and efficient traffic access to business areas located away from the Keizer Station complex. -Develop destination locations in the area of I-5 that will draw increased transient vehicle traffic to exit at Keizer. Some examples would be convenience stores, gasoline stations and motels, all being designed and constructed in an attractive manner somehow unique to Keizer. -Providing or continuing to provide incentives to new businesses wishing to locate in Keizer. -Develop Codes/Ordinances/CCR's to enforce property/landscape appearance standards in all business districts. CHAPPELL /COUNCILOR #3-I will encourage a stable local economic environment which helps businesses to act on their own initiatives with as little interference as possible. QUINN /COUNCILOR #3-A promise made is a promise kept. When Urban renewal dollars were allocated to the Keizer Station the city council made a promise to the businesses on River Road. That promise was an allocation of $5 million dollars to improve and modernize the appearance and improve the safety features. To date approximately 1 million dollars has been spent to improve Rover Road. I would advocate that the 4 plus million dollars originally promised to River Road be returned for improvements that would allow River Road to compete more completely with the new Keizer station developments. Additionally, I am anxious to listen and then act to remove barriers that will keep business from locating to Keizer. It is difficult to imagine that we are not top of the list of businesses seek a great locations to do business due to our tax rates. Keizer has the lowest tax rate of any full service city in the state of Oregon and we need to do some more advertising in that regard. I would work with EDGA to determine a way forward to promote that message and listen to their recommendations.


CHRISTOPHER-Contrary to what has been said, the Keizer Station has not been successful at the expense of River Road businesses. Before the Keizer Station, Keizer was known as the “bedroom” of Salem. That’s no longer true. The Keizer Station has put Keizer on the map. The most remarkable part is the resiliency of the development. In the worst economy in 40 years, the Keizer Station has lost 5 businesses. Three of those were due to national bankruptcies, so the Keizer Station is a resounding success that currently employs over 1,200 of our friends, family and neighbors. The success of the Keizer Station is also a contributor to the success of River Road. Again, in the worse economy in 40 years, River road has ADDED businesses! When I have an opportunity to speak to these new businesses to Keizer they have all mentioned that Keizer is a successful city and that the Keizer Station development has helped to establish Keizer as an independent commerce area. Yea team! I believe the impact of Keizer Station on Cherry Avenue is neutral. If we really want to see a change in Cherry Ave, all of us need to work to make those changes. MCKANE /MAYOR-The retail business at Keizer Station has brought more options for Keizer citizens and has attracted additional shoppers to our community. It has also brought additional employment and property tax revenue to the city. These are all good things. With the addition of the transit center and other planned development it will continue to offer more options for citizens, add employment opportunities, attract additional users, and provided additional property tax revenue from private developments. I don’t believe Keizer Station is a death blow to the businesses on River Road and Cherry Avenue. As an example, I and many people I know, still shop at Ace Hardware. A larger retail home improvement store does not offer the same customer service a local hardware store is able to provide. The same is true for many of the other retail stores on River Road. The continued and improved success of River Road businesses can be enhanced when business owners join together to create an interest. One example would be retail auto stores hosting small car shows. Events like this can draw people to River Road and develop interest. Efforts like this require a concerted effort by businesses, the chamber, and the city. KOHO /COUNCILOR #1-I think the number of empty businesses on River Road speaks for itself. Keizer Station may well be a plus for the city as a whole, but it has hurt businesses in our traditional business area. LEDUC /COUNCILOR #2– Keizer Station's development has increased the commerce in Keizer by attracting commuter on Interstate 5 while locating new retail stores to the city/area. Additionally new jobs have been brought in to Keizer, although most of them paying minimum wages. While the growth of this Keizer Station development has taken shape, it has brought to light those existing commerce areas such as River Road and Cherry Ave in the city are now in transition. I believe that the city needs to adopt a plan incorporating the river road and cherry Ave areas that identifies and recommend goals if or meaningful business development that is support in the city’s 20 year economic growth report, which is now being developed. I believe our city can and should support the developed of Keizer station and redevelopment it existing business corridors concurrently. BISHOP /COUNCILOR #3-Opportunity to better develop the existing established portions of Keizer Station Area A has long since slipped away. Ample room remains in Area A for construction of designation businesses that will draw increased traffic off of I-5. Businesses may be hesitant to develop in Area B because parking in Area B is going to be problematic. The existing plan for Area B is to direct outgoing traffic onto McLeod Lane without a controlled intersection. This is not practical. It would be nice in this economy to have a low-cost grocery store such as Winco in Keizer, but my thought is that it would be better were Area C be developed as a pedestrian-friendly district such as Bridgeport. A discount grocery store would be more effective in the River Road district so as to serve as a draw into that area. I cannot use the term for what the City did to the River Road/Cherry Avenue area businesses when developing Keizer Station. Needless to say the City won't be sending flowers the morning after. Failure to provide a convenient traffic-way from Keizer Station to River Road is slowly strangling that area. CHAPPELL /COUNCILOR #3-I believe it has caused some local inflation and economic instability. We must work to preserve what we have and exercise caution towards future growth. QUINN /COUNCILOR #3-Even with the economy taking a nose dive after another over the last several years both Keizer Station and River Road businesses have survived. I believe that Keizer Station is and will continue to be a draw to small businesses. With Keizer having one of the lowest tax rates in the state we will continue to draw interest to businesses to settle our fine city. Successful businesses are just part of the formula that equals a successful community. Cherry Avenue is slowly upgrading and I believe that once our goals have been met at Keizer Station and River Road, we can turn our attention to improvements to Cherry Avenue.


