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Law Center, Central Islip ​hi everyone and welcome to another Wix tutorial video this is david a cox with tech talk america and in today's video i'm gonna be talking about blogging i'm going to show you how to blog how to make your blog stand out above the crowd i'm gonna give you a bunch of SEO tricks to make your blog found on the web and we're gonna have some fun so i'm gonna screen over here and this is what we're gonna be working with today we're gonna be working with the amuse-bouche and no matter how I say that I always sound ridiculous so excuse it in advance we're gonna be using this particular template and what I want to do is before we actually get into the class portion I want to give you a preview of what the final product is going to look like so with everything that you see here everything is swappable so the images you can swap for whatever category topic applies to whatever it is that you are an expert in all the text of course as well and one of the things I like to just start off advising people is that when you go to initially create a blog within Wix one of the things that you'll notice is there's a bunch of dummy pages that are there and a lot of people go and just delete them because they know it's just you know placeholder and they create a new blank blog and I wouldn't recommend that you do that because part of the value here is the formatting it's already done for you and you'll immediately pick up on that so here we are on the front page we have of course you know a little slider here we have some paragraph text we scroll down these are different categories so this would be one type of topic this would be another and another here we scroll down a little further and we have the first blog articles as you can see here it gives credit to whoever is the author and you can have multiple authors so if you want to have different people collaborate on your blog don't worry you can do that and you can set up profiles for everyone it's very very cool and if you look down here we have a few other features that I just want to point out if you want you can show how many views it has you can also have the ability to let your fans login they can create an account and write a comment if you want that can have a downside to it too over here on the right-hand side you can see we have a little place for a bio and again with any of these I would never ever recommend that you delete them just swap them out because that way you can keep the nice clean clean formatting here I scroll down a little bit further and look here on the right hand side we have the ability for someone to subscribe so that whenever you come out with a new blog article they are notified this is the absolute easiest way to grow your fan base now there are a couple of different ways that you can add this feature into your website you can use wix's own service or you can use a third-party service like for example a Constant Contact or MailChimp now I personally have never really used Constant Contact I have used MailChimp for a number of years and I've also now played with wix's own tools to do it and I have to say that for for any of you out there who are kind of new to this stuff I think that the Wix tools are actually very user friendly the other services are as well the nice thing here is that you just have a one-stop solution for all of your website needs so I think that's just something I wanted to point out let's scroll down a little further here okay we have your second article okay and so on and so forth now what I want to do is I want to go into one of these just so you can see that these are by no means one page templates so let's go into this particular blog article again imagine everything here you're gonna swap out with your info okay title subtitle nice beautiful photo and if you look at that check it out there's that Pinterest built-in right there okay that's gonna help you in terms of social media depending on what your topic is and then I just want you to kind of forget what it says here look at the formatting it's clean its elegant its professional this does not look like a template okay and then at the very bottom there you have your social share icons okay so a Facebook Twitter Google+ and just a typical hyperlink and your categories categories are gonna help you out in terms of SEO and then down below we have automatically its a place related posts so very very cool and you can see there once again a reference to login and leave a comment the other thing I want to show you here before we get over we get over to how to do this is I want to go back one page and I want to switch to mobile because one of the things that you should know is that these days the majority of people are viewing your website on mobile this is a major major benefit to Wix because you're getting two websites essentially in one so let's switch over here to the mobile preview and again I just want you to look at how clean and how elegant this is it is easy to navigate so you can see how it converted those categories so that they're now single file there's your little blog article which you can click into okay

and if I even get down here towards the bottom okay there's the little bio we have some images here that slide over from left to right and if you see that little button right there so that that icon always means to take the person back to the top of the website social icons there on the bottom okay we go up to the top the other thing I want to show you is how clean the menu is so watch this so these little three lines here at the top that always means menu we have your various category drop-down there are your various categories and again just very clean very professional easy to navigate that's everything you want in a blog so now let's go over to the Wix editor hoops sorry about that and I want to show you kind of how to navigate this a little bit so as you can probably have figured out all of the text you really just click into and type over so you can put in whatever you want all of your different options as far as fonts size colors if you ever need bullets and numbering all of those options will pop up when you double click on the text as far as the image itself here if we click on it you'll see right above it we get the option here to change images so these are the three images that are included with this particular template now obviously we're