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Our Vision We imagine a world where all children are healthy, safe, and prepared to build their own futures. Our Mission EBC helps kids reach their full potential tomorrow by meeting basic needs today.


Enjoy reading about the warmth you bring to local kids in need



A letter from the Interim Executive Director, Dan Bridge I was glad that I worked late on my first day as Interim Executive Director of EBC. It was a Monday, and I had the opportunity to participate in the magic of EBC volunteer evening. The shop was open; two people were working on refurbishing bicycles. A cadre of core and one-time volunteers buzzed around the warehouse filling bags with clothes, blankets, shoes, books, dental aids,toys, and each bag destined for a specific child in need of materials to strengthen both body and mind.

Annual Winter Open Houses

Not only was I impressed with all the basic needs we distribute, but I was struck by how many dedicated people regularly give their time to collect, sort, fix, and prepare the special-order packages.

Thursday, December 8th and Thursday, December 15th • 9am - 12pm

EBC rests on the back of its dedicated staff members, some of whom have been here for years, and all of whom put in 110% to serving the needs of our partner families. When I arrived at 9 AM, I asked a staff member how late she had worked on Monday evening; she said she’d gone home at 9 PM. Then she let it drop that she was hosting a surprise volunteer group that would keep her in the warehouse until that hour Tuesday night!

During this busy holiday season, take some time to visit the EBC Hub to witness EBC donors and volunteers working together to bring hope to children and their families by filling their orders and ensuring their basic needs are met.

But in addition to staff, we have approximately 80 core volunteers, some of whom spend between one and five (!) days each week at the hub, in Bremerton, and Northshore. On top of THAT, another 300+ volunteers give their time when they can, putting in more than 2,700 volunteer hours a MONTH!! I only do interim executive director work. It’s something I began about six years ago after retiring from close to 20 years as ED/Rabbi of Hillel, Campus Jewish Center at the University of Washington. Since first starting, I’ve served as Interim ED at Northwest Girlchoir, Austin Foundation, Hearing, Speech and Deaf Center, and the Seattle Audubon Society. I’ll be at EBC for the next six or so months. The Board of Directors, led by Claudia Malone, has tasked me with helping the organization position itself for the first two years of its recently-completed 10-year strategic plan (staffing, organizational issues, funding) and with assisting the Board and community find a permanent ED who will guide the organization in the fulfillment of that plan. I’m excited. I’m looking forward to meeting you and getting your advice on the future direction of EBC. Please say ‘hello’ – and forgive me in advance for asking your name more than once. Dan Bridge

Save the Date

Join us on Thursday, December 8th or Thursday, December 15th from 9 am to 12 pm for cookies, cider and a holiday season experience that will get you in the spirit!

Cougar Mountain Zoo’s Reindeer Festival Serves as a Collection Site for EBC During the Holidays Join Cougar Mountain Zoo this holiday season for their 28th annual Reindeer Festival. Throughout the Reindeer Festival, Cougar Mountain Zoo will be collecting toys for EBC to give to local children. The festival runs from December 1st – 23rd from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm and it features Santa’s Reindeer team, stories from elves and of course the chance to meet Santa in his house. Plus much more! Don’t miss this opportunity to help a local child in need while giving the children in your life lasting holiday memories.

Planning for the Future This month marks the launch of a new 10-year Strategic Plan for EBC. It is a comprehensive plan, inspired by a vision of “…a world where all children are healthy, safe and prepared to build their own futures,” and the ways EBC can be a part of making that vision a reality. Our mission is to help kids to reach their full potential tomorrow by meeting basic needs today. Over the next decade, EBC will focus on meeting the real need in our region. Watch for more details on the plan in the coming months. For questions now, please email or call Dan Bridge, Interim Executive Director, at danb@babycorner.org or 425.372.7526.

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The Bellevue Collection Wishing Trees The goals for the Holiday Wishing Trees at The Bellevue Collection are to help charitable organizations gather gifts for families in need, educate guests about the beneficiary’s mission and to offer guests the opportunity to support organizations. EBC is one of only four charitable organizations that have been selected this year by The Bellevue Collection.

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Provider Spotlight

Karina Garcia, Healthy Start



Renton Area Youth Services

Are you involved with other non-profit organizations? How is EBC different?

Yes I am. What I see as a big difference from other non-profit organizations is that EBC has a huge positive impact economically on family’s budgets by helping them to keep more money for rent, bills or food. The items EBC donates to families can be pretty expensive.


Explain one of your favorite moments while working with Eastside Baby Corner?

I have several, one of them is when I come in and you see a lot of people volunteering, to me this is a very powerful statement that people care for our community and that working together is better. But a very personal one is to see all the ladies at the front desk who inspire me to keep going by leading by example. They are super kind and caring. EBC is a happy place for me!