CHRISTOPHER /MAYOR-I have spent the past 12 years fighting to improve Keizer’s place in the Willamette Valley. We have been very successful. The Mid-Willamette Valley Region knows Keizer through the awards received! Employers know Keizer! And certainly Keizer residents are keenly aware of the quality of life and livability that Keizer offers and that’s why they live here. What we need to ensure is that our local economy is diverse and offers an array of options for employment. As a recruiter by trade, I am very aware of the need of variety in employment options. We need a healthy dose of living wage jobs AND part-time, entry level positions. These jobs need to include professional positions, trades, construction (both commercial and housing), and retail, educational and medical support opportunities. Our location is particularly well suited for medical support positions and educational businesses as our proximity to the I-5 corridor makes it easy to work between three growing population and medical services areas (Salem, Portland and Silverton). Area surrounding the Salem hospital is land locked and difficult to access....Keizer, along I-5, is an easy choice. I believe I can continue to move our vision into reality over the next two years. MCKANE /MAYOR-My economic vision for Keizer includes the build-out of Keizer Station. The proposed mix of health care, hospitality, retail and office will result in a business campus setting that will be complimented by the development in Area D by the Confederated Tribes of Grand Rhonde. Also included in my vision is maintaining and improving the vitality of River Road. There will always be shoppers who prefer a “downtown” feel and prefer the notion of shopping local. The future success of River Road depends on the ability of business owners coming together to create an interest such as a variety of "themed" days to draw customers. Indeed a challenge, but not insurmountable. Certainly the city has a part to play in an effort that may include farmers’ markets, sidewalk sales and other activities designed to develop an interest in River Road. I believe this is a realistic vision. Travelers from I-5 will be enticed to enter Keizer as amenities are added to Keizer Station. This is especially true for amenities such as hospitality and travel services. The key to River Road’s success will be the ability of the local businesses and the chamber to develop an interest in the core of the city. In essence this is what the River Road Renaissance Project is attempting to accomplish. More coordination among the businesses along River Road and continued support by the city will advance this project. KOHO /COUNCILOR #1-I don't think I can adequately answer this in just a couple hundred words. We will need to develop a business climate that welcomes both businesses and customers. We need to do that without relying simply on a freeway development or just a single street of businesses. I would support the city buying the properties on Chemawa between about Celtic Dr and City Hall as they come on the market so that we could, at some point, assemble and sell properties to business developers. This would help foster some depth in our business district and in the long run be a wise investment. We have done a lot in the last 20 years to improve River Road and we need to keep going. LEDUC /COUNCILOR #2– My economic vision for the city of Keizer has several components that involve the current business share holders and the citizen of Keizer. I vision a built out Keizer station and a redeveloped River Road and Cherry Ave corridors creating Keizer as a destination in the Willamette Valley. The components that comprise my vision are, adding entertainment to Keizer. A movie theater, Breweries, Wineries and an artesian shopping and design area within the city will add to support in making Keizer a point to stop travelers ing from I5 corridor as well as Keizer citizens., Redeveloping the Keizer Little League Park, building the tennis courts in Claggett Creek Park, creating a soccer tournament playing, along with the proposed concept of recreational faculty. River Road and Cherry Ave would be redeveloped with mix used structures that could house retail or medical services on their first floors with living area on the upper floors. Attracting start up company’s and Higher Education/ Trade remote campus could also populate this area. This vision would be carried out with the introduce of new city leaders that will bring their imagination and ideas to Keizer while striving to maintain Keizer's Wonderful quality of Life, A place to raise our family because KEIZER is A SAFE Place to live Great schools, with low taxes and a great city staff. BISHOP /COUNCILOR #3-My economic vision for the City of Keizer is a simple one. I want the City Council to hold to the provision of City services at a reasonable cost. I want a unique and prospering business zone on River Road, at Keizer Station, and at areas that might come into development. I want citizen income to increase through the creation of sustainable workplaces. Patience is necessary, as our recovery is going to be tied to that of the State and the Nation. I believe that these steps could keep Keizer ahead of the curve as recovery does take place: Take full advantage of citizen ideas, City staff resources and regional economic opportunities. Recognize that realistically, Keizer's economic vision is going to require cooperative joint development efforts in the Salem area as well as in our own. Economic recovery will only come from collaboration between government and local businesses. The City has to plan for the need to provide future development infrastructure. The City should make concessions to decrease initial costs to prospective businesses. Business owners in turn must have faith that the situation is improving and start hiring back Keizer employees. The City must be willing to support this faith. CHAPPELL /COUNCILOR #3-I believe that Keizer has great potential, but I also believe we are still young and that we need to not be in such a rush to grow up. We should wait until we see whats happening with the economy and go from there. Who knows what things will look like and what opportunities will present themselves later if we don’t get in such a hurry now? I say let us preserve what we have, make whatever sacrifices are needed in the future and reexamine our priorities in the meantime. I believe Keizer has great potential and that we will see more growth and prosperity in the future and that we should be prepared to meet that growth by sustaining what we have now. QUINN /COUNCILOR #3-I envision that the quality of livability will be maintained or bettered for the citizens of Keizer in the future and that our proximity to the I-5 corridor will continue to bring more visitors and families to our wonderful City. I envision an upgrade to the little league fields which will bring more visitors therefore spending money and time at our businesses. We can make this happen.