going to swap those out with our so let's go over here to add images by the way I want to just take a moment to just give you a little preview there is a class I'm going to be doing soon on some of the third-party tools that I use in maintaining Tech Talk America and some of the other projects that I'm involved with this well these are just little online tools that doesn't matter if you're for the most part on a Mac or a PC so if you uh if you like this series I hope you'll subscribe and look for that video in the near future so from here we can of course upload any of our images but just by clicking upload so the second category that you see here is social images so what is great about this is that a lot of times for your business you may be for example let's just talk for a moment about Instagram now as of today's date Instagram is really skyrocketing in terms of its popularity so for those of you out there her kind of trying to figure out what do I use to promote Instagram is definitely one of these social networks to absolutely explore and if you shoot images with your smartphone and upload them to Instagram there is this easy way to communicate between Instagram and Wix and the same thing applies to all the other services that you see here in front of you you'll also see here the next tab is free from Wix now I have mentioned this in one of the past classes but one of the major parts of value that you get here with Wix is access to some of these stock photos and if you look here on the left hand side you'll see we have quite a few different categories to choose from let's just go into food and drink and a lot of times what I will do is I will layer these images so think of more than just the image add text on top of it and you completely change the image sometimes you add a frame or some sort of a filter and just an easy way to change it up so these are just some of the high definition images that I of access to completely included you know with with the membership and there's also an option up here for Shutterstock images so this is a way that you can purchase photos there around $2.99 apiece okay I don't know why it's still showing all the merry Christmas stuff it's it's that's long gone but you can kind of get an idea here you know it what you're going to be paying so at 3 bucks a graphic that's not actually too bad again one of the sources that I use I'm going to be mentioning in a future video so we'll go for that later so if that when you are done uploading your images I want to talk about this over here on the right hand side because this is really important here with every image that you have on Wix it is important to click on the image and you know go into the settings for it and make sure that this stuff here is filled out okay for a few different reasons the first is the title which is also known as alt text this is gonna really help anyone who has various disabilities anyone who's using the accessibility features on their smart phone tablet computer this is going to greatly help them so you just want to give titles to every image that they know what it is think about it if you couldn't see the image you need to know what that image represents that's what you should have here in your title and then in more of the thorough description put it in appropriately the description box this however is more for Google more than anything so you just want to think like a computer you want to make everything incredibly easy for Google to find and just figure out okay this is who this person is this is what their topic is in fact I'm gonna give you another little trick that I've given to some of my clients so whatever your topic may be for what your business is what I would recommend that you do is get a post-it note okay put it next to your computer whatever it is and just write out the top five to ten keywords that you want associated with whatever it is you do okay and then when you're creating your blog when you're creating your descriptions when you're creating your alt text think about those key words because the more you put that in there without being ridiculous you know to an excessive amount the better it's gonna help Google figure out what you are talking about and help bring your potential clients to you so next let's go into one of these in particular blogs and let's start to make some changes to it so I'm gonna click on this particular blog and you'll notice here we get an option to manage posts let's go into that now here you can see basically all the different dummy post that we have here and again a lot of people there their instinct is to delete these I would absolutely recommend that you not do that I would recommend that you go through and really look hard at each of these because they they all look different and keep in mind that you can use this as a way to skip the formatting challenge and okay this is way way better than creating a brand new post and on that topic if you look

over here on the right hand side see how we have these three little dots if I click on that look it right here we have duplicate post okay and delete post so a lot of times if you want to create a new article what people will do is they'll just duplicate one of their past articles and then just swap everything out and of course it updates the date to the current date but it's just an easy way to make sure that your article your blog post looks awesome so let's go into let's go into the winter drinks one I've been showing you the other one here so as you can see here just again very very clean the settings you'll find right here and so for example we can change whatever the post publish date is so if you need to post it in the future you can do that the post URL this is really important when it comes to that SEO thing right you want to make it easy for Google to identify what your article is about so look at how they've done it here they have little hyphens between each of the different words and you want to make sure that those words are very specifically chosen what is the title on search engines okay you have the ability to enter in this information here what's the post about and check it out it even gives you a preview of what its gonna look like to Google so really look this over make sure you've got those keywords in there you want to draw people in you know use those different tricks that people use of course like the top any time you do the top 10 or top whatever that's