How would you describe Eastside Baby Corner to someone that has never heard of us?


Can you explain why it’s equally important to donate “stuff” as it is to donate financially?

A place where people find options/opportunities. A place where the message is crystal clear, “I care for kids and my community.”

Our community is always changing, donating is a “win win” for our people and our planet. This is a quote from one of my clients who is a single mom, “Knowing that you will come with diapers, formula and clothes for my baby reduces stress in my life when her father is not here for us. This gives me the opportunity to focus on my education or finding a job.”

EBC - West Sound Now Open

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Holiday Helpers Volunteer Spotlight: Angela Kennedy 7th Annual Helping Kids THRIVE Luncheon: Recap 500,000th Order 2015 Report to the Community Planning for the Future Provider Spotlight & EBC-West Sound Holiday Happenings

A special thanks to our 2016 7th Annual THRIVE Luncheon Sponsors

Volunteers busy at the hubette!

Launched officially in June, EBC – WS is now working with 27 partners in Kitsap and north Pierce counties, including Kitsap Community Resources, Kitsap Public Health District, South Kitsap Helpline, Tacoma Pierce County Health Department and the YWCA of Kitsap County.

For more information on volunteering, or donating, please visit: babycorner.org/ebc-west-sound Sign up for a volunteer opportunity at: westsound.babycorner.volunteerhub.com/events

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Community Impact

Holiday Helpers

Poverty is a painful reality for many babies and older children in our region. Research and direct experience tell us that the pressure of living without enough food, loss of home or not being able to make ends meet exacts a terrible toll on parents and children, now and, in the future.

Small ways you can make a BIG impact in the lives of local children this holiday season

EBC services address the stresses of poverty by providing tangible goods kids need for healthy physical, emotional and cognitive development. Through a network of provider partners, EBC supplies basics such as formula, diapers, clothing, shoes and car seats for children, from birth to age 12.


Almost 10,000 children this year can now access EBC services through 191 programs in 52 cities.



Kids get the food, formula, diapers, shoes and more they need through housing, early learning, home visiting, schools, food banks and other programs:


VWDIIPHPEHUVFXVWRPHUVHWFFDQ FKRRVHDKLJKQHHGVLWHPRUDVSHFLDO holiday item to donate to local FKLOGUHQ Request donations in lieu of traditional holiday gifts at this year’s KROLGD\HYHQW Contact Cori at communityhelpers@ babycorner.org WRSODQ\RXUGULYH




Programs assisting families depend on EBC in King, south Snohomish, Kitsap and north Pierce counties. EBC partners include Hopelink, Imagine Housing, Encompass, Children's Home Society of Washington, Kitsap Community Resources, Salvation Army, and the Bellevue School District. Visit www.babycorner.org to see a complete list of partners.

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2015 Report to the Community

Volunteer Spotlight


In 2015 EBC gave out:

In 2015, EBC distributed almost 66,000 items for babies, children, and expectant mothers, through our network of provider partners.

Big picture: The best moment for me as President of the Board was the day we elected a governing board, approved our first strategic plan, and took the giant leap into transitioning from a founder-led grassroots effort to a sustainable, powerful non-profit for the future. Bringing that dream to fruition has been one of the most fulfilling endeavors of my adult life. Small picture: the magic moments when a volunteer is able to match the perfect item with the perfect child: A Minnie Mouse bathing suit! A yellow party dress! An IronMan Halloween Costume! These things matter because they let the children we serve be “just like the other kids,” and sometimes it really is that simple.

859,676 Diaper Changes 4,253 Cans of Formula 674 Cribs and Pack ‘N Plays 1,374 Car Seats 8,390 Big Bundles * feeding babies for 12,759 days


Contributions & fundraising: individuals 11% Government - local cities 2%


Founation & Corporate Grants 1% In-kind (non-cash) donations of goods, rent, services 86% Resources and Revenue


Contributions: corporations, businesses, civic orgs, clubs and faith based orgs Contributions & fundraising: individuals Government - local cities Foundation & Corporate Grants In-kind (non-cash) donations of goods, rent, services Interest, referral fees, investments & miscellaneous

$ 693,754 $ 84,972 $ 48,850 $5,281,943 $ 20,867

Total Resources and Revenue


Program Related Expense Nourishment: baby food, infant formula Safety: car seats, cribs, mattresses, gates Hygiene: diapers, wipes Care: Clothes, furniture, supplies Program Services & Support In-kind (non-cash) donated children's goods, rent, professional services

$ 51,571 $ 67,025 $ 76,751 $ 20,451 $ 157,453 $5,057,776

Total Program


Support Services and Expenses


Use of Resources

General Administration Fund Development In-kind (non-cash) donated professional services Total Supporting Services Total expenses Excess of revenue over expenses Less Depreciation

$ 137,726 $ 243,768 $ 28,821 $ 410,315 $5,841,342 $ 289,044 $ 4,070

Net Income

$ 284,974

In-kind (non-cash) donated professional services > 1% General Administration 2% Fund Development 4% Direct Services (nourishment, safety, hygiene, care) 4% Program Services and Support 3% In-Kind (non-cash) donated goods, rent and services 87%

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Pictured here: Angela Kennedy and Edie Herb

How is volunteering at EBC different than other organizations?

I have been involved with several wonderful organizations over the years, many having to do with my kids and their activities. EBC is unique in the magic that is created in doing this work. There is no ego here—everyone is focused on doing their best to take care of the kids—kids they will never see or ever meet. That takes a special kind of love, which translates into deep joy. I’ve never experienced that anywhere else.

Interest, referral fees, investments & miscellaneous >1%

Resources & Revenue

What is your favorite moment while volunteering?

Tell us about your experience with EBC - West Sound?

I have been the Project Manager for the implementation of the first stand-alone branch of EBC, which we call EBC - West Sound. It took a lot of hard work and lots of support from people in the West Sound region, but never underestimate the energizing power of a few dedicated volunteers coming together to make something new and wonderful happen! I’m so glad they are part of the EBC family!

“Twelve years ago, we began sponsoring the EBC car seat program, understanding that meeting the weekly demand requires purchasing car seats in bulk. We are so happy that this wonderful program has continued to grow and guarantees that every child who needs a car seat, gets one.”


Can you explain why it’s equally important to donate “stuff” as it is to donate financially?

The vast majority of the items we distribute to children are gently-used items donated by families in our community. We are very careful about how we spend donated funds—prioritizing those things that are essential for health and safety, like car seats and baby formula. But, there is no way we could afford to purchase everything that is needed to help 700+ children every week. We rely on $5 million worth of donated stuff every year to meet that demand. The magic of EBC is powered by families in the community donating their useful things to help other families in the community. It’s that simple!


Where do you see Eastside Baby Corner in the next 5 years? I am delighted to see the expansion of the wonderful service EBC provides into new communities that need our help. We have an efficient, effective model that really works and I’d like to see us continue to grow and serve more and more children in the Puget Sound region. Pictured here: Karen Ridlon, Benjamin de Haan, Ph.D., Angela Kennedy, Renee Zimmerman

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500,000th Thank you for making the 7th Annual Helping Kids Thrive Benefit Luncheon a success!

You Helped Us Achieve our Goal! A big shout out to: Mona Locke (Emcee), Ross Hunter (Keynote Speaker) Kim and Dan Foster (Luncheon Co-Chairs) Table Captains, Luncheon Committee, Volunteers, Sponsors and almost 950 Guests

Building Hope Building Futures


Placed! EBC filled its 500,00th order the week of November 4th, 2016…. and this is just since our ordering system became computerized in 2004!


h It

em Over the last decade, we have increased distribution by 125%. To give a sense of what this means, in 2010, EBC gave about the same number of diapers in a month that we now give out in just one week. It’s taken a lot of volunteers, diaper drives, money and partnerships, like those with sister agency, WestSide Baby, the National Diaper Bank Network and Huggies, to make this happen. We are on track to distribute more than 1,000,000 in 2016! Yet 1,000,000 diapers is still not enough. One in three American families struggle with diaper need. Federal programs, such as food stamps or WIC, can’t be used to buy diapers. Children, and parents too, suffer when there aren’t enough diapers to keep babies clean, dry and healthy. EBC is working to meet that need across King, south Snohomish, north Pierce and Kitsap counties. That’s right…Kitsap and Pierce counties because, in April, we opened our first full service branch, EBC – West Sound, now partnering with 27 programs from the hubette in Bremerton. Since 2006, EBC has doubled the number of children helped each year; over 10,000 kids this year. This fall, we are serving 845 children in an average week and it is not just babies anymore. The largest growth in number of children served is ages 6-12, followed by ages 1-5. As experts in acquiring, managing and giving out “stuff” for kids, we know babies and children need to be kept warm, dry and nourished. We know that stuff, tangible assistance, translates into hope for today, and the building blocks for a stronger tomorrow.

Dave and Edie Herb, longtime EBC volunteers. Dave is the architect of our ordering system, and served as EBC’s IT department from 2004-2016.

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Profile for Eastside Baby Corner

Winter 2016 edition of The Corner  

Winter 2016 edition of The Corner  


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