CHRISTOPHER /MAYOR-My priority for the next two years will be completing what we have started to support economic growth and existing employers and increase local jobs for Keizer residents. I am convinced that local business is the backbone of our local economy; it supplies local jobs for workers and contributes to the access and availability of local goods and services. It’s been four tough years and I understand why people and angry and restless. Many of our family members, friends and neighbors are underemployed or unemployed. We can do something about this! I believe I am part of the answer. My two years goals are: 1. Complete the Keizer Transit Station (2013) 2. Complete the master plan for what is now known as Area C to include medical offices, senior housing and medical support services. 3. Remove the barriers to completion of an additional national chain hotel at the Chemawa Exit of I-5, to increase stays by national travelers through their networks and access. 4. Work tirelessly to add “dine-in” restaurants to both Keizer Station and River Road. Meetings are scheduled and my established relationships with developers, county and SEDCORP will help to make this a reality in just two years. MCKANE /MAYOR-Improve people’s perception of the city council. Many in Keizer perceive the council is out of touch with citizens. The issues of the last few years have demonstrated to many that the council is not listening to the majority of Keizer. Repair the damage caused by Measures 24325 and 24-326. The battle between our two fire districts has left wounds that have not healed. The safety of Keizer’s residents should be a collaborative effort that includes both fire services. We are the customer of the fire services. We expect this collaboration and the efficiencies that result from it. Improve and maintain all Keizer parks. Keizer Rapids Park is a gem. But there are also neighborhood parks that need and deserve attention. Constrained budgets will make this difficult. But I believe there are opportunities to improve other parks as well. Similar to improving communications with the citizenry, I would like to improve the council’s communication with local businesses. One idea is to conduct a local business summit and invite business owners to visit with the council and city staff to discuss options to improve the business environment in Keizer. I believe these are realistic goals for the next two years and why I have previously stated that I would consider one term as mayor. If these goals are not achieved during the next two years I would consider another term to allow the completion of these important initiatives. KOHO /COUNCILOR #1-Work cooperatively with other members of the council to effectively manage the budget, listen carefully to the public, and to help bring back a focus on River Road. LEDUC /COUNCILOR #2– My goals for accomplishment while serving on our City council are: • Support the city charter, low taxes using the most efficient methods in operating our city, while promoting and communicate city government transparency to our citizens. • Assist in creating a city wide parks master plan for development, management and operations/maintenance. • Create a city government mentor program for our High school, community college and University students. This program would promote civic leadership and work experience for our future leaders, while assisting our city staff. BISHOP /COUNCILOR #3-My two-year plans and goals are easily attainable as they hold strictly to my campaign platform: -Hold the Council to the tenets of the City of Keizer Mission Statement: "Keep City Government costs and services to a minimum by providing City services to the Community in a coordinated, efficient and least-cost fashion". This would be with emphasis on sustainable financial support for, and cost-effective service from Police, Public Works and Planning, as these Departments provide the basic quality of life in Keizer. -To remove politics from City Government and replace that concept with the firm commitment to change to a group dedicated to respectful and selfless public service. To affirm with the Community the understanding that the Council works for the public, and that the Council will not make decisions outside of the majority wants of the constituency. To provide acceptable and convenient means for the Community to deliver input to the Council without the need to attend all meetings. To provide means to increase open government function. -To gracefully remove myself from City Council if I do not hold to my campaign platform. CHAPPELL /COUNCILOR #3-As money will be limited I will try to encourage fiscal responsibility QUINN /COUNCILOR #3-If elected, I would like to see the completion of the entire Chemawa Interchange (Keizer station) development to include the transit station, “dine in” restaurants and professional office spaces (hopefully medical facilities). I would like to work closely with EDGA in determining what they feel would be new businesses that we can attract and that would be compatible with the businesses already doing business in Keizer and employers that would continue to improve the livability of Keizer by providing local jobs and services.


The Keizer Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center is a working partnership of business, government and community volunteers, who coordinate their efforts under effective leadership for the purpose of advancement and development of the community and area. Economic Development & Government Affairs (EDGA) Purpose The committee represents the Chamber in cooperation with the City of Keizer by: a. Reviewing and communicating to members governmental policy decisions affecting local business and the local economy.


Assisting with marketing the Keizer business and community potential. Keeping all levels of government including State, County and City informed about local business concerns and positions.

Meeting at 12 Noon every fourth Tuesday at Keizer Civic Center, 930 Chemawa Rd NE, Keizer, Oregon

Aaron J Lee AJ Nash* Bruce Anderson*

(503) 956-9040 New York Life (503) 585-7219 Fidelity National Title Co. of Oregon Chair -Past Board (503) 371-0580 NW Natural

Cody Clommen


Christine Dieker

Executive Director (503) 393-9111 Keizer Chamber of Commerce

James Hauge* Jared Choc* Joe Egli* Mark Caillier

Member-Board Member Member-Board/ Past President City Councilor

Matt Markee


(503) 383-1265 Emergency Services Solutions LLC (503) 378-0412 Markee & Associates, Inc

Michael Pingree Nate Brown

Advocate City Representative Member Member

(503) 584-1124 (503) 390-3700 x3437 (503) 588-6225 (503) 485-9500

Nick Harville* Phillip Gerstner*

Advocate Member-Board

(503) 463-4221 Therapeutic Associates, Inc. Valley PT-Keizer

(503) 510-4005 Legacy Real Estate (503) 588-2424 Salem-Keizer Transit (503) 588-0095 R. Bauer Insurance, Inc.

Pinson Digital LLC City of Keizer

Scott King*

SEDCOR Lighthouse Home Loans, PC Member-Board/ (503) 851-9804 Rich Duncan Past President Construction, Inc Member -Board/ (503) 390-1945 Hertz Equipment Rental President Member (503) 364-0455 Cascade Collections Inc

Shelly Egli*


(503) 393-0757 Willamette Valley Bank

Zachary Mize


(503) 931-2292 TransAmerica Financial Advisors

Rich Duncan* Robert Miller*


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