always a great trick to get people to engage with your content okay let's hit cancel and scroll down a little bit okay so you can see here where we have the different formatting options so what I would probably recommend you do is you have initially maybe write your article on something like a word processor like word or pages whatever is your preference and then start to copy and paste it in here section by section okay that way you can preserve this kind of formatting another thing I want to point out here is look what they've done here they put hash tags in the article hash tags once again great little trick to just help Google find your article and this is actually a pretty good number if you can do three hash tags that tends to be I think by quite a few people's different count a good number at least you know some people do way way more also if you look here at the bottom we have different options to add video and add an image so for example if I go into video I can just paste in the link whether it's from YouTube or Vimeo and just for those of you who are curious I do recommend for the most part there are exceptions to the rule but for the most part I actually recommend YouTube / Vimeo those of you who followed me for a very long time you may know that Tech Talk America originally was on Vimeo and we ended up switching which was the best decision among the best decisions I ever made so you just add in the link and it will add it right into your post it's very very cool now the one thing that you will notice about if you go to use this feature to create a post instead of just creating one from scratch and actually let me just show you the difference here okay so let's go into manage post one more time but this time I'm gonna just go up here to the top right I'm gonna hit create a new post now if you are a little bit more comfortable with design okay this might be a really good option for you because as you can see here you can really add whatever it is you want into your post the next thing I want to show you is how to alter the settings for your blog this is gonna be very helpful for those of you who are gonna have multiple authors who are going to be contributing to articles because they all need to have their own space to work so let's go over how to do that so you can here see here I'm on kind of the main blog page and I'm just gonna click in and go this time instead of manage posts I'm gonna go here into settings so when you come here into settings the first thing you're gonna probably want to do is go here into categories so these are all the different topics that we currently have if you to rename them all you got to do is click on the three little dots and go to rename next let's go here into settings so here you can see you can change the subject matter of whatever your blog topic is you can see the various options we have there setting the language if you want to turn on or off the view counter especially your new a lot of times you don't want to you know admit that only but people have seen your blog okay so if you want to turn that off you can hide it right there if you want to disable the login feature you can turn that off right there if you want to add members and all those settings this will take you to the portal where you're gonna start to set those features up and then finally down here we have blog privacy so you can say who can write posts in your blog owners and writers only or all members I think probably for most of you are going to choose that top option next let's go here into layout so here you can see we have different layouts that we can choose from as far as the blog so let me just kind of give you an idea so this right here is the tile look okay so now that you've kind of seen those articles in the background that's what tile looks like next let's see how it looks side-by-side okay and again just you know keep in mind that it's gonna look slick you know not just in in desktop version in the desktop version but also in the mobile version magazine okay it's a very cool very new type format editorial where you've got three columns brick where it's a little staggered like that postcard just a little similar to magazine just smaller one column which is basically I think that was what we were on originally and then the full post okay so that would be the entire article in just kind of one long continuous page I would say probably for the most part stay away from that one then down here let's go back to you know what let's go to magazine I kind of like that one okay okay kinda know post garden okay design okay so here's where we can change out the navigation menu colors alert icons all that stuff there

so the header is the very top part of the website so you can check it out here in this case it's turned off and now I turn it on so we can kind of add a little welcome screen there and the last thing I want to kind of talk about here is just about SEO in general one of the things you want to try to do if you do decide to get into blogging is rather than initially coming out with ten articles all at once you want to get on sort of a type of a schedule so that maybe you blog every Tuesday afternoon or whatever day it is that you decide to choose and I will say that you might want to consider putting some thought into what time and your articles come out that's for example a lot of people don't come out with news on a Monday because on Monday people are typically getting caught up with everything from over the weekend so typically I tend to come out with new stuff on Tuesdays but you by no means have to follow my lead on that so just do some research in regards to whatever topic you are covering for example if you're a restaurant blogger in that case yeah Friday might be a really good day to come out with your new content so do your research and just know that your consistency is going to ultimately impact how well you rank on Google and other search engines thank you for watching everyone just a little reminder if you have not signed up yet for Wix there's a link to where you can do so in the description of the video we do greatly appreciate if you use that link it is an affiliate link and it helps allow me to continue to make these videos for all of you to enjoy so thank you for watching everyone this is david a cox with tech talk america class dismissed you SUNY Empire State College (The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies).